My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 4: Katie's shopping

Katie's shopping at The Gap

I took off the afternoon from work to go shopping with my wife. I hated shopping but I had to get some new clothes plus I also wanted to spend time with Katie. Our relationship had become much more sexual since we became more open with each other. The sex between us had been explosive. Katie enjoyed taking my cock and I enjoyed giving it to her. She looked incredible today. My wife wasn't one to wear makeup but today she had applied some dark red lipstick. I had told her I had fantasized about her lipstick covered lips around my cock, she obviously had listened. Her ass was covered in a black skirt; it was obvious she was wearing a thong as no panty line could be seen. Katie's legs were accented with her almost knee high black boots. Her tight white sleeveless shirt made her breasts protrude through her black blazer. Dark hair flowed down past her shoulders. Katie looked incredibly sexy. She had been flirting with me and brushing up against my crotch during the afternoon.

The Gap always has quality jeans that fit good on me so we into their store to see if they had anything I liked as my old ones were looking a little ragged. As we walked in, Katie stopped to talk with Sheila, a parent on the PTA. My wife had been voted president of the association but it meant she had to do extra work. Sheila was pretty hot. She was probably 34 years old and she appeared to tan a lot. The one thing impressive about her was her DD breasts that she liked to display while wearing her tight fitting shirt. It was very obvious Sheila had implants but nonetheless they were very impressive, I'm sure she caught me looking down her shirt while Katie and she made small talk. I walked off to look at the clothes while the ladies continued to talk.

I noticed the male clerk kept staring at Katie while she spoke with Sheila. Perhaps he was also trying to look down the Shelia shirt. He appeared to be listening in on their conversation and was practically in the middle of them while he tried to look like he was working. I understood my wife was hot as was Sheila. It is a nice feeling to have a sexy wife that men almost half her age would stare at her. It made me feel very proud. Sheila left the store and Katie caught up with me in the jeans section.

The clerk kept following us around. I didn't think we were too old to be at The Gap but he kept on following us around the store. We were dressed nice so it shouldn't have been that he thought we were going to shoplift or something.

An employee named Monica was helping me out. She was quite a cutie, probably barely out of high school. Monica knew how to work it and was flirting with me trying to get a sale. The manager guy kept a watchful eye and finally came over with some paperwork. He stated his name was Joel and The Gap was having their birthday sale and wanted us to fill out an entry form to have a chance at a $2000.00 shopping spree. Katie, being the shopper of the f****y, quickly filled it out hoping to win. While talking with my wife, Joel was fumbling all over himself. He looked like a good k**; he was probably in his early 20's and looked like one of those Gap models that you see on TV. I was starting to think he was infatuated with my wife. He kept touching her arm telling her how he hopes she wins the spree.

I found a few pairs of jeans that I thought looked nice and went into the dressing room to try them on, while Katie waited outside.

The jeans I selected didn't feel right and went out to get Katie's opinion. I didn't see Katie but Monica was in the hallway.

"I don't think these fit right," I stated as I looked past her for my wife.

"They look good on you. Maybe you should try a relaxed fit? I'll go get them for you."

She walked away to go find the jeans. I had lost sight of Katie and returned to the dressing room to try on another pair I had selected. It was nice of Monica to give me a compliment. I'm 38 years old but I maintain my physic unlike some other fathers of two c***dren. I try to work out at least three times a week. I was pretty proud of my body. Of course, I understood Monica was just trying to make a sale. It was nice to ear comments from someone other than my wife.

I heard a quick knock on the door, "Open up. It's me, " Katie called out.

I unlocked the door and she came in with the other pair of jeans that Monica had picked out along with some clothes that I assumed she wanted to purchase.

"I'm sure Monica would have like to bring these to you," as she sat down on the bench inside the room.

"She's just trying to make a sale or do you think I have a chance?"

Katie slaps me on the butt, "I'm not good enough for you anymore?"

"Oh no! You're more than I can handle! But it seems the manager guy has been checking you out since the moment we walked in."

"That Joel guy is freaking me out!"

Laughing at her, "What's wrong? What did he do? Try to cop a feel?"

"He keeps staring at me and is always walking by. He kept touching me when I was filling out the application for the shopping spree."

"He's probably just infatuated with you. You do look hot today," I commented. "You're a MILF!"

"Shhhh, he might hear you."

"Well you do look hot!"

"Thank you," she replied.

"Try these," as she handed me the new pair and began to fold one of the others pairs that I had tried on.

I couldn't wait to get home tonight. It was an entire weekend away as the k**s were at the grandparents and we could be as loud as we wanted. We were both excited about the possibilities of what awaited our evening together.

I began to remove the pair that didn't fit and my dick was hanging out the side of boxers. Katie reached out and gave me a quick tug. She smiled and went back to putting away the jeans.

I finished removing the pair and grabbed my dick and placed it up against her lips.

Katie was startled and quickly backed away almost knocking her head on the back of the wall.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Since you grabbed it I thought you wanted to kiss it?

'Not now! Someone could hear!"

I still had a hold of it as it began to grow. She looked up at me. She had the frightened look upon her face that someone could hear us in the dressing room. It was sealed like a closet. I didn't see any video cameras in the ceiling. I don't think anyone could have known we were in here together. Her freckled face with her lipstick covered lips looked so desirable.

My cock continued to grow in my hand as I leaned forward again and pressed it up against Katie's lips again and her tongue shot out of her mouth and licked the head.

"There, now try this pair on," handing me the new pair of jeans.

I felt the heat of my penis in my hand as it was turning rock hard, "Just put it in your mouth really quick baby."

"Somebody will hear us!"

I began to stroke my hard on. Katie stared straight at my groin and then looked up and shook her head no.

"Your lips look so good baby," I quietly moaned. My hand was slowly stroking my love muscle.

My wife looked worried. She looked over at the door as the head of my cock stared straight at her. I was so turned on from her flirting with me during the afternoon. I needed a release.

I moved forward and pressed the head of my cock against her mouth. The precum was building and as I backed away it made a string between my cock and her mouth.

Katie sighed and opened her mouth and lapped up the jizz.

I bent down and kissed her as my tongue shot in and out of her mouth. "Please baby, just give it a little kiss," I whispered into her ear.

I moved back forward and her mouth opened and sucked me in. The warmth of her mouth and lips was incredible. The sight of her red lips around my dick was breathtaking. I felt her tongue racing underneath my cock. She released me from her mouth and I saw a red ring of lipstick around the head. I moved forward so that she would take me back into her wet mouth.

She looked up and voiced "no". I moved my hips forward as my cock rested against her freckled cheek. Katie grabbed a hold of my cock and began to stroke me.

"Can't you wait to you get home?" she pleaded.

"Please baby. I can't go out into the store with this," pointing down at my engorged dick.

"Somebody could hear us! I don't want to get caught."

"Nobody will hear. I'll be quick"

Katie saw more precum erupting from the tip and couldn't resist. She leaned it and began to caress my head with her tongue. Katie sucked me into her mouth and proceeded to cover me in saliva. Her head began bobbing back and forth as I watched her beautiful freckled face. She had learned to love sucking my dick and it showed. Katie released me and stroked my cock with her hand while looking up at me. She was so sexy. My wife smiled at me as her eyes went back to my dick and sucked me back into her mouth. I could see the lipstick smears across my cock.

Katie released me and looked up and whispered, "I can't believe I'm doing this here."

I reached out and pulled her head back into my crotch, "Ooooh, don't stop." Her mouth opened to the limit and suck me back in.

Katie was working me with her hand and mouth. The sounds of her wet blowjob were beginning to echo in the small dressing room. My breathing increased. I began thrust back and forth fucking her wet warm mouth.

Suddenly, Katie stopped, "Somebody's coming." She scooted closer to the door and listened intently. Footsteps could be heard walking down the hallway. The door next to ours opened and shut. Somebody could be heard getting undressed in the room next to ours.

Katie tried to put my cock back into my boxers.

"What are you doing? Don't stop!" I objected.

"Shhhhh. Somebody is next door. I'm not sucking your dick. We're going to get caught." She stammered.

"Oh baby," I reached into my boxers and pulled out my still engorged member and began to stroke it. "I'm so close. Please."

I sat down on the bench next to her. Katie turned to look at me as I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and kissed her mouth. I put my tongue into her mouth as I grabbed her hand and put it on my swollen dick. She glided her hand up and down around my dick while I began to kiss her neck. The door next door opened and the person could be heard walking down the hallway.

"Please baby, I'm almost there," I begged.

My wife looked at me and pushed me up. She continued to stroke me as she looked up and smiled, "Cum in my mouth, not on my face!" Katie quietly voiced. In one motion she went forward and put my dick into her mouth and down her throat. Katie began to suck harder than ever before.

"Oh that's it," I moaned. I began to fuck her face. My dick was so wet from her saliva. Katie was doing her best to not let it drip out of her mouth and onto her clothes.

Voices could be heard down the hallway and Katie stopped sucking and put her ear closer to the door. Her fist was still clenched around my cock. I was humping her hand that was closed around me. It was so wet from her saliva. When I was pushing forward my dick was hitting her cheek. I was rapidly humping her hand while she was making sure that nobody else was by our door.

Katie was leaning towards the door straining to hear if someone was in the hall. I don't know if it was the thought of getting caught or the sight of Katie's wet face but while she was listening my dick began to explode catching her off guard.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm cumming," as first stream caught her lips and the second shot enveloped her neck and chin. Katie quickly put me in her mouth and sucked me back in as she jerked me off in her mouth. I shot at least two more volleys down her throat. Katie looked up at me as my dick slipped out of her mouth and she swallowed my sperm. Her face was covered with my spunk.

"Fuck! I told you to cum in my mouth. I knew I shouldn't have done this!" she whispered.

"I'm sorry. I just lost control," as I looked around for a towel or tissue.

She began to finger the cum into her mouth.

"Nobody will notice," trying to make light of the situation.

Katie gave me 'don't be an asshole' look. Her blazer was semen covered as was most of her neck. Some sperm had fallen onto her black skirt.

I grabbed the pair of jeans that didn't fit and wiped her cheeks. Katie then grabbed a hold and wiped off the rest of her face, blazer, and skirt onto the jeans. She got into her purse and fixed her makeup.

We began to giggle like high school k**s thinking about what we had done. Katie stood up and she leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before. The aftertaste was very salty. I raised my hand and began to caress her breast while my other hand explored her ass. Her tongue was dancing in and out of my mouth as I lowered my hands and began to pull her skirt up.

"What are you doing?" she quietly said into my ear.

I looked into her eyes while trying to get into her pants and shuttered, "I want to lick you."

I was so turned on by her and needed to make orgasm and I couldn't wait.

She grabbed my hands, "Not here baby. Let's go home." I pulled her close and kissed her again.

We opened the door and looked out and saw nobody was coming. I motioned to her to follow and as I walked out put the sperm covered jeans onto the cart to be re-hung.

We went up to the counter to pay for some clothes as Joel rang up the sale.

"Did you find everything you needed?" he asked.

"Yes, everything fit perfectly," while looking directly at my wife's mouth.

Katie smiled as we paid for the purchase with our debit card.

Joel looked at her, "I hope you win the contest Mrs. Jackson!"

"Thank you. I hope so too!" she replied.

As we were walking out I saw Monica was picking up the clothes from the cart. I almost feel sorry for the person who ends up buying the sperm covered jeans.

Katie pays for Fred's posting of their video.
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