bad chav lads cum in Jade's cunt hard

I wanted chav cock inside me once again so went around to the back of the spar. It was late Saturday night and I had sneaked out of the house whilst my s****rs were watching TV. I left a note on my bed, “gone to mates don’t tell Mum and Dad.” It was risky but my s****rs seemed engrossed on what ever shit was on TV. They would tell my Mum and Dad if they knew what I was really doing and they would go ape shit and I would have to move out. I am 24 but they treat me like a k** still its free rent as long as I keep my teenage s****rs in check.

Anyway I went out to get fucked off the chav crew so I wore a tight red crop top, red playboy bra, short red skirt, red lacy knickers, big heel shoes, and had on red lipgloss and nail polish. I had my hoop earrings in as well. I put a pink addias coat on to keep me warm. I had fishnet tights as well. I had my nose stud in and my hair like Marias in corrie.

When I got there Jake was on his own smoking normal cigs. He had his white adidas hoodie and white trackies on. He looked fucking gorgeous. He said “fuck babe you look fuckin mint”. He grabbed hold of me and brought me towards him. We snogged, his back was to the wall and he had pulled me towards him. He sucked my tongue hard and firm and our tongues swapped places and I did the same to him as his hands went all over my arse feeling it. He put his hands up my skirt and felt my arse proper. He slipped his hands down my knickers and felt my arse good, his hand worked its way to the front as we continued snogging.

By this time my pussy was so wet. My twat was just aching for him to touch it and play with it. He slipped a couple of fingers in, one of them had his chavy ring on it and it felt great when it went into my tight wet hole. He took hold of me and we changed positions, now I had my back to the wall. We snogged more our lips and tongues barely unlocked. He fingered my slit hard and fast, I felt so fucking good as this bad chavs fingers filled my hole.

He then started to suck and kiss my neck hard and good, I loved it as my pussy got fingered more and more. He pulled my knickers down around my ankles and then took them off, putting them in his trackkie pocket. This got me so wet and I took my coat off and put it on the floor, he lifted my crop top off and I was just in my red playboy bra, he licked my tits in the bra, licking the cleavage. He then took my bra off so I was topless with just my skirt on. He sucked and licked and eat my tits and he continued to finger my tight twat. “OOOO yea Jake fuckin hell yea finger me babe fuck oh sweet fuck” I moaned really really loud. It made him finger me harder and faster.

I could see out of the corner of my eye Nicky, Jamie, Jason, Danny and Cris all coming. They all had there chav gear on hoodies and trackkies and had white lighting with them. Nicky and Jamie were smoking and Cris was smoking a joint. They all gave me a smile and nod and gathered around watching as Jake fingered me hard.

Jake got on his knees and started to lick and eat my tight wet twat. He buried his face in my pussy. Cris then gave me a few hits of his joint while Jake licked me out. I blew loads of smoke out of my mouth and this got Cris going. Cris then took it off me and finished it off in between sucking my tits. Cris then got his cock out and I felt it grow hard quick in my hand. My nails were nice and long and this turned Cris on as I wanked his cock hard while Jake licked me out. Cris snogged me while I jacked his hard dick hard and fast. His cock was so hard and I could feel it pulse and this got me even wetter. My juices were dripping.

I then moved away from the wall. I bent forward and Cris had his back to the wall. I sucked Cris’s dick hard while Jake had got on the floor licking out my twat as I put my arse and twat in his face. I felt and played with Cris’s balls as I went up and down his shaft with my tongue, licking his piss hole and then sucking his uncut cock deep. He was smoking another joint while I was doing this and knocking back white lighting so he was having as much fun as I was. He came on my face, it was all too much for him, his cum on my face felt so hot, I licked as much off his cock as I could and then scooped the rest off my face into my mouth. He grabbed me and pulled me towards him( this pissed Jake off as he was not finished) and we snogged for a bit and I finished off his joint.

High and horny, I put my hands on the wall facing it and spread my legs out. My nipples hard from the sex and the cold, I said “fuckin fuck me lads”. Jake quickly jumped in and pushed hard his dick into my pussy and pop he was in me bare fucking me hard and fast whilst feeling my tits. Harder and faster he banged me as I moaned in pleasure, cris was out of it on the floor but the other lads watched on as he fucked me silly. “OO yes fuck me babe give me your cock yea that its fuckin fuck me I am such a fucking bad whore” He didn’t take long to cum and shot his load up my tight twat. His cock juice felt great dripping down my leg.

I put my top back on but not my bra and smoked a normal cig. I felt great and when Id finished wanted more so got back in the position I was and Jamie then fucked me hard the same way. He lifted my top up and felt my tits as he banged me hard my hands on the wall while he pumped me hard and fast pounding my pussy with his hard throbbing big cock. His balls slapping against me as he ripped the back out of me. He pulled me by the waist harder and deeper on to his massive cock. He ragged my tight twat harder and fast banging me like it was his last ever fuck and he needed to make it his best. “OOO yes fuck fuk me fuckin fuk me hard Jamie babe Im your dirty chavette fuckin whore” This did it for him as he too came up my now cum soaked twat( good job I know they are clean and I am on pill as I have no k**s and don’t want any yet) .

After this I smoked another normal cig and we chatted for a big and just hung out in general. I was sat on Danny’s lap smoking, drinking cider and talking about random shit just chilling out in general.

Jason then stood up and got his dick out and came over to me while I was sat on Danny’s lap and fucked my face with his dick. He fucked it hard and fast, really thrusting it in my mouth like it was my pussy. “Suck me Jade babe suck me hard ooo fuck fukin hell” he shouted, Danny then said “go and fuck her proper mate”.

Jason then had me put my hands on the wall as I did before and put his dick in my pussy fucking me hard from behind, he snogged me from behind as well whist he was doing this and I fucking loved it. Harder and fast he banged me. My twat wrapped around his dick tighter squeezing his hard cock.

Nicky then got up and got in-between me and the wall. He snogged me, sucking my tongue hard, whilst his mate Jason banged my pussy faster, he then put me onto his dick and I sucked his hard cock deep, he had me take his big meat while his mate banged my cunt harder and faster until I orgasmed on his dick” fuck im fukin cumming”, I squirted loads.

Jason then came in my twat and not long after Nicky came in my mouth, I took his entire load and swallowed it.

We then sat around for a bit chatting again. I felt all the lads hard sexy six pack chests they get from playing football and got really wet. I licked there chests and felt so hot being around these sexy bad lads. I loved that they were all mine, I was their dirty chavette whore.

We then went to Danny’s place, we walked there, it didn’t take long so again the first time I went must have been really long way around. We got in and Cris was really stoned by this time more than the rest of us and he just crashed out on the floor. I then totally giddy because of the sex and weed stripped off completely. I then got on the couch and put my knees on it and faced over the back of it. My legs spread and my pussy spread eagle for all to see. The lads got excited and Jamie, Jake, Danny, Jason and Nicky all stripped off. After they took piss out of each others cocks (why I don’t know as they have big dicks) they got some cider and poured it on my arse and took it in turns licking it off my arse and sucking licking my arsehole and pussy at same time.

“Come lads fuckin take me” was the order I barked as Danny then put his dick in me on the couch. He fucked my twat hard getting a good rhythm going with his thrusts. He got some durex lube off the table and lubed my arsehole up and then put his dick in me arse after about 3 mins or so of trying to get it in. The lads were taking the piss out of him but he got in it and then fucked my arse good and proper.

His hard dick pumped my tight shitbox as he banged it good. “fuk yea Danny fuk my arse yea oooooo ohohohoh” I screamed as he had his way with my hard. Jake went around the back of the couch to face me. Jake gave me a few hits of his joint while Danny continued to fuck my arse. Jake then put his dick in my mouth and I sucked his hard dick off.

Danny banged my arse hard and harder making me so sore in the morning lol. He pumped me like a drum. He banged it hard making my body shake is with pleasure, my pussy soaking wet with chav cum and pussy juice as my arsehole was being ravaged by Danny’s massive dick.

Danny fucked it a bit more and pulled his dick out, he came up my back and he licked it off. The other lads called him gay for licking his own cum up but I liked it. Jake fucked my face a bit more but pulled out as the lads wanted to take turns fucking me in the position I was in on the couch.

Jamie, Jason, Jake and Nicky then took it in turns fucking my tight pussy while I was on the couch. One after the other they pounded my tight twat. They had a good 5 mins or so each then swopped places. It was so hot. There hard cocks banging my pussy one after the other. They all came in my wet twat one after the other. Jamie was first, he kept banging me and went “ooo fuck yea here I cum Jade” and shot his load. Jason then started to fuck me using Jamie’s cum to lube my twat up even more, he came quickly and shot his load up me. Nicky then had a go and after about ten thrusts it was too much for him and he took filed my hole. Jake then had the last go. He thrust his cock deep inside me, it was slipping out easy with all the cum. He came up my twat and filed me up more.

We then sat around and smoked and drank some more before crashing out. I woke up the next day in Danny’s bed. How I got there I cant remember but I had dried cum on my tits so some more sex must have happen. In the morning before I went back home Danny and Jamie fucked me again one after the other on Danny’s bed and both came in my twat. I got dressed and they walked me back home.

It was a wicked night of action and my mum and dad have no idea.
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