My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 10: Katie's Vindica

Katie's Vindication

The last few months had seen many unexpected changes in our lives. The night before Katie was supposed to leave on her business trip she received a phone call from the regional director of the bank who informed her that her services were no longer needed because of downsizing. It was later reported in the news that over 1500 employees were laid off including upper management with blame being placed on the current economy. We had read so much in the news about the economy that we never thought we would be part of the unemployment statistics, although with Katie being so involved in the banking world we should have seen the writing on the wall.

My wife had immediately sent out applications to other financial institutions trying to get a similar type of job but because of the economic climate nobody was hiring. We figured with her background and masters degree that she would have no problem locating a new job. Katie had been become agitated and depressed about the rejections she was getting from potential employers. I did my best to support her emotionally and also I increased my hours at work to try and make up the difference since we were losing her salary. Katie was worried about our finances, keeping our house, and keeping the k**s in a private school and like most people in similar conditions our savings were dwindling. We had cut corners to eliminate some bills including our internet service, which upset me more than anything as I hoped that Katie would continue writing about her sexual exploits.

As we watched the nightly news we heard more bad news about the failing stock market and economy. I wasn't paying attention as I was focused on my wife’s beauty when a television commercial caught my attention. A beautiful older blonde walked in front of the camera and explained that they were taking applications for the next Mrs. Missouri beauty pagent. I glanced over at my wife and back at the television.

"You should apply!" pointing at the commercial knowing it would help get her mind off our current situation. I knew she had the looks and the intelligence to go far in the competition.

Katie gives a little laugh, "I don't think so."

I know the way my wife loves how people, especially men, watch her. She would be the perfect Mrs. Missouri and maybe the next Mrs. America. My heart raced thinking of how beautiful she would look on stage accepting her crown and all the men wishing they could be next in line to fuck her. "I think you should consider it," grabbing her hand and pulling her closer to me.

She wasn't really in the mood lately for sex; I don't blame her as she was worried about everything. I, on the other hand, was growing increasingly horny. My wife looked so sexy wearing her black and white satin button up pajamas with matching pants. Her brown hair flowing past her shoulders. While she watched the news I couldn’t but help but stare at her beautiful freckled face, her sexy dark rimmed glasses, and her slim lips. It had been awhile since I've came all over her beautiful mug and my mind raced to about a year ago when she let me unload all over her for the first time and how it changed us sexually. I switched off the television and leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek. She turned and met my lips as I turned my body and grabbed a hold of her as I held her tightly in my arms. I shot my tongue into her hot mouth. Her tongue entered mine as they wrestled with each other. I had missed the way her tongue felt against my cock as it began to expand in my pants. Her mouth was so hot as I reached up and began to massage her small tits over her silky pajamas. Katie hand made its way down to my crotch as she began to rub me over my pants.

She broke away and patted my knee and gave a sigh. "Would you really like being married to Mrs. Missouri?"

"Oh hell yeah!," unable to contain my excitement as my dick continued to grow, "I think you would like it more than me!" leaning closer to her ear, "Could you imagine all those men jacking off fantasisng about Mrs. Missouri or maybe the next Mrs. America?"

Katie playfully slaps my leg, "Stop it!" as her hand slides back up to my pajamas tugging harder on my cock that was straining to be released, "I'm sorry I haven't given you attention lately. How long has it been?"

"At least a few weeks," as her hand continues to manipulate my dick.

Katie begins to untie my pajamas, "Well I guess I should give you a little attention," as her hand disappears as into my pants as I feel her fingers wrap around my shaft. She pressed her lips against mine as my tongue darted in and out of her mouth knowing it wouldn’t be long before my cock was inside her hot wet mouth. I could feel her fist wrapped around my dick as she was stroking it under my clothing. I loved the way she touched me. The way her hand felt wrapped around me. Our kiss was broken by the sound of the doorbell ringing. We both looked up at the clock, "Who's coming over at this time?" she asked as she removed her hand from my pants.

I grabbed her hand and put it back on my cock, "Don't stop baby! They'll go away," I begged.

Katie pulled away as the doorbell rang again, "Come on!" as she looked down at my crotch, "I'll take care of that later!"

Reluctantly I stood up and quickly positioned my erect cock in my boxers so it was not so obvious.

We walked over to the door and flipped on the porch light. I peered out the window and I saw Nikki our babysitter. Katie looked over my shoulder, "What's she doing here at this time?"

Opening the door Nikki's face appeared to be in shock and her eyes were reddened like she had been crying, "Can I talk with you guys?"

"Sure," Katie announced, "Come in. What's wrong?"

Nikki steps into the house and I can see she's carrying her large backpack. She quickly turns and asks quietly, "Are the k**s asl**p?"

"Yes, what's wrong Nikki?" my wife asked.

Nikki looks around and sighed, "Can we go to the basement? I don't want to wake the k**s."

I've never seen her act like this she's usually so outgoing and happy. I wondered if she's heard about our predicament and wanted to talk about her future working with us. Katie and I both looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders both not knowing what our young babysitter wanted.

I followed both ladies downstairs and couldn't help but notice how sexy my wife's small ass looked in her pajamas. I couldn’t help but grin when I noticed it was about the same size as the babysitters.

It could be that I was incredibly horny but Nikki looked extremely hot. I've always had a thing for short women and Nikki barely was 5'2. She was wearing only a small t-shirt exposing her double D breasts, small tan shorts, and sandals exposing her perfectly manicured toes. She obviously goes tanning a little too much judging by her dark tan legs and tanned cute face. Her brown hair with blonde highlights accented her perfect brown eyes. Katie and I sat down next to each other on the couch while Nikki sat down on the ottoman facing us. Nikki looked at both of us and took a deep breath, placing her hand against her chest to compose herself, "I'm sorry to bother you guys so late but I needed to talk with you right away."

Katie and I looked at one another and I could tell we both appeared nervous. The suspense was killing us, "What's wrong Nikki?" I ask.

Nikki pulled up her book bag and started opening it up and began to explain, "I was at my fiancé’s apartment while he was at work and found something that I think belongs to you."

Nikki placed the laptop computer on her tanned legs and started to turn it on. Nikki's eyes peered over the screen, "I don't know how to say this without upsetting you," she took another deep breath and closed the screen down, "It's a video of you guys and...," pausing between her words as her face reddens, “and Katie is performing oral sex on, well, I think it's you," looking over at me.

Glancing over at Nikki, Katie rolled her eyes, "It's me; we don't need to see it."

"Why is it on his computer?" Nikki demanded she has started playing the blowjob video that I uploaded to the internet. Nikki quickly spun the computer around to show us.

"Well we," looking over at Nikki as she glared at me, "I mean I, put a video of us on a website and he probably downloaded it."

Katie put her head in her hands. Looking over at her, this was the last thing she wanted was to have another person that we knew having a copy of the video I uploaded.

"You guys made this?" she asked in almost disbelief.

"I guess you can say that I was experimenting with our new video camera and I got carried away."

Katie lifted her head up from her hands, "Did you watch it Nikki?"

"Yeah," pausing to compose herself, "well not all of it. I saw the file labeled 'Katie' and thought maybe he was cheating on me and then saw the pictures so I clicked on the video and watched it. I figured he watched porn but I was shocked to see this,” an uncomfortable silence enters the room with only the audio of me trying to talk Katie into the blowjob is broken by Nikki, "So it's okay he had this?" she asks pointing down to the screen.

"I guess, he probably downloaded it from a website.."

Katie interrupted me, "I would prefer you didn't tell him you knew us." Pointing towards the laptop, "Would you mind if he deleted that the file?"

"Don't worry I won't tell him," and handed me the computer, "and you can delete whatever you want," as Nikki clicks off the movie player. Katie and I both stare at the desktop picture on the screen as our mouths hang open.

"Is that your fiancé?" Katie barks pointing at the screen.

"Yes, why?" Nikki replies as Katie is speechless as she stares at the picture of Joel and Nikki together.

"Does he work at Gap?" I inquired, already knowing the answer. I don't think I could ever forget the picture of the man who blackmailed my wife into giving him a blowjob. A fantasy that I couldn't wait to see my wife involved in again.

"Yes," a puzzled Nikki said staring at us,” He’s the manager, why? How do you know Joel?"

"Have you ever mentioned us to him? Or told him who you babysit for?

"No. I babysit for quite a few couples. You guys are scaring me! How do you know him?" she demanded.

Katie looked over at me and then back at Nikki, "I don't know how to explain this," pausing between her words, "Does Joel every make you do like what's on the video?"

Nikki stared blankly at Katie, "What?!?!"

"Joel once told us that he can't find girls who do what I do. How long have you dated him?" Katie asks growing impatient with Nikki's answers.

"Almost two years, why did he tell you that?" She tried to process Katie's questions, "When did he tell you that?" Nikki paused waiting for an answer but Katie was still staring at the screen in disbelief, "and as far Joel making me do that to him, I don't think that's any of your business"

Katie began to get agitated with Nikki's attitude, "He made it our business. I bet he wants you to do it to him all the time doesn't he?"

Nikki began to reply “What do you mean he made it your business?" raising her voice slightly.

"I guess I know him pretty well," Katie replies, "He wants you to suck his cock all the time doesn't he?"

Nikki reluctantly started to answer my wife's questions, "He says I don't do it right. He actually says I don't know what I'm doing and tries to get me to watch porn with him to show me what I'm doing wrong. Why are you asking me this?"

"Joel's been to our house," Katie looked over at me and back to Nikki, "probably about 9 months ago."

Nikki's confusion continued, "Why would he be here?"

While Katie and Nikki bantered back and forth I flipped through his 'Katie' file and saw he had numerous screen shots that he captured from the video, I quickly identified the one that he printed out and brought over. I expanded it as I turned the computer around and show her the picture of my wife's cum covered face, "Because he brought this over..."

Katie also chimed in, "and blackmailed me into giving him head."

Nikki's mouth was open in disbelief trying to get the words come out. She swallowed hard and blurted out, "You gave him a blowjob?" sounding extremely agitated, "What do you mean blackmailed?"

Katie looked over at Nikki, "He said he would show that picture," pointing to the computer screen of her sperm covered face, "to my work, friends, social groups, pretty much everyone I know," Katie hesitated, "If I knew I was going to be let go from my job I would have never sucked his cock!" in obvious frustration in her current situation.

Eventually Nikki’s face began to turn red the situation dawning on her of what happened, "So you gave my fiancé a blowjob and he came on.."

"He came all over my face Nikki," she told her bluntly.

"Oh my Gawddd, I can't believe this!" Nikki picked up her phone and began dialing a number.

I watched as she frantically pushed the numbers, "Who are you calling?"

Nikki looks up at me, "Joel!"

Katie looked at her with disgust, "You don't believe us?"

Nikki looks at Katie but didn’t say a word. We heard a faint "Hello" on the phone as Nikki immediately starts bombarding Joel with questions, "Do you know the Jacksons? Fred and Katie?"

We could hear Joel talking fast but Nikki begins to yell into her phone, "Just answer you know them? Why? Because I found your videos on your laptop and there was one of them!" She had the phone pressed tightly against her ear and we couldn't hear anything else although I could tell Katie, like me, was trying to hear his excuses.

"I want to talk about this now! You actually made her give you a blowjob? Is this because I keep telling you No when you wanted to do that? Don't hang up on me!" she yelled into her phone as she slams it shut and tosses it into her book bag.

"Fucking asshole," as Nikki takes the laptop from me

"I deleted his files I said, I hope that okay?"

"That's fine," Nikki quietly answered. She was obviously upset by the revelations that had just been revealed to her. I've had girlfriends cheat on me and I've cheated on them. The other partner always finds out and it hurts and you feel rejected. I could see Nikki's eyes were starting to water and looked as though she was about to cry.

Katie also sensed it and leaned closer to her, "So he's wanted you to do that to him?"

She looked over at Katie tears streaming down her face, "Every time we have sex he's always like," making a deep voice trying to mock Joel, "oh Nikki let me cum on your face or tell me you want to feel my cum," she paused thinking for a moment, "Did he do this to you?"

"What?" Nikki said

"Everything, like making you ask for him to ..," Nikki inquired as I walked over to the bathroom and grab a box of tissues and sit back down offering the box to her.

"Yeah, pretty much just like the video. What are you going to do now?"

Nikki pulled out a tissue and wiped her eyes and nose, "I don't know, not get married to him that's for sure!"

Katie slid across the couch and sat down next to her, putting her arm around the young babysitter, "I'm sorry I told you. I just wanted you to know who you were with and what he is capable of."

"I don't blame you," she looked at me and then over at Katie, "I'm sorry he did that to you. It must have been so humiliating!" as tears began to fall down her cheeks again.

"It was," looking over at me and pausing for words, "but I just tried to pretend it was my husband cumming on my face," as Katie grabbed a tissue and wiping her tears away.

"I'm so sorry Katie. If I would have done what he asked, he probably wouldn't have done that to you," Nikki looks over at me, "Did you know he did this?"

Nodding my head, "I was there." I replied

"This is such a nightmare! What should I do?" quickly looking at both of us.

"If I was you,” Katie says while looking over at me and giving me a sly smile, "I would find the first man I meet, drop to my knees, suck his dick, and have him cum all over me."

Nikki scrunched her nose, "eeewwwwww," she began giggling to herself looking up at Katie and forcing a smile, "that would piss him off though wouldn't it?"

Katie continued to offer encouragement, "You damn right. You should do it!"

She looked up at my wife, "I'm not going to go give a complete stranger a blowjob. I'm not that type of girl."

Katie continued to have her arm around her, "I suppose, I used to be that girl. You're right it has to be somebody safe, somebody you can trust," looking over at me.

"I couldn't do that," sniffled Nikki as she dropped her head

"Well my husband’s not a complete stranger," Katie replies looking directly at me.

I stared into my wife's eyes and couldn't believe what she was trying to do. My head began to spin was Katie actually trying to get our babysitter to give me a blowjob?

Nikki raises her head, "WHAT?!?"

My wife continued to comfort her, her hand around her back, "Oh Nikki, I know you always flirt with Freddy, don't you?"

"What?" looking at both of us and shaking her head, "No!"

Katie gave a little laugh, "You don't need to lie Nikki, come on. I've seen you checking him out. Hell, I've seen the way you look at him."

Nikki's face reddened from embarrassment, "Well yeah," looking at me and back at Katie, "He's a hot dad. You’re lucky to have him."

My wife gleamed as she looked at me, "I am aren't I? I want to help you Nikki, and I wouldn't mind getting revenge on Joel"

"Are you serious Mrs. Jackson? How can you help me?"

"Like I said my husband's not a stranger."

Nikki stood up "Oh my God, I can't believe you are even talking about this!"

Katie's voice then began to change and become more demanding, "Don't you think you owe it to me after what he did?"

"NO! I think I better get going," Nikki began putting her laptop back into her book bag.

"Your fiancé blackmails me and I let him cum on my face and you won't help me get revenge?" Katie stood up now face to face with Nikki, "Hell, if I was you I would want revenge on him!"

Nikki started getting perturbed, "How is this revenge?"

"I know how much this means to him, to do what he did to me. He was like an a****l making me suck his dick," Nikki sat down and began listening to Katie, “and to be able to do this to him would be perfect."

"Do what?" inquires Nikki.

"I want my husband to give you a facial," Katie sat back down on the couch facing the young lady.

Nikki stares at Katie and is speechless.

"Aren't you pissed off at Joel? Don't you just fucking hate him right now? He cheated on you with a married woman!"

"Yes of course I'm pissed."

Katie put her hands onto Nikki's knee, "I'll do all the work, and you just need to sit there."

Our young sitter looks confused, "What's that supposed to mean?"

My wife looks over at me, "I'm not going to let you touch my husband, just kneel in front of him.”

Nikki interrupted, "I don't have to give him a blowjob!!!"

"NO! Do you think I would let you touch my husband much less put your lips around his cock," Jokingly, "I see the way you look at him!"

Nikki blushes, "I don't know...."

Katie tried to reassure her, "We have plenty of tissues and it just wipes off if you don't like it."

Nikki contemplated for a moment taking in what Katie wanted her to do, she stared at Katie and I.

"You wouldn't believe how humiliated I was after he came all over me, making me ask over and over for it."

Her phone begins to ring and she looked down, I could see it was Joel calling as his picture flashes on the screen. She opened it and hung up again. A few seconds later he called again as Nikki answers it, "What?"

I could hear Joel's voice through the phone, "Let me explain, I was just horny and you were on that trip! I needed to cum on her face after watching that video and...," Nikki slammed the phone shut and looks like she's about to cry again.

"I'm sorry Nikki," consoles Katie, "we tried to get him to take money instead of doing what he did but he refused telling me that this was his only chance to be with true woman."

My eyes bulged out of my head. I couldn't believe my wife was now lying to manipulate this young lady. I could see Katie's facial expressions and the tone of her voice that this was her chance to take something from Joel.

Lifting her head towards Katie, "What? What did he say?"

Katie cleared her voice, "He said that I was so sexy for letting my husband cum on my face that I was his sexual fantasy, the perfect woman that nobody could ever compare. He didn't even mention that he had a fiancé or that he even had a girlfriend. He kept repeating that nobody would ever be as good as me."

"Oh my God!" Nikki replied in shock.

Katie scooted in closer to Nikki and almost whispered, "Do it Nikki! Let him know what it feels like to be betrayed!"

She composed herself and blurted out,"Ok fine! Fuck him, I'll do it."

I was dumbfounded, "Are you sure about this? I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to,” in disbelief that my wife had just talked her into doing this.

Nikki took a deep breath, "I'm sure," looking at both of us,”What do you want me to do?"

Katie gave a triumphant smile and dropped down in the middle of floor on her knees, "Nikki, are you sure? You don't seem very confident."

"I am," she meekly answered.

My wife sighed and looked up at me and then back at Nikki, "You don't sound like you are. If this is what you want, then I want you to ask my husband."

"Ask him what?" she asked crinkling her nose.

Katie remains on her knees her ass resting on her heels, "Ask him to cum on your face of course."

Nikki looked over at me and very quietly and sweetly, "Mr. Jackson," clearing her voice, "would you cum on my face?"

Looking at both women, "I don't know about this." It excited me to think about my wife giving a blowjob, a foot job, or maybe someday watching her actually fuck another dick but it's been a long time since I was naked in front of another woman much less getting ready to cum on somebody's else’s face. It seemed like yesterday when I gave Katie her first facial and now she was talking our babysitter into doing it. Slowly, almost in a trance, I stood up and stand in front of Katie as Nikki sat on the ottoman.

My wife reached out and started rubbing my groin over my pj's, "It's okay baby, I think this is what she wants," looking up into my eyes and then over at Nikki. "Oh honey," as she started unbuttoning my shorts and looks over at Nikki, "he's usually hard by now."

Katie lowered my pajamas as I stepped out of them. Katie pressed her face against my boxes and took a deep breath, "You smell so good," looking up at me. My wife glanced over at Nikki, "I was just about ready to put his dick in my mouth when you rang the doorbell!"

I felt my cock jump as she slowly pulled my boxers down to my ankles, I heard Nikki gasp as I looked over and she looked away. My cock was limp but it still looked nice and thick. I give a smirk as my wife took my penis into her hand as it quickly started expanding. Nikki's eyes focused again on my groin. Katie stared jerking my cock leaning in and kissing my hip putting her face right next to my cock. She looked over at Nikki, "Doesn't my husband have a nice dick?" holding it at the base and showing her all of my manhood. Nikki's face reddened as though she was embarrassed but gave a slight nod.

Katie then extended her tongue and licked the length of my cock flicking it over the head like a snake, "Mmmmm tastes so good. Nikki don't you love the taste of dick?"

Nikki just gave a shrug obviously not very comfortable with what was occurring in front of her.

My wife looked over at her and with a head nod, "Come kneel next to me." Nikki just gave her a blank stare and made no motion to join her, "Come on Nikki." Katie said more forcibly

Nikki moved the book bag from her lap and slid down next to my wife and looked up to me, my cock now right next to her beautiful face. I could sense the nervousness in her eyes as Katie held my cock gently, "Get a good look at my husbands cock." Nikki slowly moved her eyes up, staring directly at it, "See," as Katie started stroking it, "You have to appreciate it," my wife leaned in and slowly took my dick into her mouth, I groaned as she pulled it out of her mouth with a loud pop, "and you have to love it."

Nikki just stared not saying a word as Katie worked my dick in and out of her mouth. Her breathing had begun to increase as she watches Katie sucked my now rock hard tool.

"Don't you think my husband has a hot body?" as Katie continues stroking my hard cock looking up into my eyes.

"Yeah," Nikki said as I watched her eyes look me up and down, "he does."

She doesn’t break eye contact with me as Katie devoured my dick back into her mouth. Nikki glanced over at my dick and then back into my eyes. I felt the warmth of Katie's mouth around me as I looked down to her. Katie was now deep throating my dick and I could see the bulge in her throat as she pushed past her tonsils. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and slowly stroked, grinning at a flushed Nikki.

"It's about the same size as Joel's don't you think?" Katie asked holding my cock out towards her.

Nikki just shook her head up and down not saying a word as she reached out for my leg. Katie slapped her hand away, "like I said you don't get to touch my husband!"

Nikki looked up at me as I just smiled and shrugged at her, "Maybe you can learn something by watching my wife?" I said

Katie looked over at our guest, "I bet this is the way you give head isn't it?" Placing the just the tip of my cock in her mouth and furiously stroking it with her hand.

My wife released me as Nikki replies, "Yes..something like that."

"You have to use your whole mouth and throat with no hands, like this," Katie again took me all the way into her mouth and down her tight throat. My wife moved her head back and began deep-throating my cock with one thrust of her face after another. Katie released me and wiped the saliva off her chin, "If you're good you get a little messy," my wife looked up into my eyes, "Does my mouth feel good?"

"ohhh fuck yeah," as I put my hand on the back of her head and directed her mouth back to my erect dick, "keep going baby

My wife shoved my dick back into her mouth and continued to suck while working the shaft with her hand. I notice Nikki has scooted closer to Katie, her hand now resting on my wife's kneeling thigh.

"That's it baby," as I grabbed hold of my wife's head, "Let me fuck your mouth." I thrusted my hips forward driving my cock in and out of my wife's hot wet mouth. Her lips stretched around me felt incredible.

Nikki just stared at me as my dick shot in and out of Katie's wet mouth. I held it deep in her throat and watched as Nikki swallowed hard. I slowly removed it from my hot wife’s mouth as she immediately reached out and started stroking me quickly. Our babysitter Nikki breathing became more intense her other hand resting on her own groin slowly moving it up and down.

Sensing my orgasm approaching Katie gave a wild smile and looked over at Nikki, "Okay, get closer I think my husband is getting ready to cum."

I looked down at both ladies as they looked back up at me, "Tell him you want it,"

"What, I don’t understand?" Nikki said looking at over at Katie

"Most men like it when you talk to him so tell him you want it."

"I want it," Nikki said almost as though she was forcing herself to say.

"Seriously I'm trying to help you, you need to at least act like you want it, even if you don't. It's not that bad, trust me. I love my husband's cum but I want you to really ask him for it," Katie instructs.

"Please give me it to me..."

"That's it Nikki! Now keep asking him, he likes it when I beg for it"

"Go ahead. Do it!" encouraged Nikki. She looked up at me, "Please Mr. Jackson, I'm begging you give it to me"

Katie continued to slowly stroke my aching cock, "He doesn't know what you want. Talk dirty to him!"

"Give me your cum Mr. Jackson! Give it to me," Nikki began moving her head directly under my cock as Katie continues to stroke it.

"That's it Nikki, I can feel him getting harder," as the pace of her hand quickened.

"Cover my face with it," looking towards the tip of my cock and then back up into me eyes, "give me my first facial," she moved her mouth so she could almost touch my cock with her lips. I can feel her breath on me, "be the first one to put cum on my face," she begged.

"oohhh shit," I mumbled as Katie continued to tug faster on my cock now resting on Nikki's chin.

Nikki's blue eyes looked up at me as she slowly rubbed her breast over her shirt. I spied that her other hand that was on my wife's thigh has moved to her own groin and she was rubbing her vagina over her clothing, "Please Mr. Jackson, I want you to cover my face with your cum!"

My wife knew the feeling of my cock, knowing that I was almost ready to explode, "Close your eyes! I think he's getting ready, aren't you baby?'

"Ohhh yeah..keeping stroking it..Nikki keep begging..," I moaned as I watch two beautiful women admiring my rock hard dick

"Cum on my face, Cum all over me!" Nikki moaned as she closes her eyes and turned her head upwards. Katie pulled my cock so it's millimeters from her face as she continues to stroke my shaft. I felt the rush as my cum spurted out the tip of my cock.

"OOOhhh Fuck yeah," as the first volley struck Nikki's cute upturned face across her lips. She flinched but steadied herself as Katie continues to jack my cock, the second load of white semen laning across her eyes and the bridge of her nose. My wife let out a giggle as she furiously works my cock as the third and fourth stream of cum cover Nikki's forhead and down to her chin. Katie leaned in and cleaned the end of my cock, looking up giving me a smile with my cock still in her mouth.

Nikki doesn't move as Katie admired her sperm covered face, "Don't open your eyes sweetie, it will sting!"

Katie scooped the cum that was on her closed eye and rubbed it in her eye brows and across her cheeks. My wife gave me a big smile, "You had quite a load built up honey!" Katie did a little more finger painting with my cum spreading it around Nikki's face, "Okay you should be okay to open your eyes,"

Nikki slowly opened her eyes her lips were closed tightly, not saying a word. Katie sat up on the couch and grabbed Nikki's book bag, "See that wasn't so bad was it?"

Nikki shook her head as Katie picked up the phone from her bag and snapped a picture of her. Nikki licked cum from face with her tongue her lips licking them ever so carefully making a face that appeared as though she didn't appreciate the taste.

Katie turned the phone to show her the picture of her sperm covered face, "Send this to Joel."

Nikki pressed a few buttons and gave a nervous giggle, "How long before he calls?" as the remainder of my cum begin trickled down her cheeks.

Katie laughed at Nikki, "Give him About 5 minutes.." as I sat down on the couch.

Nikki rested on her knees and appeared to be deep in thought contemplating what had just occurred, she was started back to reality as her phone started ringing, she looks down and a smile came across her face. She fliped open her phone, "Do you like that you fucking asshole!"

The last thing I heard Joel yell was "you slut" as she closed the phone.

My wife dropped back down and knelt next to Nikki staring at her still sperm covered face, "Wow Honey that's a lot of cum!" her mouth almost watering. I know she loves the feel of my sperm on her face and mouth and it almost sounds like she's jealous.

Nikki gave a slight smile, "It feels like a lot! Could you hand me a Kleenex?" pointing at the box on the couch.

Katie hesitated, "Are you going to waste my husband's cum? Didn't you taste it?" as my wife leaned in and extended her tongue and removed a stream of cum from Nikki's face. Nikki initially jumped at Katie's actions but relaxed as she leaned in for another taste but to my surprise Nikki turns and meets Katie's mouth with her own. Their lips locked for a few seconds. More that just a regular kiss as they held it for a little longer than normal. Nikki tasted my manhood that had been deposited in my wife’s mouth. I sat back in the couch and stared in disbelief at the kiss occurring on the floor in front of me.

It ended as both ladies stared at one another, Katie pulled a Kleenex from the box and handed it to her. Nikki carefully wiped away my semen and turned to Katie, "Did I get it all?"

She looks around Nikki's face and pointed down to her shirt, "Oops," looking up at me, "You pack quite a load Mr. Jackson.” she wiped away the cum from her shirt. Nikki looked down at her watch, "I really need to get home."

I pull my pajama pants back on as we showed her to the door, "Thanks Nikki," Katie hollered out but Nikki doesn’t say a word, just turning her head and giving us a smile as she walked away to her car.

My wife has a very satisfied look upon her face, "Feel better?" I ask

Katie looked up at me, "I feel," as a smile erupts upon her face, "vindicated. I think this really bothered me what he did and I now feel closure."

I shut the door as I turned to her, "We probably should get to bed."

Katie reached out and grabbed a hold of me hugging me tightly, "Thank you for being such a good husband! Not every guy would do what you did for me!" I leaned down and kissed my wife passionately she breaks away, "I bet you never thought you would get to shoot your lovely cum on somebody else like that did you?"

Looking into my wife's beautiful eyes, "Nope," I replied

She leaned in and kisses me hard, "Did it turn you on? To cum on somebody else like that?"

My wife was sounding a little jealous or was it that she enjoyed it as much as I did, "It turned me on that you did all the work!" as I grabbed a hold of my wife's hand and lead her upstairs to our bedroom wondering what other sexual encounters are awaiting us.

Katie's left alone while Fred goes on business.
Read Chapter 11: Katie's Horny Old Neighbor!

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