Chav lads bring in new cock for me

Jamie and Nicky turned up outside my bedroom window late one night. They wanted some fun, it was about 11pm, s****rs were in bed and parents still at work. I risked it as I was horny and snuck out of the house and went for a ride with the two bad lad studs in Nicky’s knackered but strangely sexy car.

We drove around for bit, I was sat in the back seat with Jamie and Nicky driving.

They were in their hoodie chav gear and I was wearing a tight white t shirt with hearts on it and a short white skirt. I had my hair my usual Maria style and my nose stud was in. I knew what we were doing so didn’t wear any knickers so my bare tight wet cunt was easy for them to access.

Jamie was smoking some weed and put his other hand on my leg, he felt it and slowly went up to my pussy. I was already wet from driving around with them, their shit music strangely turned me on, as did the way Jamie was smoking and the pair of them swearing and talking about their balls needing to be empted by me and how sexy I was.

He put a finger slowly into my wet slit and slowly fingered me making me moan as he smoked with his other hand. He told Nicky how fucking wet I was and how easy his finger was sliding in and out of my tight wet slit.

He f***ed another finger into the swollen hole that is my now soaking twat. I was fucking loving it. He gave me the rest of his joint to finish off as he took my skirt off and lent over to my pussy. He sucked my clit and pussy hard and fingered it at the same time. I was high and horny, as he eat my pussy out licking and biting my thighs as well. He then snogged me and sucked on my tongue good while still fingering my twat hard I would moan but his hot tongue had gagged me as he was snogging me good.

He then got my tits out and sucked him hard and licked my nipples as I moaned. Nicky then stopped the car in a isolated area and got out. He opened the door and got his dick out and said “fucking suck me Jade love” so I took his dick and sucked it hard and fast feeling his balls while Jamie sucked my tits and fingered my twat hard and fast.

Nicky told Jamie to move up and Nicky got in the back of the car. He had me kneel up on the seat and he got his dick and pushed it in my pussy and started to fuck me hard and fast. I leant forward and sucked Jamie off at same time my pussy was being ragged hard from behind. He banged me hard and fast as sucked deeper Jamies hard cock. Jamie was smoking another joint while I sucked his dick hard and gave me a few hits as he gets off on that so I was smoking while Nicky banged the shit out of my tight slit.

Nicky pulled out then as he was loving it but we had to go to his lads flat for booze and shit. He got back in the front and we drove off, I was snogging Jamie in the back while we drove to his flat.

We then arrived at the flat that Id never been to before. I put my skirt back on and we went upstairs to this really dodgy looking flat. Nicky said we were visiting a mate of his called Danny. Danny opened the door he was shirtless, he had a six pack and was 19 I found out. He had a shaved head and pieced eyebrow and blue addias trackkies on, he was fucking gorgeous and I felt my pussy get wetter as he said hi to me.

Danny said he had heard a lot about me from Nicky and said I was hot. We went into the front room and Danny said do I want a drink so he gave me some Carling and I sat on the couch with Nicky and Jamie drinking beer. We chatted for a bit about random shit then Danny said would I suck Nicky off in front of him. I said yea sure and I got on the floor and Nicky got his dick out. I got between his legs and wrapped my mouth around his large swollen cock, I went up and down his shaft with my tongue after Id pulled the skin back tight. I licked all around his large dick and licked his piss hole as he moaned.

I licked his balls next sucking them and licking between the sweaty huge balls. I then took my top off and bra and got my tits out and took my skirt off as well so I was naked for these 3 chavs to see. Jamie took his shirt off as did Nicky. I licked Nicky’s hard sexy body licking all the way down to his dick which I went down on deep taking his large cock and licking his balls at same time, while Jamie smoked normal cigs as did Danny as they watched saying things like u sexy bitch and u fucking hot whore. Jamie said to Danny “since we hooked up with Jade we aint fucked no other bitch she is mint best thing we have in the crew fucking slag she loves us”. Danny then “I want to get in on this fucking hot shit”

I sucked Nicky’s dick hard and fast and he started to fuck my face I then felt his large dick even more as it fucked my throat like a twat. He fucked my face hard making me gag a bit. I then got his dick and wanked it hard and fast it was wet from my sucking it off so I could do it fast. Jamie gave me the rest of his normal cig to smoke and so I was smoking while wanking Nicky off. This really did it for Nicky and he moaned ooooooo yea and I quickly took his load in my mouth and swallowed his hot man juice as the other lads loved it. Nicky got up and went to the kitchen. He was doing some shit in there or something as he didn’t come out again until we left even when all the shagging was going on.

Anyway then I stood up but as I stood up Danny came behind me and felt my tits and fingered my twat a bit. He snogged me from behind and his gum went into my mouth and I sent it back and forth this stuff always turns me on. Anyway he turned me around and we started snogging hard and fast. He was so sexy and really built, his big strong arms wrapped around me and then felt my arse and he started to move to my twat and finger it while we were snogging. My twat was soaking as Danny was so fucking sexy. Danny pushed me against the wall and started to suck and kiss my neck and then he sucked my tits and bit the nipples hard and good while he fingered my wet soaking slit. He fingered it harder and faster as I moaned in deep breathy moans of sheer pleasure, I kept shouting “fuck yea fucking mint danny ooooo fuck yea u fuckking sexy fuck”

He loved that and then he pushed me on my knees and I sucked him hard and fast while he smoked and drank some beer. He then had me finsh off his cig while he got more beer and he poured it on my tits and licked it off, Jamie came over and licked It off too they had their hands all over my body. Danny turned me around so I was facing the wall and got on his knees, he spread my arse cheeks and then buried his tongue deep in my arsehole and licked my pussy as well good. After he did this for a bit he then picked me up and took me to his bedroom.

Jamie followed us as he threw me on the bed. Jamie stepped in and told me to get on all fours, he then went around the back of me on the bed and licked my arsehole and pussy from behind, I was moaning and loving it and at the same time Danny stood on the bed and put his large cock in my mouth. I had hold of his dick sucking him hard and wanking his huge dick while Jamie eat my cunt and arse putting fingers in as well. He then got his dick and just decided to put it in my cunt. He fucked my cunt hard and fast.

I was moaning “ ooo yea fuck me baby ooooo fuck yea” as I wanked Danny’s hard dick while Jamie fucked my pussy hard pounding it fast making my cunt sore and wet as it took his huge dick. Danny was drinking beer while I wanked him and it got me so wet and I was so turned on by this and Jamie banging me hard that I came really loud and had a cracking orgasm that made my body shake, I squrted (yes I can do that its pretty easy to be honest) all over Jamie’s cock. Jamie then turned me on my back and I wanked him off hard and fast until he came on my tits.

Jamie then went into the other room. Danny then wanted me and I wanted him bad, he had me wipe Jamie’s cum up and then got on top of me. I was on the bed and he was on top of me snogging me and sucking kissing my neck and tits while I felt his well built arse and back. He was so aggressive and it got me so wet he went then in-between my legs and got some ale and poured it on my snatch and licked it all out and off.

He then got a condom out from under the bed and put it on. He then put his hard dick in me while he was on top of me. I felt good as he fucked me hard while snogging me as I felt his arse as he pounded my wet slit. He pumped me hard and fast, sucking and biting my neck at same time. He then pulled out and lay on his back and I got on top and rode his dick hard and fast feeling his balls while his cock was deep in my snatch.

He felt my tits and arse as I rode his massive dick, I took some swigs of his ale while I rode his hard dick. I leant forward and he snogged me while really pumping me with his dick he moved really fast his balls making a noise. He sucked my tits and pumped me more as I was on his hard cock. He then had me stand up and face the door I put my hands on the door of his bedroom as he fucked my twat from behind while feeling my tits. He is fucking me hard pumping me fast and faster, he kept pounding my slit harder and harder as my moans and panting got harder and louder. He’s then on his knees and licked my arse out, he tried to then put his dick in it. It won’t go in, he pushes harder and it wont go but he gets some hand lotion from under his bed and lubes me up he then puts his dick in my arse with this.

He is fucking my arse hard, it hurts but its good he is banging it hard and fast while I have my hands on the door. I turn my head to snog him at same time and he sucks my tongue good and feels my tits as his dick tears my arsehole fucking it harder and harder. He bangs me hard and fast until he moans “fuckkk “ and cums in the condom in my arse. He then turns me around and we snog. We get dressed and smoke while touching each other. He gets hard again off this. I gave him a hard stiff wank while snogging him and he came on my hand hot cum all over. I cleaned up my eating it off my hand.

Then I went back into the front room. Nicky came out and Jamie and said Danny is in the crew now as he gets us booze. I was well pleased as he is fucking gorgeous and I wanted his cum again. Anyway we went home then the lads dropping me off at my house and no one knew I was out lol.

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