Bad girl returns with the chav lads


My computer fucked up so have not been online for ages. Sorry about this. Will be on msn again too.

Anyway I am back and here is another true story about me and this chav crew I go with.

I went to Jason house as well I wanted some sex and a cool time. Anyway when I got there all the other lads were there so Jamie 19, Mickey 18, Nicky 18 and Cris 18.

They were on their way to get me as they had not seen me for a few days so were getting the urge for a shag and wanted to just chill out with me as well.

We went to the back of the spar around 11pmish so it was pretty dark. They all had their hoodies and trackies on and I had a tight pink crop top, short green skirt just above my arse, fishnet tights on for that whore effect. I also didnt wear any knickers for once as I want them to have full access to my twat. I had my hair like Maria out of corrie and I put my big hoop earings in, nose stud as well.

I had a few swigs of cider with them and sat on Jason's lap smoking while he felt my tits through my top and sucked kissed my neck. I could feel his dick hard through his trackkies.

after we chatted and he did this for a bit then the action started I stood up and Jason then pushed me against the wall we snogged hard he sucked my tongue good and me his. His hands were all over my body feeling my arse and playing with my wet twat.

He lifted up my top as the other lads watched him suck my tits hard as I moaned "ooh yea Jase ooo yea suck them good babe" he sucked my tits and fingered my twat at same time I was lovin it and loved it when he also sucked kissed my neck as the other lads watched. He then got on his knees and pulled my skirt down around my ankles and started to suck and lick my clit.

He sucked it hard and I was moaning for more, he turned me around so I was facing the wall and he started to bite and lick my arse and he also then spread it and sucked my twat and then licked up to my arsehole which he licked out and fingered a bit. "ooo yea more yea" he then pulled his trackkies down and got his dick out, he spat on it to lube it up and tried to fuck my arse but it wont go in.

He gets some ale and pours it on his dick he says suck me so I get on my knees (on jases coat) and suck his dick a bit hard licking the ale off and sucking his balls. he then pushes me against the wall and pours cider on my tits and licks it off, then all the lads take it in turns licking the cider off my tits and snogging me. I am fuckin lovin it.

They pour cider on my tongue and lick suck my tongue. I have a few hits of Micky's weed joint and am a bit high, then I finish off Cris's regular cig while Jason puts a condom on. Jason then takes full control and bends me over I am facing the wall hands on it. He puts the cock up my twat and feels my tits as he fucks me hard and good. "OOO yea jase fuck me babe fuck me"

He starts to really bang the shit out of me I could feel his balls slapping against me. Micky says he wants some and he gets in between me and the wall he snogs me while Jase fucks my pussy good. Jason is fucking away while I snog Micky who then has me go and suck his dick. I suck his dick hard and fast while I am getting pounded by Jase. My tongue goes up and down his hard shaft and I lick his pisshole too, Jason says "u lads watching this watch how its done" as he bangs me while I suck Micky off. They call him a twat and drink watching as I am getting done and sucking cock at same time.

Micky pulls me off his dick for a sec and gives me a swig of cider and some more hits of his regular cig this time. He then puts me back on his dick and I suck him deep licking his balls at same time. I go deep up and down on his cock, he face fucks me a bit making me gag on his dick. I then wank his dick and he cums on my face while Jason is banging me. He says "fuckin mint babe and sits down".

Jason then shouts "fuck Im cumming" and cums in the condom in me. We
snog after he pulls out and then Nicky who is well stoned wants a blow job.

He is stood up back to wall and I pull his trackies down and I turn around and rub my twat on his dick teasing him. He feels my arse and tits while I tease him like this. He then says "fuck Jade I am having u" and grabs my arse and drops me on his dick bare and starts to fuck me hard. I stand up a bit and he is grabbing my tits and fucking me while I snog( I am facing forwards) him. He bents me forward again and turns me around so I am facing the wall instead. I grab onto the wall and he pounds my twat, He fucks me hard doggy style feeling my tits as I shout " fuck yea fuck me baby I want you oooo fuck fuck yea"

He then pulls out and turns me around. He lifts me up in the air and pushes me against the wall. He has my legs in the air under each arm. He then puts his dick in my and fucks me silly against the wall. "ooo yea fuck fucking hell yes fucking yes" He snogs me as well while he bangs me silly.

I really really enjoyed this, the whole situation of him doing it this way was so hot plus he is fit as fuck. Anyway he kept banging me and I came on his dick with a massive orgasm and he then came in my twat.( Im on pill and know these lads so its all cool but I don't have too much say in matter anyway lol)

We snogged for ages and smoked some normal cigs and I had a few more hits of weed off Cris. Cris was well out of it and I gave him a quick wank, he came on in my mouth as the others watched.

This left Jamie, he sat on the floor and pulled his trackkies down to his ankles and sat on his coat. I knew what he wanted, he loves me to ride him. So he put a condom on and I rode his dick, he sucked my tits hard as I rode him. Jason gave me a swig of his cider and the rest of his cig and this did it for Jamie me smoking turns him on and he came pretty quick in the condom in me. We all had a chat after this and then they walked me home.
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she is a cum slut