My Ex-Girlfriend cuckolds me

I watched on my knees, my hard seven inch cock getting stroked by my own hand, as my ex Julia bounced on this stranger's thick, huge rod. It all started a few weeks ago, it was my day off and I was settling down to just relax and do jack shit all day. I was sitting in front of my computer, cock in hand with a gallery of cuckold captioned pictures on the screen, when my doorbell rang. A bit pissed, I stood and put my cock back in my jeans before answering the door.

Julia was standing on the other side, which surprised the crap out of me considering how we had broken up a few months earlier. She jumped on my and kissed me hard, her hand going right to my crotch and rubbing my throbbing bulge. I moaned as I pulled her into my house, carrying her to my bed and ripping her tight t-shirt off. As her huge double D-Cup tits bounced out, her hand knocked my mouse and woke up my computer.

"What the fuck is this?" Julia asked, her hand over her mouth. I turned and blushed hard, my cock still throbbing to be let out of its prison, as we both looked at a picture of a hot, big titied brunette riding a thick, foot long dick. The caption read 'Oh fuck yes! I needed a real man's cock for once!' Julia grabbed the wireless mouse and started to click through the captions, each one degrading the reader for having a small cock, and glorifying the hung man in the picture for being a real man. "Is this what you're into?" my ex asked, a smile on her lips, "You like watching these sluts riding a huge, yummy looking cock?"

I was too horny to think, so I nodded. Julia laughed and reached over, unzipping my pants and pulling out my hard, pre-cum leaking cock. "Oh my god... Did you get smaller?" she asked, stroking my dick fast and hard, her warm hand felt great on my throbbing dick, "Mmmm, look at how pathetic you look. You could've had me bent over this bed and taking your little dick raw, but now that I know you're just a little pervert..." At that, I almost screamed and my cum shot out and all over her huge titties. Julia just smiled and looked up at me, "What a good boy. I'll be back in a couple days, ok?" She stood up and took my hand, using it to wipe off my thick jizz and rubbed it on my face, "No cumming till then, got it?" I nodded, completely turned on.

So, that's how we got here. Julia brought this guy over one day randomly, told me that he has a nice big cock, and wanted to have me watch her ride him. My cock instantly got rock hard, and Julia just unzipped the guy's pants. A huge, at least foot long and thick as hell cock popped out and slapped my hand. I bit my lips, and Julia started riding the guy's cock with her skirt on. The dude tore her skirt off, and laughed as he asked if I had a good view.

They had been fucking for a good few hours until the guy finally said he was going to cum. "Fill me up Harry!" Julia moaned, "Fill me with your hot thick load! Oh god I need a real load of cum, not the little strings that my little cocked ex shoots out! Do it baby! Do it please!" Needless to say, Harry filled her up.

Slowly, Julia lifted off his cock, letting a good amount of jizz drip from her stretched cunt to his huge shaft. She laid on her back and looked down at me, "Now," She said, "Clean him up."

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10 months ago
Lucky you,,,bet it tasted great.
10 months ago
That is sooo stuff!!