Date Interrupted

by youbadboy

I was home alone getting ready, and had put on my favorite red dress. It was a first date and I was pretty excited. I hadn’t been on like a real date in a long time. I was in the bathroom putting some of the finishing make up touches on, when I heard the front door open then slam.

Shit. Shit. That would be my father home from the bar. d***k. I thought I could get out of here before HE came home. I was living with daddy for about a year now because I didn’t make enough to live on my own. Neither of us knew where mom was, she left because of his drinking. It just got worse after she left.

I heard him climbing the stairs and then, there he was, standing at the door to the bathroom. I glanced at him with my hand up to my eyes applying mascara. He was tall, rough - a construction worker. Very handsome but difficult to handle.

“What do you think you’re up to?” I could smell alcohol.

“I have a date.”

“A date. A date? I don’t know about any boys round here. Haven’t SEEN any. Must be under your bed.” He laughed.

He stumbled into the bathroom and brushed roughly past me. I looked over at him, now on the other side of me.

No privacy. He was standing over the toilet and pulling out his cock to pee.

“Can’t you wait.”

“It’s my house.” He looked over at me. “Fuck. Can't a man take a piss when he wants in his own house? Fuck.” He glanced at me and noticed my eyes linger a little long on his cock. He smiled, “Am I man enough for you? Hey, You’re looking pretty damn fine for this DATE.”

Wow! A compliment I thought, and I just turned back to apply my lipstick. Smiling inside. Just ignore him.

Next thing I knew, I could see him standing behind me in the mirror, laying his hands on my back, massaging my neck and shoulders. With dad, this past year has been a life without privacy. He would walk in the bathroom when I was showering, when I was dressing any time night or day. Said whatever was on his mind. Lived any way he thought was right for him alone. Did whatever he . . .

But . . . damn, he gave good shoulder massages, and I was always tense. I could feel the strength of his hands. He pressed into my sore muscles with his thumbs. I sighed lightly.

“Feels nice daddy. Do my neck." I was tipping my head back, letting my hair fall over his hand, "Yeah.”

He rubbed for a little while, when he grunted, “You ain’t wearing no bra.”

“It’s hot out daddy, and this dress supports me fine. You shouldn’t be noticing.”

“Little slut! No bra." He was rubbing me now where my bra straps should be. "Going to put out for this little boy of yours tonight heh?”

“Daddy! Don't call me a slut. It's a first date!” I hated when he called me a slut, just because I am pretty. “I hate when you say that. Be nice.”

His hands moved down my back and right onto my ass. He was squeezing me there wrapping his hand around my hip, “No panties either?” I began to blush.

I was trying to wriggle myself away from him now. “Stop it. I have to get ready.”

I could feel his hands now wrapping around my waist and sliding down over my abdomen, laying his big hand right over my puss, from the front. Shit. Rob would be here any minute.

“Just giving the engine a little practice run. Lucky boy who gets you tonight. . . Wearing nothing under that red dress but . . .” and he squeezed me.

"It's hot. It relaxes me."

"I'll say it's hot," and he was curling his fingers around my puss, and then pulling up on the dress until it was basically lifted up around my waist. I had stuff in my hands and couldn’t exactly move away from him. He was pressing me against the counter. I needed to be diplomatic.

“Daddy, I don’t have any time. Rob is going to be here any minute.” I was swinging my hips now trying to shake him loose, but could feel his whole hand cupping my bare pussy from behind right between my legs. I could feel his fingers brushing over my bush, massaging my cunny with his open palm, opening my pussy right up. I was already so wet.

And his touch was lightening now, delicate as he was insinuating his fingers into my pussy lips, his middle finger pressing deep into me from behind. I could feel myself let out a low moan as his fingers were sliding inside me in this perfect rythem. He knew my body - said it was just like moms.

"Mmmmmm.” I couldn’t help myself.

“Mmmm, my little slut is already wet.”

I hated when he did this, but I was so horny and he knew it. I was so busy and didn’t get out much, it drove me crazy and I was this little cat in heat. I was so aroused now, my hips began to undulate back against him.

"Dad! You have to stop. . . Stop it now! We don’t . . .have . . .” I could feel myself sliding my legs apart and drop onto my elbows as I bent over the counter. He found my clit and had the perfect touch - God he knew my body.

“Ohhh. . . .Stop.” But I didn’t move as I began to grind my puss into his hand.

“Hungry tonight little girl?” I could hear his zipper open and then feel his hard cock pressing between my legs.

“If you’re going to do it, then hurry!” I held myself still for him lifting my ass into the air. My head was down on the counter, my hair hanging around my face as I pressed back against his body. I could see his hand working my puss between my legs. So good . . .

“I love your little pussy sweet. It’s always so tight.” And I could feel him sliding right inside, deep up inside of me filling me.

“Ohhh,” he was so big, and damn I was tight with HIM in me. Oh god it felt so good, and I began to press back against him harder now, undulating my hips rocking myself letting him pump inside and out again. He was holding my breasts, squeezing them roughly as we fucked.

Putting his cheek down by my mouth, I could feel his rough whiskers scratch against my skin as he whispered, “Feel nice. If you won’t put out for your date. . .“ and then he raised me up and really began to fuck me, as I positioned myself for him.

“Oh fuck. Christ. Baby . . . “ he was literally lifting me up off the floor, pumping my whole body up and down on his cock. My clit was sliding along his whole length with the weight of my body.

“Oh Christ daddy. . . Come on. Hurry!”

Just then I heard it, the doorbell downstairs. Rob was at the door.

“Hurry up daddy, come in me. Come on! Just . . .come.”

And I felt his cock quivering and this surge of come, and I was so aroused that as it filled me I could feel my own orgasm rise up over me and I fell down on the counter. “Oh god! I'm coming! Harder. Oh . . .” I was panting, whimpering, crushing my puss into him, losing all sense of where I was, spasming against him.

When I came back around from my orgasm, my knees were up on the counter and my head was laying back on his shoulder with my arms wrapped back around his neck, my hair tangled around my mouth. He was literally holding me up off the ground by his cock, with his arms wrapped lightly around my waist. My dress was barely on my body, we were a tangle of flesh. I could feel the heat between us, the smell of sex.

He was cooing, “I love my little girl.” He was always so sweet just after he came. He was pulling out of me, set me down on the floor again and I pulled my dress back down around my knees. I could barely stand as I looked at myself in the mirror.

I heard the door again.

“Get down there!" I hissed. "Hurry up. Let him in. You’re making me late.”

He smiled at me, “Sorry.”

I continued, "Tell him I'll be, uh, another fifteen minutes." I was absently lifting my dress up and looking down at my wet pussy, exposing myself to him - come running down my legs.

He closed his pants up and with one last look, headed down the stairs.

I heard the door open.

“Is Chrissy here?”

“Uh, yeah son. She is. She’s uh, just getting ready. Told me to tell you another fifteen minutes - You know how girls are - always late.
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8 months ago
12 months ago i know why women are always late.
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
Great story. Can I adopt you? ;} Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Awesome story made my cock hard reading it :)