Banging Horny Mother-In-Law

It was our fifth anniversary and we had invited my wife’s f****y to our new house for dinner. It was small apartment but we had a great view of the city. The wife had planned the interiors really well. The dining table was kinda small was originally set for four but this night we made space for my mother in law Aruna, my s****r in law, her husband, my b*****r in law and his fiance.

We were all around the dinner table and I had just helped myself with the first serving when I felt the legs of my mother in law touch me. She was sitting next to me, her left knee was almost stuck to my leg and occasionally rubbing it. I looked up at her face and she did not seem like she noticed or was doing anything wrong.

She asked me something about the food and at the same time put her leg over mine and locked her feet around mine and slowly dragged my leg towards her. I was kind of worried and feeling horny about this at the same time. By the time the brownies and ice cream came my mother in law started to act desperate and pushed herself sidewards and started to rub her thighs on my legs.

I was scared if people would notice her and got up to get some more wine on the table. Aruna was about 6’2 and about 2 inches taller than me, she had been divorced from her husband – my wife’s father, for over a few years now. She was always an brash and outspoken woman. Her c***dren were nothing like her though, physically they were all lean and petite.

My wife especially was a very calm and submissive woman too. Perhaps it that that wild nature of Aruna that excited me. I started to realize why she was being so flirtatious with me. The last time she was home – it was a few weeks back. She had stayed over for a few days and during that time she had walked in on me jerking off to some porn on the internet.

Maybe she thought that I was looking for something more than what her daughter was offering me. She smiled, apologized and left the room and for the rest of her stay she smiled at me all the time. As much as I feared, she did not mention a word to my wife about it. Dessert was over and we all sat on the couch and started talking,

Aruna picked a spot right across from where I was sitting and occasionally would bend over showing me her cleavage. I was doing an ok job of ignoring her but when she started to cross her legs she would pause an extra second longer showing her her black undies. I was not able to take it, I had to leave the conversation in pretense of a phone call.

I was starting to get a really worried if someone else was noticing the weird behavior of my mother in law towards me. I whispered to my wife in the kitchen that we should let everyone leave soon but she said that her mother wanted to stay over a few days and that my wife was going to drop the rest off at home later that night.

I could hear my heart beat loudly after I heard those lines – I walked upto the terrace and smoked my first cigarette in 3 years. Soon it was time for the rest to leave. They lived on the other end of town and it took easily an hour one way. Being a cautious driver that she was, I knew my wife would be gone a few hours leaving me to her horny mother in law at home.

Me and Aruna stood at the door post and waved while they drove off, I locked the door behind me and quickly started to pickup all the leftovers and started to pack them up in the shelves. Aruna walked around me holding her wine glass like she was hounding a prey. I had imagined so many ways of seducing her over the past few years but finally being alone in the house with her was nerve wracking.

While I was pushing the last of the leftover chips into a container, she broke the silence and asked me – so, did you see what color panties I am wearing today ? I looked back at her and said – Look Aruna, I know you saw me jerking off the last time but it does not mean I am going to risk my marriage. She smiled and said – tell me the truth, don’t you want it ?

I have seen you look at me so many times over the past few years and it always seemed like you wanted a little bite of this and pointed her herself. I remembered the times when I used to go to my wife’s house before the wedding and see Aruna in skirts and tshirts. I wished I could bang the daylights out of that huge ass and put my face in between those massive boobs.

But this was different, it was really happening and I was scared shitless!!! I realized I had not said anything for the past minute and she was standing there looking for an answer. She then asked me – OK, so where are the condoms ? My hand pointed to the bedroom shelf without my brain’s agreeing, she walked towards it and started to look around through the shelves.

I walked up behind her and asked her if she was serious about this? she did not answer but turned back and found the condoms and said – here! and handed me a pack. She went into the kitchen, put her glass on the kitchen cabinet and came back into the bedroom and stood in front of me and stared at me for a few seconds, closed her eyes and kissed me on my lips.

My hands went around her back, her hands held my face while she continued kissing and sucking my tongue. I knew she was larger than me but I was not quite ready for how strong she was. She undressed me in seconds and started to suck my already hard dick like it was her last day on earth.

Unlike her daughter, I did not have to tell her what to do but she was really rough but boy – I was glad to have a decently sized penis. She got up, took her clothes off and lay back on the bed spreading her legs. She was not in the greatest shape, she had a little tummy but her breasts were huge !! I sucked them for about a minute when she pushed my face down to her crotch.

I got my face in between her legs and was taken back by how strong she smelt. I started to suck her clit and shoved a finger in her. She started to move around on the bed and pushed my face into her pussy a little more. I slid two fingers in he and she held my head and spread her legs and almost screamed at me – come on !!…, fuck me already.

fast!!! I got over her, put the condom on my dick and slowly slid into her. She gasped and asked me to wait a second. She caught her breath and asked me to insert again, I obeyed and this time I rammed into her a little harder. She howled and then slapped me hard and said – Easy tiger !!!

I was slightly angry and pushed again a little harder into her, she screamed again but still had her eyes closed. I started to fuck her hard. A few minutes later, I started picking up pace and started pounding her, she caught up with the rhythm and started to move with me. It almost felt like a dance except she would stop in between to cum and every time she had an orgasm

she seemed like she was being electrocuted – her juices were flowing down on the bed like she was peeing. I was trying real hard to hold my orgasm. I bent her over the bed and started ramming my dick harder and faster into her from the back. I could not believe this, I was fucking her daughter just this morning and later in the night I am fucking the mother.

I was getting close to cumming and told Aruna, hey I am going to cum in a few alright. She said, dont you fucking cum – you will cum when I tell you to. Now, she was really testing me and I was really getting close but just a few seconds after that she almost kicked me away and started to rub her clit and came again.

I had made my wife cum at the most two times consecutively but this lady was on a roll. I had got the break I deserved and kept fucking her hard for a few minutes more, She turned back and said ok – you can cum when you want to. Not 10 seconds passed after she said that, I started to cum and I rammed her so hard and fast it felt like someone was clapping.

I had not cum like this ever ! It lasted forever and I could feel it in every inch of my body. I pulled out and fell flat on the bed. I could still feel the vibrations going through me. A minute later Aruna got up, started wearing her clothes, and went into the living room. I heard the TV turn on. I tried to wake up but I could not feel my legs, i stayed in bed for another 10 minutes staring the ceiling.

I put on the clothes, pulled the condom off my dick and I changed the sheets and sprayed the room with freshner. I walked into the front room and saw Aruna watching TV like any other day, looking bored as if nothing happened between us. As confusing as it was, I went in and had a shower and when I was out I had another hard on.

I called my wife and she said she was at her b*****r’s place and would be leaving in another hour. I walked into the front room and asked Aruna – so, how did that feel ? She said, it was nice. I looking a little puzzled asked her back, what do you mean? just nice ? I have never fucked like that before. She smiled at me and started to watch the TV again.

I sat there wondering what a weird woman she had to be. That night I intentionally fucked my wife with the same intensity because I wanted my mother in law to hear the screams of my wife and how good she was getting it.

The next morning at breakfast I learnt that her mom had left early due to some immediate circumstances. We never got back together after that but I sometimes wish I could get down with her again. hope you guys like, let me know if you do
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perfect u r so lucky
3 years ago
Great story. Honestly, I think for your mother-in-law, it was a control thing - she did it not so much because she wanted you, but to see if she could make you give in. She got off on telling you what to do. That made it hotter. But you got her back by screwing the hell out of her daughter, and that pissed her off. Her loss - sounds like you're a good fuck!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Awesome story I've always wanted to fuck my mother in law I have ridden cam pics of her posted take a look let me know what you think ;)