Halloween Gangbang

Maria looked in the mirror on Saturday, October 30. This was the night every girl in her residence was probably doing the same thing. Looking in the mirror at their scantily clad reflection and wondering about the nights activities.

Maria was heading downtown to a local strip of bars that always had the best costume parties and the best dance music in the city. Her girlfriends were all getting ready around her but she couldn’t hear them… the only thing on her mind were the last minute regrets at how sexy the reflection in the mirror looked staring back at her.
Her smooth Italian skin looked delicious against the sky blue genie costume she bought, showing off her toned tummy and any excess cleavage she had. The pants were very low cut and other than the panties the pants themselves were see through. Her hair was done in a spiral of curls that cascaded down over her shoulders and it was the same dark color as her almost black eyes.

Maria kept thinking back to when she bought the costume with her cousin who exclaimed, “Girl, with an outfit like that you are just asking to be fucked.”

Raised by conservative parents Maria had only had sex once before and it was less than pleasurable. The pain it caused had turned her from sex so she mainly focused on her studies.

With one last look at herself, all the girls piled out of the building and into the waiting safe drive van. Maria was never much of a drinker but to hide her discomfort with the costume she quickly downed drink after drink until she was for lack of a better word, wasted.

The discomfort gone, Maria let loose and danced up a storm with her friends, she grinded on men commenting on their costumes and flirting shamelessly. The night seemed to last forever.

Oblivious to the fact that her friends were gone, Maria caught the eye of a man dressed as what she could only assume to be an underwear model, the sweat was gleaming on his muscles as he danced with his tight boxer briefs leaving little to the imagination. Grabbing Maria’s hand he bought her drink after drink and pulled her onto the dance floor where they danced until the bar closed. Grinding closely where she could feel his hard on pressed into her back and the moisture building up between her thighs was unbelievable.

The lights came on and Maria’s eyes were heavy, the underwear model comforted her and promised he would get her home safe when she finally realized her friends were gone. Leading her out into the street the strange underwear model and Maria climbed into the nearest waiting car, where she instantly passed out.

Maria woke with a start, feeling tired and hung over, attempting to roll over from the uncomfortable position she was in on her stomach she realized she was stuck… Completely awake now she realized she wasn’t in her own bed either. Feeling very afraid now, Maria struggled against the bed that was confining her as a prisoner.

In an instant a door opened somewhere in the room and she felt a very cold draft on her exposed back, it was so dark in the room she could not tell where the sound had come from nor if there was anything else in the room. Feeling a hand slowly tracing spirals up her back Maria shuddered and explained that she was stuck, the laughter behind her was that of the underwear model from the night before as he reached her genie top she felt an odd sensation on her back which she quickly realized was the cold metal of a knife.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” She exclaimed loudly.

“Hurt you? Oh no baby I would never hurt you I just want to help you get out of that uncomfortable costume.”

Realizing what was coming next Maria started to cry as he cut the top of her costume off and slowly proceeded to cut the bottoms off as well. Now lying completely naked face down in this strangers bed Maria was very afraid, and wondered what the immediate future held for her.

Suddenly she felt hands massaging her ass cheeks, and before she could stop herself she moaned slightly at the sensation.

“Oh you like that do you?” The underwear model whispered in her ears, “how about this?” He untied her legs and slowly retied them so they were unnaturally wide spread and slowly but surely blew lightly on her now exposed vagina.

Shudders running through her body she had never felt before Maria was more curious than afraid at this point, the strange underwear model didn’t seem dangerous and maybe if she did what he wanted he would let her go. So she moaned a little louder, as she couldn’t find her voice very well through her fear just yet.
“You can call me Mark,” he said lightly as he slowly rubbed her legs sensually from her ankles to her inner thigh, coming dangerously close to her vagina. “You’re going to be fucked like you have never been fucked before, would you like that?”

“Yes,” Maria managed to whisper.

With that, he rammed two fingers into her now wet vagina and pumped in and out ferociously. Maria was so stunned she didn’t hear the mysterious door open again, or realize the room was slowly filling with more strange men.

Quickly inserting another finger, Maria gasped as she felt herself being untied and groped by more hands. Someone rolled her over and she could see the outline of at least 6 men standing around her all naked and all with raging hard ons. Oh my god she thought to herself I’m going to be gang ****d.
Her hands were now bound through the bed posts and a cock was shoved f***efully into her mouth the strange man yelled sharply at her to suck him off. Mark’s fingers left her pussy and she whimpered at the empty cold feeling between her legs.

“Ah the whore wants something in her dirty pussy,” Mark laughed, “Who will oblige her?”

A dick was mercilessly shoved into her unsuspecting vagina and without waiting for her to adjust to the size of him, the stranger pumped in and out with the agility of a jack rabbit. Maria's entire body was shaking with pleasure and pain, as there were now hands roughly pinching her nipples and rubbing at her clit and there were mouths licking her tummy and legs.

A crashing orgasm racked her body as the man in between her legs shot his entire load deep within her, and removed his dick.

“Time for a change of position I think,” Mark said, and with that Maria was lifted off the bed by all the men, a man lay down on the bed and Maria was placed down over him in the doggy style position. Confused she had no time to wonder what was happening to her as another dick was shoved in her face. The man beneath her entered her pussy with a dick that was much larger than the one before it, and started sucking and nibbling on her nipples.
Very near another orgasm Maria felt the tip of a dick pressed against her tiny rose bud asshole, she tried to scream for them to stop but the man with the dick in her mouth just grabbed her and made her deep throat his cock almost making her gag. Ever so lightly the man entered her ass; the feeling was so painful and so strange at the same time Maria had no idea what to think. Waiting for her to adjust to his size the man slowly thrust in and out, feeling both dicks move within her with ever increasing speed Maria felt a crashing orgasm rake through her body.

The men were shooting their loads all over her body, dicks were removed from her pussy and someone’s mouth replaced it, realizing quickly that someone was sucking the cum out of her pussy Maria paused to look and realized there was a woman eating out her pussy!
The men adjusted Maria so her and the woman were in the sixty nine position and Maria tried to follow exactly what the woman was doing to her own pussy through the pleasure. As they were doing this a man entered Maria and the strange woman’s tight ass from behind, these sensations along with the bittersweet taste of the woman’s juices were too much for Maria as she had one final nerve racking orgasm before she finally passed out.
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
very hot and naughty a real turn on
4 years ago
Dat was great really it was.......it was just to short. But i loved it.