My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 11: Katie's horny o

Katie's Horny Old Neighbor

Katie Jackson had been searching unsuccessfully for a new job in what seemed liked months. The Jackson f****y savings were dwindling mostly due to Katie’s errant spending. Katie had always enjoyed new clothes, new shoes, or new decorations for the house which she had been able to easily afford until she was lost her job at the bank. Unfortunately getting used to not buying what she saw was not coming easy for Katie. They had cut multiple luxuries from the budget and were trying to live less extravagant lives. Unless their financial situation changed the Jacksons could fall behind on their mortgage and other bills. Fred had applied for a promotion, which would mean extensive traveling and more responsibilities at work, but it seemed unlikely as he didn't feel he was qualified but he was trying to do anything to help his f****y.

Katie’s friend Sheila, who was manager of the outpatient mental health and substance abuse unit at St. Luke's Hospital, had told her about an upcoming management position in the accounting department for the hospital. Katie knew she was well qualified for the position however, she later learned that the hospital had a reputation for promoting from within. Katie knew that the job would have outstanding pay and benefits which would be more than what she received at her banking job. Sheila explained that it was awaiting budget approval and suggested in the meantime that Katie take a part time secretarial job. She was overqualified for the position but as Sheila explained she would be working for her in the outpatient unit. Katie checked her pride and took the part time position.

Katie and Sheila had known each other for years, lived in the same neighborhood and worked together on the PTA. Although she wasn't excited about the job, she was interested in working with her friend and allowing them to gossip during the day. Sheila, like Katie, enjoyed nice things and enjoyed being a tease. It seemed as thought Katie and her would try to see who turned more heads when they were at work together and almost turned into a game.

Although only working during the morning hours the Jacksons enjoyed having the extra income, although meager, but hoped this would lead to the management position within the hospital. Katie always tried looking her best while at work even it was just for filing and secretarial duties. Katie would always try to look stunning as her skirt clung tightly around her seductive hips, which was short enough to display her perfect ass which was accented by a pair of long magnificent legs. Katie loved the way male doctors, patients, and visitors would watch her enter the lobby she loved knowing they would probably run home and jerk themselves off thinking of her. Katie gave a little smile while sitting at her desk at the thought of how her husband loved watching her tease them and how she loved keeping her husband happy.

She had been on the job for only a few weeks and was filing papers and greeting the patients who would enter when Sheila came up from behind her, tapped her on the shoulder and whispered, "Katie, can I talk to you?"

"Sure Sheila," hoping to hear word about the position as she quickly stands up and they go into Sheila's office. Katie glances down at Sheila's photos of her f****y. She always thought Sheila's husband was, for a lack of better terms, nerdy. He was very skinny and short like Sheila but knew he was a good husband and father. In Katie's eyes, Sheila married him for the money but she was very devoted to him and didn't think she would ever cheat on him although she occasionally dressed more provocative that her. Sheila was short, probably barely 5'2 and couldn't have weighed more than 110 lbs, with most of the weight being in her fake chest. Katie once asked her why she was enhanced and she explained her husband had just got a huge bonus at work and asked her if she would 'enhance' herself. Katie felt it was more Sheila who wanted them judging by the way she proudly stuck them out. Nonetheless it made Sheila stand out and made her look extremely sexy.

Sheila closed the door and turned to her friend, "I've been a little busy and haven't had time to catch up with you," "Is everything going okay?"

Katie shrugged her shoulders, "its okay. I'm a little bored filing the papers and being just a greeter. It just seems beneath me from what I was doing previously," Katie did not have any problems being completely honest with her friend.

"I know. I can't do anything to make it more exciting. Did you turn your application in for the Mrs. Missouri pageant?"

"I filled out some of the paperwork," almost hesitant to talk about it, "Did Fred tell you about it?"

"Yes when he stopped in to see you the other day. You should really consider it; you would be great!" Sheila sounded almost jealous.

"Oh I don't know. You have to do so much for the application like sending in a video and tons of paperwork. I just don't think it would be worth the hassle," Katie explained.

Sheila looks out into the lobby as a client enters and sits down, "Katie, could you do me a favor? We have a client coming in at 10:30 and Sarah; his normal ther****t can't make it. I tried calling him to cancel but he didn't answer so I’m assuming he's on the way. He usually just complains about life and you give him a half hour to vent and he then leaves. He's harmless."

"Sheila, I don't have any experience doing that."

"I know," Sheila said with desperation in her voice, "but I've had some trouble with scheduling and if management finds out I overbooked I'm going to be in trouble."

"I'm not qualified; I don't want to give your patient bad advice."

"Katie, you're so good at talking with people and we've been friends for years. Please. I'm sure he'll complain if he drives all the way here and we have to turn him away."

"I don’t think I better do this, I would probably cause him more harm than good."

"Katie! Please! We've been friends forever I just need this one favor."

"No! Why can't you do it?" as Katie turns to walk away and opens the door.

"I'm on the interview board and we have to meet to go over some of the questions for the interviews."

Turning quickly to face her friend, "Can't you call somebody in?"

"There isn't time, Sarah just called in sick and left me hanging. Isn't...” pausing between her words but finally blurting out,” Isn’t your interview tomorrow?"

Katie stopped s in her tracks and turns to face her friend, "Sheila! What's that supposed to mean?" knowing a recommendation from her could tip the scales in her favor.

"Nothing," looking down, "I'm sorry, it's just I've been swamped with patients and trying to schedule their appointments and the budget cuts in my unit. I’m really in a jam. If I were to get wrote up again this..."

"Fine! I'll do it, but he better be harmless"

Relieved at Katie agreeing, Sheila continued "He is! It's just he gets a little worked up sometimes. Thank you Katie, I owe you one!"

Katie went around completing some filing for Sheila and looked down at her watch. She had 10 minutes before her 'client' arrived. She ran off to the bathroom to fix herself up.

Katie entered the bathroom and locked the door. Looking at herself in the mirror she really loved her grey business suit with the small skirt. Katie carefully touches up her make up. She loved to tease men, she loved the way they looked at her and figured she could easily help the guy coming in just by the way she looked.

No sooner than Katie left for the bathroom a short white older man enters the lobby wearing tattered shorts, a stained white t-shirt, and sandals. He walked with a little limp which was probably caused by his large beer belly that hangs over his belt. He smelled of cigarettes and body odor as he walks through the lobby. He quickly removes a comb from his back pocket and tried to part his hair to cover his bald spot creating a very bad comb over. He walked up to the reception desk and looked around and cleared his voice to get somebody's attention. His bl**d already beginning to boil, Phil was not a patient man, he'd been coming to the hospital trying to get help with his problems but nothing seemed to be working. He cleared his voice again as Shelia looked out of her office and see's him standing by the counter. Phil gave a cigarette stained teeth grin.

Sheila tried to smile back trying not to giggle at his crooked teeth. As she walked up to Phil, she immediately noticed him looking down her blouse at her tan DD breasts, "Hi Phil!" as she stuck her chest further out and slowly leaned down to give him a good view. She looked for available rooms on the sheet on Katie's desk and looked back up, "Go on into room 3, She'll be right in," not revealing that his normal ther****t was gone. The unit manager smirked to herself as she watched the obese man hobble down the hallway laughing to herself that somebody could be that out of shape.

Phil didn’t understand why he had to keep coming to these sessions that he had already deemed worthless. His insurance wouldn’t pay for anything to help correct his problem without the counseling. He closed the door and knew the next half hour with Sarah would be as worthless as it always has been. He sat down in the chair and caught his breath, it's not that he hated Sarah; she's very sweet for an older lady, but not much to look at. Phil grinned to himself wishing that Sheila would be in to help him and how he could stare at her for hours.

Katie Jackson finished touching herself up and walked back into the lobby as Sheila stuck her head out of her office, "He's in room 3 Katie."

Katie grabbed the file from the shelf not even looking at the name on it, thinking to herself "I’m not a counselor, how did Sheila talk me into this?" She walked up to the door and took a deep breath. Katie looked left and right to make sure nobody was watching and opened the door. She walked in and didn’t pay attention to the old man in the room, "I'm Katie I'll be filling in for Sarah," when she looks up and recognized Phil, her next door neighbor.

"Phil?" Katie asked "are you here for an appointment?"

"Oh this is fucking great!" Phil stood up from his chair "Where's Sarah?"

Phil being 3 inches shorter than Katie looked up at her awaiting an explanation, "She couldn't make it today. I'm filling in for her." Both stared at each other as Phil's face began to turn a deep shade of red.

Phil liked to have stability in his life and discussing his problems with his stuck up neighbor was not stability. He'd seen the way the Jacksons looked at him, he was sure they were making fun of the way he looked. The Dorman’s and the Jackson’s had been neighbors for years. Katie brought over a casserole when his wife Maureen died a few years ago but they’d had few conversations since. Katie glanced at his file and noticed doctors scribbling reveals poor health habits.

"Are you serious? Do you even work here? I thought you worked for some bank?

Katie who was now sitting down in her chair replied, "I started a few weeks ago. What can I do to help you?" Katie positioned herself in the chair, reached up and flicked her long brown hair off to one side. Katie noticed the way he was staring at her and had seen that look many times before. She straightened her posture so her small breasts stood out.

"Sit down Phil and let's talk about why you are here," as she tried to fake some conversation to get her through this session. She sat back and crossed her legs as Phil sat down across from her. She moved her legs so her skirt rode up a little on her thighs revealing even more.

Phil had always been struck by his neighbor’s beauty although he knew that she was no match personality wise to his beloved deceased wife. He stared at her legs one dangling over the other with her high heels. Phil gritted his teeth as he already felt the bl**d flowing into his groin. He knew that pain would soon follow.

Phil roars, "Didn't you read the fucking file? I thought you people were supposed to be able to help me?" as Phil f***ed himself to look away from Katie's beautiful body.

Katie quickly glanced through the file and felt her face turning red as she read that Phillip has been unable to have an orgasm since his wife died which was over 2 yrs ago. Katie tried to hide her grin as the doctors had put he had tried "self satisfaction" to no avail and his condition was deemed psychological as nothing had turned up awry on any of the medical testing reports.

Phil could see by the look in her face that she's read about his condition and was trying to not laugh, "It's not fucking funny! Don't go running off telling the neighborhood!"

"I can be professional," uhmmmm," quickly thinking of remedies she suddenly blurted out, "Have you tried masturbating a lot?"

"Oh you are a fucking rocket scientist! Of course I've tried that! It only adds to my pain! Has your husband ever had blue balls?

Katie didn’t make a move but remembered the pain Fred had while in Mexico. The days of teasing him continually getting him hard and then letting it subside. How he couldn't stand to be touched without wincing in pain and the amount of cum he shot down her throat on the way home.

Not waiting for an answer from Katie, Phil continued "Well What I have a 100 times worse!" becoming more agitated raising his deep voice, "Every time I get an erection my fucking balls swell even more creating more pressure! And you have the audacity to ask if I've tried masturbation? I'm sure it's in the file, don't you know how to fucking read?"

Katie just stared into Phil enraged face and desperately trying to hide the humor she saw in Phil's situation, "It's been a few years since Maureen died, don’t you have a girlfriend?"

"No! I'm not like your generation! I was married to Maureen for over 40 years. It's not like I want to go running off and getting hitched! But I'm a man and I get horny and at my age when my testosterone should be decreasing for some reason it's increasing!" Phil repositioned himself in his chair as he could feel his anger taking over and how upset he had become.

Katie put her nose into the file and continued to read the doctors reports of his unusual levels of testosterone causing an abnormal increased desire for sex. Katie bit her bottom lip trying not to laugh realizing that her neighbor is a walking erection. Growing impatient with her lack of direction Phil sneers, "WELL?"

Katie looked up from the file trying to keep a straight face, "Phil please keep your voice down, we have other patients."

"Yeah and I’m sure you are giving them outstanding care as well," in a very sarcastic tone. Phil hated this hospital and he hated his insurance company for making him attend counseling.

Katie sits in silence. Sheila never told her what the problem was. Was this some sick joke they were playing on her. Looking up at Phil and his facial expression she knew this wasn't a prank, "What about prostitutes?"

"Is that your suggestion? I'm not fucking paying for sex from whore!" yelling louder than before, "and get some disease?!"

Katie quickly tried to back step, "I thought maybe.."

Phil stands up from his chair and points his finger at Katie's face, "You thought I should break the law? Great fucking advice!" walking towards the door and looking down at his neighbor, "That's it! We're done for the day!" He pauses before exiting the room, "And don't go telling anyone about this, got it?"

Katie doesn't say a word just shaking her head. A Phil stormed out of the room and out of the lobby Katie burst out laughing. Sheila watched as Phil hobbled out of the lobby and rushed into the room, "Katie is everything okay?"

Katie looked bewildered but obviously thought it was funny, "Harmless? He's an asshole!"

Amazed at his reaction Sheila looks over at Katie, "He was only in here for about 10 minutes. What did you say? I've never seen him like this."

"I gave him suggestions to help his problem and he obviously didn't like it! Do you know why he's here?"

Sheila had a worried look on her face, "No," I just manage the unit, I don't look at the files, Why?"

Katie stood up and looked out the door to make sure nobody was close and quietly told her friend, "His file said he can't have an orgasm even though he tries masturbating."

Perplexed, Sheila looks over at Katie, "Then why is he coming here?"

Katie is still smiling while reading the report, "The file says it's all mental. Apparently he's physically fine and should be able to cum but just can't."

Sheila giggled, "Are you serious? That's all? It's probably because he's so out of shape."

Katie laughed with her friend, "Well, he obviously thinks it's serious?"

Sheila suddenly changed her tone, "I've never seen him this upset. You know if he complains you could get in trouble."

Katie looked towards her friend and couldn't believe what she just said, "Me? Don't you mean us? You asked me to do this for you!"

"I'm sorry Katie, yes I mean we," thinking about what could happen to her career if Phil was to complain about Katie. She would have to answer why the secretary was giving advice to one of her patients. Her mind quickly focused on her new home and her mounting bills. If she was to lose her job, as Sheila shut her eyes not wanting to even think about what would happen.

"I'll try talking to him tonight," walking out into the lobby and turning towards Sheila, "he's my neighbor."

Sheila just stared at her friend for a few seconds. This could go wrong on so many levels that Sheila felt her stomach turning, "Katie I could really get in trouble," stressing to her friend with desperation in her voice, "Make sure you talk to him!"

Katie tried to comfort her friend, "Don't worry I’ll get it smoothed over," as she walked away towards her desk Katie though what would she say to him? She's wasn’t a counselor but she wasn't going to take the chance of having him complain resulting in her getting fired or hurting her chances at a promotion. Katie sat quietly at her desk looking over at Phil's file which was waiting to be placed back into the cabinet. Katie quickly thought of her husband, who she knew had masturbated often before she gave in to his desires. She reached over and pulled the file and placed it in her bag, maybe if she showed it to him he would know what could help Phil. If anything, she thought, they could have a good laugh together about his condition.


When she arrived home at a little after twelve, she found Fred packing for a two week trip to visit her folks in Arizona. They had planned the trip for months but with the interviews this week for the promotion she knew she wouldn't be able to go. Fred thought about cancelling but Katie knew how badly the k**s wanted to visit their grandparents. Katie looked out the window and stared at Phil's house and wondered how upset he still was.

Fred looks over at her, "Is everything okay? You seem quiet?"

Katie sat down on the edge of the bed while she watched her husband pack, "I had to help Shelia today with a client."

"Oh yeah? That was probably more exciting than filing papers," looking back towards his wife while picking some clothes from his dresser

"Yeah it was," a sly smile came across her face as she tossed their neighbor's file in front of him, "but it was Phil."

Fred stopped and looked over at his sexy wife, "Are you serious? What does he need psychiatric help with?"

"Well," Katie said as she stood up and looked down the hallway and closed the door to make sure the k**s weren't listening, "it seems he hasn't cum since his wife died."

Fred sat down as he started thumbing through the file, "Are you serious? Wasn't that a year ago?" Her husband starts giggling as he read one of the doctor’s notes, "Swelling in testicles unable to release pressure with self gratification." Her husband started laughing as he read the doctors notes about Phil inability to cum.

Katie scooted closer and read the file with him, "It was two years ago! They said it’s all mental and there is nothing physically wrong with him."

Fred was astonished and thought about the pain his own wife put him in, "Poor guy! He must have the worse case of blue balls in the history of the world! How old is he?" as he handed the file back to Katie, "You better put this back!"

She quickly thumbed through pausing to do the math in her head, "He's 65."

Fred laughed to himself, "I'm surprised he can still get it up!" he turned to Katie and immediately imagined his wife trying to talk to Phil about his difficulties. He felt a rise in his pants remembering Katie giving the old man a foot message in the theatre but never thought his wife with his elderly neighbor, "What advice did you give him?"

Katie giggles to herself, "Masturbate. Get a girlfriend."

"What? That’s it? What did he say?"

"He got mad and stormed out," Katie revealed.

Fred shrugged his shoulders, "Oh well, I'm sure he'll get over it. He'll probably run home and tossed off thinking about you judging by the way you look today," as he reached out and brushed his hand across his gorgeous wife's face. Fred bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Katie kissed her husband back as he let his hand slowly slide down the front of her blouse and began kneading her breasts.

Katie playfully slapped his hand and pulled away from Fred's lips. She looked over at the clock, "You better hurry if I'm driving you to the airport," noticing the obvious bulge in her husband’s pants, "I'm going to miss you!" Katie hadn't spent time away from her f****y and knew she was in for a lonely few weeks. She also realized that if she was to get the new job it would mean financial security for her f****y.

Fred and Katie rushed through the house collecting the bags for the trip. The hot wife was finishing up packing the c***dren's bags while Fred grabbed the garbage to run it to the curb. As he made it to the curb he saw Phil pulling his garbage can up.

"Hi Phil, Nice afternoon isn't it?" as they both met at the curb.

"I guess," Phil responded who was never a talker as he turns to walk back to his house.

"Hey!" Fred hollered as Phil turned around to face his neighbor.

Fred walked closer and lowered his voice, "Katie told me what's going on and the little video store down the street," pointing down the street, "You know," choosing his words carefully, “they have some videos that could help"

Phil growled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Fred bluntly told Phil, "Katie told me about your condition. I thought they could help you,” trying not to crack a smile.

Phil's face turns bright red, "Fuck!” he yells, “I told her to keep her fucking mouth shut. Now everybody is going to know!" as he starts moving towards his house.

"Wait! I was just trying to help." Phil turned around his face turning bright red. Remembering his own pain, he tried to offer some words of encouragement, "You just need to take control of your life, and you know what I mean? You're a great guy Phil, you just need to get out and meet somebody new. Take life by the horns and ride it for what its worth!"

Phil quickly interrupted, "Don't act like you know me! You don't know who I am!" stepping closer to Fred in a rage. Take a deep breath he began calming down, "Tell your wife to keep her fucking trap shut!" slamming the garbage cans to the ground. What does he know about taking control? Living the perfect life with the perfect wife. Fred doesn't know anything he thought. He doesn't know what its like to try and recover from losing somebody close to you.

Fred walked back to the garage as Katie was just getting the k**s into the car. Fred hopped in and began to back out of the driveway as Phil stared at them. Katie stared back as she watched Phil and gave a little wave. Phil didn’t move but just turned around, quickly walking into his house. Fred started driving down the road and looked over at Katie, "I think I upset Phil."

"What? What did you say?"

"I just told him to take control of his life, meet somebody new, you know guy stuff."

"Ohhhhh," Katie said in disbelief, "you weren't supposed to tell him!"

"I was just trying to help but he got pissed!"

"Like you said I'm sure he'll get over it," looking down at her watch, "You better drive fast if you want to make the plane!"

The Jackson f****y arrived at the airport as Katie saw her f****y off. It was a lonely drive home but knew she should read her hospital manuals before her interview. It was only for a few weeks, she kept telling herself. She hasn't ever spent any considerable time away from her husband. She felt they were so more connected since they opened up about the sexual desires. She smiled to herself thinking about her husband's reaction when she agreed to take her first facial. She pulled into the driveway, walked into her house, and kicked her high heeled shoes off. Katie grabbed her hospital protocol book from the table and sat down for a long boring read when the doorbell rang.

Katie got up and looked out the window spying Phil. His face reddened as she opened the door to greet him, "Hi Phil! Come on in, I was going to talk to you tonight."

"I'm not coming in!" his eyes quickly checking out his beautiful neighbor’s hard body. Her tight white blouse displaying her perfectly round breasts and skirt that hung tightly on her slim hips. "Don't you understand HIPAA laws?" Katie stood still under Phil's verbal barrage, "It means you can't reveal anything about someone’s condition! We've been neighbors for years but I wanted to let you know that I'm going to the hospital tomorrow morning to file a complaint against you! I know the way you are; you are the biggest talker on the block and everyone will know."

"File a complaint?" Katie said in disbelief

"You damn right! I'll also bring up how you were harassing me sexually by spreading your legs in your tight little skirt! That's just plain fucking stupid to do that somebody with my condition!"

"I wasn't harassing you like that! That a bold face lie Phil!"

"A lie? Don't you notice how you dress? How you move your hips? How you bend over at the perfect time to give everybody a show of your white lacy bra? You're just a spoiled, snobby, rich bitch! Hell! I'm even considering making up some shit just for fun! We'll see how you like your life when you guys have to struggle to make ends meet."

"Phil! I'm not going off telling the neighborhood!"

Dorman spied his file sitting on the computer table, "Is that my file?" pointing towards the manila folder.

Katie quickly tries to stand in front of it; quickly lying, "What? Of course not!"

Enraged, Phil looked past her and spied his name on the tab, "What the fuck! You brought it home? You don't understand anything about HIPAA? Hell," he screams, "you're not going to get fired; you're going to jail!"

Katie seeing the rage that was overcoming Phil quickly lied, "It must have just fallen into my purse," knowing how stupid it sounded.

"You showed it to your fucking husband, didn't you? It's embarrassing! And I won't let you get a chance to screw up somebody else's life!" as he reached out and swiped the file from the desk.

Phil turned and walked away as Katie closed the door. Katie closed her eyes and wondered why she always got herself into these situations. Katie walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water as she gazed out the window watching Phil walk home and slam his front door. Her job opportunities had been nonexistent. The economy continued to get worse and more layoffs were looming. The job climate will only get rougher. The competition was fierce and she knew if Phil filed a complaint she would get fired and end all chances of getting the promotion.

Katie realized that maybe a simple apology would suffice. Phil's a rational man she thought to herself, surely he is forgiving. She put back on her high heeled shoes and walked over and knocked on his door. There was no answer but she knew he didn't leave. Katie knocked again and talks into the door, "Phil just let me explain myself."

Phil violently opened the door, "What!?!"

"Can I come in?" Katie asked?

The old man stepped aside and allowed Katie to enter. Katie glanced around the living room seeing boxes stacked high and the floor cluttered with old newspapers. The smell of cigarette smoke loomed in the air. She looked back at the overweight man in front of her and realized how far he has let both himself and the house go.

"Well?" Phil impatiently asks.

"I'm sorry I told my husband. I was just trying to think of a way to help you. I thought if I asked a guy he would know what I should have told you."

"His advice was that I take control of my life or go find a girlfriend. You married quite the moron!" As he stared in lust after his neighbor’s wife.

Katie quickly thought of something to help her neighbor, "Well,” not wanting to reveal too much about her and her husband relationship, “I know my husband liked to masturbate all the time while watching adult films and he...”

Phil quickly interrupted not believing what he was hearing, "Of course I’ve tried that! He has a wife like you and he uses pornography?"

Katie just stared at Phil in disgust, "Everybody goes through rough spots in their lives I guess.” Katie quickly changed the subject back to why she came over, “I would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anybody at work what happened."

"You just came over to make sure you save your ass!" as he walked back into the living room and plopped down in a recliner in front of the television.

"Phil I really need this job, the economy is so bad that I don't...”

"You don't think I know how bad it is? Try living on a social security retirement check! Our savings are gone; most of the money Maureen had saved went to pay for her funeral! You don't know shit about how bad it is!"

"I said I’m sorry," Katie's mind raced about losing the house, her c***dren's education, "please Phil you don't have to file a complaint!"

"I'm trying to watch my show" as the television series 'Lost' came back on the television. Phil stared at the television ignoring Katie's pleas. He suddenly looked up from the show and stared over at Katie and back to the television, pointing at the TV, "You look just like her!"

Katie looked at the screen and shrugged her shoulders, "I guess," just glancing at the lady, "Please Phil, it was an honest mistake."

Phil stared at the TV. There wasn't much for him to do since Maureen died besides watch television and jack off, at least try to. He had become addicted to the hit television show "Lost" and knew his neighbor resembled the actress Evangeline Lilly known as "Kate" but upon having them in the same room the resemblance was eerie. "They call her 'Freckles' on the show," turning towards Katie, "and you have freckles. Hell! You girls could be twins!"

Not wanting to discuss who she looked like, "Phil? Do you believe me that it was an honest mistake?"

He didn't. The Jacksons have been good neighbors but he always thought Fred's wife had become a huge flirt over the past year with all the men in the neighborhood, excluding him, "Hmmmmm, this seems pretty important to you."

"You have no idea," almost pleading for forgiveness.

Phil focuses back on the television, "It's almost over, hold on." Katie sat down on the couch and waited. The show ended as Phil sighed as he looked over at Kate, "Why should I not report what you did? Those HIPAA laws are important and are there for a reason. You can't go telling people about their conditions. Taking files from the hospital! That shit is private."

"I said sorry," as she reached out to touch his arm. Phil just stared at her hand resting on his forearm. It had been years since any female has touched him with affection even though it probably wasn't real.

"I guess I should be going, I just wanted to apologize"

Phil's bl**d began to boil. He's always been an angry man since his wife died. He quickly thought of what his nosy neighbor Fred told him. Take control of his life, take what he wanted get a girlfriend. Phil may be old but his demented mind quickly thinks of a way to get it all. Katie just stared at him when he broke the silence. "Did Fred send you over to apologize?" As he reached out and removed a cigarette from the pack, placing it between his lips and lightening it.

"No, they left to visit my f****y and won't be back until next week." Phil figured as much. He saw them packing the car with suitcases. So much the better he thought, taking a long drag off his cigarette. He had never been much for talking and didn't know how to bring up what he wanted perhaps a direct approach.

Phil gave a mischievous grin and said in a happy almost sarcastic tone, "Did you think of any other ways to help me?"

"What? With your problem?" knowing she hadn't even though of a way to get him off, "I guess I'm not much of a ther****t."

"It is quite simple really, Freckles." He resumed his point. "If you want me to forget about everything, you need to give me something in return."

The beautiful wife pouted, "What do you want Phil?" knowing she and her husband have little to offer she hoped maybe it would be a small amount.

"You might be the hottest thing on the block but you are as dumb as a post!" Phil sounded offended.

"What is it, then?" puffed Katie growing impatient with her disgusting neighbor.

He took a slow drag off of his cigarette while looking at Katie up and down not trying to hide what he was doing, "What I really want is that lovely piece of ass of yours," Phil boldly stated.

"Excuse me?" Katie shouted, outraged. "You have got to be fucking k**ding me!"

"Do I look like I am?" Phil kept his posture as his cigarette dangled between his lips.

"Fuck!" Katie thought to herself, "Why do I get myself into these situations." Her mind flashed back to Joel and how she thought she had vindicated herself but here she stood in a similar situation, "Maybe I should complain about sexual harassment on you at the hospital?"

"You can do whatever you damn please, Freckles." Phil didn't seem to mind. "I don't care; what would I lose? Kicking me out of those worthless therapy sessions? That's a reward for me, you should go do it. It will be your word against mine and by the time it gets sorted out your image will be already ruined and you will be out of a job."

Katie got up and rushed to the door, there was no way she was going to have sex with this guy. She slammed the door behind her. "Fucking asshole!" She yelled as she stormed out to the sidewalk. She quickly composed herself and looked around to see if anybody saw or heard her.

Katie was shaken up and on the verge of crying. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to propose something like that to her over something so trivial. The fat man just tried to take advantage of her. Katie walked up her drive she admired the house that she and Fred had built. She looked at the flowers and the other plants that they had planted and knew she was on the verge of losing everything because of the economy and their financial situation.

She walked inside and sat down at her computer. Surely this wasn't as big of a deal as Phil had stated. Katie quickly goggled 'violation of HIPAA laws'. Her stomach sank as she read of imprisonment of not more than one year or a $50,000.00 fine or both. Katie would always worry about doing something wrong and as she read the law she knew what she had done was wrong. Sheila told her to not worry about the policy review questions as she had hinted at the questions they were going to ask for the interview. She didn't even make her take the orientation test. Katie trembled at the idea of going to jail or paying a hefty fine as that. As much as she hated the idea, she needed to go back and try to reason with the sleazy prick, hoping he would come to his senses about the matter. She took a deep breath, straightened herself and headed back to his house. Katie quickly knocked hoping none of the other neighbors have seen what is going on. She heard a faint, "Come in," from inside the house.

"Change your mind so soon Kate. You just left 15 minutes ago," He said with that stupid smile on his face, as she walked in and sat on the chair facing him.

"I am willing to give you a chance for you to apologize." She told him directly, making it sound as though she was in charge of the situation.

"Come on, Freckles," Phil laughed, "For what?"

"I am a hard working and honest professional and I love my husband! This was a simple mistake! You should be ashamed of yourself, you asshole!" she shouted.

"High morals won't get you anywhere." Phil tried to rationalize it. "Besides, quit whining! I am not telling you to enjoy it," again his belly shaking from laughter. "It's strictly a business transaction: we both want something and we are trying to reach an agreement. You were a banker so you should know about negotiations."

"There is no negotiation!" Katie promptly answered him. "You are the without doubt the foulest person I've ever met!" Katie thought back to Joel. He was at least semi attractive and had a nice dick there was no way she would want anything to do with this fat disgusting blob's small cock.

"Compliments will get you nowhere, freckles," giggling uncontrollably that resulted in Phil coughing out phlegm.

Katie Jackson was stunned; she didn't know what to do. She wanted so much to get out of there, but she thought about her husband, her f****y, and how better off they could be if she got this promotion. She knew if Phil went to the hospital board and explained what she had done; her career could be over before it began. Their life would be so much easier if things went as planned. Would she have to tell her husband? Would he ever know if she chose not to tell him?

"So what is it gonna be?" Phil finally asked her.

"I will listen to your offer," reluctantly agreeing to hear the fat man out.

"It has been a while since I had a woman, Freckles. Well, you saw my file," pointing his chubby fingers to his hospital file sitting on the coffee table, "I've tried everything; watching porn, lubes, plastic pussies, plastic dolls." He told her as if it was a compliment. "And I can honestly say I never had one nearly as gorgeous as you in my house."

Wanting to throw up, Katie immediately answered, "I'm not having sex with you!"

"See? You cut the bullshit and went straight to the point. I like that." Phil continued. "So you want to save that little sweet pussy of yours to your husband? Fine. How about some ass, then? I've always been a big fan of asses and you have one of the smallest and most perfect I've ever seen," reaching up to wipe the slobber come out of his mouth, "and Maureen would never have let me do that to her."

"How about you masturbate your little dick, knowing that you will never get inside of me?" Katie taunted him.

"You think you know me? Who says I haven't? Sweetie, I've tried jacking off watching you wash your car!," as his belly shook from laughter, "You are testing my patience, Freckles," Phil quipped. In fact it wasn't a lie. Phil would occasionally stare out the window at his gorgeous neighbor furiously stroking his dick attempting to coax an orgasm.

"I will not be anywhere near your excuse for a penis!" Katie replied with a dry tone.

"You are one tough cookie, I'll give you that," he insisted. "Let's hear your proposition, then. Surely you must have one; you seem to have all the answers."

Katie stood in front of him motionless not saying a word. She didn't have any answers to his problem and just shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, you do seem a little worried. How about we start with just a handjob?" Phil insisted. "Just a nice stroke and we are through! Having your perfect fingers dancing around my cock should be enough to get me off!"

"No!" Katie immediately answered. "Not in a million years!"

"Suit yourself!" Phil yelled, "You had your chance, now get the fuck out of here. I have some board members to call," he picked up the phone and started entering a number.

Katie started to walk out of the living room convincing herself that he was bluffing when she heard Phil's gravelly voice, "Who do I need to talk if I want to complain about one of your employees? Human Resources? No, I want a guy higher than that. Sure, I'll hold." She couldn’t believe he is actually going to do it. She walked back in and stared at the obese man as he stares back in lust at her. Katie thought about her husband not wanting to cheat on him. Is a handjob actually cheating? She gave a footjob but he was there beside her the entire time, almost encouraging her. "I was d***k. That wasn't me," she tells herself. This time she was alone.

"A handjob and nothing more?" Katie quietly asked not wanting to anyone on the phone to hear, she figured his propositions weren't going to get any better than this. She was completely lost and didn't know what to do.

Holding the phone down, Phil replied "That's the deal as long as I get my jollies off," He replied.

"Let's say, for a second, I agree." She whimpered as her predicament sunk into her. "If I do it...”

"Then I’ve never even heard of HIPAA laws and you can continue working at the hospital, probably for minimum wage." Phil assured her not realizing her ambitions were much higher.

"What about after?" Katie continued. "What about Fred?"

"You go your way; I go mine, no strings attached." He tried to sound reasonable. "Besides, even if I told Fred, I would just say that his advice was the best anyone’s ever given; taking control of my life and what I desire!" as his belly shakes from laughter.

"How do I know I can trust you?" sounding worried.

"You don't!" He smiled. "Now, get over here and let's do it!" as he hung up the phone in obvious enjoyment. Fred was right; he just needed to take control and get a girlfriend.

Katie sat there with shock in her eyes. Slowly, she realized she had no choice. She was going to have to do it. She was going to do this to keep her own privacy and for the f****y she loved. Reluctantly she got up as Phil gave a triumphant smile. Katie quickly thought to herself that it was just touching someone, like grabbing an arm. "This couldn't be cheating?" she thought to herself. Katie had given her fair share of handjobs in college to a few ex-boyfriends although she never took them into her mouth or pussy as she had saved herself for marriage. Surely she should be able to get him off within minutes of touching his pathetic dick.

"My, you really look pretty!" He laughed gazing at her young, firm body hiding behind the short skirt and blouse. Phil pointed down at her high heeled shoes, "Dressed up for me huh?"

"Of course not!" Katie despised her fat neighbor.

"Come on, Freckles. Be nice! This is just business, that's all..." He leaned closer in his chair to get a better look. "Now, let's see what you are wearing under your cute little slutty clothes."

"What?" She pouted. "That was not the agreement!"

"Well, yeah I know. But, it will make me a lot more excited and ready to burst," Phil sneered. "Unless you want it to last and believe me, I can last a long time. Maybe even eternity," his belly shaking, "It's up to you," as he gave a mischievous grin, “I guess it all depends on how good you are."

Katie stood up staring at her neighbor wanting to run out the door but she had convinced herself he would make a complaint against her. The thought of her c***dren and husband visiting her at the jail made her nauseated almost as much as the smell emitting from her neighbor.

"I am waiting!" Phil grumbled.

Resigned to the inevitable, he leaned closer as Katie slowly unbuttoned her white silky blouse allowing it to drop off her shoulders revealing her perfect white lacy bra. Katie tossed it to one side. She wished she wasn't wearing her white lacy panties as she tugged on her skirt. Slowly she unzipped it and slid it down her long legs. She kicked it away and bent down to unstrap her high heels. Phil eyes widened at the site of his near naked neighbor. Her body was so much harder than he had ever realized.

"NO!" Phil yelled sweat dripping from his forehead, "Leave them on Freckles."

Katie was embarrassed as she stood in her underwear in front of the fat man wearing only her underwear and high heeled shoes. She liked to tease men but only on her terms. It turned her on when her husband and she went to the adult theater because they did it together. It turned her husband on watching her give Joel a blowjob but he was beside her the entire time. She was doing this all alone and not on her terms.

"Now, get over here!" He ordered as he sat in his chair with a smug look across his face.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she approached Phil. Katie Jackson slowly walked forward and knelt between his fat hairy legs; her fingers trembled as she opened his belt, unbuttoned his shorts, and yanked down his zipper. He lifted his hips slightly to help her as she pulled his ragged khaki shorts down to his ankles, freeing his already throbbing cock under his huge beer gut.

He wore no underwear and his dick was nothing like she had ever imagined. Phil's cock popped into view and her deep hazel eyes widened at the sight; it was fucking huge. It had to be at least ten, maybe closer to eleven inches long and at least a couple inches thick. The whole thing was covered in thick veins and even more impressive was how pronounced his cockhead was. It was like a giant mushroom on top of a thick shaft that was at least a three quarters of an inch thicker than his cock. His cock was enormous: so long and fat that she gasped at her first sight of his tremendous prick. Phil's testicles were equally as huge hanging low beneath his mammoth member. Swollen with over two years of semen built up, waiting to be released.

"Holy shit!" Katie thought and began to blush at the huge member before her. She couldn't help but stare at the huge prick pulsing like a steel rod between his legs.

Phil knew his neighbor was admiring his penis. Laughter erupted out his mouth, "Let me guess, you saw a short, fat, old guy and assumed I would have a small little cock?"

Katie didn't say a word as she just stared at the gigantic cock that stood straight out from his salt and pepper pubic hair.

"Bigger than hubby, Freckles?" snapping her out of her trance.

"You wish!" She angrily replied.

"How come you can't take your eyes from it then? It's magnificent is it?" Phil laughed.

Katie blushed as she continued to stare at the mammoth penis in front of her.

"Come on freckles, we don't have all day; start jerking my prick," He ordered her. Katie still didn't move almost afraid to touch it, "I'm tired of waiting." His eyes glistened as he saw how nervous Katie was her hard body kneeling in between his flabby legs.

Phil's massive cock bucked and throbbed, obviously as stiff as a prick could get, he was red-faced and shaking with lust. He gazed down at her, his huge pole throbbing right in front of her face. He knew years of frustration would soon be released by his gorgeous neighbor. A neighbor who he knew was laughing at his condition. "Let’s see whose laughing now," Phil thought as Katie repositioned herself below him. He fumbled with his cigarette between his lips with anticipation of a woman, a beautiful younger woman, grabbing a hold of his dick.

Katie exhaled as she reluctantly wrapped both hands around his prick, amazed that so much of his stiff cock still protruded from the grip of her fists. If she double fisted her husband it would cover his cock but at least 3-4 inches still remained of Phil's cock. Dorman’s body relaxed into the chair as he enjoyed finally having someone else grabbing his cock. His eyes rolled back and he gave a long sigh as Katie wrapped her fingers around his manly flesh.

She started stroking his gigantic, stone-hard cock; his incredibly long, fat prick arched stiffly over his equally large belly, capped with a puffy, helmet-shaped knob. Even Phil was impressed by his dong's unusual length and thickness; he admired it, rising like a mast straight toward the ceiling as he puffed on his cigarette.

Katie continued to vigorously masturbate the happy looking fat man. She slowly twisted her clenched fists around his hard flesh in opposite directions as she slowly stroked it up and down. Katie kept changing her speed alternating from quick to slow with one hand as she rested the other on his thigh. Phil was raising his hips towards her raising his flabby ass off his chair to meet her beautiful clenched fingers wrapped around his manhood. After about five minutes or so, her arm got tired so she switched sides. To be honest, the way his balls were swollen she hadn't expected him to last half the time he already had, and there was no sign of him finished soon either, in fact it almost felt as if his cock had softened slightly. Katie wished she had some type of lubrication and she knew it would have sped up this god awful process.

"Are you close?" She asked hopefully.

"Nope," almost sounding nonchalant, "Perhaps some extra stimulation would help?"

Katie continued stroking his massive shaft alternating her speeds with her fingers firmly wrapped around his skin. Changing hands every so often when they would tire. After another five minutes, Katie stopped again; she wanted to end her torment as soon as possible. She looked up at him as he was breathing heavily. He gazed down at her, "I need more stimulation freckles if you want this to end. You are a smart woman. Perhaps some visual stimulation would suffice," grinning from ear to ear, "If you know what I mean?"

Mrs. Jackson knew what he meant. She knew Phil hadn't taken his eyes off her bra since she removed her blouse. "This is for eyes only so keep your hands to yourself," she demanded. With that, the neighbor's wife reached behind her and unhooked her bra revealing her perfect breasts. They looked fantastic, perfectly round spheres, topped by delicious pink nipples that were already erect from the air conditioning in Phil's house.

"Oh my! They are more beautiful than I imagined." Phil blurted out as he gazed at her b-cups.

He reached out for one of Katie tits but she slapped away his hand. "I said keep your hands to yourself asshole!"

"Sorry, Freckles," the obese man apologized. "I couldn't help myself!"

Katie took back a hold of Mr. Phil's cock with both hands, her arms very tired by now. She was encouraged as she felt it harden more, now that the horny neighbor gazed at her naked tits. She resumed jerking at his cock, now with both hands wrapped around the thick shaft. Her tits were more enticing now they were bare, and Phil was almost in a trance staring at them.

Her arms were burning with pain as she tried stroking at different speeds, grips, and rotations. Her mind kept focusing on having to spend time in jail. Ten minutes had gone by and he still hadn't cum; the fat man, sensing Katie's was tiring, he slowly reached out and cupped his hand over one of her breasts. Phil's heart skipped a beat as he couldn't believe his neighbor was allowing him to feel her up. He felt her nipple pressing against the palm of his hand. Katie didn't stop him this time; her arms were hurting; she regretted starting this and just wanted him to get off as soon as possible. Maybe if she just gave him a feel it would send him over the top. He squeezed and pinched her naked tit. Katie remained on her knees before him; only wearing her thong and high heels, as his hand worked on her breast. He moaned slightly and gave her tit a hard squeeze. Katie winced in pain but she didn't care by this point. If it helped get him off so bet it.

"How about some dirty talking, Freckles?" He proposed. "Maybe it would speed things up!"

Katie was appalled to even consider this with anyone but her husband, but the possibility of ending her agony sooner f***ed her to play along. She knew what men wanted. Joel wanted her to beg for his cock and cum and knew Phil would be no different. "Is this how you like it, Phil? Is this how you want me to stroke your cock?" as she worked the length of his shaft with one hand.

"Fuck, yeah!" Was his immediate reply. "I see how stare at my cock! I see how you crave it! Is it bigger than your husband's?"

Katie didn’t answer him, her hand teasing his cock with small quick strokes. He began to thrust himself forward and match her fist.

Katie felt his cock become harder if that was even possible, "I bet you couldn't wait to feel something as big as my dick inside your tight pussy." Phil announced as he relaxed back in his chair still thrusting forward to meet her hand.

Katie looked down and spied a small bubble of precum emerging from the tip of his cock. Her neighbor was finally getting close to cumming, her pain was almost over, as she increased her speed. Her husband had never lasted this long with one of her best handjobs. Katie felt she was quite proficient at manipulating a penis and was surprised at Phil's ability to not cum.

"I bet you would like to put it in my pussy wouldn't you?" teased Katie, "To stretch me out? To drive your cock deep inside of me?" while doing long hard strokes with her hand.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah," Phil quipped, "Freckles; you are a nasty little neighbor."

Katie continued to pump the dick quickly changing hands to give the other a rest, even for a few minutes. She felt her legs were beginning to cramp from sitting on her knees for so long.

"Tell me," pausing to swallow hard, "Tell me, Freckles! I see the way you are looking at it!" He insisted. "Is my cock bigger than Fred's?"

"I'm not talking about him right now," refusing to answer but she already knew what the answer was as she watched her hand rubbing up and down his shaft.

"That's it Freckles, keep stroking my huge cock!" boasted Phil, "You probably haven't ever felt a cock this big so it's okay to keep rubbing it."

"Do you like stroking my long fat Cock Kate? It is the biggest you've ever felt isn't it?"

Refusing to answer Katie continued rubbing the massive muscle, releasing it to rest her arms for only a few seconds, Phil's cock continued to stand straight up twitching in the air.

"It's magnificent isn't it?" repeating himself, almost begging Katie to answer him.

Katie looked up and into his eyes, "No. You're disgusting!"

Laughing, "Ohhhhh Freckles, you don’t have to lie to me. I know I'm huge. Maureen told me I had the biggest cock she ever seen."

Katie beat his meat as fast as she could, excitedly watching the pre-cum oozing from his piss-hole. She ran her fingers up and down his hard cock-shaft, and thought if she stroked it hard enough, he'd cum before her arm fell off. She moved her other hand to his hairy balls and gently caressed them. She could feel how swollen they were with years of cum. Phil moaned in approval as he clinched another cigarette between his lips raising his lighter, shaking from the joy of having the lovely Katie stroking him.

She moved closer to his prick. So close could smell his nasty body odor emitting from his dick, "Your cock deep inside of me," taking long strokes with both hands across the mushroom head, "making me cum all around your magnificent cock."

"Oooohhhh I bet you like your hot neighbor stroking your big fat cock?" teased Katie waiting for the moment when Phil's balls will finally burst.

"Oh fuck yeah," Phil yelped excitedly, "I think I'm going to do it!"

Katie sensed his orgasm approaching and knew what would send him over the edge, "It's been so long since a woman put her mouth around your cock hasn't it?"

"Oh shit," as Phil starts humping her fist lifting his fat ass off his chair in movement with his hot neighbors clenched fists around his rod.

Katie kept stroking his massive muscle as Phil continues to breathe heavily but his thrusting has slowed. Katie's arms were growing so tired. They burned like she had never felt. She had to get the old man off as fast as she could.

"Have you ever shot your hot cum on a wife's face? Did she want it on her tongue?" as Katie extended her velvety tongue and stretches it towards Phil's cock.

"Ohhhhhh, that's good!" He groaned, urging Katie to go faster as he pinched her nipple and then lifted his other hand up so he had a tit in each hand. He knew he was getting close to cumming but didn't want her to know. It had been over two years but never did he imagine his hot neighbor would be naked before him stroking his massive cock. He wanted to push her just a little further before releasing his seed, "Put it in your mouth," he gasped.

"What?" Katie was shocked.

"Put it in your mouth, just the tip, it'll push me over the edge," Phil quickly promised, fondling Katie's lovely breasts.

"No!" She snapped, stopping her pumping on his cock to a slow lazy touch. Releasing his massive tool and sitting back on her heels, "That's not our deal. You said just a handjob!"

"Whatever." Phil wasn't the least concerned about deals. "But I can feel I'm so close!"

"NO! I'm not putting your dick in my mouth!" she saw his erection starting to subside. Katie grabbed a hold of his cock and started to stroke it faster with her arms burning. She looks at the clock and realizes she's been stroking his member for the past half hour.

"You had to ruin it!" Phil shouted immediately becoming enraged,” All you had to do was put the fucking tip in your mouth you fucking slut!" he pulled his hands from her small breasts.

"Fuck you! I said I wasn't sucking your cock! You could have just came from the handjob!"

"Whatever; the agreement was that you would get me off! Now get me off Freckles!" he demanded.

"My arms are tired! They are burning; I can't do this any longer," Katie grabbed her blouse putting it on over her bare breasts while still kneeling in front of Phil. Katie quickly stood up her knees aching for kneeling for so long. She grabbed her skirt sliding it back over her small hips.

"We had a deal Freckles!" pointing down at his now lifeless dick that was deflating like a balloon.

"Go to hell Phil! You can fucking stroke your own dick by yourself!" as she picked up her bra and heads towards the front door.

As she opened it she could hear Phil laughing, "Tell your husband thanks for the advice and I'll see you soon; your mine for two weeks!" laughing as hard as he could.

"Asshole!" Katie yelled as she slammed the door as hard as she could; shaking the house. Katie walked into her own home her arms exhausted. As quickly as she became upset she also becomes scared, "Would he complaint on her? Would she really have to go to jail for bringing home a file and telling her husband?"

Pouring herself a glass of wine she headed upstairs. Starting the bath in her Jacuzzi tub she knew a relaxing bath would at least make her worries go away for awhile.

She removed her blouse and slides her skirt back off tossing them in the corner with her bra. Katie slid her panties down and felt the moisture that had been deposited. Her own juices were flowing. Startled she feels her engorged clit and pussy with the slightest brush of her hand she realized how turned on she had become. Katie lowered herself into the hot bath, rubbing her aching arms. Katie's first instinct was to start rubbing her clitoris wishing her husband was home so she could coax his cum onto her face. She lays back in the bath and licks her lips imagining her husband's cum was covering them. Her hand started towards her crotch but the only thing that entered her mind was a $50,000.00 fine and no more than a year in jail. Katie just prayed that either Phil would have a massive heart attack during the night or would find a way to forgive her and not reveal anything he knew.

Katie week goes from bad to worse..
Read Chapter 12: Katie's Week Alone Continues

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