First Time with a Man

I’m not sure how it all started but I got chatting to a guy on line about sexual preferences and this progressed to discussing if either of us had been with another man. Neither of us had, and neither of us wanted to back down the bravado. We were actually getting excited by the role-play were acting out when on line and texting. To the point where we agreed to meet; if nothing happened, fine, but there would be no pressure.

The day came, and I arrived at his hotel, where Paul was staying while working locally. The initial pleasantries over, we discussed life, f****y and generally avoiding talking about sex. To anybody looking, we seemed just two mates chatting over a coffee.

“Are we going up to my room?” Paul said after an awkward silence in the conversation.
“OK. If we don’t now, we never will. But we can stop anytime, no hard feelings?”

I followed Paul up to his room, where we stood facing each other wondering what to do next. He then placed one hand on my thigh, the other going between my legs to cup my crotch. My cock started to harden immediately.

“Nice,” he said. “You like that?”
“Mmm, yes. Feels good,” I replied.

I moved my hand to cup his balls through his jeans. He was already hard. I could feel the heat form him through his jeans. He squeezed my cock through my jeans, then knelt.

My mind was racing. He undid my belt and jeans, pushing them down to my ankles; I instinctively stepped out of them. Paul then eased his hand down the front of my pants, touching the base of my cock, then grasping it, at the same time pulling my pants down over my balls.

He licked around my now engorged head then opened his mouth drawing me in. I gasped: a man was sucking my cock, playing with my balls, and I was enjoying it.

After a couple of minutes I pulled out. He stood up. I knew what he wanted. His turn. I removed his trousers to me met with an engorged cock: he wore no underpants. I held his cock, looking at it, then moved my head forward, flicking my tongue over his cock. I opened my lips and he eased his cock into my mouth. I caressed the underside of his cock with my tongue, gripping his cock with my lips.

He started fucking my mouth; I wanted him deeper. I held his hips and controlled his thrusting.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he moaned. I kept sucking, keeping him moving in and out of my mouth.
“I’m cuming.”

His salty cum hit the back of my mouth. I almost gagged but enjoyed the taste and feeling of my mouth full of his cum and coating his cock. Paul pulled out, panting.

“Fuck that was good. But what about you?”

I stood up gripping my cock tight, pumping my hand back and forth.

“Open your mouth.”

Paul obeyed. As the tip of my cock touched his toungue I exploded with f***e, harder than I had ever done before.

“Mmm, nice one mate,” Paul said after he’d wiped my cum form his lips.
“Agreed. Very nice.”

We got cleaned up, dressed, a little awkward, but agreeing to meet again for some more fun.

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10 months ago
Tomorrow night j get to fuck his arse for real!
1 year ago
very hot mmm