getting caught once with chav lads

People might say do you ever get caught well once it happened.

Yes once last november I got caught fucking them at back of spar. It dont happen more often as its on this precient and its secluded at back plus people are afriad to go down the back after dark as well.

Well once a couple of chav lads went around the back to go smoke some weed. anyway they saw me and jamie, jamie had me facing the wall I had a crop top on and it was up with my tits out. my skirt was down my ankles with my knickers and he was fucking me while the other watched.

They said what going on here they were called sam and wayne, they were in chav hoodies and were well fit both had piecred eyebrows and shaved heads.

anyway we stopped and they said could they have a go and wayne got hold of me and pulled me me towards him and went to snog me and i didnt resist he pushed me against the wall and we were going it at hard tongues in and out of each others mouths sucking on them as he felt me up. i put my hand down his trackkies and felt his arse and dick.

sam said im sam and hes wayne and she is a fit bird she your crews bird. Jamie said yea shes ours if u want some u have to give us some weed so sam did and the 5 lads and sam have some weed while me and wayne continued snogging. sam was really stoned and just sort of went away back where he came, the other lads just watched me and wayne.

Wayne said u got a johnny I said yea, he put the condom on and turned me around to face the wall and did me hard and fast. He felt my tits as he fucked me hard and fast. i lent back so he could suck kiss my neck and we also snogged. he passed his gum to my mouth and i passed it back again it was hot. he said i was a dirty whore and I loved being on his dick. it was so thick and his balls was hot. he was got hold of my arms and restained me pulling me further onto his cock. he then had me lean forward again and i had my hands on the wall again. he slapped my arse a few times as he banged me more. i then had a few swigs of wkd that jamie passed me and a quick few hits of jamies blunt.

wayne had some too and got some poppers out of his trackkies bottoms and took a sniff this sent him into a sexual frenzy fucking harder. he made me have a sniff too making me all light headed and shouting for more. i had an orgasm then and he also cam

he came quick in the condom in me.

wayne then had some weed and the lads said he could come back anytime but his mate was a dick and a pussy as he fucked off.

wayne does come around some times he is hot.
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very good