Billy 18 - Aunt Diane 49

by MisterReason

When Billy Jefferson's parents had to rush out of town to be at the side of his grandmother after she suffered a stroke, his mother's s****r Diane was called upon to keep an eye on Billy and the house until his parents could return.

It worked out well, because Billy was very fond of his Aunt Diane. Since her husband had divorced her several years ago, she had led a lonely life out in the sticks, so being called upon to help was a welcome break from the boring routine of her single life.


Chapter One: Bad timing

Diane Shaver couldn't believe her luck, and if it weren't for the fact that her s****r's k** was on the football field writhing in pain, she would have thrown herself a great big pity party. Seeing her little nephew in such obvious distress had her in tears, and it was only after he was helped to his field and led off the field that she was able to get some semblance of self-control.

This had to happen on my watch, Diane thought to herself as the trainer tended to her nephew Billy's knee. The one game that his parents had to miss, and this happens. The little guy tries so hard, and throws everything into it every time he plays, that he inevitably gets banged up a lot, but this seemed worse than normal.

Diane had gone to several games with her s****r and her husband, and it had been quite a shock at first to see Billy on the field with all of those giants who towered over him, but Billy seemed to be fearless, and by his senior year had become a captain.

Now here, in this last game of the season, it looked like his career was over. The little man with the big number 49 on his uniform was stuck on the sidelines having a man flex his knee as the game wound down.

When the trainer walked with Billy behind the bench, his arm around his waist as Billy bent and stretched his knee in a failed effort to convince the coach to let him back in the game, Diane climbed down the steps of the bleachers and called out to Billy as he walked on the cinder track that circled the field.

Hearing his Aunt Diane call his name, Billy looked over and waved, mouthing that he was okay before heading back to the bench. Somewhat relieved, Diane waited my the gate as the clock wound down. As the final horn sounded, Diane waited for the teams to shake hands before meeting Billy as he hobbled out along with the rest of the team.

"Remember RICE Billy," the trainer said before turning to Diane. "Probably just a sprain, Mrs. Jefferson. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation."

"I'm Billy's aunt," Diane explained. "His mother got called out of town."

"Oh. Sorry. Well, have him take aspirin or the equivalent and if it really bothers him you can take him to the hospital, but until the swelling goes down they won't do anything. Looks minor though. Hang in there Bill."

Billy smiled his sheepish grin and let his aunt hug him, sweaty filthy uniform and all, and reassured her that he was fine.

"No need to cry, Aunt Diane. I always get dinged up."

"Yeah, but with your Mom not here, I really feel guilty."

"I'm the idiot," Billy said. "I should have just rode the guy out of bounds."

Billy looked out at the scoreboard, which showed the home team winning 24 to 7, and got a little choked up himself. Last game of the year and of his career, and yet another loss in a tough 3-6 season. Worst of all, he had to finish it on the sidelines.

Diane saw how crushed he was, and not even the appearance of a few of the cheerleaders that appeared and consoled him with hugs and kisses seemed to help. One busty redhead seemed to be a special friend, and gave Billy an extra long hug, and after they had left Diane asked him about her.

"Oh, Chelsea?" Billy grimaced. "We went together for a while last year."

"I guess it still pays to be a football hero," Diane said with a grin. "They always seem to get all the pretty girls."

"I'm not a hero," Billy mumbled. "Can I ride home with you? Coach said it was okay on account of my knee. I can turn in my stuff Monday when we have our last meeting."

"Sure baby," Diane said, wincing herself at the sight of the wrap around his right knee, and after he hobbled to the car she adjusted the seat so Billy wouldn't have to bend his knee too much for the 25 mile ride home.

"I'm kinda glad Mom and Dad weren't here after all," Billy said. "Mom would have really freaked out."

"I can understand why," Diane told him. "You and that other boy collided so hard it sounded like an explosion."

"My cleats caught in their shitty turf," Billy said. "Oops. Sorry."

"Forgiven," Diane said with a smile. "Well, at least your folks got to see you last week in your final home game, and we were all so proud of you when they called all the seniors out for the last time. You boys won that one too!"

"Hate to get your car all muddy," Billy said. "Can't wait to get this stuff off and take a shower."


Chapter Two: Helping Billy bathe.

"Boy, you really have to wear a lot of equipment!" Diane marvelled as she helped Billy pull his jersey over his head. "Good old 49. Nice of you to wear that number, because that's my age."

"Hard to believe you're older than Mom," Billy said, leaning on the wall to try and keep the weight off of his throbbing knee. "You don't look it."

"Oh gee, don't tell her that," Diane said with a laugh while trying to to figure out how to unlace the massive shoulder pads.

Billy promised he wouldn't, and smiled at his aunt's confusion. She was hot, though, Billy thought. The short blonde hair and the really slender figure made her look really young, and certainly nothing like his mother.

Diane finally managed to get the bulky pads up and off of him, and now without all of that stuff on Billy went back to looking like her cute little nephew, only a few inches taller than her 5'2" and not much heavier.

As Billy began to unlace his uniform pants, Diane started to excuse herself, but realized that Billy was going to need more help, so she found herself in a quandary.

"How about if I take that wrapping off of your knee first?" Diane suggested, and knelt down and unwound the brace.

"Ew!" Diane said as she saw his injured knee, which seemed twice the size of his other knee. "I hope you didn't do anything bad to it."

"Nah!" Billy said, hopping gingerly on his good leg. "Just hurts a little. I'll be fine."

Diane pulled Billy's socks off, smiling as she saw the light dusting of hair on the insides of his calves, and she straightened up and helped Billy get his pants down over his swollen knee.

"Uh, how are we going to do this?" Diane asked, as Billy was naked except for his cup and supporter. "Can you get into the shower by yourself - no, you can't. I can tell."

"I was thinking that I would like to just stand under the spray for a minute and then maybe fill the tub and soak in the tub for a while," Billy said.

"How can you sit down and then back up though?" Diane asked. "This is a bit awkward. What would your mother do?"

"She would let Dad help me," Billy replied as he undid the apparatus that protected his genitals.

"Well, I promise not to look," Diane assured her nephew.

"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before," Billy said.

"What do you mean?" Diane asked, holding Billy's shoulder as he pulled his jock off.

"There's pictures of you and Mom giving me a bath that she shows everybody to embarrass me."

"Oh those!" Diane chuckled. "Well, that was when you were a baby, and you're not a baby any..."

Diane's words caught in her throat as she happened to glance down when Billy tossed his supporter onto the pile of clothes. She didn't mean to look, she kept telling herself while Billy adjusted the spray on the shower.

It was an accident, Diane kept repeating as she looked at the skinny boy's back. I didn't mean to look, but I did, and what she saw proved what she had been in the midst of saying - that Billy certainly was not a baby anymore.

"Be careful now," Diane said as she helped Billy step into the tub. "Don't worry about the spray coming out. I'll clean it up. Let me know when you want to fill the tub and I'll help you sit down."

Diane sat on the toilet and looked at the shadow of her nephew behind the shower curtain. She had been able to convince herself that the first look at been accidental, and it was, but what about the second look as Billy stepped into the tub?

That look was not accidental, and not only did she mean to look that time, she was mortified to see that Billy had caught her in the act. Billy didn't even flinch or try to cover himself up, Diane noted, but given his condition it would have been tough for him to do.

Besides, Diane mused, why would he want to hide? He certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it. The first peek had her thinking that her eyes must have been playing tricks on her, but that second glance proved that was not the case.

She didn't know what she was expecting. After all, Billy wasn't a 6 month old with a tiny toadstool between his legs, but now a 18 year old boy. Man, Diane mentally corrected herself. A fully grown man, most definitely.

It had been a few years since Diane had seen a man, and even though her ex wasn't all that well endowed, she had been with a few guys before she had gotten married so it wasn't like she was a stranger to the male anatomy. She had seen enough to know that her nephew Billy was rather exceptionally well developed.

Maybe if what she had seen had been attached to a taller and more muscular physique, the sight of that long and thick penis hanging down between Billy's skinny thighs wouldn't have been so startling, Diane thought.

No, that wasn't quite right. Billy's penis would have been large no matter what it had been attached to. The fact that Billy was a skinny little guy only accentuated the size of the thing, and as Diane looked at the shower curtain, the sight of that cinnamon-hued penis remained in her mind.

The thick vein that wound down the top of the shaft of his member from just below the mushroom-shaped glans down to where it disappeared in the little nest of dark brown hair above his penis, and beneath the over-sized organ hung Billy's testicles, large, egg shaped orbs that dangled low in their hairless pouch.

"I'm sorry, Billy," Diane said,so in a daze that she didn't realize that Billy had been talking to her. "Oh, okay, I'll help you sit down."


Chapter Three: Sitting.

Billy had already flipped the bar that activated the drain plug, and the tub was already full when Diane turned off the water.

"Sorry, must have been wool gathering out there," Diane said as she grabbed Billy's arm, holding the wet skin tightly as Billy eased himself down into the warm water. "That wasn't too bad, was it?"

"No, and this feels so good that I want to sit here all night," Billy said.

"You can call me when you want to get out," Diane said, and hurried out of the room, leaving the door open as she went to her b*****r-in-law's den and raided his Chivas Regal.

The amber fluid burned as it went down, but was just what she needed. What was getting into her? Staring at the boy's privates again? And that smile that Billy had given her as he went down into the water? What was that all about?

It was if he thought she had been checking him out or something. Heck, it was only natural to be curious, and that fact that Billy was a little out of the ordinary down there lent itself to getting one's attention.

The size of his penis startled Diane though. Her bedroom buddy, that purple undulating thing that she had bought after Chuck had left her? Billy's penis looked to be just a big as that thing was, maybe even bigger. How much larger would Billy's penis get when it was erect?

Diane looked up at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. What the hell was she thinking? Wondering about the size of her nephew's erection? No wonder he had smiled at her. Billy probably thought she was some kind of pervert.

What was it that they called women like her? Leopards? Cougars! That was it. A dried up divorcee on the prowl for young men? Is that what she was? Certainly not, and especially not with her nephew.

Besides, what would a young guy want with a tired looking old blonde with a butt that was a little soft and breasts that were getting so small that they were on the verge of disappearing completely?

"Aunt Diane?" Billy called out, breaking Diane from her internal discussion, and after downing the rest of her drink she went to the bathroom to help Billy.

"Ready to get out, number 49?" Diane chirped cheerfully.

"No, I was wondering if you could turn the hot water on a little bit," Billy said. "It's getting cool."

"Sure," Diane said, and let out some water as she turned on the tap, moving Billy's foot out of the way. "Can I get the star defensive back anything? A soda maybe?"

"No, I'm okay," Billy said. "But you know, you could do one thing for me."

"Anything you desire," Diane said as she swished the water around before killing off the tap.

"Could you help me a little?" Billy said, holding a bar of soap. "Can't reach my feet."


Chapter Four: Bathing Billy.

Diane was flustered for a second, and as she twitched nervously she felt her face flush.

"If you'd rather not," Billy offered.

"No, I'll be happy too," Diane said, unbuttoning her sweater and setting it on the hamper.

She was wearing a salmon colored short sleeved blouse under the sweater, so as she took the soap from Billy and knelt on the tiles, she glanced down and saw her nipples poking at the front of the top, piercing right through her padded bra and everything.

Lathering up her hands, she took Billy's foot as he raised it up and scrubbed away, saying, "This is just like old times. Am I tickling you?"

"No, this is great," Billy said.

Taking special care with Billy's knee, Diane gently rubbed Billy's calves, and when Billy giggled Diane stopped.

"Thank for not asking me if I shave my legs," Billy laughed as Diane resumed. "I don't, for the record. Guys always k** me about that."

"Boys are still silly, I guess," Diane said with a nervous laugh of her own.

"Um... Aunt Diane? Would you wash my hair for me?"

"Your hair?" Diane asked. "You can reach that yourself, can't you?"

"It's nicer when somebody else does it," Billy remarked.

"Okay," Diane said, and reached over for the shampoo.

"That's great, Aunt Diane," Billy sighed. "Feels so nice that it makes me forget about my knee."

"Glad to be off service," Diane answered, lathering up Billy's long brown hair and digging into his scalp.

"Yeah, they k** me about my size too," Billy added, squinting over at his aunt.

"I used to get that too," Diane said. "Not easy being short."

"Oh, that wasn't what I meant," Billy said. "They have a nickname for me."

"I think I heard one of the boys call you Billy Jay," Diane said.

"That too, but most of the guys call me Pod."

"Pod?" Diane repeated. "That's an odd one. What is that, short for I-Pod?

"No, it's short for tripod," Billy answered.

"Tripod?" Diane asked, looking at Billy, who nodded downward as she added, "What kind of a name is..."

Diane's words froze in her mouth after she glanced down instinctively when Billy had nodded in that direction, the sight of the head of Billy's penis over the waterline making her speechless.

"It's okay," Billy said when he saw the shocked expression on his aunt's face. "You can look. It turns me on when you look at me. Those times before too when you were checking me out. It's fun to look and I don't mind. I'm not ashamed of my body."

"Billy," Diane started to say.

"I look too," Billy said. "I've been looking down your blouse since you started washing my feet."

"Not much to see there, I'm afraid," Diane mumbled, trying desperately to look anywhere but at the monolith still sticking up out of the water.

"Got a look at you getting dressed this morning too," Billy confessed. "Through the keyhole of your room. I liked what I saw. Anything more than a mouthful is a waste in my book."

"Can we change the subject Billy?" Diane asked. "I think the Advil is affecting you."

"I've had a crush on you all my life," Billy said, the soap dripping down the sides of his face. "You're still hot."

"Billy, first of all I'm almost 50 years old."

ൺ is the new 40, isn't it?"

"Most importantly, I'm your aunt. Your mother's s****r!" Diane reminded him.

"What, you think I'm going to tell or something?" Billy said. "I'm no fool. I never tell. My lips are sealed."

"This is foolish," Diane stammered. "That young lady at the game. That's the kind of girl for you."

"We broke up, remember?" Billy reminded her. "Want to know why she broke up with me? She caught me cheating on her."

"Cheating - that's not nice," Diane said softly. "I experienced that myself."

"Uncle Chuck? He was an asshole," Billy said. "You deserve better. Me. You asked about Chelsea and I told you. She caught me in bed with someone. Her Mom."


Chapter Five: Touch me.

Diane held onto the rim of the tub, her head spinning around like a top while she tried to make sense of what was going on around her. Billy's hand was on her wrist, and when she looked up Billy was staring at her.

"I've really got a thing for older women," Billy said. "They know how to handle a real man. I'm a real man, aren't I Aunt Diane? Aunt Diane? Look at me. Look at my cock."

It was if his aunt was having a battle with an unseen foe, the way that her head wood look over at his cock only to turn away suddenly, and then finally returning to the sight of his erection still sticking up out of the water like a periscope.

"Touch me," Billy said, pulling her hand towards his lap.

"Billy, please."

"You know you want to," Billy told her. "Just touch me. Hold it for me."

Billy brought his aunt's hand down to his cock, and as he leaned backward to expose more of his erection he squeezed his hand around hers until she gripped it on her own.

"I can tell from the way you were looking at it that I'm way bigger than Uncle Chuck, aren't I? Ooh! That's it, Aunt Diane, jerk me off," Billy gasped as they both stared at the tiny white hand holding the fat brown penis, and when the hand moved a little bit up and down, Billy groaned.

"Gonna cum!" Billy cried out seconds before a jet of semen exploded from his cock and into the bath water. Another spurt of cum followed, and then an enormous rope of cum erupted from his member, flying a couple of feet in the air before landing with a splatter all over his aunt's arm.

Cum kept oozing out of Billy's penis as Diane sobbed, tears trickling down her face as she continued to hold her nephew's deflating manhood in her hand until Billy reached over and ran his hand through her blonde hair.

"Thank you," Billy whispered before washing his semen off of his aunt's arm. "I've dreamed about that happening all my life. Help me up, would you please?"

Diane bit her lip in an effort to control her emotions while helping Billy get to his feet, but the sight of her nephew's penis made the tears begin to trickle down her cheeks again. How could that just have happened? Why did she let Billy do that to her?

"It's alright, Aunt Diane," Billy whispered, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her toward his wet body. "I love you more than ever."

"That was so wrong, Billy," Diane croaked.

"That's not the way I see it," Billy said. "The way I look at it, you're a really hot woman who hasn't been with a man in a long time, am I right?"


"Am I right?" Billy repeated. "I'll bet you haven't been with anybody since Uncle Chuck, and I'm willing to bet that Uncle Chuck was lousy in bed too, that fat bastard. Bet he didn't have what I've got either. Right?"

"Billy, don't talk to me like I'm one of your friends on the team. I'm your mother's s****r."

"So what?" Billy said. "It's not like I'm a little k**. I'm a man, and even with a bad leg I can prove it to you. Dry me off Aunt Diane."

Billy put his hand on his aunt's shoulder as she rubbed the towel over his upper torso and then shook his head when she tried to hand him the towel.

"You can do the rest," she said.

"I want you to do it, Aunt Diane. Please?" Billy said. "What's been done can't be undone. I want you so bad, and I can get it up again real fast. All night too. I want you in every way. Us alone here is a golden opportunity and I'm not going to waste it. Keep drying me off."

Diane wiped her eyes with her sleeve and ran the towel off Billy's backside and up and down his legs, taking care around his swollen knee. Kneeling, she was at eye level with Billy's manhood, and the wrinkled, dusky tube looked even more imposing close up.

"Don't be afraid," Billy said, gingerly parting his thighs for her. "Dry my balls."

Diane's towel covered hand cradled the dandling, wrinkled sac and began to dry his balls, rolling the loose orbs as she continued to try and not stare.

"Don't stop," Billy said, grabbing her wrist to keep her busy drying his scrotum. "Get up under my nuts too."

Diane squeezed her nephew's sac hard, trying to show him how angry she was with him, or herself, but Billy seemed to not mind that a bit. In fact, he groaned and ground himself into her hand.

"That's it," Billy moaned. "Dry them good. Look. Look what you're doing."

Diane Shaver was looking, and had been looking ever since Billy's penis had started to lengthen and thicken. Now his manhood was no longer dangling straight down between those smooth and wiry thighs but was rising and nearly pointing straight out from his body.

"I told you I can get it up again fast," Billy said, looking down proudly at his erection and reveling at the look on his aunt's face as she stared at it, her face less than a foot away from it.


Chapter Six: Wants

"I'll never tell, Aunt Diane," Billy insisted, his cock swaying inches away from his aunt's face. "I swear to you. Just open your mouth. You know you want to."

Billy's hand was on the back of her head, his fingers clenching her hair, and he was pulling her face towards his swollen organ. With his testicles in her grasp, she could have disabled the boy in a flash, or simply gotten to her feet and moved away from her hobbled nephew, but she didn't.

"Don't need this anymore," Billy mumbled as he took the towel from Diane while keeping her hand on his balls. "Keep squeezing them. I like it rough."

Billy was in heaven, so ecstatic as he looked at his aunt's face moving closer to his cock while her little hand kneaded his balls. Her eyes were a little red, and a solitary tear trickled down her cheek as he lips came up to the crimson bulb of his member, the skin so taut that it felt ready to tear.

Diane could not believe what she was doing. Billy's grasp on her scalp was not too tight - not tight enough to f***e her to do what she was doing. It didn't f***e her mouth open to allow the fat bulb of his penis between her lips or make those every lips slide down over the head of his manhood onto the shaft.

Briefly scr****g the tender skin of his penis before adjusting to the girth of him, Diane's mouth went a little farther down the shaft, and Billy groaned as he watched her tiny mouth keep taking more and more of him.

Three, four, five and six inches down, and as Diane stared at the little tuft of curly brown hair just a couple of inches from her nose, she realized that by she would have been down to the root of her ex-husband's penis instead of looking at another couple of inches of thick shaft her mouth could not accommodate, but Billy didn't seem to mind, and was in fact ecstatic at the ability of his aunt to suck cock.

"That's so good," Billy groaned as he slowly undulated his hips in response, the churning of his nuts combined with the now-eager lips of his aunt exciting him far too much too soon.

"Wait," Billy whimpered, pulling his aunt's head off of him. "That's so good that I can't..."

Diane f***ed her mouth back onto the throbbing cock, grabbing the boy's ass in her hands and practically fucking her face with his member. Billy cried out and grabbed the towel bar for support as Aunt Diane kept sucking and sucking until her exploded, sending volley after volley of his hot cum down her throat, and although she gagged a little she would not stop until he stopped cumming.

Even then she kept his cock in her mouth and continued to suck him as he went limp, with Billy crouched over his aunt as she did so. Finally Billy reached down and helped Diane to her feet, her face a deep red only reluctantly able to look her nephew in the eye.

"Please don't ever," Diane said in a choked-up voice. "Don't ever tell anybody."

"I swear," he said, wiping off a string of his semen that had trickled out of the corner of her mouth before kissing her hard.

When Aunt Diane responded, his tongue darted into her mouth and swirled around while he squeezed her tightly.

"Help me to bed," Billy said, putting his arm around his aunt and letting her lead him to his bedroom.


Chapter Seven: Let me see you.

Billy sat on the bed and watched as his Aunt Diane went over to close the curtains in his bedroom window.

"Please don't," Billy asked. "Nobody can see in, and I want to be able to see you. Take your clothes off for me."

Diane looked over at the open door, and went over to close it, and then lock it before returning to face Billy, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He had his penis cupped in his hand and was slowly pulling on it, stretching the rubbery hose as he looked at her.

"I'm not like," Diane said, pawing at her blouse buttons.

"Ssh," Billy hissed. "You're beautiful."

Diane's trembling fingers unbuttoned the blouse slowly, unintentionally driving Billy wild with desire. Then the blouse was off, and as she set it aside Billy's eyes took in the petite frame of his aunt.

Diane started to reach behind and unhook her bra before changing her mind and unbuttoning her jeans. Her legs were shapely, the lithe limbs smooth and pale, and now she was only clad in bra and panties. She seemed unsure as to what to do, before finally pulling down the white cotton panties.

Billy moaned out loud as he saw his aunt's pussy and the sparse strawberry blonde wisp of hair that guarded the lips of her sex. Diane's hand came down to shield herself, but only succeeded in fluffing up the fur before Billy nudged her hand away.

"So soft," Billy whispered as he fingers slid through the damp hairs that gave away how wet her pussy was.

Indeed, when Billy's hand slid up the lips of her sex, her knees almost gave out as he felt how dripping wet his aunt was, and she cried out when he let his finger dip inside the tight crevice.

"Take it off," Billy said gently, nodding toward her brassiere, and when she hesitated Billy did it for her.

The bra came off, and as he pulled the padded bra off of her slender shoulders his eyes went to Aunt Diane's breasts, which were the size and shape of tennis balls, with tiny pink nipples on them.

"They're nice," Billy said, his hands cupping the doughy little breasts, which were smaller than he had imagined them to be all of those years, and as his mouth descended on the right bud he thought that he might be able to take the whole thing into his mouth.

He couldn't, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Billy slobbered all over the tiny globes, sucking on the stiff little nipples as Diane moved closer to him. The scent of her drove him into a feral state, and he nibbled all over her upper body as he pulled her between her legs.

Diane was almost limp in his arms as her nephew's mouth sampled all of her he could reach; biting her collarbone on the way to kissing his way down her bony shoulder. His mouth even went under her arms, his tongue sliding all over the moist hollows, licking the tiny patches of peach fuzz in the centers of her armpits before he moved down his aunt's side.

Billy inched back on the bed, carefully dragging his knee along as she ended up on his back in the center of the twin size mattress, and motioned for his aunt to follow up.

"Up here," Billy said, and maneuvered his petite aunt up so that she was sitting on his face with the headboard in front of her.

A headboard that she needed for support when Billy's tongue darted inside of her pussy, and as his hands came up to cupped her buttocks his mouth worked expertly around her sex. Soon Diane was riding Billy's face as she came, screeching as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

Gasping for breath, Diane felt Billy's hands on her hips, turning her around while keeping his mouth on her sex. He nudged her down a little so that they were in the 69 position, with Billy's long flaccid cock resting on his stomach.

Diane leaned down and began licking the underside of his penis, along the ridge that ran along the length of him, while Billy kept licking and sucking her pussy. Now his tongue was darting around another orifice, tonguing the pert balloon knot.

Diane squealed as his tongue darted in a bit, and grabbed his cock in her fist as her body shivered. She stuffed as much of the fat organ into her mouth as she could, sucking hard while their bodies ground together.

Their mouths seemed intent on devouring each other, and they kept at it until Billy's cock was hard again. Diane's mouth finally came away from Billy's swollen manhood which was stiff again for the third time in an hour. She climbed off of her nephew's face and straddled his glistening spear, rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy before putting him inside of her.

She was so tight. To Billy it felt like he was tearing into a virgin as his Aunt Diane eased down onto his cock. Her cute and innocent looking face now twisted and contorted as she reacted to the feeling of her nephew's huge organ burrowing deep into of her long neglected sex.

Billy hands were on her hips, his muscularity surprising Diane as he moved her up and down on himself. She hadn't had a man the size of Billy in so long - maybe never - and as he began to allow himself to impale her deeper Diane began to groan.

"Omigod," Diane whimpered.

"You're so tight, Aunt Diane," Billy said, letting his hands come off of her hips.

His aunt leaned down, supporting herself with her hands on his shoulders, and Billy's hands cupped the tiny hanging titties, twisting and pulling at the drooping cones as his aunt writhed in response.

Now she was fully impaled on Billy's cock, humping him as she rolled around on his crotch. She was cumming, hard and loud, and Billy's hands were pulling on her breasts, stretching the loose tit-flesh out wildly as her pussy convulsed around his cock.

The little woman collapsed on her nephew as her pussy spasmed in a series of after-shocks, and although Diane's body was limp, Billy kept moving his hips.

"Oh," Diane sighed. "You're still hard."

"You looked so hot cumming," Billy said, coaxing his aunt up to a riding position again. "I want to watch you cum again."

"Can't baby," Diane mumbled. "Want you to cum."

"I want to fuck you in the ass, Aunt Diane," Billy said.

"My god no!" Diane said, her eyes bulging wide. "I couldn't."

"You can. We will," Billy declared. "When my knee gets better," Billy said. "I'll come to your house for a weekend. Would you like that?"

"Yes, but - not that."

"Play with your titties for me," Billy moaned.

"Like this?" Diane asked, bringing her hands up to her sore breasts which were still red from Billy's twisting of them.

"Yeah," Billy said, amazed at the difference between the two s****rs - his mother so big and busty and his petite Aunt Diane whose breasts were so tiny. "They're so cute."

Billy's voice faded as he came, the twitching of his cock making his aunt jump as he sent his seed deep into her womb. After Billy's cock withered and slipped out of Diane, she climbed down and rested beside him.

"I'll get you some more Advil PM," Diane said, grimacing as she walked as best she could to the medicine cabinet.

"Now you get some rest," Diane said after Billy had downed the pills with water.

"Stay with me until I fall asl**p, Aunt Diane?" Billy asked, and Diane nodded, snuggling next to him.

Diane let Billy nuzzle up into her side as she rested on her back and looked up at the ceiling, the aching in her pussy a reminder of what she had just done.

Billy didn't fall asl**p very fast, and was soon kissing her breast softly as he cuddled closer. Then he inched his head under Diane's arm, nuzzling into the warmth of her armpit and made his aunt giggle as his tongue played around with the peach fuzz a bit.

"Sorry," Diane said. "I wasn't expecting this, or else I would have been better prepared."

"It's sexy," Billy said, inhaling deeply as he nibbled. "And you still smell so nice."

"You better get some sl**p," Diane said as she rolled out of Billy's reach and out of the bed. "I have to try to call your mother again. I'll check on you again in a bit."

Diane went out to the kitchen and this time was able to get hold of her s****r. She felt guilt as she stood naked in her s****r's kitchen, her nephew's semen in her pussy as she told Ann about Billy's injury, assuring her that it wasn't serious and that Billy was fine.

Since Ann's mother-in-law was not doing well enough to be left alone, Ann asked if she could stick around to take care of Billy for another week.

"No problem," Diane said. "Everything's under control here."

After finishing up the call, Diane took a shower and checked in on Billy. Diane was happy to see that the boy had fallen asl**p.

"Boy?" Diane mumbled to herself as she took the sheet and pulled it over Billy's crotch before going out to watch some TV.

As it got late, Diane went past Billy's room and peeked in.

"Hi Aunt Diane."

"Hi Billy. How's number 49 doing?"


"Want something to eat?" Diane offered. "Anything you need?"

"Well, there is something," Billy said.

"What do you need?" Diane asked as she went to Billy's bedside.

Billy calmly pulled the sheet off of himself, exposing his cock which was standing straight up in the air.

"I see," Diane said, letting her robe fall off and climbing into bed with her nephew, her hands finding his swollen member and as she rubbed him she warned Billy, "Maybe I could just take care of this big fella with my hands and mouth. Okay? I'm kinda sore."

"Sure thing," Billy said as his Aunt Diane leaned over his hip and started to suck on his cock. "Hope you aren't too sore for my tongue."

Diane's answer was to climb over so that her pussy was above Billy's face, and as she lowered her sex onto Billy's mouth she told him that his mother would be gone all next week. When she felt his cock pulsate in her mouth she gathered that he wasn't too sad about that at all. To her surprise she found herself liking the idea herself a whole lot too, and the more Billy licked the less sore she was.

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1 year ago
now THAT is a loving, caring aunt!!!
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4 years ago
Well I think this is the best I have read on here I even saved it ! Please do a part two.
4 years ago
Very good