My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 5: Katie's Blackmai

Katie's Blackmailed

It was the day after shopping with Katie and I still couldn't believe that she had given me a blowjob in the changing room. I felt like the luckiest bastard in the world. We hurried home and ended up screwing in our car after parking in the garage. Our sex life couldn't have been better. It was only a few months ago that Katie hadn't even tasted my cock and now she couldn't get enough.

Today, I was just lying on the couch watching football while Katie was reading the newspaper. The door bell rang. I slowly climbed up out of the couch expecting to find some door to door salesman. Upon looking out the window, I recognized the young man standing on my doorstep but I couldn't place his face.

I opened the door and the young man asks, "Hi. Is Mrs. Jackson home?"

"Yes she is," I'm still having problems placing the face with how I know this person. I stared at him momentarily and I think he realized I was trying to remember him. I finally ask, "Have we met before?"

"Not really. Well, I helped you and your wife yesterday when you were at The Gap. I was the manager that day," he happily announces.

"Oh yeah, now I remember." I remembered I came on some of the clothes they were selling. My brain scrambled trying to figure out why he was here. I hope it wasn't about that. "Please come in," standing out of the way to allow him to enter. "Was something wrong with our payment?" Trying to understand why he was here.

"No, I just need to talk with Mrs. Jackson, "he stammered. "Well, probably the both of you."

I remembered that my wife had filled out a contest entry form, "Did we win the shopping thing?" Not saying a word he just stood looking over my shoulder into our house.

"Katie," I called out, "It's the manager from the Gap"

My wife came walking around the corner, "Oh, hi!" with anticipation in her voice and a bounce in her step, "Wow! That was quick! Did we win the shopping spree?" I close the door behind him as he walks into the entryway. My wife is looking very casual today wearing a black t-shirt with "Rock Star" written with white lettering and just plain grey sweatpants. Her breasts look like two oranges under her tight t-shirt. Her hair is flowing past her shoulders.

"Uhm...", he stuttered looking at my wife up and down, not trying to hide what he was doing. "No, they haven't had the drawing yet."

"Well what can we do for you?" I asked, watching him fidget. "I'm sorry I can't remember your name."

"Joel", he mumbles. He appears he wants to talk but can't get the courage to say what was wrong.

Growing impatient with this lad, "And what can we do for you Joel?"

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper and hands it to me, his hands shaking.

I unfold it and see it's a screenshot picture of Katie's sperm covered face from the video I had taken in the closet. I can see from the heading it was downloaded from pornbb. My heart races as it feels I was just punched in the stomach.

Katie looks over my shoulder, "WHAT THE FUCK! Where did you get that?"

"It was on a website that I frequent, a pornographic website," Joel exclaims.

"Oh my God! Did you do this?" Katie turns yelling at me.

I couldn't say anything. I just stared at the paper and then back at Katie.

"Why did you fucking do this?"

"I don't know," I mumbled. "I thought it was a good idea at the time."

"Goddamit," Katie yells and grabs the paper from me and walks away, "FUCK! You fucking asshole!" she yells from the kitchen.

Turning to Joel, "Thanks, you can leave now."

"Would Mrs. Jackson's work like to know what she does? Would the PTA like to see the video? That would be rather embarrassing, wouldn't it?"

"Thanks Joel, I'll get it taken off right away. You've been a big help," As I open the door to allow him to leave.

Joel doesn't move towards the door and looks at me, "What if I showed it to them?"

I stare blankly at him as I didn't believe what I just heard. Katie appears around the corner "What the fuck did you say?"

"What if I showed them the video?" he hollers across the room towards the kitchen.

"Excuse me?" as I shut the door behind him.

"I think it would be rather embarrassing for the president of the PTA to be begging like that in a video. Don't you think?"

"What the fuck? Are you blackmailing us? You little fucker!" as I move in closer to him so we are almost nose to nose.

Joel's attitude seems to change. He's cockier. More sure of himself.

"How do you know where she works?"

Joel pulls out Katie's application for the shopping spree which listed her home address, work address, everything about her employment and waves it in the air like he had just won the lottery.

"You can't be serious?" Katie yells out. "You wouldn't show that to anyone? Would you?"

He just stares blankly at us.

I can see Katie is worried. I take a step back away from Joel, "How much do you want?"

"I don't want any money."

"What? Seriously how much do you need?"

"I don't want your money."

"What do you want us to do?" demands Katie.

"It's more what you can do to me Mrs. Jackson," Joel reveals.

The three of us stand looking at each other. I glance over at Katie and her mouth is hanging open in disbelief. Joel has a sly smile upon him.

"No fucking way," I exclaim. "Is this some type of sick joke?"

"You want me to fuck you?" Katie yells. "Get the fuck out of here!"

Joel shouts back, "No! I just want a blowjob like what's on the video!"

"You sick fucker! What is wrong with you?" Katie cries out, "Absolutely not!"

Really? You want your boss to see this? You want the PTA to see this? The lady you were talking to in the store comes in all the time. It would be so easy for me to show her this."

"Get out of here!" Katie yells walking down the hallway.

"I'm sorry we couldn't work something out. See you on Monday Mrs. Jackson," Joel hollers. He has a very smug look upon his face as he turns, opens the door and walks out.

I follow Katie into the kitchen and her back is towards me. She's looking down at the picture. Her hands are trembling. She turns and her face his bright red.

"Why the fuck did you do this? I'm going to be the embarrassment of the neighborhood. I might get fired! I doubt the bank wants a porn star as regional manager!"

I just stand there. I don't know what to say. I was an idiot.

Katie looks out the window, "Don't let him leave!" pointing to the driveway.

"What the fuck do you want me to do, beat him up? Kill him? He won't show it to anyone!"

"You don't know that! You can't let him leave! Offer him more money!" Katie screams

I open the door and wave for Joel to come back in. Joel quickly shuts his car off and comes back to the door.

"Look, I don't want you to ruin my wife's reputation or her job. Just tell me how much and we'll pay it."

"I don't want money. Since I've seen the video I can't stop thinking about the way your wife sucks your cock. I need to feel it. That's my offer. Just a quick bj and I'll leave."

Becoming upset and frustrated with his attitude, "Blackmail is i*****l. Maybe I should call the cops you little fucker?"

"Go ahead and call them. What are you going to say? A guy is here asking for my wife to suck his dick? Good luck with that." He walks into the house as I shut the door behind him.

"How about it Mrs. Jackson? Do you want to see me on Monday? Or just give a quick blowjob?" Joel calls out down the hallway.

Katie comes around the corner and stares at the young man, "I need a drink."

I'm thinking my wife is trying to stall so we can come up with a solution. I sigh, "So do I"

Joel follows behind me as I walk towards the kitchen, "Can I have.."

"NO" Katie and I both yell at Joel

"Is there any other way we can handle this?" I ask him as I walk into the kitchen.

"I don't think so."

"How old are you? Can't you find women your own age to suck your dick?" as I reach up into the liquor cabinet and grab a bottle of whiskey.

"I'm 25. Yes...but...the girls I date don't take facials..or at least they don't beg for it," motioning to my wife.

Joel turns to Katie, "I've jerked off so many times since I've seen it. I never would have guessed you were from Kansas City. When you came into my store I couldn't stop fantasizing about this moment. I couldn't believe you came into my store. I about lost it just looking at you that day."

Katie stares at him and looks back to me.

"I'm begging you - isn't there another way? I mean you might have some disease or something," Katie asks as she grabs two glasses.

"I'm perfectly fine. Trust me. I don't have any disease." Joel glances down at his watch, "I don't have much time."

"Fuck this!" I turn to Katie, "You're not sucking his dick over some video I uploaded to a website."

"I don't have much time," announces Joel.

I pour the alcohol into our glasses. I take a swig as does Katie. I look over at her, "I can't believe you are even considering this!"

Katie grabs my arm and pulls me into the dining room. She looks back at Joel, "Just give us a minute!"

My wife points her finger at my face, "You fucking did this! What the hell are we supposed to do? I don't want this plastered around the neighborhood or at my work! I can't believe you would fucking post that video!"

"I don't want you to suck some stranger's dick because he's threatening to show it to some people."

"Do you really want to take a chance that he's not going to show it?"

"He's not going to show it to anyone. He's bluffing."

"What if he's not? What if he takes it to my work? Or gives it to the PTA?"

"So what if he does. We didn't do anything i*****l. You can't get fired for it."

"I don't want to be embarrassed. That would be so fucking embarrassing. I don't want to deal with this shit at work or with the PTA."

"It would be embarrassing if you to gave him a fucking blowjob. Besides, he'll just come back over and over again expecting this!"

Katie looks out at him, "If I did this, would you ever come back here?"

Joel quickly responds "No, I wouldn't come back."

"Fuck Katie, It sounds like you want to suck this k**'s dick!"

I feel the hotness of her open hand slapping me across the face. I turn with the strike and see Joel jumping about a foot into the air, blankly staring at the heated argument.

"I don't want to fucking suck his dick just like I didn't want you to fucking show the video to anyone!"

I look over at Joel, "Can't you come back later. I think my wife and I need to discuss this."

"I'm busy tomorrow and I might be at your wife's work Monday morning unless she comes to a decision."

Glancing at Katie and seeing the look on her face, "I can pay you $5000.00 right now."

Joel just shakes his head from side to side.

Katie walks back into the kitchen and lifts her glass and downs the alcohol in one shot. Joel again looks at his watch, "I really need to go soon."

My wife fills her glass with a shot of alcohol and downs another. "Fine," slamming her glass onto the counter, "Let's get this over with." She walks by Joel, "Follow me."

"Wait. There has to be something else. Don't do this to us." I plead.

Katie walks back over to me, "You posted that fucking video. I don't want to do this but I sure the hell don't want this picture plastered all over at work. It would eventually show up at your work as well! I know you don't want that! It's just a fucking blowjob." She turns and walks down the hallway.

I'm speechless. I don't have anything left to say. There is nothing I can do besides jumping on top of Joel and pummeling him to stop this from happening.

Joel quickly glances over at me and follows Katie into the living room. I down my drink and pour another one. Katie looks over at me as Joel stands in front of her. She slowly drops to her knees. I don't know what to do. Do I stay and watch? Do I go outside or just out of the room? My thoughts are disrupted as I hear the sound of a zipper being undone and look up to see Joel undoing his belt. Katie is looking directly at his crotch with her hands in her lap.

"You do the rest," Joel instructs her.

Katie reaches up and unbuttons his pants and pulls them down. His pants fall to the floor as he steps out of them. I move to the side of the kitchen where I have a full view of what is going to happen. I decide to stay.

You can see thru Joel's briefs that he is already erect.

Katie reaches up and starts to rub his penis over his clothes. Joel reaches out and pulls her head closer. Rubbing his underwear covered penis over my wife's face. Joel reaches down and grabs her hand and places it on his obvious bulge. Moving her hand over his clothing covered cock, "Take it out," he orders.

She looks up at him and swallows as she reaches up and lowers his underwear. His cock springs out. It has a similar size to mine. I think he probably has more girth. His muscle stands at attention. The head is very large and is already purplish in color. The dick curves at the middle making it more of a banana shape.

My wife reaches up and begins to stroke his cock. I can't believe what I'm seeing. My wife has only had sex with me. I'm the only one she has placed her lips around. She told me she's given handjobs before but I never thought I would be watching my wife stroking another cock.

"Ohhhhh," Joel moans," that's it. Stroke my cock! Make it hard for your mouth!"

Katie leans in and extends her tongue. She looks so eager to get it over with. I blame myself for what's happening. I should have not broken my promise to her and showed anyone the video. I never would have thought living in a metropolitan city that we would actually run into somebody who saw the video. Somebody who obviously was infatuated with my wife and her penchant for cum. Joel reaches down and attempts to feel Katie's breasts that are pointing out from her t-shirt. Katie swats his hand away and looks up at him, "It's just a blowjob."

Joel pulls back, "Whatever." He moves closer to her and growls, "I said stroke it. Make it hard for your mouth."

Katie's fingers start rubbing the head of his cock and slowly moving her hands down the length of his shaft. His cock continues to grow. The head of his dick is enormous. She had trouble getting my dick into her mouth I don't know how she expects to suck him in.

"Stick your tongue out," Joel demands. Katie's mouth opens and her tongue extends to reach his cock but Joel stands so that it hovers just above it. He slowly moves it down so his prick his barely touching her tongue. He gently rubs it back and forth. "You are even hotter in person than on video."

"Flick your tongue over the tip," as he shakes his member in front of her. Katie tongue moves like a snake and laps at the tip of his dick. He's very f***eful with his words. Very demanding. Telling my wife exactly what he wants.

"Spit on your hand, get my cock wet so I can fuck your tiny mouth."

My wife places her hand under her mouth and allows her saliva to fill her hand. She places it back onto his cock, working her moisture into it. My cock is actually starting to stir in my pants watching my wife working another mans erection.

"OOOHHHHHH", hisses Joel. "Keep working it." Katie keeps stroking his erect penis with very slow strokes. Her eyes haven't left his crotch since it was revealed to her.

"Spit on it"

Katie looks up at him, "What?" She looks confused. I've never told her to spit on me. I've seen it in other porn movies but didn't think to ask her.

"Spit on my cock."

He moves forward and presses his cock against her lips. Katie spits out her saliva onto his penis. "That's it. Get it really wet." He grabs her hand and starts having her stroke his member.

Katie tongue extends and licks the tip of his cock. He pushes forward to meet her mouth. She slowly opens it as wide as it will go and she begins to suck him into her mouth. I've witnessed her sucking me from my point of view but never from a third person. She's very good at giving oral sex. My dick in my pants feels like its rock hard.

"Oh fuck your mouth is warm," Joel exclaims as he looks down at my wife.

Katie starts moving her hand around his shaft with her lips wrapped firmly around the head of his penis.

"That's it baby.." Joel begins to thrust his pelvis towards my wife, "take me into that hot mouth of yours."

She starts slowly sucking his cock further and further into her mouth and down her throat creating suction that can be heard in the kitchen where I was sitting. I can tell she's working him as fast as she can. Trying to get him to cum so she can end this deal. Her lips are stretched to the limit to allow the size of his throbbing cock to penetrate her mouth.

"Ooooh yeah..suck that cock." Katie's pace quickens. Joel removes his cock from her mouth and pushes her back. He looks down at her while stroking his saliva covered dick."

"I bet you can't wait to have my cum spray across your pretty face." Katie looks up at him and doesn't say anything.

"Tell me you want it," Joel instructs her. Katie looks towards me biting her lower lip reluctant to say anything as Joel continues to pound his meat with his hand. In one move he slaps her playfully on the cheek with his dick, "I said tell me you want it"

She looks over at me again and reluctantly looks at Joel and quietly mutters, "I want it."

Playfully Joel pulls his dick away from her, "What do you want Mrs. Jackson?" She doesn't answer. He slaps her on the other cheek with his throbbing member, "Tell me."

Katie is taken aback by the slapping of his dick on her face. "You're cock," she whispers

He is slowly stroking his member above my wife. Looking down on her, "What do you want from my cock Mrs. Jackson?"

Katie looks at me and then back at his cock, "Your cum" she whispers.

Joel is slowly picking up the pace of his masturbation. He releases his cock from his grasp, "Get it wetter." Katie leans in and wraps her lips around his head as he thrusts forward. Joel reaches down and holds the back of his head and he pushes his cock down her throat. He pulls it out as Katie breathes heavily trying to catch her breath. Joel reaches down and slowly begins stroking his cock once again. He moves forward and starts to rub his wet dick all over her face. He pulls back and holds the base of his cock and maneuvers it inches from her lips.

"Where do you want my cum Mrs. Jackson?" he mumbles as his breathing continues to increase.

Katie leans closer to his cock and hisses, "On my face"

"Oooh yeah." Joel leans forward stroking his rock hard dick so that the tip is resting on Katie's closed mouth, "on your pretty face. I'm going to cum all over your pretty freckled face. I've jacked off to you so many times. I can't wait to see you covered in my fucking cum"

Joel reaches out and grabs the back of Katie's hair and pulls it together in one hand. He pulls her forward as her lips spread apart and starts fucking her mouth. He's pulling her hair so her head moves as fast as she can down around his cock. Katie is gagging as he continues to assault her mouth with his cock. Her body tenses up with every thrust of his cock down her throat. She rises up from her knees as he pulls her closer. Joel shoves his cock deeper down her throat until her forehead is touching his stomach. He releases her and Katie lets his cock fall from her mouth as she begins coughing trying to catch her breath. Before she can take another deep breath he grabs the back of her head and slides his dick back into her throat. He thrusts forward as Katie gags again. He holds his dick in her mouth as Katie places her hands on his thighs to steady herself. He pulls out of her mouth as she again coughs and tries to regain her breath. I'm memorized by the way she is taking him. I start to rub myself over my pants. Joel once again crams it into her mouth, "Fucking deep throat my cock...come it." Katie thrusts her head forward taking his cock down her throat. Joel doesn't put his hands on her head. Katie is forcing the cock as far as it can go. I can see a bulge in her throat as she has it completely shoved in her mouth. Katie starts deep throating the cock as quickly as she can. Her head draws back to the point the tip of his penis is at the opening to her mouth and in one motion rams it down her throat. She does it quicker and quicker. Joel starts thrusting with her motion. "Oh yeah...", his breathing increases "Oh yeah..." It looks like a blowjob video that I have seen a hundred times on the computer except this is staring my wife. I can feel my own precum boiling in my scrotum.

"That's it..." moans Joel, "Keep sucking my dick"

He grabs ahold of my wife's hair and leads her back onto his dick forcing it down her throat. He holds it at the base as Katie begins to gag. He pulls it out as lines of saliva are attached between her mouth and his cock. She wipes it away and it falls onto her chin and down to her shirt.

"Oh that's it..." Joel releases her hair and relaxes as Katie continues to f***e him down her throat. He then pulls back so head of his cock is resting on her lips and then f***efully f***es his cock back down her throat.

"Ohhhhh tell me again...Joel breathes, "tell me where you want it."

Katie pulls the dick out of her mouth, "on my face..cum on my face!" she gasps

Joel looks down at her, "OOOHHH....stroke it" Katie follows his instruction and begins to quickly stroke his dick "...stroke it off on your face." Katie's pace quickens as he looks down at her, "Beg me for it. Beg for it"

"Cum on me." Katie moans as her hands are moving so fast across his cock, "Fucking cum on my face."

"AARGHHHH...keep stroking it."

"Fuck yeah...Ohhhh fuck yeah..," he yelps. The spray begins to erupt from his cock. The first shot completely covers her face with it mostly covering her closed eyes. Katie keeps her lips tightly shut and continues to stroke his dick. A second shot ends up in her hair as the remaining cum splashes on her chin and trickles down her neck and onto her black t-shirt and sweatpants. Katie's pace begins to subside until she releases his dick. She reaches up and wipes the cum out of one of her eyes by lifting her t-shirt. She glances over at me and quickly stands up and walks away. I hear her walking up the stairs.

Joel sits down on the couch attempting to catch his breath. My own cock is hard as a rock. I feel I could cum at any second. I can't believe I just watched my wife suck off and he covered my wife with his seed. I sit for a minute trying to take in what I just witnessed. My heart is racing.

"I think it's time you go," I announce.

"Yeah," as he stands up and puts his underwear and pants back on.

"I don't want to see you again. We had a deal"

"Of course," as he buttons his pants.

I stand up and I hope he doesn't notice my obvious erection. I let him out of the door and watch him get into his car and drive away down the street

Once he was out of sight, I sprinted upstairs. I hear the shower running in our bathroom. I quickly remove my clothes as my engorged cock stands at attention. I can't believe I was so turned on my watching my wife suck another mans cock. I was thinking something must have been wrong with me to have these feelings. I can see the precum dripping from the tip of my dick as I open the bathroom door. I walk in and see Katie's pile of clothes by the shower door and Katie scrubbing her face with water raining down upon her. She looks out and sees my cock standing at attention.

"Get out! I don't want to see you right now!"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" she yells out.

I walk over and try to open the door to the shower.

Katie looks up again and down at my cock, "Just get out, we'll discuss this later."

I grab my clothes and go back downstairs. I fill my glass with a couple of shots of alcohol and try to comprehend what happened. I walk over and turn on the computer, log in to the pornbb where I uploaded our video and deleted the link to the video. I sat in silence thinking about what I just saw and how turned on I had become.

Katie makes sure hubby has to pay for his lapse of judgement!
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