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I Didn't Care

I didn't care who she was, all I knew is that her tongue felt amazing on the head of my aching cock. I hadn't said a word to her, and there she was under the table I was sitting at. She wasn't a bad looking lady, but I couldn't tell you much about her face, I spent most of my time watching her huge tits jiggle as her mouth slid up and down my thick shaft.

The library was nearly empty, so we where pretty damn lucky. Maybe she'd known that it would just be her and whatever guy needed to do a bit of reading, either way the second I sat down I noticed she was gone. It took her a while to get to... Continue»
Posted by Erect-eruption 4 months ago

[Story] Way too long.

It had been a few months since I last saw Rachel, and in all honesty it was a good thing. My ex-girlfriend was the last person I wanted to see, for various reasons. She was a lying, gold digging bitch who used me as her personal piggy bank, so much so that I had to go back to living with my grandma for a few weeks till I could get on my feet.

My grandma was a sweet lady, but I knew she wanted me out as soon as I could get the cash. It wasn't that she was hard on me or anything, it's just that... Being without sex for half a year had made me a bit vocal when I finally released it, and that h... Continue»
Posted by Erect-eruption 5 months ago

[Story] My Ex-Girlfriend cuckolds me

I watched on my knees, my hard seven inch cock getting stroked by my own hand, as my ex Julia bounced on this stranger's thick, huge rod. It all started a few weeks ago, it was my day off and I was settling down to just relax and do jack shit all day. I was sitting in front of my computer, cock in hand with a gallery of cuckold captioned pictures on the screen, when my doorbell rang. A bit pissed, I stood and put my cock back in my jeans before answering the door.

Julia was standing on the other side, which surprised the crap out of me considering how we had broken up a few months earlier. ... Continue»
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[Story] A long time coming

I've always wanted to do this, but I had no clue that it would happen like this.

I should explain: My name's Max, I've got an ok job and I'm saving up to try and get back into college. I'm 21, and I just broke up with my girlfriend of eight years. She was smart, cute, very sexy... But she had this little problem. Her problem was that she liked fucking big cock, and while I've got a pretty good sized dick (7 and a half inches long and about 2 inches thick), she just couldn't live without fucking a friend of hers with a 10 inch cock. We broke up after that... After I let her cuckold me with h... Continue»
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[Story] My Fiancee and her Best Guy Friend

Well, I guess I should tell you guys about my fiancee, let's call her Shela. Now, Shela's a very sexy woman, long black hair, blue eyes, she's slim and works out, nice legs, a big pair of D cups, and a nice ass that I wish she'd let me fuck. And when you get her wet, she will not stop till you cum. I've had her suck me off in the shower, fucked her in front of a hotel window that was open, I even fingered her in a hotel pool and she always made me cum one way or another, and fuck does she love cum. I've covered her face, tits, ass, legs, even her clothes in my baby juices, the only place I've ... Continue»
Posted by Erect-eruption 2 years ago