My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 16: Katie's Hallowe

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 16
Katie's Halloween Party

Joechin Lee sat in his room and watched the neighbors from his window as they walked over to the Jackson's house. He sighed deeply as he didn't see anyone his age. He knew another boring evening with his parents awaited him. He wished his parents would allow him to go social gatherings with his friends but they always felt he would get in trouble and hurt his academic scholarship chances. The teenager was still a virgin while most of his friends have had sex. It's not like he wasn't interested in sex; he'd spent hours downloading pornography on the internet. As with most 18 year olds his hormones were going crazy. He would constantly jack off in his room multiple times a day fantasizing about what he had seen.

Besides watching his vast porn collection Joechin loved photography. He was a pro at Photoshop and loved sneaking pictures of his sexy neighbor Kathryn Jackson or even girls from his high school and editing them so they appeared naked or in compromising positions. He would then edit his own picture onto the men giving him the illusion that he was with them.

"Let's go Joechin!" his mother yelled upstairs breaking him from his trance. Joechin immediately thought about telling his parents he was sick and should stay home.

He rolled his eyes as he walked over to the stairs and yelled down at his mother, "Why do I have to go? Why can't I stay home? It's going to be boring!"

"You can play your games or read your comics later Joechin!" his mother yelled back at him.

Joechin enjoyed his comic collection and his multiple video game systems and would rather do anything than go to the stupid Halloween party. He stormed back into his room and slammed the door. His parents were always so strict they never allowed him to attend parties that his friends were having so he didn't understand why he had to go with them to this one.

The young man, a senior at North Kansas City High, grabbed his costume from the bed that his mother purchased. He pulled it out of the package; a Spiderman costume? Joechin frowned. When his mother asked what he wanted to be he told her Wolverine, from the movie X-Men. This costume was a Wal-Mart special no doubt. He threw his shirt and pants off as he slipped on the tightly fitting costume. He quickly noticed the pants revealed his underwear lines and quickly removed them.

He looked into his mirror striking a few poses, "Pockets!" Joechin groaned, "Spiderman doesn't have pockets," as he looked at the front and back of his costume pants. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't anything like the movies or the comics for that matter. He grabbed his Nikon D90 camera from the top of his dresser and opened the door and began to stroll downstairs. Although upset with his parents he felt he would at least be able to take some entertaining pictures of his d***ken neighbors.

As he walked into the kitchen he saw his mother dressed like a witch and his father resembled a hobbit. He stared in disbelief on how ridiculous his parents looked, "I'm so embarrassed" he said under his breath as his mother turned towards him and squealed in delight.

"Ohhh Joechin! It looks perfect!" as she admired her son dressed like the web slinger.

"It's not even close to what it should look like mom!" he rebutted, "Spiderman doesn't have pockets!" as he pulled out the front pockets in unison.

"It's fine dear," his mother reassured him as the f****y made it's way to the door.

The Lee f****y walked next door to the Jackson residence and all of Joechin's thoughts of not attending quickly disappeared when Mrs. Jackson opened the door.

His stunning married neighbor wore the perfect Wonder Woman outfit that was so tight it looked as though it was sprayed on her. He quickly noted that it had to be a custom costume and not a cheap store purchased model. Her hair was curled as he hung past her shoulders with a gold tiara. Her make up was perfectly applied as her lips were accented with a perfect shade of red lipstick. A red top with gold accents covered her torso which fit tightly around her stomach revealing her hard body. The costume was so tight as gold stars covered her ass which accented her beautiful long fit legs. The shorts, which were cut high on the thigh, made her legs look perfect with calf high red high heeled boots completing the outfit. A gold rope dangled from her waist as gold metal bracelets clung to her wrists. Joechin stared in disbelief at her perfect one piece costume.

He wasn't a huge fan of Wonder Woman comics as he always felt they were for sissies. But he had to admit hers was very well done. He moved closer to her and lifted up his mask, “Wow! Mrs. Jackson that's a great costume! I didn't know you were a fan of the superheros. Did you model your costume after DC comics or the old television series?"

Katie Jackson giggled at Joechin's questions. She moved closer, obviously already been drinking, as she rested her hand on his shoulder, “I don't read comics sweetie! I just thought it would be a fun costume!" as she turned to walk back into the party.

Joechin sensing a perfect moment pulled his camera up, "How about a picture for the Bugle?" trying to act like Spiderman's alter ego Peter Parker. Katie giggled and struck a pose for Joechin as he quickly snapped the pictures. His exotic neighbor bent over at the waist leaning towards the camera with her lips puckered. The horny teen quickly snapped pictures quickly already planning on using Photoshop to have her kissing his cock.

Suddenly another Spiderman costume appeared next to her. The couple they began to pose together as Katie stuck her tongue out acting silly. Joechin, fumbled over himself, as he quickly took a few shots of her knowing it will be perfect for a picture later.

Joechin was taken back that somebody would wear the same dorky outfit as him. The masked man removed his mask as Joechin saw it was Katie's husband Fred.

Pulling up his own mask, "Nice costume Mr. Jackson," suddenly feeling much better about his mothers’ choice as if Fred would chose to wear it; then it must not be so bad.

"Hey Joechin! We're twins.” obviously intoxicated putting his arm around him.

Fred and Katie walked off as Joechin continued to snap pictures of Katie's perfect ass in her tight costume. He was already excited to run home and download the pictures onto his computer.

Joechin walked around the house snapping pictures of the Jackson's guests, many of which had some extravagant costumes, but none as sexy as Katie's. Joechin noted they sure knew how to throw a party. Neighbors were also dressed up and were drinking gallons of alcohol and were quickly getting intoxicated. He paused to watch some adults trying to play Rock Band as he watched Mrs. Jackson sway her hips while singing to Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders. The sexy milf was having difficulty standing as she kept losing her balance and had to reach out and catch herself on the chair. d***k or not she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

Joechin felt his cock getting hard and he couldn't wait to get home and stroke off to the thought of his unbelievable sexy neighbor. He felt his erection growing while watching Katie and quickly turned into the corner and lowered his hands down in front of his crotch knowing it will be very obvious if his excitement continued as his pants were very tight.

He turned his head to watch his sexy neighbor as he hoped nobody would notice what he was doing as he placed his camera in front of his crotch trying to cover his obvious excitement. Joechin couldn't believe how luscious her ass looked in her costume. It was a nerd's wet dream. Her red lipstick was perfectly applied as he couldn't help but stare. After the song finished Joechin felt his cock was rock hard as he watched Katie bending over to offer drinks and appetizers to guests. The young man quickly tried thinking of college entrance exams in an attempt to get his dick to subside. He sat down in the corner of the room to concentrate as he thought maybe wearing a tight costume wasn't a good idea.

Eventually the young man was able to make himself appear normal, and after beating everyone in the party at Rock Band, he began to walk around the house looking for his neighbor. Many of the guests were coming up and offering Joechin a drink of alcohol. He knew better than to try and sneak beer or anything in front of his parents but continued to drink sodas. As the night progressed and the adults were drinking heavily; he began looking for a restroom only to find a long line. He's always had an active bladder and really needed to pee but didn't want to miss anything.

Joechin stood in line to use the restroom when Fred came up next to him, "Have you seen Katie?"

Joechin glanced around the room. He had been following her all night with his camera but had lost track while he took his turn playing the video game, "Not for awhile."

"When you do; tell her me and Mark went to get more beer," he explained as he started towards the front door.

"Sure," as Joechin watched Fred and another guest walk out the front door.

The young man felt like he could possibly pee at any second and walked out of line as a few people were still in front of him. He couldn't believe the Jackson's did have another bathroom as he spied the stairs leading to the second floor.

Joechin slowly walked upstairs past the sign posted to keep guests from going upstairs. He quickly spied an open bathroom, obviously for the Jackson's c***dren judging by the clowns painted on the wall. He silently shut the door not wanting to get in trouble for walking past the sign and quickly urinated. Feeling relieved he walked out and admired pictures that hung on the wall of the Jackson's. He again felt a surge in his pants as he stared at the pictures of his sexy neighbor. He crept down the hallway towards a closed door which obviously lead to the master bedroom, just wanting to get a glance of where his sexy neighbor slept. He quietly opened it and stepped inside; part of the bedroom was illuminated by the light from the master bathroom. Joechin heard a moan in the darkness and lying on her back, motionless on the king sized bed was Katie. The young teen quickly announced, "Sorry!" and turned to walk out. He glanced back at the beautiful woman when she didn't make a sound that acknowledged him. Joechin turned and slowly walked back in and moved closer. He saw her eyes were closed and could see the rising and falling of her chest. Even while she slept she couldn't have been sexier Joechin thought.

"Mrs. Jackson," Joechin announced, walking over to her side as he gazed down at her beauty. Joechin looked down at the camera in his hand and back towards the past out superhero. He was torn between what he should do and shouldn't do but his emotions got the best of him as he quickly pulled up his camera and took a few pictures of the sl**ping superhero. He focused in on her beautiful sexy freckled face. It was so perfect, her lips glowed a bright shade of red as he focused on her face and her hard body.

"Mrs. Jackson?" he repeated louder but Katie did not stir as she was passed out from the amount of alcohol she had consumed.

The nervous boy stared down at his sl**ping neighbor. She looked unbelievably perfect. Dressed in her Wonder Woman costume the top of her right breast was exposed as her top had began to fall down right above her nipple. He quickly pulled up his camera trying to get the angle to have the breast exposed. Joechin gave one more suspicious scan of the room then knelt down beside the bed. "Mrs. Jackson?" he said into her ear. Still his stunning neighbor didn't awaken. He looked down and lying next to where he kneeled was a black lacy thong that was partially under the bed. He picked up the garment as he lifted his mask above his face. He lifted the thong to his nose smelling the tangy scent of Mrs. Jackson. It was unlike anything he had ever smelled.

Suddenly, the boy stopped inhaling and licked his lips, as he stared thoughtfully at the motionless body of Mrs. Jackson. He glanced around the room, and walked quietly over to the bedroom door. He slowly and silently closed it; as it muffled the loud music that boomed throughout the house. He crept back over to the bed and kneeled down again next to the lovely wife.

"Mrs. Jackson?" he said, a little softer this time.

Joechin tentatively reached out and placed his hand on her stomach immediately feeling her firm abs over her bright red and blue costume.

"Katie?" he said, his voice a loud whisper yet she did not stir. Joechin quickly took off his Spiderman gloves and tossed them to the floor. The boy's loins began to tingle in anticipation as he slowly worked his hand up her costume until it was firmly planted on her breast; covering the mound of flesh in his palm over her clothing.

The boy silently climbed onto the bed and leaned over Katie, keeping his hand fixed to the perfect mound of flesh.

She still didn't move and Joechin was at last confident that he was free to explore his lovely married neighbor. Breathing heavily, he sat the camera down on the bed as Joechin's other hand moved to join its partner on Katie's chest. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed them firmly over her costume.

"Ohhhhhhh Wow!" groaned the teenager, his hands opened and closed over the deliciously firm mounds, kneading the resilient flesh. He tightly gripped the perfect orbs. They were more firm than he thought as it was the first breast he had ever touched in his young life. Joechin's cock had grown to unprecedented hardness as he continued to manipulate his neighbor's hard body.

Joechin released her perfect b-cups as his hands rubbed Katie's thigh's noting how perfect and smooth her skin was. Gently the teenager ran his hands across the lovely wife's starry blue shorts feeling how tight her skin felt underneath them. He continued to run his hands down her legs until they met her calf high red boots.

The young teen was breathing heavily as he ran his hands back up her body, pausing to reach around underneath her and squeezing one cheek of her ass. It was so tight and small; it was perfect. Joechin released her ass and ran his hands back across her stomach. With his free hand Joechin rubbed his cock over his clothing while he continued to stare at Mrs. Jackson.

Joechin ran both his hands back up to her breasts and continued to grope them. He then carefully curled his fingers around the edge of Katie's costume and slowly pulled the top down. The material tore slightly as he pulled it wide, exposing Katie's bare breasts to his hungry eyes. Joechin stared in delight at the wife's perfect rounded breasts. His hands once again closed over her, now bare, breasts. He stopped momentarily as he grabbed his camera and zoomed in on her breasts; capturing the moment on film. He reached out and rubbed them playfully as he continued snapping the shots.

Joechin continued to feel up the wife's passed out body as his fingers pinched and twisted at her nipples. The young man noticed the longer he played with her nubs the harder they became until they were both engorged.

The teen slowly leaned onto the beautiful woman, his hard cock jutting against her hip as he plunged his face into her cleavage. Joechin made a snort of lustful grunting noise as he rubbed his face on her breasts, savoring the softness of her flawless skin.

He turned his head to the side and captured a nipple between his lips, sucking it hungrily and at the same time he started to grind his bulging cock against her slender hip. The k**'s feast continued as he turned to her other nipple, his tongue coming out and lapped against the hardening bud, sucking it f***efully between his lips. He gave the nipple a quick bite and then straightened up, adjusting his position so that he sat over her, carefully straddling her flat stomach.

Joechin then reached down with both hands and squeezed the wife's firm breasts. He jiggled them in his hands, watching in delight as they moved between his hands. The teenager felt his hard cock pressing against Katie's abs as he dared not too much pressure on her.

He gave a huge grin as he released his hostess' breasts and climbed off the sl**ping married woman not wanting to wake her. He stared at her as he felt the hardness and heat coming off his cock that was straining to be released. The horny teen stared at her beauty as he rubbed the length of his cock over his clothing with his hand while he stared at Katie's naked chest. He heard the voices downstairs along with the pounding music on the floor. He had fantasized about this moment as he stared at Katie's perfect freckled face and red thin lips. Then, he crawled on the bed around to her head, sat down and carefully pushed her hair behind her shoulders not wanting her tiara to fall off.

Joechin stared at the bedroom door as he lurched up while he kneeled on the bed and pulled his costume pants down to thigh level. The young man's 6" cock immediately sprung out. He kneeled back down as he stared at the sexy wife as he slowly stroked his aching dick. He reached over and grabbed Katie's soiled thong and placed it next to his nose while he continued to slowly stroke his hard on. Breathing deeply, smelling Katie's musky tangy scent, while watching her naked breasts in front of him. He continued to stare at his stunning naked neighbor while he stroked his cock with her pretty panties buried in his nose.

Katie's head suddenly turned towards him as Joechin froze in fear. He tossed the panties to the end the bed. Her head moved until it was less than a foot from his dick. Joechin's eyes shot towards the door praying that nobody would come in as his hands shook as his breathing increased. He looked down as precum had erupted from the tip of his cock. Joechin gulped deeply as he slowly stroked his cock watching the sl**ping wife. Unable to help himself he slowly moved forward and rubbed his hard cock over Mrs. Jackson's pretty face leaving a slight smear of his shiny precum. Joechin then brushed the head of his cock across the wife's small lips, tracing their outline before pushing them apart with the tip of his erect dick.

He gave a small moan as his cock pierced her lips; the warmth of Katie's mouth was wondrous as he pushed his cock past her perfect red lips. Joechin moaned in bliss, the fact he was getting his first blowjob from such a beautiful woman made it all the more sweet. Never mind the fact she was passed out. He sat up and crouched over Katie's face as he fed more of his cock into her warm wet mouth.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, barely noticing the occasional sc**** from her teeth as he slowly fucked her tiny mouth. Keeping only the head of his cock in Katie's mouth, Joechin turned and grabbed a hold of her breast as he moved the mushroom head of his dick in and out of her mouth while stroking the shaft.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuuck!" He groaned as he plunged his cock a little further in and out of her hot wet mouth. Joechin held his cock between her lips as he grabbed his camera from the bed and quickly snapped a few shots of his hard dick between her lips. Although part of him wanted to continue with shots of a perfect Wonder Woman's mouth wrapped around his cock, he wanted to enjoy the new sensation and sat the camera back down on the bed.

The boy picked up the pace using his hot married neighbor's mouth to satisfy his built up teenage lust. Suddenly Katie's arms moved up to her face as if she was trying to swat away a fly.

Joechin quickly removed his cock from her mouth and scooted away. The boy was too scared to move knowing there was a strong possibility of her waking up. Joechin quickly thought he shouldn't have pushed his luck as he quickly pulled his mask down over his face unable to move away praying she would fall back asl**p. His cock quickly deflated as fast as it had grown as he sat up and pulled his pants back up. His mind thought of Katie running downstairs and telling his parents what he had done. He knelt next to her head willing that she would lay still and fall back asl**p so he could finish.

He watched in awe as Katie's tongue extended and licked her red lips as though she was tasting his precum that he left on them. Katie's eyes fluttered as they opened. Joechin quickly tried to move off the bed.

Katie looked confused as she focused in on the masked man kneeling next to her trying to roll off the bed, "Fred?" She mumbled.

Katie's eyes opened wider as she looked up at Spiderman. The hot wife, still d***k, looked up at her husband and smiled, "Ohhhhhh," playfully, "Hi Spiderman!" she slurred. The horny teenager was afraid to move as Katie reached out and grabbed the waistband of his costume, "Is the party still going on?" the stunning wife asked. She listened to the music and voices downstairs and smiled at her husband, "Oooooh it sounds like it."

He shook his head as Katie stared up at him. Joechin quickly realized his neighbor had mistaken him for her husband.

"Spiderman, did you like watching Wonder Woman?" Katie asked as she looked at her top that had been pulled down.

Again Joechin shook his head as he looked down at Katie's bare breasts.

Joechin sat in fear as Katie pulled his elastic waistband out, then, using his other hand, she pulled his semi hard cock out taking his young breath away. Joechin grabbed Katie's hand thinking he should quickly run away before she realized he wasn't her husband. Instead his teenage lust took control as he held the hot wife's hand on his shaft holding it there with his own enjoying the feeling of somebody else grabbing his dick.

Her hand instinctively closed around her supposed husband's piece of meat. She hadn't taken her eyes from it since she had removed it from her husbands costume. The tingle ran through her body as she felt the warm cock in her hands. She wanted her husband so badly. They had teased each other all night and it turned her on that their guests were still downstairs.

As she slowly stroked the cock up and down, the burning between her legs increased as she watched the teenager's dick grow in length. Slowly, Katie tightened her grip on Joechin's dick and started to move her hand up and down its entire length, feeling it grow harder with every motion of her hand. The harder Joechin's dick became, the faster Katie moved her hand and her eyes never left the cock that was fully hard now.

The boy exhaled and looked over from Katie's hand to her face as he reached out and began to grope her small breast once again. Joechin was excited beyond belief as his hot neighbor rubbed his cock.

Katie shuddered at his touch and let out a slight breathy moan, tightening her hand and beating her hand faster on the erect cock of her teenage guest.

"Ohhh Freddy," Katie began, her speech slurred, "You've wanted this all night haven't you? You and your Wonder Woman fantasy!" The married wife felt the cock in her hands and knew her husband was excited.

The married woman looked up at her husband, straight in his masked covered eyes. She could barely contain her lust now while staring at her masked lover. Katie stared at her hand that she wore her wedding ring on that, her husband had given her. The ring shined in the light from the bathroom. The d***ken wife loved her husband so much and loved making him happy. He had convinced her to wear the Wonder Woman outfit explaining it was his fantasy and she could continue hers with a masked lover. Her d***ken mind quickly thought of her neighbor Phil and his manipulative ways and she never wanted to lose her husband. She still couldn’t believe how she allowed herself to be manipulated by Phil. The ring continued to glisten from the light from the bathroom. The same hand that was quickly stroking Joechin's cock.

Fred had told her exactly what he wanted to do to her earlier while they were getting ready. Katie gave her masked lover a d***kard smile, "Let me see if I got this right Spiderman," Katie slurred looking into Joechin's eyes, "You want Wonder Woman to kneel in front of you and suck your cock?"

Joechin stared in disbelief; he swallowed hard as shook his head up and down.

Katie's d***ken lust had completely enveloped her, so still keeping her eyes on Joechin's, she slowly sank off the side of the bed and onto her knees as she pulled the boy in front of her. Joechin's mind knew it was wrong but couldn't resist what was about to happen; or so he hoped was going to happen. He slid off the bed as Katie lowered his pants to thigh level; his cock stood straight out in front of his married neighbor.

Kneeling in front of the boy's cock, Katie's eyes went straight to the hard member as it twitched in the air. They hadn't had sex for the past week and she was so horny, especially since she had been drinking. Her husband knew exactly what he wanted as he kept giving her Jello shots. She gently licked her lips and once again looked up into Joechin's masked face.

"You really want me to slide this dick of yours into my hot mouth and suck your hard cock until you cum in my mouth, while I'm on my knees?" She asked with her most innocent look and voice, "You want Wonder Woman to suck your cock? Do you really want to fuck Wonder Woman's mouth?"

Joechin nodded in disbelief while staring at Wonder Woman looking up at him, her top still pulled down exposing her beautiful breasts.

Katie smiled slightly and kept her eyes on her supposed husband as she reached up once again and clutched the shaft that was only inches from her pretty face, with her right hand. Looking at her hand with that ring on, a ring that meant she was Fred's wife, while it was wrapped around the throbbing shaft of the dick made her squeeze Joechin's cock harder from the feeling of lust that ran through her.

Slowly, almost painfully slowly from Joechin's expression that was hidden from view, Katie inched her face towards the meat in front of her. Staring straight into the k**'s eyes, she slowly opened her mouth as she came close to the head of his hot cock. She opened her mouth only just wide enough to fit the head inside so that her husband would feel her mouth on every part of his dick.

She felt him shiver when her mouth first made contact with his organ. Katie continued to lower her head down the shaft, never breaking eye contact with her masked husband, feeding more into her mouth. When her lips reached her hand she slowly moved her head back along the thick pole until her mouth almost came off it. Then again, painfully slowly she lowered her head along the cock and lightly began flicking her tongue over and over as she moved. Katie quickly noticed, although she was pretty d***k, that her husband smelled differently. Glancing at his rented costume; it must have been the fabric that was pressed firmly against his skin.

Mrs. Jackson slowly raised and lowered her head along Joechin's dick, never moving her hand, only slowly and gently sucking. Then, after a few times of this, Katie slid her mouth from Joechin's dick and gently massaged the shaft with her hand, slowly moved her hand up and down the length.

"Mmmmmm, your cock tastes so fucking good tonight!" Katie said licking her lips again.

"Don't stop," Joechin quietly whispered as he stared in disbelief at the gorgeous wife sucking his cock. The warmth and sight made him want to cum. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a blowjob would feel this good.

Katie couldn't help but smile. She knew he had been wanting a good blowjob and especially from her right then while all their guests were downstairs. Even d***k, Katie knew the way her husband reacts to her sucking his cock and knew he was extremely excited tonight. Most likely from her outfit she told herself. Katie giggled to herself that although her husband was harder than he's ever been that he didn't feel as long. As the hot wife continued sucking the meat in her mouth harder she felt it must be how the alcohol affects him.

She locked her eyes on his and slowly lowered her head back down on the rigid hard dick of her teenage lover. This time though, when her mouth reached her hand, she stopped and flickered her tongue continuously over Joechin's cock and then released her grip on the hard shaft and placed both of her hands on the k**'s hips.

She loved sucking cock. The married wife loved to have the entire pole slide down her throat and have no obstruction like her hand. Also if she used her hand to jack him off he would cum too soon, and she wanted to savor this erotic situation of sucking her husband.

Slowly, she lowered her head to the base of the teenager's cock while still looking deep into his eyes. She knew Fred loved it when she stared in to his eyes whilst impaled on his hard meat.

When her mouth reached the base of Joechin's cock and it had slid down her throat, only then did Katie slowly move her head backwards along the pole until she reached the head and then she lowered her head back down the meat.

Katie's head began bobbing up and down Joechin's dick, sliding past her luscious lips and down her tight throat, faster and faster. She had began slowly but once the feel of that cock sliding in and out of her mouth had settled in, she began to lose control and really begin to suck.

"Ohhhhh!" Joechin moaned as she worked on his cock in and out of her sucking wet mouth.

Katie moaned a little and Joechin let his head fall back. Katie closed her eyes and held on to Joechin's hips as she repeatedly sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. Using her tongue to slash across the hard meat in her mouth, she sucked harder and harder. Her cheeks moving in and out as she worked on the young man's prick.

She moaned more and every now and then she was lifting her head from Joechin's cock and moaned loudly, then returning to sucking cock like a pro. The sounds of both of their moans soon filled the silent room, as a break in the music had silenced the room momentarily. Voices from the floor below could be heard and were only drowned out by the lewd slurping noises of Katie's mouth on Joechin's cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Katie moaned as Joechin moaned back.

With Katie's head still bobbing up and down the boy's meat and her eyes tightly closed, all that existed in the world was this wondrous hard rod and all the pleasure she was getting from sucking on it.

Mrs. Jackson opened her eyes as her head once again lowered back down onto his member and she saw Joechin look down at her.
Then, as she stared into his eyes, he reached forward and grabbed her small tits and squeezed the soft but firm mounds in his hands.

"Mmmmmmmmmph" Katie moaned and rolled her eyes a little from the hot feeling of a masked lover taking advantage of her. The married wife had a fetish for masks and it excited her that her husband played along.

"Oooohhhhhhhh," Katie moaned again as her husband groped her breasts harder and then quickly went back to sucking Spiderman's cock. She loved the feeling of it sliding in and out of her mouth, sucking on it. It was so hard tonight; harder than most nights and had no problem taking his cock all the way into her throat.

Joechin continued to mangle her perfect tits and then he released them and placed his hands onto her head, not pulling or pushing her, just resting on her long brown hair and her gold tiara as she worshipped his cock.

She loved it and, as she continued sucking, all she could think about was her husband and the enjoyment he was getting from her tight wet mouth. The thought made her pussy tingle, but it also made her suck harder.

Joechin continued to gently hold the wife's head as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as her red lipstick covered lips were wrapped tightly around the hard shaft.

Looking down at Katie’s face, her eyes still on his as her lips gliding up and down his hard member, she looked so hot. Her face moved all the way down to the base of his dick and then slid all the way back to the tip of the head. He still couldn't believe how good her hot mouth felt and every time his dick entered her throat he moaned and thought he was just going to cum right then.

Taking his hand from her head he once again reached forward and grabbed Katie's small tits. They felt so good. Small and firm, but still soft as he glanced down at her red boots and tight blue shorts tightly covering her ass.

Katie's mouth tightened around his dick and Joechin moaned louder. She bobbed her head up and down faster now, still never taking her eyes from his. He let go of her wondrous tits and returned his hand to her head, not holding her head or pulling her to him, just resting his hand on her gorgeous brown hair as he allowed her to do the work.

Instinctively Joechin thrusted forward; fucking the married wife's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm," the hot wife moaned taking her mouth from his dick and stroking the wet cock that hovered in front of her before placing her mouth back around his spongy head.

He watched the gorgeous costumed beauty's head bob up and down on his dick faster and faster. He could feel the cum rising in his balls as Katie tried to suck all of it out of him. She moaned a lot more now as she impaled her face on Joechin's cock. The slurping noises seemed loud even while music played downstairs.

Katie sucked as hard as she could as she knew her husband couldn't handle much more of this as she tasted his precum had started to erupt from the tip. Joechin had never had gotten a blowjob from anyone and didn't know what to expect. He could feel his dick beginning to stir and knew his balls would tighten and empty down Katie's hot throat soon.

She opened her eyes again and looked up at him, and then she slid her mouth from his dick and slashed her tongue across the head of his dick and sank her mouth back down again. Joechin groaned louder and Katie seemed to try and smile as best she could with her mouth full of cock.

Joechin was mesmerized now; seeing Wonder Woman on her knees with his dick shoved deep into her welcoming mouth was hot beyond belief.

Her tits were firm, with nipples that stood firmly erect from the soft flesh. They were an amazing sight in whatever Katie wore and Joechin had plenty of pictures to show for it.

The 38-year-old wife bobbed her head furiously while she looked up into her supposed husband's eyes and Joechin just basked in the sight and the feeling of her hot mouth.

Mrs. Jackson had only sucked his cock for 5 minutes as the young teenager had tried to hold back as long as he could, as he enjoyed the sensation and the view but he could barely contain himself. His knees had become weaker as Katie realized how close he was to cumming and sucked on him for all she was worth.

Her head bobbed furiously up and down his shaft and her eyes were intent on his own. Faster, she worked the hard member in and out of her mouth and down her wondrously tight hot throat.

Spurred on by the reaction she was getting from her supposed husband, Katie sucked harder and harder as she slammed her pretty face down onto the teenager's meat until Joechin felt his balls tighten. He couldn't hold back anymore, the vision of her beautiful face impaled on his hard rod and her bare tits that moved around as she bobbed her head up and down; it was just too much.

Joechin groaned and clenched his teeth as he grabbed hold of the gorgeous wife's head and pulled her down onto his raging dick and his balls starting shot his load out as he emptied his seed into her mouth.

Mrs. Jackson's mouth welcomed the hot salty cum into her mouth. She swallowed as Joechin held onto her head, still staring up at him. He had closed his eyes together at the feeling of his of cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat.

Katie felt spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum quickly shooting from the tip of the cock that she held tightly in her mouth. Swallowing as quickly as she could; it still filled her mouth as it began to spill from the sides of her lips. Fred had never came this much in awhile she thought as she pulled off his prick trying not to gag.

After a second of cumming buckets down her throat, Katie fell backwards, while he was still cumming. Joechin grabbed his dick with his hand, after her mouth had left his dick another blob of cum had shot out and hit her in the face as it streaked down her cheek. Joechin stroked his cock in front of the hot wife.

"Ohhhhh," Katie moaned, "Cum on Wonder Woman's face!" the d***k wife exclaimed.

She leaned back on her hands and swallowed most of the remaining cum in her mouth, the hot wife let some dribble out past her lips and onto her chin.

"Cum on me, Spiderman!" Katie purred lustfully with her most teasing look on her face. "Cum all over me!"

Joechin only groaned, jacked his cock, and shot his hot sticky cum all over her. Globs of the boy's cum landed on and between her tits, all over her beautiful face, on her slim neck and all over the bedroom floor.

Finally, Joechin's dick shot it's last glob of cum straight into Katie's waiting mouth, as she knelt under his cock with her mouth wide open and her tongue out. Joechin sat down on the edge of the bed exhausted and amazed at the wife that still knelt before him.

Katie smiled at him. She had never seen her husband cum so much in her life; he must have been really horny tonight. As Joechin continued to stare at her with his grin that was covered by his mask, Mrs. Jackson ran a finger over her tits
and scooped up some of his cum and popped it into her mouth, sucking her finger and swallowing the thick liquid,
"Mmmmmmm, you tasted sooooo good tonight," she cooed as she rested her head in his lap.

Joechin stood up and pulled his pants back up over his deflated penis as he looked down at the sexy cum covered wife.

Mrs. Jackson kneeled on the floor as she looked up and pouted, "Where do you think you're going Spiderman?" Joechin paused as he looked back down at the married woman. She stood up and placed her arms around him.

"Come on Spiderman," with a touch of impatience in her voice as she whispered into his ear, "Aren't you going to make me cum?" Joechin bit his bottom lip under his mask afraid to make any sound as Katie squeezed him tighter.

He stared at the hard bodied wife not knowing what she wanted him to do.

Katie leaned up into his mask covered face, "Just real quick Freddy and we'll get back to the party! I'm so turned on!"

Joechin's stomach turned. If he didn't do something he felt for sure she would get suspicious. He reached out and grabbed her ass with both hands.

Katie stood in front of her young neighbor as she began to wiggle out of her tight outfit as she pulled it off past her red high heeled boots. She looked into his eyes, "Should I leave them on?" as she began to unzip the boots from behind. Joechin nodded as he continued to stare at the naked hard bodied wife in front of him. In what seemed like eternity Katie stood naked in front of him wearing her Wonder Woman boots with her gold tiara and bracelets. She was unbelievably sexy.

Katie sat down next to her husband on the bed and lustfully whispered, "Freddy, I need you to lick my pussy now! I'm soooo horny," she slurred as she laid down and flipped her legs around Joechin.

"Please, baby! My cunt is so wet! I need you to suck my cunt and make me cum!" Katie pleaded as she spread her legs in front of the masked man.

He panicked as she was about to see who he really was but those thoughts quickly disappeared as Katie, who was already rubbing her pussy mumbled, "but leave the mask on. You know I feel about masks….just lift it above your mouth."

Joechin was relieved at her d***ken ramble but only too eager to oblige and couldn't wait to have his first taste of a woman. He slid between the wife's legs and carefully lifted his mask above his lips and began planting wet, horny kisses on her inner thigh. Eagerly, his hot neighbor let her thighs fall lewdly apart.

"There it is, Spiderman! You've never had a hot pussy like this before, have you?" She completely allowed access to her fuck slit for her husband's lips and tongue. Whenever the hot wife has d***k quite a lot she became more vocal during sex, which Fred usually loved.

Joechin shook his head and gazed excitedly at the wife's cunt. He could smell Katie's wet pussy, and the tantalizing aroma of hot, horny cunt made the boy's prick stir to life again. He lowered his head between her legs and sniffed her pussy. The wife's crotch smelled amazing and with a moan of lust, he lowered his face even further into her aromatic crotch. It smelled unlike anything he had every sniffed. Sticking out his tongue under the mask, Joechin ran the tip of his tongue experimentally up the slippery pink slit of the wife's gaping pussy.

"Ungghh! Ohhhhhhh!" purred Katie as she slid her hand down, delicately peeling open her pussy folds with her fingers to expose her glistening pink pussy, and the hard, swollen bud of her aching clit.

He gently pushed Katie's fingers out of the way and replaced them with his own, holding her cunt lips wide open. Avidly, he slid his tongue up and down her saturated cunt slit, lapping up the tasty cunt juice that flowed from the depths of Katie's hot, throbbing fuck hole.

"Ooooohhhhhh! Lick my clit," Katie groaned impatiently, "Please, lick my clit!"

Tentatively, Joechin brushed his tongue across the wife's erect bud at the top of her cunt. Katie humped the teenager's face harder, as her small tits jiggled as she humped her pussy against Joechin's face.

"That's right, Spiderman! Ungghhh! Lick it harder! ... Oh fuck! Put your lips on it! Suck it, baby! Suck my clit!" the hot wife yelled, uninhibited by the effects of the alcohol.

But Joechin just licked her clit, teasingly probing it with his tongue. Katie's beautiful face was a mask of sexual ecstasy, as she deliriously twisted her head from side to side on the bed. The lust mounted almost painfully in her tortured pussy. Joechin uneducated on what he should do continued to just slowly lick her pussy with his tongue.

In desperation, Katie dug her fingers into the nape of her supposed husband's neck, trying to pull his mouth harder onto her clit, "I said suck it! Please, oh, please... Suck my fucking clit!" slurred the hot wife.

Finally, Joechin wrapped his lips around Katie's itchy, little clit. He sucked it gently not wanting to hurt his lover. He always watched his porn intently because if he ever got the chance he would know what to do. His tongue brushed back and forth on the very tip of her clit, sending spasming waves of ecstasy the pounded through the wife's half naked body.

"Put your fingers in my cunt, baby!" Katie cried, on the verge of cumming, "Stop teasing me!"

Joechin straightened one finger and slipped it into Katie's gushing wet cunt. Sucking steadily on her clit, he began jacking off her pussy, grinding his knuckle on the swollen outer folds of her trimmed cunt slit.

Katie raised her legs so her ass was completely off the bed as she looked down at her husband as his pace had slowed.

"Fuck! I want to cum," she moaned at the top of her lungs becoming increasingly frustrated. The music was so loud on the main floor that nobody would have heard Katie's cries of pleasure.

As tried as she might her masked lover couldn't bring her to orgasm. Her husband had always been a truly gifted pussy licker and now it was like he had never tasted it.

Desperately, she clutched her husband's head with both hands, her ass pumping and humping frantically off the bed, as she fucked her pussy against his mouth again and again. And Joechin eagerly kept sucking her clit with his lips and fucking her cunt with his fingers.

"Ohhhhhh! Stop teasing me and get me off!" Katie yelled at him.

Joechin felt his the hardness of his cock. While he continued to lick the hot wife; he lowered his pants to thigh level and started to rub his swollen fuck stick. Katie gasped as she saw, once again, the incredible stiffness of her supposed husband's cock. His prick looked harder than it had been before he'd cum as if a fresh load of creamy sperm would spew out of his prick at any moment.

Katie felt her cunt throbbing, and wanted her husband's fuck tool pistoning back and forth inside her suddenly insatiable cunt.

"Ohhhhhh," staring down at the erect cock, "You're fucking hard again?" as she reached down and pulled his head up. Joechin quickly had to grab his mask from coming off as he pulled back down over his face, "You need to get d***k more often," the intoxicated wife exclaimed as she took grabbed his cock into her hands.

The hot wife trembled harder than ever with her passion. Her husband hadn't became hard again so quickly since their honeymoon. She wiggled her heart shaped, pert ass into a good humping position, spread her slender thighs as wide as she could, letting the horny teenager see all of her tight, wet, pouty-lipped cunt.

"Fuck me! Push it in baby! Go ahead, baby, shove it into Wonder Woman!" Katie yelled as she pulled her husband onto her.

Excitement filled the young man as he leaned over her, supporting his shoulders on an outstretched arm. Lustfully, he gazed down at the wife's shaven fuck hole with a thin patch of pubic hair. He aligned his cock with his free hand and watched intently as his bloated cock head disappeared into her gooey pink cunt-slit. Joechin gasped at the thought that he had just lost his virginity. The young teen paused for a second feeling Mrs. Jackson's moist hole around him. The hot tightness clung around his shaft unlike anything he had ever felt.

Then, instinctively, Joechin started humping, awkwardly at first, then more steadily as he slid his prick into the welcoming tightness of his neighbor's hot, wet cunt.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah," Katie purred, "I..." her voice tailing off as Joechin pushed more of his cock into her, "I can't believe your cock is this hard again."

Joechin's fuck rod stretched his neighbor's tight cunt as it bored its way in, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy around the thickness of his cock. Katie started humping when the boy had a third of his prick embedded in her pussy, excitedly bucking and grinding her blushing ass cheeks in an attempt to get more of his prick into her fuck hole.

"Oh, God, baby! Your cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me hard Spiderman!" feeling like a d***k slut yelling at her lover uninhibited by anything or anybody.

Joechin wiggled his hips as he thrusted his prick into Katie's widely stretched cunt, making his cock slide easily into the gooey, warm tightness of her juicy fuck hole. Finally, with his neighbor humping like a bitch in heat beneath him, the young man seemed to catch on to the rhythms of fucking.

Joechin started thrusting steadily, fucking his rock hard prick deeper and deeper into the hot wife's pussy with every stroke. Katie grimaced with pleasure as the boy started to slam himself into her as hard as he possibly could. Her glove tight pussy began contracting wetly and rhythmically around Joechin's young hard cock.

"Deeper!" Katie gasped, and spread her legs further, as far as she could. "Fuck my pussy deep! Ram it all the way in! I want to feel it deep in me!"

Mrs. Jackson felt the hard cock pushing in and out of her hot wet pussy noting that it didn't feel quite as deep as Fred usually fucks her. Katie's thought quickly to Phil fucking her and wondered if he had bore out her pussy to the point she couldn't feel her husband's cock.

Joechin pounded hard into his neighbor's hot, buttery cunt, sinking the remaining few inches of his young prick to the hilt in her creaming pussy. His elbows bent, letting his weight down on top of her, crushing her small, stiff nippled tits under his chest. For several ecstatic seconds, Joechin lay motionless, just savoring the juicy, sucking pressure of the wife's pussy around his cock.

"Don't stop! " Katie pleaded. "Work your ass back and forth, move you cock in and out! Please!! Fuck me! Please!!!" with desperation in her voice as she humped her ass to meet her supposed husbands dick.

Joechin pulled his cock slowly out of Katie's clinging pussy, withdrawing until only his helmet shaped cockhead parted the tightly stretched lips of her cunt. Then, shuddering with pleasure, he slammed back inside her again, sinking his cock into her hot, slippery cunt hole.

Katie's tits jiggled as she humped her ass in a frenzy of lust, as she panted and gasped as she pumped her throbbing pussy against the base of his prick.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she begged, the words an obscene d***ken chant. "Harder! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me deep with your hard cock! Deeper!"

Joechin quickened his pace, slid as he his bl**d gorged prick shaft in and out of Mrs. Jackson's incredibly tight pussy. The wet, swollen lips of her pussy clung to his cock shaft, clasping and squeezing his horny young prick in an incredible grip, every time he slammed it into her cunt. T

With another big load of jizz churning in his balls, Joechin fucked the horny, insatiable mother faster and faster, making the bed squeak with the fury of their wild fucking.

"Deeper!" Katie bucked her tightly clenched ass, frantically fucking the teenager as fast and as hard as she could.

"Unnngghhh! Deeper! Oooohh!! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, baby!" Katie moaned in heat.

Joechin fucked his horny neighbor as hard as he could, he panted into his mask as he drilled his young cock wildly in and out of her juice filled pussy. Katie humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter, her pussy slit contracting repeatedly around the satisfying stiffness of his fucking prick.

The wife and her unknown teenage lover fucked in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the torrid energy of their coupling. Joechin's pistoning cock relentlessly pounded into the gushing depths of her pussy.

The sounds of sloppy sex filled the room that was barely audible over the loud music that played downstairs. The freckled face beauty looked up at her masked lover, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" the d***ken goddess repeated over and over.

Katie placed her hands on Joechin's chest as she looked into his mask covered eyes, "Fuck me from behind!" as she pushed him off of her. Joechin's cock slid out of the wife's pussy as the horny woman quickly got on all fours her red high heeled boots sticking out across the bed. The young teen knew exactly what he needed to do as he knelt behind the perfect small ass as he slowly eased his cock back into her.

Soon he was fucking her from behind as the undeniable sound of sex was heard doing a break in the music mixed in with Katie moaning with every thrust. Joechin watched down in delight as his cock shot into the wife's wet pussy.

Katie buried her head into her pillow as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks further apart as her horniness took over. She was so close to cumming and wanted to feel what the lady did in the porn video she had seen last week. She was hesitant to say anything to her husband, even while d***k, but then she blurted, "Rub my ass," looking back towards her masked husband, "rub my asshole with your finger while you fuck me!"

Joechin stopped as he couldn't believe his ears as he stared at the sexy neighbor looking back at him. Joechin slowly started to thrust himself into her as he lifted his finger and rubbed her wet butthole. Katie began to slam herself back towards him while she held her cheeks apart, "Push it in!" she slurred. The young man began to slowly ease his thumb into her rectum while continuing to work his cock. Never in his mind did he think his innocent neighbor would act like this in bed as he pushed it further into her ass much to the delight of Mrs. Jackson. In perfect unison he ran his thumb in and out of the tight ass of his neighbor while moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

The teenager's heart raced as he hoped he would be able to fuck her ass with his cock. He had seen so many anal sex videos and was something he wanted to try in his lifetime, but didn't think everything would happen on the same day. While he continued to fuck her he began to question himself. Should I just put it in? What would she do?

His trance was broken by Katie's slurred d***ken speech, "Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah...fuck it" she screamed as Joechin worked his finger and cock together at the same time.

"Deeper! Deeper!" as Joechin pushed his thumb into the hot wife as far as it could go, "Oohhhhhh fuck...I'm cumming. I'm cummmmming!" she screamed.

Joechin picked up his pace of deep as he fucked his neighbor as her body began to shake, "ooohhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck!!" as the young boy brought Ms. Jackson to orgasm.

"OOOhhhhhhhh," Katie moaned as her body continued to shake from the boy's pounding. He continued to f***e his cock and finger into both tight holes as he slowed his pace as he pulled out of her wet pussy. The young man pulled his thumb from her tight butt as he placed the head of his cock to the entrance to anal cavity and pressed his bl**d engorged spongy head of his cock against his neighbor's tight asshole.

The hot wife looked back and moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!" and demanded, "Fuck my ass with your cock."

Joechin thrusted forward as his cock began to penetrate her tight ass but he felt his climax rapidly approaching. He pulled back hoping to avoid cumming but tried as he might the first volley shot out buttering Katie's back door.

"Ohhhhh fuck yes Fred! Cover me with your cum!" as Katie ground her ass back towards his spasming cock.

Joechin quickly stroked his pussy juiced cock as spurt after spurt of his cum showered the hot wife's perfect small ass. The young boy moaned loudly, but was drowned out by the loud music playing, as his cum sprayed onto Katie's back.

Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jism that was welled up in Joechin's balls, bathed Katie's ass and back as it leaked onto the bedspread.

Fred's wife collapsed forward onto the mattress still recovering from her orgasm as Joechin knelt behind her squeezing every drop out of his balls and onto his costumed lover, "Ohhhhhhhhhh," Joechin moaned happily. He grinned down at Katie wickedly, under his mask.

Mrs. Jackson slowly got up using her hand to balance her intoxicated state. She bent down to pick up her costume as she looked over at her husband, "You better go downstairs! Our guests are probably suspicious!" the d***ken wife announced as she walked into the bathroom.

The young man watched in awe as the grown woman stumbled in front of him into the bathroom. He quickly grabbed the lacy thong and placed it into his back pocket and grabbed his camera without Katie noticing, who was wiping her back in front of the mirror with a towel. Joechin paused before leaving looking at the sexy wife naked in front of the mirror.

Joechin slipped out of the bedroom closing the door behind him. He looked back at the room where he will forever remember as where he lost his cherry as he put his costume gloves back on. He walked downstairs refreshed although weak in the knees. Under his mask nobody noticed anything and couldn't see the big grin on Joechin's face. He spied his mother and father in the kitchen as he pulled off his mask as sweat poured off of him.

His mother looked over at him, "Joechin, are you okay? You look like you took a shower! You are soaked in sweat!"

The young teen that just lost his virginity looked over at his mother, "I'm fine! It's just really hot in the costume!"

He spent a few more minutes talking with other guests but his thoughts were on what he had just accomplished. He glanced down at his camera knowing his first piece of ass will forever be documented on film.

"I'm going to go home," he told his mother, "I'm getting tired."

"Okay honey," his mother said while holding a glass of wine, "Did you have a good time though?"

"Oh yeah. I had more fun that I could possibly imagine!" as he turned towards the front door. As he walked out the door, Fred Jackson walked up the sidewalk with another neighbor carrying the beer, "Goodnight Mr. Jackson."

"Joechin! The party is just starting!" he exclaimed obviously still intoxicated.

"I think I'm partied out! I'm pretty tired! But tell Mrs. Jackson that I had a great time!" as he walked across the street and into his house. Once inside Joechin fell back against the door and took a deep sigh. The young man reached into his back pocket and removed Katie's lacy thong and held it up to his nose knowing he will forever have the scent of his first woman.

Coming soon; My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 17. Katie was been avoiding the phone calls from the hospital but her disgusting neighbor has been released to go home. Phil is leaving messages that he is going to tell Fred everything! What would a hot wife do to protect her f****y....
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so fantastic and very incredible so erotic and ultra sensual
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Try literotica for the rest search for hot wife Katie
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very good story wish i could find 1-15
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that was a good one once i saw there were two spider man i just knew what would happen lmao