I would like to share with you the experience I have just been through in as much detail as possible. I will not disclose the names of the locations for various reasons.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Bryce. I'm 22 years old, and have just graduated from a state university. I'm originally from a suburb of a city about 200 miles from my college, both in the same state. I'm 6 ft tall and weigh about 165 pounds…pretty "normal" build. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and am slightly tan. I've had longer hair a bit on the shaggy side for years, but now that I'm out working in the real world my hair is clean cut. My personality can be described differently by many people, but usually I am kind of shy and open up when I feel comfortable around others, especially when drinking alcohol. Everybody considers me a "nice guy," and that was a term I didn't mind being called until recently.

Enough about myself, I'll cut to the chase and get to my story, and I'm sure you'll learn more about me as I tell my experience.

I attended a public high school for four years in the nice suburb I lived in. In my sophomore year of high school I met the girl of my dreams, Amanda. Being a year younger, she was a freshman when I first met her. Amanda was one of the first girls all of the upperclassmen noticed when the new crop of freshman girls came from middle school. I was the first to get her fortunately, by luck mostly, but I knew that when I met her I had to keep her.

Amanda had long hair when I met her, but cut it to about shoulder length her senior year of high school and has kept it ever since. She is a natural blonde with big, beautiful brown eyes. Gosh, just thinking of her cute, petite little body right now is arousing me. She is about 5'4'' and weighs about 115 pounds currently. Amanda has the cutest little face with puffy, rosy cheeks, and has great complexion. Her pout lips are incredibly sexy, maybe the sexiest thing about her.

She has a curvy body with killer legs and a nice, round butt. Her breasts are perky C-cups, and her skin is tan. You should see her in the summer when she lays out in her bikini because her skin is nice and tan, which accents her blonde shoulder length hair. Amanda is absolutely sexy and beautiful, and I'm not even lying. I was so lucky to get her.

I won't get into too much of what went on in high school, but note that we dated entirely throughout the rest of my high school years only breaking up once and getting back together. Amanda was my sweetheart.

When it came time to graduate, I had decided that I was going to a large state university in my state that has about 30,000 students. Amanda and I agreed to continue our relationship, and I really wanted too because I loved her. She was nearly everything to me.

We both lost our virginity to each other after we had been together over a year. I know it's hard to believe I put up without having sex for that long, but she is a goody-goody girl from a good f****y. It took me a good four or five months of convincing till she finally agreed to it, but I do have to say that I was pretty nervous to do it for the first time too. She also never gave me head because she thought it was disgusting. Me being the nice guy I was, I never pressured her into doing it, and as long as we were having sex I didn't mind.

Amanda's parents were very strict, in fact she was almost put in a private school, but the parents both attended our same high school years ago, so they decided to put Amanda in their alma mater. Our high school also had a great cheerleading program, so that was another factor. Like her mom, Amanda was a cheerleader throughout high school.

Being raised by strict parents, she never felt comfortable drinking or smoking when going out to parties. She did drink, but never got caught up in any trouble. She hung out with the "in-crowd," but never smoked weed with them or anything. As you may have heard, a lot of c***dren raised strictly tend to have manic states when leaving home. That is kind of what happened to Amanda in college, but I'll get to that soon.

So, back to me graduating…we agreed to keep dating my freshman year of college and her senior year of high school. I was reluctant to leave home because of not being with her, but 200 miles is not that far of a trip.

I'm kind of a possessive person when it comes to the people I love. Not excessively possessive, but I get jealous really easy. I knew that all of the guys in her senior class wanted to get into her panties, and I feared that she might let one of them while I wasn't there with her. That made me uncomfortable, but Amanda assured me that she loved me and that I shouldn't worry about that. She did kind of scare me though because she is an outgoing person, and has a flirtatious attitude towards her, especially when drinking. She is petite, so it doesn't take much for her to get d***k.

A lot of times when I would meet up with her at a party in high school when we were both out with our friends, she would always be talking to guys and would ignore me. I could tell when she had been drinking because she would lean on guys and touch them. That used to make me so mad, but she would get mad at me and say, "they're just my friends, and I'm with you all the time, this is my time to socialize with others."

I couldn't argue with her though because she never did cheat on me in high school. I'm not too sure if she cheated on me during my freshman year of college when she was still in high school, but I doubt it. Word travels around fast and I never did hear anything, and I did talk to her on the phone every night before she went to sl**p. Besides, since she had a college boyfriend it made her feel mature and she didn't feel she needed to waste her time with "high school boys," as she would say.

I went back to visit her a lot, and even went to her homecoming and prom. Amanda was on homecoming court, so that tells you about her popularity, beauty, and good-girl appearance.

I lived in a dorm my freshman year of college with my good friend, Joe, from back home. There were a few of my good friends that came to the same school as me, so it was fun to be able to hang out with them and still meet new people.

Joe and I would party a lot when we lived in the dorm, but he rushed a fraternity on the third week of school, which meant that he was gone a lot doing pledge stuff at his frat house. I thought about joining his fraternity because we knew some older guys from our high school in it, but I didn't really want too at the time. I'm kind of glad too because he would always get calls in the middle of the night telling him to get down to the frat house. Plus, I had Amanda, who I loved, so I didn't enjoy going out to look for girls every night like Joe and his frat b*****rs.

During our first semester while Joe was pledging, I met a lot of his friends he was pledging with. We all got along, and they seemed pretty cool, but the fact that I wasn't in their frat made me feel outside of the circle, even with Joe. All they ever talked about was getting fucked up, what was going on at the fraternity house, and getting laid.

Joe and I had been good friends since middle school. He was more popular than me and had a lot of other friends, but always considered me a good friend. I think he liked me so much because I wasn't a dick to him, and he could trust me. I would always be there for him as a friend back in high school.

I was always kind of jealous of Joe because everyone liked him more than me, even in college, but I had Amanda, which was something to be proud of. It's not that we were in competition a lot, but the fact that he was "cooler" than me would make me mad. The thing that I was most concerned with about Joe was that he always had an eye for Amanda, and I was very intimidated by him.

About a month and a half into my freshman year, Amanda came to visit me. I was so excited to see her, and I was also excited to have sex of course. I asked Joe if he could split for the weekend so that Amanda and I could have the dorm room to ourselves. "How bout you split and Amanda and I can have the room to ourselves," Joe replied chuckling.

I knew he was joking, but this did kind of bother me because I knew that Joe had always wanted to get with Amanda. Being good friends, he never tried out of the respect of me, but I had the feeling he had changed a bit since high school after pledging a frat.

Joe had always been kind of a jerk with the ladies, always trying to hook up and not giving a fuck about anyone but himself. He was an attractive guy, kind of rich looking, and more built and handsome than me. He had already slept with a few girls since coming to college. Amanda and Joe had always been friends, but I had caught Joe many times staring at and flirting with Amanda in ways that made me jealous. But, Joe was no different that everyone else.

I could tell some of my friends including Joe had crushes on her, not only because she was incredibly hot, but that she was forbidden fruit for being my girlfriend of many years. I would always warn her when I was jealous of certain guys flirting with her, especially Joe, that they were assholes and treat girls like shit, but she was still naïve and thought they only wanted to be friends with her.

When we would all go to the beach for spring break in high school, guys would always wear sunglasses so that they could stare at girls without them knowing. Joe and some other of my friends would always be around Amanda when she was in her bikini with their shades on, and I knew what they were up to. My friends would always make comments about her to me and ask me to tell them what she was like in bed, or if they could borrow her, but I never would respond. Being a "nice-guy" they didn't really care how I took their comments about my girlfriend because they knew I wouldn't do anything about it.

Amanda came into town one Friday night, and I took her out to dinner. At dinner, she told me that she wanted to come here for college. I was thrilled because she was deciding between here and another college out of state, and I had been trying to persuade her to come here to be with me, so I guess that worked. She was also offered a cheerleading scholarship for our University's prominent football team.

She would come to visit often all through my freshman year, and each time she came she felt more comfortable with the college atmosphere. Really, the only guys I hung out with were Joe and his fraternity b*****rs. He had gotten initiated in December, so I was able to come around their frat house with Joe after that. All of the guys seemed to like me and would try to get me to come to the spring rush, but I declined knowing Amanda was coming up here next year.

When she would come into town we would go over to Joe's friends houses and his fraternity house. It was fun because we were able to drink not having to worry about getting caught in the dorm, but I was cautious when Amanda was around all those dudes. I knew how they talked about girls and how they treated girls, so when they talked to Amanda I would start to feel a little uncomfortable knowing that they had an eye for her. But, at any rate we would have a great time when she visited, and Joe would stay somewhere else (usually with a girl) so that Amanda and I could be alone.

Oh man the sex was good too. The dorm room beds were squeaky, so we would put the blanket on the floor and have sex there. I found a trend where on the nights she visited, if she wasn't d***k, she didn't really want to fuck because she would say, "I don't want the neighbors to hear," or "what if Joe comes home?" or "I just want to cuddle." It seemed that she just wasn't in the mood.

But, the nights when she was d***k would be a whole different story. She would be all over me the minute we got back to my room, and I would fuck the hell out of her. I usually had to cover her mouth because of her uncontrollable moaning. Gosh she was always such a great fuck. Of course, she never would give me a blowjob though. Amanda falls into the category of girls who really let loose when drinking, but that isn't always a good thing.

The summer came before no time and I became a sophomore. I went back home to work and visit my parents, but also to be with Amanda. The summer was great and we spent a lot of quality time together, maybe the best times we ever had together, and she was so excited to begin college. Because of visiting a handful of times, she met a lot of girls who were in sororities, so she decided to rush the first week of school. For me, I was kind of skeptical about her joining a sorority because I knew that they hung around frat guys all the time. I became worried that alcohol and guys were a bad combination for her. I even considered rushing Joe's fraternity, but I didn't want to do all of the pledge crap that would come between Amanda and my time together.

I know that this story has been kind of bland so for, but I'm just giving details for you to understand the foundation of story. I will begin to get into it now.

The fall semester came and Amanda was finally about to embark on a whole new chapter of her life. She was living in a dorm on campus, but already said she would probably sl**p at my place every night. Joe, Kyle, and I got a three-bedroom house off campus, so we were looking forward to a fun semester.

Kyle was one of Joe's frat b*****rs who I had also become friends with through Joe last year. Kyle was a lot like Joe, but more outgoing. He was a tall blonde-haired k**, like Joe, who liked to get d***k every night and sl**p with any girl possible. We never really clicked, but we always had gotten along. I just didn't know if I could trust him. He was kind of a snake, and very cocky. Kyle was also a lot older than us, being 23 when we moved in together. Somehow he still was enrolled in college, but I have no idea why because he never went to class.

The first week of school Amanda rushed sororities and got into "the best one on campus," according to my roommates. "Man, tell her to bring some of her s****rs over here," Kyle and Joe would say all the time.

Amanda stayed at my house every night for the first couple weeks of school. I noticed Amanda was already becoming infatuated with sororities, fraternities, and college life because she went out and shopped for new clothes nearly every day with some of her sorority s****rs, laid out to tan, and carried around a bag with her sorority letters on it.

Whenever all of us were at the house together, Joe and Kyle would talk on and on with Amanda about sorority functions, what good frats were, bad frats were, all that stuff I felt left out in. It seemed she was more excited to talk to them than me, and that made me kind of jealous. I told myself not to get jealous, but Joe and Kyle were attractive guys that always made comments about how hot Amanda was, especially Kyle, who annoyed me with all his remarks about my girlfriend.

I knew they wanted to fuck her by the way they acted when she was and wasn't around. When she was around they would swarm around her, flirt with her, and use manners. When she wasn't around, they would never use manners when it came to girls. Amanda would tell me how "cool" and "cute" Joe and Kyle were, which made me even more jealous.

With me she never really found sex and girls an interesting topic, but she would always talk to Kyle and Joe about "guy stuff," and she found it really interesting. One time she even talked about blowjobs with Joe. She always said, "Euuww gross, that's disgusting," when I mentioned it, but she talked openly about it with Joe, and even sounded curious due to the fact that she had never given one.

When this happened I saw how wide Joe's eyes were and saw him adjust his pants a few times to accommodate his growing cock. All of this made me jealous because they seemed to get along so well, but then again they had been friends in high school. I sort of envied Joe and Kyle because they were better looking and more secure and confident than me, which made me think Amanda enjoyed being around them more than me. Plus, they were in a frat and Amanda found that so cool.

Amanda was drinking a lot more than she ever had, and it was only the third week of school. She would go over to some of the older sorority girls' houses and apartments and drink with them. I didn't really hang out with her a lot of the time in the evenings, but she would always come back to my house every night.

A few times she was shit-faced d***k, and I would be angry with that, but would soon forget after we had sex. She was always so horny when she was d***k, and it was great when my roommates weren't home so she could be loud in bed.

I remember this one time when she came home on a weeknight d***k as a skunk. It was about 2:30 am when she arrived after being at a frat party. I was lying in my bed anxiously awaiting her, and I couldn't get the picture of guys hitting on her out of my head.

"Damn Amanda, where the hell have you been? Why didn't you call? I've been calling your phone for the past few hours," I said as she stumbled into my room. I felt like a dad.

"What's your problem? My phone was in Lisa's car," she said immediately kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her jeans.

"Sorry, I just got worried, that's all. I missed you," I said quite relieved she was home.

"Why the fuck are you yelling at me? I told you our sorority had a function tonight and that I'd be here later. Sorry I didn't have my phone on me, but that's no reason to bark at me when I come over her," she said throwing her pants on the floor exposing her nice, plump ass covered by silk pink panties. She hoped into my bed seeming kind of angry.

"I know, I'm sorry, but I just get really uncomfortable when you're out drinking with fraternity guys. They're trouble you know…and I'm a guy, I know how they think, and what their intentions are," I said putting my arm around her as she pushed her blonde bangs out her face and turned her back to me.

"They're trouble? Not really. They're nice to me and don't yell at me like you. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Goodnight," she said hastily.

"Whatever," I said angrily as I rolled over and turned my back towards her. If I just would have been nice to her we could have had great sex, but I was the jealous boyfriend, and that really turned her off.

The next day I apologized and everything was okay, but I just told that little story to give you an idea of the frustration I felt with her.

As Amanda continued to sl**p at my house every night, she became more and more comfortable about the way she acted around the house. Kyle and I shared a bathroom that was in the hallway, so I was concerned sometimes when Amanda would use the bathroom knowing that Kyle could walk in on her, especially since she often took showers at my place. This irritated me because Kyle was the type of pervert that would try to walk in on her on purpose.

One time after having sex when Joe and Kyle were gone, Amanda left my room for the bathroom being completely naked. It drove me crazy knowing that Joe or Kyle could have come home at that moment and seen Amanda streaking through the hallway. I got mad at her for doing that when she came back into my room.

"Don't go out there naked Amanda! Kyle or Joe could have come home and you would have never known it," I said to her.

She replied, "They wouldn't be impressed with my body after looking at those Playboys in the bathroom all the time."

Kyle kept a bunch of Playboys for toilet material. Amanda was just being modest though because she has a killer body that Kyle and Joe would give away their right arms just to see her nude.

There were a few times before going to bed when Amanda would wear t-shirts with no bra and small workout shorts while sitting on the couch talking to Kyle and Joe, which didn't bother me too much, but Kyle and Joe's actions sometimes did get to me. A lot of times, especially when they're d***k, Kyle and Joe would give Amanda a hug when they saw her. That's just the way Amanda was, like I said before, a fun girl who comes off as flirtatious, but is really just being friendly. So, she would smile and say, "hey!" when they hugged her.

The thing that was fucked up was that they would put their hands on her ass for a couple seconds when hugging her. It made me uncomfortable, but I was a nice guy who didn't say anything to them about it. I did talk to Amanda a few times about that, saying, "doesn't that piss you off when they catch a feel on your ass?"

Amanda would always giggle and say, "They're just being funny."

Amanda was so naïve sometimes. Granted, Kyle and Joe did feel on girls a lot, but only the bimbos that let them get away with it. I hate to put Amanda in that class, but she let them get away with it when she was d***k, and they knew it. It's not that Amanda isn't smart, because she is a very good student, but she wants to see the good in people and doesn't comprehend that certain guys are just nice to her because they want to fuck her. She just thinks they're being nice.

Kyle especially would be touchy and flirtatious with her when he was d***k. What worried me was when Amanda was d***k and she would be around Kyle without me there. Several times when he was wasted he would come up to Amanda and hug her touching her body with his hands.

Amanda often wore tennis skirts, which were the latest fashion at the time. She loved wearing them because they allowed her to show off her incredibly sexy legs. The problem was that Kyle would be glued to her when this happened, and he would come up behind her and stick his hand up the skirt pawing at her ass. She would jump forward and arch her back telling him to stop while giggling. Kyle didn't care; he just kept slipping his hand under her skirt regardless of my presence with a shit-eating grin on his face. Sometimes he even lifted her skirt revealing her butt checks covered by her panties and would give her a quick slap on the ass. Again, she would turn around and slap his arm while giggling and telling him to stop.

I always warned Amanda about Kyle's intentions, but she would always respond by telling me he's harmless. Plus, she knew he hooked up with a lot of girls, and she frequently comment on how gross that was.

After living with the k** for a little while, I picked up on the fact that he acted like a pervert a lot of the time by the way he talked about and flirted with girls. Kyle knew better than to make a move on her when I was around, but I couldn't trust him when I wasn't there, especially after the particular incident I'm about to share with you.

On a Wednesday night a couple months into school, Amanda and I were laying in my bed watching TV, just taking it easy. I had finished a six pack of light beer and Amanda had just polished off a bottle of merlot while we watched TV in the f****y room, but we were all over each other on the couch, so we took it into my room. Kyle and Joe had gone out for the night. We rarely had time together anymore because she was always doing sorority stuff and cheerleading stuff, so it was nice to have some alone time together.

When Amanda changed out of her clothes into her pajamas and hopped into bed with me, she was looking real sexy with her fresh tan and her shoulder length blonde hair wearing a new pair of red thong panties she had just bought exposing her tight 18 year-old ass, and a little, thin white tank top with spaghetti straps. Her braless perky tits were poking out and the outlines of her big round pink nipples were visible through the silk fabric of the top.

She has the greatest nipples. They're very large around, and very sensitive. Her pink nipples complemented her pert breasts perfectly. These were the moments when I would ponder to myself about how lucky I was to have her as my girlfriend.

When she moved, her beautiful tits bounced around freely under the thin, silk top. The top was also loose fitting and low cut. Because of the spaghetti straps her tan arms, shoulders and top portion of her chest under her neck were clearly visible. She had perfect complexion with very few freckles and soft skin.

Because the top was loose fitting, when she would bend over the least bit and I was above her I could peek down and see her white tits with a visible tan outline of her bikini top she wears to lay out in. A couple times when Amanda bent over I could see a quick glimpse of her large, pink nipples. I would never want any other guy to see her in this sexy pajama top, but I sure as hell was enjoying the sight. I couldn't believe she owned this kind of top, I mean, I was thinking what her dad and two b*****rs thought when she wore it back home. I think she was just oblivious to how much it turned guys on. It was turning me on because my dick was rock hard.

It was around 12:30 am when Joe and Kyle came home after being out drinking. It was a bad time for them to show up because we were just about to fuck. I already mentioned how when Amanda was d***k she is horny as hell, well she was pretty plastered after that wine and her pussy was extremely moist as she grinded on me in bed. I had a buzz going on from the beer as well.

Gosh she was so sexy, and she was so horny being that we hadn't had sex since early last week. Right as we were cuddling about to fuck, Amanda said in her sweet, sexy voice, "Awe, Joe and Kyle are back, I want to go talk to them about their fraternity's party on Halloween."

I replied, "Right now? Can't you talk to them tom…," before I could even finish my sentence she had already made her way off my bed and was slipping on a pair of my boxer shorts while her titties bounced around under her thin top.

"I'll be back in a minute honey. Are you going to sl**p?" she said while making her way to the door.

"I might fall asl**p," I said in a pathetic voice hoping she would feel guilty for leaving me, and come right back.

It didn't work though. Before she opened the door she turned around and came back up to me and kissed me on the forehead while bending over giving me another view of her cleavage and said, "well, go to sl**p if you're tired."

I put my arms around her and showed my innocent puppy-dog face while saying, "Are you sure you don't want to stay in here with me babe?" I was implying that I wanted to fuck.

"No, I'm gonna go talk to them," she said making her way out of my arms towards the door, stumbling a bit from the wine, and flashed a quick look while saying, "I love you," in her flirty, southern belle voice.

I normally wouldn't care about her going out there to talk to them, but she was wearing a skimpy pajama top that was loose enough to see her nipples if she bent over. This made me uncomfortable.

I was rushing with adrenalin after knowing that those womanizers were getting a show from my beloved Amanda, especially Joe who has wanted to get in her pants since high school, and Kyle who was a pervert that always flirted with her. Amanda was completely oblivious, really. She thinks to herself that they are her friends and have no intentions towards her. Not to mention, at the moment, she was wasted.

I crept up to my closed bedroom door and cracked it open so that I could see what was going on. From my room, there is a very small hallway (if you even want to call it that) leading to the f****y room. Right as I peeked out of the crack of the door, Kyle walked out of his room wearing just boxer shorts. I could tell he was fucked up because of the way he walked, and I could smell the liquor from my room.

"Where's tha booze Joe," Kyle shouted in his d***ken tone.

Amanda was next to Joe on the couch and I could hear her shush Kyle and say, "Bryce is trying to sl**p, don't wake him up."

Kyle responded in a loud tone, "He's asl**p already? What a pussy."

Amanda shushed him again. That comment made me mad because I was only in my room because I thought I was getting laid until these d***k idiots showed up.

From where I was and how the couch was positioned, I could see the side of Amanda and part of Joe whose view was blocked by Amanda. The couch was about 6 ft. from my door. They were all talking excitedly, obviously d***k. I couldn't make out what they were saying because they were all talking at once, but I could see that Joe had his eyes on her chest as he moved closer towards her and put his arm around her.

My heart was pounding. I just wanted her to come back into my room, but she stayed out there. Kyle was stumbling around in just his boxers carrying around a bottle of whisky being loud. I kept my eye on Amanda who was obviously d***k.

"No, that girl is such a bitch!" She said loud giggling at the same time, while her titties jiggled with her movements.

Amanda never really talked like that until recently when she started drinking and partying. I think she tried to act cool in front of Joe and Kyle because they were older guys in a good fraternity.

All of the sudden Amanda got up and started walking towards my room, so I quickly bolted from my position and leaped into my bed not wanting her to know I was eaves dropping. When she came in I closed my eyes and pretended to be asl**p as I opened my mouth and breathed heavily. The only lighting was a dim lamp, and Amanda turned it off. I could sense that she was walking up to the bed and I thought to myself, "Oh good, she's coming to bed."

I was wrong; I guess she just was checking to see if I was asl**p. She left the room and shut the door quietly. Again, I got up and crept back to the door and cracked it open to see what the hell was going on.

Joe had the bottle of Whisky Kyle was carrying and was pouring shots. My god that was the last thing Amanda needed right now, but they offered her one and she took it without chasing it. They were cheering her on. I'm sure Amanda felt pressured into taking the shot.

About ten minutes went by and they were all just sitting there talking and occasionally taking a shot. I was surprised at how well Amanda was taking in her alcohol. Amanda was in-between both of them on the couch. My eyes were fixated on Joe as he first had his arm up behind her resting on the couch, but now it was down around her waist and he was sitting awfully close to her.

I also noticed when she bent forward to take a shot Joe was hovering over her with his eyes staring down her top getting an eyeful of her nice, perky tits. This was so wrong, one of my good friends trying to take advantage of my d***k girlfriend. I could of easily went out there and told her to come in my room, but I didn't want to be a party-pooper for her and have her think I was boring. I wanted to see where this was going, and how true of friends Joe and Kyle were.

Kyle was running his mouth about pointless things as he usually did when d***k while Amanda listened and Joe continued to stare at her tits. I think she caught him looking a couple times.

"I'm cold, I'm gonna go put on a sweatshirt," Amanda said getting up and walking towards my room.

Once again, I dashed from my spot and leaped into bed before she could bust me for spying. She came in and quietly rummaged around in my closet for about 15 seconds and finally left my room after putting on the sweatshirt. I was relieved though because now the peep show was over, and I'm sure Amanda realized how uncomfortable she must have been with that skimpy top on and two d***k guys staring at her chest.

I stealthily crept back to my peeping spot and cracked the door open. Joe was getting up from the couch and was saying goodnight to Amanda. I suspect he was disappointed with her putting on a sweatshirt. Kyle continued to sit on the couch and yap his mouth as Joe left the room. Amanda sat down next to him loosing her balance in the process. I knew her for years now, and I could always tell when she was inebriated; she was definitely d***k right now.

I yawned a few times while listening to Kyle and Amanda jazz about Kyle's fraternity party coming up, and debated just going to bed, but thought, "Why is Amanda still out there talking to Kyle?"

I began to get jealous again because she looked very entertained with Kyle, and not to mention the fact that Kyle was sitting next to her just wearing his boxer shorts and nothing else. He was taller and had a more toned body than most people, especially me, so I'm sure he loved showing himself off to Amanda.

Just when I was about to doze off just sitting there hearing about frat stuff, Amanda laughed and said while looking down at Kyle's crotch, "Kyle, geez, can't you contain yourself!"

Amanda was sitting on the couch closest to me with Kyle on the other side, and the arm of the couch was blocking my view. I stood up and peaked from a higher spot to get a birds-eye view, and saw Kyle's cock standing straight up nearly 7 or 8 inches out of the center hole in his boxers! His dick was huge!

"I'm sorry Amanda, I can't help it. Look what you do to me," Kyle said while laughing with her.

Amanda put her hand over her mouth and looked straight-ahead saying, "Oh my god. Maybe I should leave you here for your hand and you to spend some time together."

But, she still sat there. She continued to stare away from him while Kyle just sat there with a wide grin not attempting to conceal it. My heart was beating rapidly all of the sudden. I couldn't believe he was showing off his dick to her, and I was wondering why she didn't get up and come into my room. He did have reason to show it off though because it was much bigger than my five-incher.

"It sucks being a guy because, see this, we can't contain it in our shorts," Kyle said.

"Well maybe if you wore normal shorts and not boxer shorts you wouldn't have that problem," Amanda said blushing still with her hand over her mouth giving his crotch a brief glance before looking forward.

"I always wear boxers around the house, and besides it's like you live here too anyways, so I feel comfortable around you. It's nothing you haven't seen on your boyfriend," he said. By the mischievous look on Kyle's face, he sure liked showing off his big prick, especially with him noticing her curious glance at it.

Amanda all the sudden turned her head towards him and looked back down at his crotch. "Guys are so open about stuff. Kyle…yours is very big, right?" she said curiously. "I mean, I've only seen Bryce's, and I saw a porno once and…yours is huge," she said still with her hand over her mouth, but continuing to stare at his hard-on.

I couldn't believe what she just said because she never talked to me about my dick, and I've been dating her for nearly four years. Why the hell was she staring at his cock? And she saw a porno once? I never knew that.

"Well, you know what they say about your shoe size, and I wear size 13…wait, you've only seen one dick before?" Kyle said acting surprised.

Amanda finally put her hand down from her mouth and continued to glance back and forth between the wall in front of her and his dick, seeming to be more comfortable with Kyle's exposure. I tried not to, but I gave his cock another look and noticed it was throbbing and seemingly larger than a minute ago. He was becoming more and more aroused with Amanda's attention.

"Yeah, Bryce is the only guy I've ever been with, but he never shows me his like your doing now…they're so funny looking. I don't know how you walk around with that thing," Amanda said, again showing curiosity.

"Wow, it seems like you've never seen one before. Have you and Bryce ever hooked up?" Kyle said sarcastically still with his cock pointing at the ceiling.

"I've…I've never, you know, done…oh my god I'm so embarrassed talking about this," Amanda said with a smile, still blushing, and looking back in forth between his eyes and his dick.

"What? Done What?" Kyle asked.

"Umm, you know…" she replied.

"What? A hand-job? A blow-job?" Kyle said excitedly with his eyes wide open. I could tell he was very turned on by this conversation. She never talked to me like this, and I was jealous and angry. I never really showed Amanda my dick because I was kind of embarrassed by the size. I was even hesitant when she mentioned taking a shower with me, and we never ended up doing it because of that. I have caught her catching peaks before, but she never commented or anything.

"Uh, both," Amanda replied while still looking at his dick with curiosity.

"You've never given a hand-job? I mean, I can understand not giving a blowjob, but not even a hand-job? No way. You're lying," Kyle said still with wide eyes.

"I don't know how to do it, and I'm afraid Bryce won't like it if I do it," she said with her sexy, innocent tone; the tone she usually used when she wanted sympathy. This was news to me because I always thought she didn't do it because she thought it was gross. I mean shit, that's what she always said before college whenever the topic came up, but I had heard her sorority s****rs making penis comments recently, so I'm sure they sparked the curiosity Amanda has had and always avoided. Plus, now that she was drinking a lot since coming to college, I've noticed a lot of more vulgar things coming out of her mouth when d***k.

"There's nothing to it really, I mean you probably…" Kyle was saying when all of the sudden Amanda cut off his sentence.

"Can I touch it?" she said naively with a smile, still blushing. My heart sank at those words. I couldn't believe she was about to cheat on me.

"Fuck yeah you can touch it! You can do anything you want with it!" Kyle replied while sitting up from his slouching position.

"Shhhhh! You'll wake somebody up!" Amanda said glancing back to my door where I was standing to make sure I wasn't awake. She couldn't see that the door was cracked open because the hallway was dark, so little did she know that I was up.

"Listen, I'm just like, so curious, and we're just friends…so can you keep it between us?" Amanda said sounding quieter where I could barely hear here.

"You can't tell ANYONE! Our secret, okay?" She said glancing back to my door again.

"Our secret, I promise," Kyle said.

Amanda didn't hesitate; she first poked it with her finger and started giggling as his hard-on sprang back from her push. She did this again a couple more times.

"It's so funny to play with this thing," she said as I could tell she was excited. I couldn't believe what I was watching, but I was panicking and frozen in my spot. I don't know why I didn't open the door and call her a bitch while punching Kyle, but I just stood there with my jaw dropped in disbelief. This was something Amanda never did, and I think the alcohol and her sorority s****rs struck her curiosity with all that penis talk those girls always yap about.

"How come you don't fool around with Bryce's? He does have a dick, right?" Kyle said in a tone belittling me.

"Because…he'd probably get mad if I asked him about it, and I'm also embarrassed. Plus, Bryce doesn't mind whether I do it or not. He's such a good boyfriend," she said as she was now feeling the head of his giant, circumcised cock with her index finger and thumb.

"Oh yeah, that feels great. Here, why don't you rub it for me, I'll teach you how to," Kyle said in his smooth-talking tone while clamping her right hand on his dick.

"Kyle! No, I can't do that," she said in her sympathetic tone, quickly removing her hand. I felt some relief knowing that she wasn't willing to do anything with him.

"Why not? Com'mon Amanda, you can't tease me like that," Kyle said.

Amanda giggled a little while saying, "Kyle, I just wanted to see what it feels like to just touch it…I…I don't know how to…I told you I can't…"

Kyle interrupted her saying, "it's easy. You just grab hold of it and jack it up and down. It's nothing. I'll show you how."

Before he could demonstrate, Amanda took charge.

"Like this," Amanda said while wrapping her little fingers around his big dick. She slowly started moving her grip up and down while looking at it.

Kyle slouched back down in his spot and let out a moan, "Oh yeah. That's it. Yeah like that, but a little faster."

Through all the anger and jealousy I was going through, I couldn't help but watch and not do a damn thing about it. The love of my life was cheating on me with a complete scumbag. Amanda increased her pace a little while looking straight at it without flinching a bit.

"Is this okay? Am I doing it right?" She said looking back up at Kyle.

"Oh man that feels great," he said with his arms up back behind him with his head resting in his hands.

"Oh yeah Amanda, that's great, oh man your awesome baby, go faster," he said with his eyes closed.

"Wow, this is kind of fun. I can't believe I'm doing this and enjoying it! Maybe I'll surprise Bryce tomorrow and jack him off," Amanda said sounding excited. I was relieved to hear that she was thinking of me in this situation, but was still in disbelief that her curiosity had overcome her like this. Oh, the effects of alcohol on girls.

She was now jacking faster than before while I stood in disbelieve. All of the sudden Kyle sat forward and pulled at the bottom of Amanda's sweatshirt and saying, "hey, why don't you get naked with me, so I can play with your tits?"

Amanda pulled her hand off his dick quickly.

"Kyle! Hell no! It's not like that," she said pushing his hands off of her sweatshirt.

"No, please don't stop. Com'mon I was almost done, please don't stop," Kyle said with a serious tone. "Okay I'm sorry, look, since you get to jerk me off you have to at least let me look at your tits," he said.

"No, Kyle…" she said crossing her arms and slouching back on the couch, but Kyle reached over and pulled her sweatshirt up again this time further up to the bottom of her melons.

Amanda immediately jumped forward from her spot and pulled his hands off again saying, "Stop it Kyle!"

He said, "Com'mon Amanda please? I won't ask you for anything else ever. You have such an amazing body. Please Amanda, that's all I ask. I did you a favor by letting you touch my dick, the least you could do…"

Amanda cut him off by saying, "Okay fine, just shut up, but this is it…just look. Don't touch."

She pulled her sweatshirt and white top over her head all in one motion exposing her nice, perky c-cup tits to Kyle. While her arms were up pulling the clothes off from around her neck, she arched her back inadvertently allowing her tits to nearly poke Kyle in his wide eyes. Her large pink nipples were already hard, and were pointing at Kyle's face as she tossed the sweatshirt and top on the floor next the couch. She immediately grabbed and started jerking his dick again.

While she jacked him, her stout, perky tits jiggled with her movement. My view was from the side, allowing me to see the right side of her right tit that was very white compared to her tan skin. The white tan line from her bikini top was visible going from her tit under her arm and around her back. I loved her tits because they were firm cones that didn't sag, and her nipples were very big.

"Oh shit, you have some nice boobs Amanda, oh yeah this is great," he said with a smirk as she remained silent, and then he took his left hand from his side and groped her left breast and started fondling it. Even after she told him just to look, he still had the nerve to grab her tit. She let him feel on it for about five seconds before pushing his hand off her chest with her left hand. Her right hand still continued to pump his shaft.

Kyle slouched back again while putting his hands behind his head. "Yeah, that's it," he said.

"Look, Kyle. I feel bad pushing your hand off my boob especially since I'm touching your…um…thing, and I probably wouldn't have if I were single, but I love Bryce and he's my boyfriend, and I don't want to mess around like that…I just am a little d***k and curious." I think Amanda was starting to realize that Kyle was an asshole who just wanted to fuck her.

Kyle ignored her comment while saying, "com'mon, faster." Amanda looked insulted by his attitude.

"Don't be an asshole Kyle. I'm doing you a favor…" she said but still adhered to his request and was now jerking faster than ever, maybe even faster than I've ever done to myself. All the sudden Kyle sprang up.

"Oh…yeah, ugghhh," he moaned and spurted spunk nearly five feet in front of him.

Amanda immediately stopped jacking and yelped, "Euwwwee Gross! Why didn't you tell me you were gonna come?"

Kyle nearly jumped off the couch while shouting, "No! No! No, don't stop!"

He grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his cock, and she gripped it and started jerking his already spraying dick.

"Ewe gross," she said while she continued to pump the love-spray out of his cock. His juice sprayed forward on the ground as he sat on the edge of the couch with his eyes on Amanda's tits and mouth wide open, while Amanda jacked his dick allowing the semen to cover her right hand and drip down her wrist.

"Ooohhhh yeah Amanda," Kyle said as he slouched back down and watched Amanda finish jerking every last drop of his load out.

"Okay, you're done. Will you go get a towel and clean me off," Kyle said. Amanda released his shrinking dick from her hand.

"Clean you off? I'm the one that needs cleaning. This is disgusting," she said irritated with Kyle's attitude and got up and walked out of my sight without bothering to put her shirt back on. This made me very angry that she was so open about her body in front of my roommate.

"What a bitch," I mumbled as I watched Kyle lay back on the couch with his eyes closed.

I was still absolutely stunned. I couldn't move. There was all kind of thoughts going through my head that I just sat there. How pathetic.

Amanda came back into view with a kitchen towel thoroughly wiping off her right hand. She threw the towel near Kyle's crotch. His dick was limp now. Amanda bent over and picked up her shirt and sweatshirt, and started to put them on.

"Hey, I thought you were going to clean this up for me?" Kyle said with a smirk knowing fully that she wasn't going to.

"No Kyle. Don't be rude, I'm already embarrassed," she said pulling the shirts down over her tits. "Listen Kyle, please don't tell anyone about this."

Kyle ignored her comment while he first wiped off his penis, then threw the towel down in front of him and used his bare feet to scrub the towel on the wood floor where his spunk was. Amanda stood in front of him with her arms crossed looking at him. It was nearly 2:00 am, and I was dog-tired, as I stood at doorway quite angry. I couldn't believe the event that just unfolded in front of me. I was happy though that she didn't actually "hook up" with him, or at least I told myself that to make me feel better.

"Did you hear me?" Amanda said still looking at him. He finished wiping the floor and stood up. Kyle's dick was finally concealed in his boxers.

"Amanda, don't go to bed now. Let me pleasure you," Kyle said taking a couple steps towards Amanda while reaching out his arms. Amanda turned her head and put her hands up as defense, but it was too late as Kyle put his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him with his lips going directly to her neck.

"Kyle, stop!" she said pulling her head back and putting her hands on his chest to push off. I grabbed the doorknob about to exit, before giving Amanda one more chance to end this. If she had came to bed an hour ago, this never would have happened. I was so naïve back then.

"Don't be a jerk. I told you not to do that." She said while nudging him back, but Kyle still had her in his clutches being that he was much bigger than her. Amanda was too d***k to put up a fight. I still had my hand on the doorknob.

"Com'mon Amanda. I want to return the favor…I know you want it," Kyle said pulling her closer and moving his hands from her waist to her ass. His fingers went under the elastic of the shorts, while his lips went back down to her neck. He was trying to seduce her, and I was being the biggest pussy just standing there watching.

My view from the door had Amanda's back to me, so I clearly saw Kyle's hands grab her butt checks under the shorts. His wrists pushed the shorts down while grabbing her ass, exposing the small red triangle of her thong and part of her crack to me.

"Jesus! No Kyle!" Amanda said gasping, and put her hands on his chest nudging him forward away from her. Kyle still had a smirk on his face. I still stood in disbelieve. Kyle backed up a little, but kept his arms around Amanda and his hands still caressing her ass. His forearm strength was overpowering for my girlfriend.

"Look, Amanda, I think you're so hot. I know Bryce is my friend, but I've always wanted you so bad. You're the hottest girl in the world. But, I understand that you do have a boyfriend," Kyle said still in his smooth-toned voice.

"Then if you understand then why are you trying to…oh no Kyle don't," Amanda began to say until Kyle quickly yanked her panties and shorts down to her mid thighs. Her perfect ass was completely exposed to me, while Kyle had a straight on view of her pussy. His left hand f***efully grabbed her right butt cheek pulling her close to him while his right hand started to fondle her cunt.

"Oh Kyle, this is so bad…Oh no…," Amanda said wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning her head on his chest as he continued to maul with his fingers her most private area that only I had been to. He managed to pull her boxers and thong down to her ankles and off of her with one hand while the other massaged her cunt.

When he realized that she had finally submitted to him by putting her arms around him, he grabbed the back of her thighs with both hands and picked her petite body up. She wrapped her legs around his waist for support and continued to hug his neck with her arms. He walked towards his room passing my door as he carried her on his chest. Amanda was now passionately kissing him as I stood with my jaw dropped and my body shaking with anger and frustration. After watching this whole episode unfold, I knew I had to see the rest for my own eyes.

At this point even though I was angry and jealous, I didn't want to stop it. I was perversely wanted to see the love of my life submitting to my roommate. I went to my window and slipped it open. The windows were big, and were like sliding glass doors, so it was very easy to open them and hop right out.

Between my bedroom and Kyle's bedroom where they had just gone was our bathroom, so it was a short walk to his window. Sure enough I was able to see inside his room because his blinds were broken in three places. Kyle had a very sloppy, unorganized room, so it was no surprise that his blinds were all bent up and broken. I actually had a perfect view, but much to my dismay.

As soon as I pressed my nose to the glass and peered in, Amanda was on all fours on Kyle's bed completely naked. Her face was buried into the blanket with her ass poking up in the air. Kyle was right behind her, naked also, slipping her red thong off her ankles while she reached each leg off the bed to help him slip them off. The lights in his room were on.

I could see Amanda trembling with lust, as I'd seen before with me. Kyle took her panties and threw them into his closet while getting on his knees on the floor right behind Amanda, who was still on the bed. He looked to be saying something but I couldn't hear because the window was closed.

Immediately he slapped her on her beautiful ass twice, and I could barely hear her moan after each one. Then, positioning himself behind Amanda with his face in line with her raised ass, Kyle buried his face into her backside with his tongue invading her pussy lips and his nose nearly digging into her tight little asshole. Amanda was trembling even more as her hips pushed back into his face.

Her head had risen from the bed and was now arching back with her mouth in an "O" and her eyes closed. I decided I wanted to hear what was going on, so I gave Kyle's window a little nudge to see if it was unlocked. I hesitated in fear of making noise, but then realized I shouldn't give a shit if they heard me. Sure enough, his window was unlocked so I was able to inaudibly slide it open just a couple inches.

"Mmmphh, mmmphh, oohhhh, ohhhh," Amanda moaned as Kyle's tongue assaulted her inner beauty. From my angle, I couldn't quite see where exactly his tongue was, but wherever it was he was pushing the right buttons. Amanda was squirming and moaning. Kyle had his hands gripping both her thighs as she slowly rocked back and wiggled.

"Mmmmphh, mmmmmmph, mmmmmph," Amanda now moaned with her lips closed. Kyle was going to town licking up and down her slit. This went on for a couple minutes with Amanda and Kyle keeping the same pace. Then, Kyle's head rose up a little and his hands went to her butt cheeks.

"Amanda, I dream about your beautiful body every night. You have the best ass I've ever seen," he mumbled over to her as her eyes opened and she blushed a little. He was now spreading her ass cheeks and was licking all around her asshole. I can't believe his cheesy lines were turning her on.

"Oh Kyle…you're teasing me. Pleeease just fuck me, now. Pleease stop teasing me. Oh Kyle…oh god Kyle," Amanda said in her innocent, sexy voice.

My heart was long broken for me to get angry about her and Kyle having sex. I was empty and useless...pathetic, but shamefully at the time, my cock was hard and I couldn't take my eyes off my sexy girlfriend.

Kyle was still licking around her anus. Amanda, still on all fours, brought her right hand down to her crotch and started to rub her clit. She liked when I did that while we were having sex doggystyle. Kyle reached around her thigh and removed her hand, while placing his on her button for her, just below the neatly trimmed patch of dirty blonde hair.

"Oooohhh, oooohhh, ohhhh, ummm," she started wiggling again as his hand circled her clitoris and his tongue licked back in forth between her pussy lips and anus.

"Kyle, ooohhh, Kyle, I c...can't...can't take it anymore, ooohhh, Kyle," she said while crawling forward away from Kyle's grasp.

He immediately grabbed her thighs and attempted to pull her back so he could continue his tongue assult, but she flipped herself over, got on her knees and pushed him back. This caused both Kyle and me to be startled by her f***efulness.

While getting up off the bed she pushed him again further back almost to the wall, and then jumped into his arms with her legs wrapping around his waist and her arms circling around his neck. This caused him to fall back almost to the ground, but the wall behind him caught Kyle's balance while catching Amanda at the same time.

Amanda was all over him now while being carried in his arms. They were passionately kissing while both were moaning between kisses. Kyle's cock was pushed up against her belly straining to be hugged by her 18 year-old tight cunt.

"I always knew you were a tiger baby. I'm going to fuck you all night," Kyle said while she sucked on his neck.

Kyle was a strong young man, and with Amanda being a little petite cheerleader he had no problem lifting her in his arms. Because she was in shape from cheerleading, she was able to lock on him pretty well and use her own strength.

With his back against the wall and both continuing to passionately kiss, he dropped his arms down below her thighs and lifted her up positioning her right above his cock. He maneuvered her down to place her on his shaft..almost as if she were sitting on his prick...but his cock was too big to fit for the position they were in.

"Ohhh Kyle. It's not going in like this. Put me on the bed," she moaned in her innocent voice.

With that he walked her over and tossed her on to the bed. Amanda laid back with her legs spread eagle inviting him over. Kyle had that shit-eating grin on his face as he stood at the foot of the bed with his cock pointing right at her body.

"Come here baby," Kyle said opening his arms as indication that he wanted her there right this second.

Amanda crawled over to Kyle like a hungry stray dog. She wrapped her arms around him and tried to pull him into the bed, but he stopped her. Grabbing her hands and kissing her passionately, he placed the hands on his ass, then proceeded to grab the back of her head and pull it towards his big cock.

"I've never done this before Kyle, but I'll try my best," she said in her sweet voice as her words trailed off into her small mouth enveloping his penis. My girlfriend didn't hesistate one bit, unlike with me. I didn't know what to think or feel...I just stood amazed. Frozen.

"Ohhh that's right baby. Lick it and suck it baby. That's all you have to do. Yeah, that's it. Try to swallow me. Oh yeah." Kyle was talking to her like a porn star as she French kissed his penis.

Her little hands left his ass and made their way to his shaft. Her right hand was cupping his balls while her left hand took hold of the base of his cock. Her pout, sexy lips that I always adored were going where they'd never been before...even with her current boyfriend of four years.

"Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp," was all that filled the room along with Kyle's heavy breathing as her head bobbed up and down on Kyle's cock...Kyle standing at the foot of the bed while my girlfriend was on the bed on all fours sucking him off. His hands were running through her shoulder length blonde hair encouraging her on.

"Ohhh, you're doing sooo wonderful. Oh baby I only dreamed of this. Oh you're a fantastic little cock-sucker aren't you? Oh that's right baby."

Amanda seemed to be getting the hang of it while she increased her pace. Her little fingers were making there way all over his balls and cock, massaging them as she sucked for her life.

"slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp."

Kyle started to tense up like he was about to cum when he put his hand under her chin and pulling her pretty little face up. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she starred up at Kyle like a c***d waiting for directions.

"I want to cum inside you," Kyle said while pushing her backwards and pinning her shoulders into the bed. Kyle climbed on top of Amanda while her sexy, tan legs immediately wrapped around his back. Right as he was about to plunge in, she grabbed the sides of his torso and rolled him over aggressively. Once again, this caught both Kyle and me by surprise.

It was now Amanda who was mounting Kyle. I knew from experience that Amanda loved being on top. Within seconds she was directing his big cock into her pussy. Even though Amanda was tighter than most of the sluts Kyle usually slept with, his dick fit right in because she was sloppy wet. She was so wet that the bed was soaked with her juices. I rarely saw her body react like this with me. Before no time she was riding Kyle like a bull.

"Unghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, ungggh, unggghh," Amanda moaned as she steadily rode him. Kyle had his hands gripping her ass while he methodically met her bounces with his pelvic. Amanda was picking up the pace as she rode him while the bed thumped. Her little petite, cheerleading body was getting a workout.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, ohh god, ooohh god."

She was riding him fast and furious. Her C-cup, perfectly perky tits were bouncing with movements as Kyle stared.

Kyles hands then gripped her perky tits, while he still had his cocky grin on his face as he watched my girlfriend go to town. Her blonde hair was rhythmically bouncing with her body.

"Ungghhh, ungghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, ungghhh, Kyle, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck."

This went on for a bit, then all the sudden when it seemed like both were going to cum, Kyle caught her from her bouncing and flipped her over taking his cock out of her.

"Ooohhh Kyle, noooo, ohhhh god, what are yoouu doing, ooohhh, fuck me!" She pleaded as he f***ed her to get on all fours again.

Her pussy lips were swollen and her nub was sticking out almost an inch. Her thighs were slick and nearly dripping wet. Kyle's dick was swollen red and throbbing as well. He pushed her up to the back of the bed right near the window where I was. I stepped back for a second, but realized with the light on in the bedroom and the darkness outside that they couldn't see me.
Amanda grabbed onto the windowsill with her ass poking up in the air as Kyle mounted up behind her. I was no less than a foot away from them.

Her nice, perky tits capped by her large pink nipples were dangling from her chest, and her eyes were closed. Her shoulder length blonde hair was slightly in her face before she pushed her bangs behind her ears with her right hand. But, before Kyle started fucking her doggystyle, he smacked her ass.

"God you're such a beautiful, sexy little girl Amanda. The minute I laid eyes on you I knew I had to have you and cum in you. I'm going to make your sexy body cum right now, right baby?"

"Ungghh, just fuck me Kyle, please!"


"Tell me you want me to make you cum," Kyle said with a sly grin.

"Yes Kyle, oh yes make me cum, please fuck me!"


"Tell me you want me to cum in you," Kyle said now rubbing his dick along her pussy lips teasing her as she wiggled and pressed back.

"Ummmmm...Kyyyyle...ooohh just fuck me pleeeasee...ooohhh!"


"Tell me who you want to cum inside you Amanda."


"Tell me now!" Kyle said still continuing to tease her with his cock. Amanda was reaching back to rub her clit, but Kyle took her hand away.


"OOOOHHHH!!! Cum in my Kyle! I want you to cum in me!!!"

After spanking her butt cheeks a few more times, he gave Amanda what she wanted by slipping his cock in her needy cunt. Kyle plunged in from behind and knealt steady on the bed while Amanda pushed back. He held that position while Amanda wiggled her hips in circles, savoring the feeling of his big cock filling her up.

"OOOHHHHH! Kyle…..oh please, I can't beee loud, ungghhh, Kyle, oh gaawwd!" She nearly screamed as she started rocking back and forth with her hands planted on the windowsill. Kyle started to meet her rhythm, but he seemed to enjoy watching Amanda do all the work while fucking her doggy style.

"Ungghhhh, I can't, I caaan't, ungghh, I caan't be loud, Kyle!"

Kyle now started meeting her trusts and both were fucking hard now.

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, unggghh, unggghhh, ooohhh, ooohh, ohhh, fuuuck me, fuuuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh Kyle!"

*smack* *smack* *smack*

"Unggghhh, ungghhhh, unghhhh, unggghhh, ungghhh, unggghhh!" She was being very loud now.

Kyle's right hand reached around and started fondling her sensitive pink nipples while his left hand continued to give her spankings as she rocked back and forth as fast as she could with her hands still planted to the windowsill.

*smack* *smack* *smack*


Her orgasm came like a hurricane as Kyle pounded his prick into her while wrapping both arms around her abdomen and pulled her up towards his body.


She was trembling and wiggling in circles on his cock. Both of Kyle's hands were gripping her tits and his fingers were pinching her nipples.

"Ooooohhhhhhh…..uunngggghhhh…..oooohhhhh yeeess!!!!! Ohhhh yessss!!!!"

Kyle had stopped banging her and was now just holding her in place as she arched her back backwards and continued wiggling on his cock while her orgasm passed through her body like an earthquake. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was as wide as nature could allow it. Kyle continued to fondle her nipples as she came in orgasmic bliss.

Amanda's body fell to the bed as if gravity had increased it's pull on Earth. She was spent, but Kyle's cock was still inside of her sloppy wet pussy hard as a rock. Her face was in the pillow with her ass still in the air. Kyle pulled out his cock as it made a slurp sound exiting her beautiful pussy.

She rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide and her arms extended horizontally like wings. She sat staring at the ceiling feeling the ultimate pleasure she never imagined…the pleasure I could never give her like this. Kyle, still with his cocky grin, grabbed her legs and put them at his sides as if she were a plow.

"I'm going to cum in you now beautiful. You are the sexiest, wildest, most beautiful girl I've ever been with, and I'm not letting you quit just yet."

With that, Kyle aimed his cock towards her pussy lips, which were already opened like a clam giving off a pearl. He drove his cock into her smoothly, but it didn't take long before he started at a quick pace with Amanda's sexy legs around his sides.

"uunnghhh, ungghh, unghhh, ungggh." Amanda continued her moaning as Kyle pounded her.

Her tits were jiggling with her back and forth movements laying on her back. Kyle was very close to coming as he started to give some grunts. He took her legs from his side and brought them up in front of him so that her knees were almost behind her head. Amanda's ankles were on his shoulders. He was using her petite body like a rag doll.

"ooohhh Kyle, ohhhh, ohhh, ungghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unghhh, Kyle, Kyle, ohhh god! I'm gonna cum again!! Unggghh, unggghh, unggghh, unggghh!!!! Oh you're amazing Kyle!! OOOOHHH!! OHHH!!!!"

Kyle was slamming her up against the wall below the windowsill while her legs were extended above his shoulders and her arms were gripping the back of her thighs.

"uugggrrrhhh. Oh fuck Amanda, uugggrr," Kyle grunted as he started to shoot his load inside of her. Amanda was rocked with her second orgasm of the night.


Kyle's humping became sporadic as he milked his cock into my girlfriend. Amanda, on her back with her ankles around Kyle's neck, let her arms fall to the sides of the bed holding on to the bedsheets while her own orgasm subsided. He gave it a few more pushes until he was spent, and he collapsed on top of her. The both held each other for a couple minutes still grunting and moaning with Kyle's cock still inside of her.

This was my queue to get back to my room. I had enough. Just as went to leave, I heard one last little comment.

"Our secret Kyle. Please. I'm still in love with Bryce and nothing will change that."

We'll see.
93% (11/1)
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Posted by Erocus
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3 years ago
Awfully long intro but a great story
3 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
the first half was to much info and no sex secound half was better gave a 5