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Star sign:Libra
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Body type:Average
Height:170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
About Me
I love all kinds of hentai: tentacles, futa, loli, etc.
Like a porn lover I enjoy watching movies, photos and reading stories.
I have a very open mind and I enjoy watching all kinds of porn, gay or shemale I enjoy watching all.
Others fetish I have are Voyer and panties (pantsu).
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1 month ago
really like all your Hentai galleries.
1 month ago
Thanks for your add.
Kisses. ;-)
6 months ago
Great profile!
9 months ago
Vlw por aceitar o convite cara
11 months ago
Hi! also love Bible Black.
11 months ago
Your profile pic is awesome! I love Bible Black :D
1 year ago
Awww sooo cute!!! I love cuddles hehe :D
1 year ago
eu adoro todos os generos de hentai ate Yaoi, e todos os fetiche que existe no hentai
1 year ago
sim sou portugues
1 year ago
You're welcome.
Your pics are so cute and yammy that makes me wanna take a bite and then cuddle with you
1 year ago
Hey brigado migo ;)!
1 year ago
Awww thankies for the sweet comments!! :D
1 year ago
nods all my toys :P
1 year ago
Hi!! Thanks for sticking around for me!! Watching your avatar and thinking about how good she feels!! Ty for being a friend!! ^.-
1 year ago
http://xhamster.com/user/plasticdoll/posts/219032.html he apologized for closing his account.
1 year ago
yeahhh thx for the heads up ^^
1 year ago
he is back check he profile
1 year ago
Just changed the videos for friends. Thanks for your note!! ^.^
1 year ago
Thanks so much for the add!!
1 year ago
Nice galleries!! Please add!!
1 year ago
Woah, great galleries! :D
1 year ago
nice, I have a pantsu and voyeur fetish too :)
1 year ago
When she was young she was always wearing bikini witch is great, at young age (end of dragon ball beginning of Z) she used those Chinese dresses that are very hot and sexy but later on after she had Goten she dropped the ball
1 year ago
True...or not. I find ChiChi hot when she's a child young teen and then when she become a milf, hehehe !
1 year ago
Nice, could you tell me the details? (I'm really curious hehe xD)

Of what you guys did and what did you thing about it, if you dont want to talk about those stuff on our profile page just pm me ;)
1 year ago
it went great :3
1 year ago
Hey no problem, I understand ;D I love your galleries!
1 year ago
But now I dont know if xhamster fixed or I accidentally hit the "clear retired" button cause i dont have any more retired friends but when I logged in I had a full page... oops

Its still happening to some of your friends?
1 year ago
Oops sorry lol. A glitch on xhamsters end. Your friends just need to reactivate their account and all is good.
1 year ago
A glitch

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