The Mind Control Machine - ch01

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Controlling somebody else's mind has always been a common fantasy throughout the ages. Nothing is more fascinating than to have other human beings obeying your will without any restriction even at the risk of their own life. Many scientists have tried to uncover the secrets of the brain but so far our most complex organ has remained a mystery. We know that the braincells communicate using electric impulses, we have identified regions of the brain apparently dedicated to specialties like language, memories and so on but we failed at even the slightest attempts to decrypt memories or to visualize the dream of a sl**per. The brain is a safe haven for his owner's thoughts, more secure than the most secure vaults at the biggest banks. Well, this was true until recently anyway. My name is Francois Royer, and this is my story.

I had been working as a lead scientist at the French Cognitics & Nanoparticles Research Center in Meudon near Paris for a couple of years now. This very well known research center had hired me directly out of university as my student work had drawn some attention when I proved that it was possible to change the output of a neuron (or a braincell) by sending special formed electromagnetic waves to it. Some of the center's researchers were trying to prove that electromagnetic waves could influence human and a****l behavior and the goal was to find a way to protect people from potential harmful side effects of these waves, like for example waves from mobile phones or wireless network cards. However, as everybody knows, we are just bathing in an abundance of waves from radio, TV, satellites, cell phones or just plain electric cables. Apparently waves could interfere with one neuron but this would be a tiny "accident" and all other neurons surrounding the faulty neuron would correct the signal. The "fault" would go completely unnoticed, corrected by the output of millions of other neurons. It appeared that electromagnetic waves were harmless to human or a****l brains and therefore the research team I was working with was redeployed on other more promising (say "lucrative") research activities. I filed a special request with the center's management to be able to continue searching on the same topic and, since our research center was quite well funded and could afford having some scientist searching on not so promising research fields, it was accepted. I kept the teams lab and all the instruments and I essentially worked alone for several months, mostly ignored by the other researchers who were trying to achieve fame or file prestigious patents.

I had build a machine which emitted waves, interfering with each other, so as to create stationary waves at exactly predefined locations, and my goal was to be able to target each neuron of a simple brain individually. As brains were moving targets, traveling along with their owners like for example the dragonflies I was using in my experiment, a computer was recalculating the position according to the subjects movements. Also a receiver was measuring the reaction of the neurons and using this feedback to increase or release control of each braincell by modulating the waves of the machine. It was quite a clumsy machine with a lot of cables and interface cards connected to weird device. A parabolic antenna the size of a small TV was emitting the waves towards a cage were I was holding the different a****ls I was studying. The first tests were quite disappointing, the dragonflies were either not reacting at all, or they would fly around like crazy as if I had burned them badly. The controlling computer was getting billions of informations and it would last decades before I would be through with analysing all that data. Even a small brain like the one of the dragonfly was huge compared to even our most powerful computers.

The breakthrough came when I talked to a fellow researcher, Kim Chen, who was working on so called nanocomputers, extremely fast and extremely small, as they were not built using conventional microchips but rather with biological molecules. I explained my problem to him about analyzing my experiment's data and he thought that it would be a very good test to see how powerful his nanocomputers really are. A few days later he came into my lab with a normal looking PC laptop computer and put it on my desk. It was his brand new prototype and we spend most of the day connecting everything to my wave machine, testing the interface and checking the flow of the experiment's data. The nanocomputers were at the heart of the laptop and the data I put into it was seemingly analyzed in real time, with the biological processor running at 0.001% of its capacity. It was early morning hours when he finally left my lab with me promising to keep him up to date on how the nanocomputers would perform.

I spent the rest of the night checking the data, making out reactions of brain areas, and sending waves to reproduce the exact behaviour as previously. Dawn was breaking when I was finally able to control a dragonfly flying freely around my office ! I rushed to the a****l reserve and borrowed several lab rats and, with the help of the nanocomputer, was able to completely analyze the functioning of their brain within 24 hours. I then slept for 24 hours straight. I woke up fresh and with the decision of trying my machine on a human brain as soon as possible. I drove to the research lab and met Kim in the hallway, I invited him to my lab and while I asked him many questions, I secretly turned my machine on and had it analyze Kim's brain. Of course he did not notice and as soon as he left my lab I checked the results. It was amazingly easy to find the zone of the brain where he had stored the memory of lending me his invention and I programmed the machine to erase these memories along with the memories of him coming to my lab in the last two weeks. I called him again and he came into my office quickly, I showed him a fake error message on the screen and, while he was checking, I activated my machine. He continued typing for a few seconds and then looked up, seeming lost.

"hey Kim," I said, "have you found what this error message means ?"

He looked at me puzzled

"err ... well ... yes ... I mean ..."

He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. "I am not ... feeling ... so well. I'd better go back to my office"

He left my lab, looking quite shocked which was understandable if my machine had worked as expected. He had found himself in my lab without knowing how he got there. I was beginning to understand that my invention was Nobel Prize stuff. Unfortunately for humankind I had more ambitious plans as I was now able to control the human mind.

In the next few weeks I used several of my colleagues to draw a precise chart of the brain and its functions. I tested the removal of memories and made sure it worked by asking the person if they would remember anything. Everything turned out perfectly. I used a female colleague to implant her a strong sexual desire and she nearly ****d me on the spot, when I turned off the machine she blushed and apologized, not knowing what happened to her. As usual for any special behavior, we blamed everything on the stress at work.

The next step was to reduce the size of my invention. I wanted to be able to carry it around to test it on people in the outside world. It appeared to be beyond of the scope of my expertise so I requested the help of Kim again : I had him miniaturize the size of his nanocomputer so it would fit into a normal remote control. Afterwards I erased all memories about it from his brain.

I developed a program to realize a dream I had for quite a long time : control "normal" women to please me and obey my deepest fantasies. These women would obey to all my wishes and would be completely submissive to me sexually. This urge would disappear when I turn the machine off, but I built in an override so as to implant this obedience in them permanently, making them my sexual slaves for the rest of their lives. This was a very complex modification to the female brain and I was unsure if it would work at all, the female mind is very difficult to decrypt and to understand : thousands of books have been written on this subject and driven millions of men into madness! I finished the algorithm and stored it on CD which I gave Kim. He had reduced the size of the device to the one of a clumsy remote control, quite bulky but innocent looking. I had to aim it at my victim so that the nanocomputer could identify the correct brain to modify. I decided to bring this device home with me tonight, I called it the Nymphomaniac Control Machine, short NYMPHOCOM !

Chapter 1 - NYMPHOCOM's first "subject" Julie

I went home early that afternoon. I lived on the top floor of a ten story building in a nice and quiet neighborhood, in the outskirts of Paris. I opened the front door to the building and went to fetch my mail in my mailbox. While skimming through a lot of bills I waited in front of the elevators and was joined by Julie, one of my neighbors living two floors underneath mine. She was 22 years old and came from the Dominican Republic. She was studying plastic arts at the Sorbonne for two years now. She had a nice chocolate skin and incredible green eyes and, from what I saw when casually glancing, pretty big tits for her size. She was often wearing tight jeans so that everybody could guess her firm round ass beneath the cloth, she was one hot black chick. I had talked to her a couple of times and, when she was in a good mood, she would tell me something about herself. Most of the time she was rather rude though.

"Good evening Julie"

I smiled at her, blushing a bit, but she was not really the friendly type. She probably thought of her in a high way and she would not really accept me as an equal, I was dressed "normally" in my jeans and t-shirts and this was not enough styled for her. I was also more the discrete type and she preferred more "popular" type of men. She behaved very arrogantly but, despite her bitchy attitude, I was really turned on by her looks. I was not particularly attracted to black girls but Julie was definitely the hottest girl around. Of course I had tried to invite her out one time and she had refused by rolling her eyes to the ceiling meaning : how can this guy even imagine that I would accept ?? She bluntly refused, making it clear that I would get in trouble if I would dare try this one more time.

She recently went out steadily with the same boyfriend, a muscular hunk who was playing in a high level soccer team. Today she was in a bad mood, she looked at me as if I was poisonous, grumbled a "hello" under her breath and stood farther away waiting for the elevator. Another woman came into the building, a neighbor from another floor. She greeted us and immediately started talking to Julie about this reality TV show tonight, and both seemed to be very excited about it. Julie mentioned that, god thanks, her boyfriend was away for a few hours tonight since he hated this kind of show, he was going out with his friends. I thought to myself that this guy was not as stupid as he looked like. But then it dawned to me that Julie would be the perfect target for my newly invented device : she was not attracted to me so if I could get into her pants it would prove that the NYMPHOCOM was working. And tonight she was going to be alone ! We all stepped into the arriving elevator and I stood behind Julie, admiring her smooth curves packed into a tight mini skirt and a pink blouse. I was already getting a hard on.

Obviously I was not sure at all that my device would work like I was expecting. I tried to keep a scientific attitude and thought what I would need for my first experimentation. I fetched my old digital camera which at that time was quite bulky and doing only medium resolution pictures saved onto a diskette you could insert into it. I definitely had to take photos to document what was going to happen, to learn from mistakes and to enhance the NYMPHOCOM further. I was not sure how this would work out ... would the effect be immediate or would it take one two five or more minutes to appear ? or maybe never ? and, if it worked, for how long ? and would she remember anything afterwards ? What would I consider success ? a smile ? a kiss ? having sex ? anyway I had to test it and I find out tonight !

I turned on the TV and while having some microwaved hamburger as a dinner I watched the start of the TV show Julie had mentioned. As usual the show was a mere excuse to broadcast commercials all over the place, I was astonished that my brain could stand this kind of stupidity without knocking a hole in the back of my skull and leaping into safety... Of course I knew that the female brain was different. I wondered if my device could be a cure for the female attraction to televisual nonsense.
After one hour into the show, when I was sure that Julie would be alone and stuck in front of her TV screen, I took my NYMPHOCOM disguised as a standard remote control, put my camera along with my laptop into a small bag and left my flat with my heart pounding. I took the stairs to reach Julie's floor and was soon standing in front of her door. I could hear the TV running with the show on, the volume was probably turned on to the max. I rang the bell, my throat dry and my hands sweating, clutching the device in my pocket.

Julie opened the door quickly with an expression of great frustration on her face. She was wearing a pink silk bathrobe which was ending just above her knees, not too ample so as to show the volume of her breasts pushing against the cloth.

"yes ???" she yelled.

I was somehow frozen at the sight of this beautiful, sexy ... and aggressive ... girl in front of me. I just used the first excuse which popped into my mind, and stammered "Julie, sorry if I disturb but could I possibly borrow some filters for my coffee machine ? I just ran out of ..."

"does it have to be now ??" she asked, rolling her eyes to the ceiling like she always did. She put her fists to her side making her breasts stand out even more

"oh well it would really help me out as I want to make some coffee for friends who will come over this evening"

She looked at me in a very upset and exasperated way. Since she did not know how to get rid of me quickly she gave in.

"ok wait a second !" She quickly turned around and rushed into her kitchen, her silk bathrobe flying behind her, allowing me a glimpse of her dark long legs. I took two steps into her flat, switched the NYMPHOCOM on, minimal power, and pointed it roughly in the direction of the kitchen where Julie was opening all cupboards to find coffee filters, cursing me between her teeth. I felt very awkward suddenly convinced that my great invention was most probably not working on the first try. On the other hand the only harm done was that Julie missed 2 minutes of her favorite TV show. I put the active device back in my bag.

Julie came back holding a couple of coffee filter and said "here you are !" I took them, thanked her and turned around to leave her flat.

"Thanks again and sorry that I disturbed you during your show"

"No problem, its a pleasure to help you out." she replied, smiling. I could not believe what I just heard but I continued walking towards the stairway nevertheless.

"oh Francois ..." I turned around.

"well ... nothing ..." she added.

"Anything I can help you with ?" I proposed

"yes ! umm ... I mean no ... " she seemed a bit confused. "What do you carry in your bag ?"

"well, just my laptop and an old camera ...".

I looked at her expectantly. It seemed like she wanted to conversation to go on.

"I will go now, I don't want you to miss anymore of your show !"

"oh ! my show !" She suddenly remembered that this was the show she wanted absolutely to watch undisturbed. "Would you like to watch the show with me ?"

"uh no thanks !" I spat before realizing that I had been to stupid to not take advantage of this proposal but the idea to watch this freaky show made me forget about Julie for an instant. Somehow something was happening.

Julie took a disappointed look. Her beautiful green eyes were like begging for me, she looked so incredibly sexy and I could not help but notice the soft mounds of her breasts pushing her silk bathrobe apart. Before I could add anything she continued.

"hey, if you don't mind could you help me lift something heavy ?"

I turned to face her. She was smiling at me, her eyebrows raised interrogatively, waiting for my answer.

"Well yes, ok, I am pleased if I can help you"

"Oh thanks Francois, that's very nice of you !" and she took me by my hand to lead me into the room, closing the door behind us. My heart was pounding even more and I was not sure if Julie's attitude was due to the NYMPHOCOM or if she was just being polite to a long time neighbor, but then I remembered how fanatic she was about this TV show ... and she just had walked to the TV and shut it off !! My invention was working !

She pointed at a big flower pot containing a nice ficus tree in a corner of her living room.

"can you please turn it so that my tree gets the light on its other side ? it is growing in the wrong direction"

The tree looked fine to me but I went onto my knees and turned the pot around. It was not heavy at all. She beamed at me.

"great ! and to thank you I will make some coffee for both of us !"

"oh well Julie, thank you as well then"

I decided to not take any initiative to see how far Julie would go. She asked me to sit on the couch while she dashed off to the kitchen to fix the coffee. I noticed her ass cheeks nicely filling out her pink silk bathrobe. As I grew a hardon I f***ed myself to examine her apartment closely, to distract my excitement. It was a nice two bedroom flat, with a large living room, with quite a few things lying around. I could see that Julie's boyfriend was not very found of picking his things up.

Julie came back quickly and sat next to me on the couch. Her bathrobe cranked up a bit and she straightened it out with her hands, slightly blushing when she realized that I had noticed.

"The coffee will be ready in a couple of minutes," she said

I found nothing to reply except, "uh huh"

There was a second of embarrassed silence while both of us were searching for something to say. I was sure that I did not have many interests or hobby I was sharing with Julie.

"We never took time to talk," Julie said, breaking the silence

"True," I replied, falling silent again. Then I added, "but you are always so busy. Remember when I asked you out ?"

"Yes," Julie smiled, "Why not do that on Monday next week ? my boyfriend Eric is going out with his friends of the sports club"

She leaned back on the couch to cross her legs and I could get a a sight of a lot of her thigh.

"yes, sure, let's do that next Monday".

I was amazed that I now had a date, the NYMPHOCOM was apparently very well designed, I wondered how far it could take Julie.

"You are always carrying all kinds of technical stuff, what is it anyway ?" she asked, having finally found a topic.

"just my laptop, my old digital camera and a broken remote control I wanted to fix," I said, "photo and video are my hobbies so I am always ready with my camera with me"

She smiled broadly at me.

"nice hobby, maybe you can show me some of your work ?"

She seemed genuinely interested so I smiled back.


I took my laptop, started it up and displayed some of my old vacation photos. She moved nearer to me to have a good look and started to praise me for the quality of my photos. With each photo she moved closer and I could smell her spicy perfume and her left breast pushing against my arm. My cock was starting to get rigid in my pants again. On one of the photos a girl with big tits in a bikini was playing Beach volleyball. Julie stiffened and looked at me with a jolt of jealousy in her eyes

"is she your girlfriend ?" she asked , barely concealing a poisonous flavor in her voice.

"not really," I admitted but wanted to push a bit further, "but she had a drop dead gorgeous body !"

Julie made a face.

"nooo, look at these breasts, they're sagging!"

"no Julie, I assure you they are not, they seem like this because I did the photo when the girl was moving and since her breasts are quite big the were juggling a bit up and down"

"oh you think she has big tits ?"

She seemed like she wanted to rip the photo apart but then came the killer question

"bigger than mine ?"

My brain went offline for a couple of seconds before I tried to take an amused stance

"well Julie, I would not dare to compare ..."

"it was just to know ... don't worry"

I was speechless for a while and just cliqued to show more photos, and Julie went to an awkward silence as well. I did not even remembered this girl during my vacation in turkey but somehow the fact that she appeared on my photos had made Julie jealous. The same girl appeared again a couple of shots later.

"Did you sl**p with her ?" Julie asked inquisitively.

"Julie, I think ..."

"Never mind," she cut me off, "Its none of my business anyway"

She tried a weak smile before adding, "but her breasts are smaller than mine"

"I can not really compare what I have never seen !" I joked. Julie blushed even more, her dark skin turning even darker. She then smiled a naughty smile

"Would you be so kind and have a look at mine so that you can compare ?"

"what ?" I exclaimed but before I could say anything further she had opened the top of her bathrobe and exposed her naked breasts. She had huge black tits on her otherwise thin body, they were standing out rock hard and I suspected some breast enhancement surgery had helped a bit. My mouth went dry and my cock was painfully trapped in my pants. She put her breasts back into her bathrobe.

"Julie," I stuttered, "your breasts are the nicest ones I have ever seen"

"thanks," she smiled, "I am glad that you like mine better than these of that bitch!"

"I can assure you that you look much better than her. At least I am sure about the breasts now !"

"you are not sure about the rest ?" she asked sheepishly

She stood up, undid her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked in front of me and smiled shyly

"I just came out of the shower when the show started therefore I just put on the bathrobe quickly," she apologized. "I don't want you to think that I want to seduce you. I just want to get your opinion on my body."

"errr yes of course Julie," I stammered, "I would never have thought that you are trying to seduce me, especially that you have your boyfriend"

"yes, and I will always be faithful to him !" she beamed, "I just want your feedback !"

I felt some disappointment at what she just said. It meant that I just had lowered her moral limits, except if she was not entirely honest. In the meantime I could not help staring at her magnificent body. Her black features made her tight, beautiful, firm, round behind stand out and her thick, perky nipples protrude from her ample bosoms, and seemed to poke out no matter how much of a top she would wearing, her narrow waist exaggerating the rest of her features. Her flawless skin was slightly darker than milk chocolate. She had large brown wide-set eyes, high cheekbones and a graceful neck and jaw line. I again thought the size of her breasts probably was due to implants but they blossomed off her trim, athletic body with a fullness and heft that would make every men's jaw drop.Julie's long muscular legs curved up to a round, high-riding ass which seemed to just beg to be sodomized.

"you are a real goddess," I whispered. She turned around, bent forward and backwards for me to get a perfect view of all details, coming closer with every step. Soon I had nearly her ass cheeks in my face and my pants threatened to burst open under the pressure of my hardon.

"so you like my body ?" she asked naughtily.

"yes of course," I exclaimed, "it is perfect ! much better than the girl on the photo"

A thought crossed my mind.

"... and I bet that your skin is much softer than hers"

Since she seemed to be eager to surpass this girl on the photo I wanted to check if she could maybe go a bit further in the challenge.

"oh yes my skin is soft ! I use a fortune in creams to keep it healthy !"

"I am sure you do !" I replied but she looked puzzled.

"If you don't believe me, then touch !"

"well Julie, think about your boyfriend ..."

"I love my boyfriend and I am faithful to him don't worry. I just want you to be convinced"

I thought that the NYMPHOCOM allowed her to act like a bitch and still consider herself to act normally. It was quite an interesting effect. I put my hands slowly on Julie's waist and started to move them around on her chocolate skin. She closed her eyes and she shivered slightly. I caressed her tummy and behind and she moaned slightly. I then went up to her big jugs and cupped them. They were quite hard as I suspected but still extremely sexy. I malaxed them quite intensely until Julie pointed at the bulge in my pants, smiling.

"Please make yourself comfortable, this must hurt you !"

"Well Julie..." I started but she was already on her knees to undo my pants and have my hard dick nearly pop into her face.

"Don't worry, this is completely normal. You must not be ashamed to have an erection even though we are not doing anything wrong".

She casually took my tool in her hands and started to stroke it slowly.

"I am actually sorry to be the cause of this, I just wanted to know what you think of my body and now look what I have done !"

She had a worried look on her face and did not even seem to think about the fact that she was probably seconds away from getting a facial cumshot.

"Julie ... ugh ... If you continue ..."

"oh yes I know !" she abruptly stopped what she was doing and jumped up in front of me.

"this girl on the photo, she is wearing a sexy bikini. In order to compare properly I need to wear something sexy, don't you think ?"

She beamed and ran towards the bedroom.

"Wait for me it won't take me long!"

In the meanwhile I tried to get my still stiff cock back into my pants, it just seemed awkward to stay half naked in the middle of Julie's apartment. I heard her shuffle things in her room for several minutes and then she came out again. She was clad in a white and silver brocade bustier that laced up the front, sheer white boxer panties, black thigh high stockings that didn't require garters and a pair of black high heels that made her legs even longer. My jaw dropped while Julie walked lasciviously past me, her bathrobe she had wrapped around her shoulders flying.

"I think you can compare better now," Julie said while cupping her breast in her sexy bustier. The bulge on my pants was immediately visible again and Julie matter of factly came to me and undid my fly to remove my cock from its prison

"Please let it out, so I can judge if you like what you see"

She was acting like a perfect bitch but completely oblivious of it. My device had taken all of her inhibitions and sense of guilt. My cock was so hard that it was aching. To distract my attention before exploding I grabbed my old camera

"and I still need to take some photos of you so that we can compare photos versus photos"

"oh yes indeed, very well thought ! let's do it !"

I took my first shot of Julie. She immediately jumped forward to have a look at the photo.

"nice isn't it ? let's do more"

She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She jumped on her bed and took a sexy pose.

"What are you waiting for ?" she asked while I stared at her, this beautiful exotic babe nearly nude in her lingery.

I took another photo. She was looking absolutely awesome. She lied down, making erotic gestures and smiling at my camera. I took more shots.

Julie seemed completely oblivious of the erotic nature of her attitude. The influence of my device was powerful and I was wondering what would happen if I was to use it at full power. She turned around, on her knees

"Let's see how my ass looks like on photo" !

I was thankful that Julie had taken my cock out of my pants because I would have torn them apart. I had never experienced such a hardon and I was suddenly thinking about possible side effects of my NYMPHOCOM. I would have to check this thoroughly tonight. My playful victim once again turned around and grabbed my hard dick with her right hand.

"I guess you like what you see," she purred while stroking my meat, "I'll give you more"

She removed her white bustier and laid back, exposing her beautiful breasts.

I took a photo and she removed her white shorty so that I could get a full body shot of her. She then noticed precum on the tip of my dick.

"oh ... let me clean you ... its all my fault," she said, sounding falsely worried. She took my dick in her hand and grabbed a tissue from her night table. She rubbed me for a few moments.

The tissue was a bit rough so I asked her to stop.

"oh my god I am so sorry," she exclaimed, "its my fault. I think with a bit of saliva it will be better"

and before I could react she had taken my dick into her mouth and was sucking it passionately. I felt my balls boiling. A moment before coming she stopped abruptly, looked me in the eyes and said earnestly

"I just do that to make up for my mistake, I just want to be very clear that I would never cheat on my boyfriend and it is not as if we were having sex "

"yes a blow job is not sex," I concurred, thinking strongly about a former American president.

She beamed at me, "so you don't mind if I continue ?"

My mind was wandering and I answered like in trance.

"No I don't mind having my dick sucked by your beautiful mouth"

She immediately started blowing me again. I watched her head bob up and down on my dick, her shiny black hair swaying. Her tongue massaged the length of my pole until I could take no more. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I pulled her head back just in time for my full load to land in her mouth and on her face; spurt after spurt of pearly white cum splashing on her chocolate skin. She gagged a bit and then gulped a mouthful down.

After a second Julie's body started shivering and trembling like crazy and she shouted, "OH MY GOD ! OH MY GOD!". I was scared at what was happening now, was it a problem with the NYMPHOCOM ?

It took her one minute to recover and then she said, smiling broadly.

"I can not believe that I got an orgasm just from swallowing your cum !"

She then realized what she just said and added, "well I am glad that I could help you with your orgasm too. And we did it without sex ! as I said I love my boyfriend ..."

I did not really hear the rest as I felt exhausted after my intense cumshot. I was looking at this beautiful girl who was telling me how much she was in love with her boyfriend and that she would never cheat on him and who still had my sperm in her hair, on her nose, her cheeks, her chin, dripping onto her nude big breasts. As she was speaking she casually wiped a drop of sperm from the corner of her mouth with her finger and licked it clean as if it was a drop of milk. She stopped talking , closing her eyes as if she just had tasted the most exquisite bit of food. After a minute she opened her eyes again and looked at me puzzled. She then proceeded to clean herself with her fingers and licking them clean until not a single drop of my sperm was left on her face. She moaned while doing it as if it was giving her intense pleasure. I watched her for a while, enjoying herself, before she finally came back to her senses and apologized again with the excuse that she obviously had to clean herself.

"of course you could just have taken a shower," I laughed.

She laughed too but she did not get my point. I was wondering if Julie's orgasm after swallowing my sperm was due to a side effect of my device. I put my now limp cock back into my pants and went to the main room to switch the NYMPHOCOM off. Julie followed me still nude in her stockings, still smiling. I gathered my camera and put it in my bag along with my other stuff. The effect of my device must have stopped quite abruptly because Julie went to fetch her bathrobe and put it on. She had a confused look on her face.

"oh Francois ... I have... forgotten about the coffee !"

"no worries, we can have one next time"

"next time ..." she repeated, lost in thoughts.

"yes, unless you don't want there to be a next time ..."

"no ... well yes, I mean yes, I enjoyed our evening together ... but ... but ... I feel a bit guilty"

Obviously the device was turned off and not influencing her anymore.

"Why would you feel guilty ? you said yourself that we did not do anything wrong," I winked at her while walking to the door.

"yes ... yes I know," she smiled faintly, "you are right !"

I kissed her on her cheeks and opened the door

"good night Julie," I said while walking towards the staircase.

"good night Francois," Julie replied; "and thanks!"

It looked like Julie did not need the NYMPHOCOM to be nice to me.
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Great story, got any more?
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