A Mother’s Need, A son’s compassion, P

It’s been two years since Jim’s parents divorced. His mother kept mainly to herself; most of their friends were his fathers. His father left his mother for a younger woman with two c***dren of her own, he had a new f****y and Jim was not a part of it.

Jim was more or less a loner himself, sort of a computer geek, finding more pleasure behind a computer screen than hanging around doing nothing with others.

It was Jim’s 17th birthday, his mom made him a cake along with his favorite meal.

After the meal his mom excused herself and went into the living room: to have a good cry. He had an idea that it was concerning her job, she was worried about losing it in this economy; money was tight.

Jim went to comfort his mom.

He held her in his arms, as she rested her head against his chest. But, this time it was different, for the first time he noticed his mothers perfume, it smelled like lilacs, he put his hand on her head and felt how soft her thick black hair was. He felt her warm breath through his shirt, her breast pressing against his body; he kissed her on top of the head.

Being in her sons arms felt different this time. She felt strong arms around her, not like a c***d’s but a man. He held her tight, she sensed he really cared; she liked the feeling: she felt safe. She felt his kiss on her head. She moved her arms to his back giving him a tight squeeze.

Jim told her not to worry, he could get a full time job after graduation and would help with the bills, if that was needed.

But there was an unspoken message they could both feel moving thru their mind and body. They both needed this moment; they both needed each other.

Doris drew back from her sons chest and looked up into his blue eyes that were watered with love for her.

Jim looked into her eyes, her tears beginning to dry on her cheeks.

They both knew what they wanted to do; they both knew it was wrong.

She did not pull away, only leaned back into his chest.

His mind would not let go of the feelings he had now. He wanted to console her, yet he wanted more than consoling her: he wanted her.

The heat began to rise in his body. His loins began to ache, he felt his cock stirring in his pants. He pictured his mom as his best friend and lover. He wanted her to know he loved her, he wanted to be more than just a son. He kissed her on the head again and again.

She held Jim tight. She could hear his heart beating heavy in his chest. She wanted and needed to feel his love, his hands on her body. Her loins began to ache, she felt her self getting wet with excitement. She wanted to be more than a mom to him.

She felt his cock growing in his pants. She pressed her lower body against it, it felt good, she knew it was his excitement for her.

She drew her head back from his chest and looked him in the eyes. He looked back into hers. The look from both of them was different this time, it more passionate and inviting.

Right or wrong it did not matter; their choice had already been made.

They kissed.

At first it was just a kiss on the lips, warm and tender, he was unsure of what to do next.

She knew it was more or less up to her; she had the experience. She kissed him with more passion, placing her tongue against his lips.

He instinctively opened his lips to his mothers invitation, their tongues met in a warm embrace. This excited him, it was his first kiss: with tongue. Doris had not been kissed like this in a long time, she sensed she was his first, her passion grew stronger.

She placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him more deeply, pulling his face closer to hers. He let his tongue explore his mothers mouth, as she explored his. He ran his fingers thru her hair. They were both breathing heavy and needed more air, but neither wanted to stop.

His mom reached for one of his hands, finding it she moved it to her breast, she pressed his hand to her chest, he rubbed her breast. She pulled her blouse out of her pants and drew his hand underneath.

He know had her breast in his hand, gently squeezing thru her bra. They were big and soft, like nothing he had felt before.

She reached her hand to his swollen member and pressed against it with her palm. It was hard, and felt large. Her pants were very wet now.

Doris pulled back her tongue and lips from his, grabbed his hand and led him to her bed.

She stood her son by the side of her bed and told him to watch her as she undressed. She removed her blouse, all the while watching his reaction. She unhooked and removed her bra.

His eyes grew big. He watched his mother undress, he had only seen naked women in magazines, she’s beautiful he thought, he couldn’t wait to touch her.

Her breast fell from their captor, they swayed with her movements, driving him crazy. She liked the way he stared at her; she could hear his breathing deepen. She slid off her shoes then her pants.

He looked down at her underwear, the last piece of clothing, they were wet.

She removed them revealing a small black patch of hair, glistening in the dim light from the window. She stepped up to him and began removing his clothes.

As she started to remove his shirt, he reached up and felt her bare breast.

She stopped for a minute in order to let him fondle her, as well as to enjoy the feel of his hands on her body.

He squeezed her breast gently, her nipples were erect, and felt hard compared to her breast.

“Squeeze them Jim its ok, I like that.”

His hands sunk into her flesh, she moaned with excitement. He lifted her breast in his hands, as though he was weighing them, they were full and heavy. He was like a scientist making a new major discovery, lost in the excitement of it all. He looked at her; she smiled: a pleasing smile an approving smile.

She reached up and cupped one of her breast in her hand, and told him to suck it.

He leaned into her nipple and took it into his mouth. She squeezed her breast, as though she were feeding him.

“OH Jim! my son, I like what you are doing, I haven’t felt this way in such a long time; she was in heaven.

She had crossed the line from mother to lover: it felt right.

She took one of his hands and led it between her legs, he could feel her deep desire for him as he touched her wetness. She pressed his hand between her pussy lips and moved it along her pussy.

“Do that son, rub my pussy for a while,” she spoke with such passion.

As he moved his hands in her wetness, he felt her hole, he knew his cock belonged there, he slid in two fingers.

His mother put a hand to her face and sighed, such a deep sigh.

Her son was touching her, sending amazing vibrations to her loins and through her body. He brought his fingers out from inside of her then slid them along her pussy. He felt another object, a protrusion from between her pussy lips, he began rubbing it, he noticed how much his mother liked it.

He put one of her nipples in his mouth again, rubbing her clit harder and faster. He felt her body shake, he knew something was happening but not exactly what. She was moaning loudly, almost screaming. He knew he had to be pleasing her, so he kept on rubbing and sucking.

Doris could not stop herself, her son was going to make her cum.

Her body was quivering, he held her waist with one arm, while sucking her nipple and rubbing her clit. She leaned back, her body shaking wildly, he felt her pussy getting wetter.

She grabbed his hand and held it on her clit, pressing it hard against it. Her body jerked a few more times and then stopped.

She let herself gain some composure. She pressed her lips to his and grabbed his cock. “Your turn” she whispered in his ear.

Doris removed the rest of his clothes. When she removed his underwear his cock sprang back and forth. She was happily surprised to see how hard he was and how big. A smile filled her face, knowing she was going to have his cock inside her in a few moments, her juices were flowing again. She bent down and kissed his swollen member.

She had to remind herself that this was his first time, she had to be careful or she would make him cum to soon. Although even the thought of getting her own son ‘off’ excited her even more.

She slid his shaft down her throat.

Jim could not describe what he felt, or how he felt, his mother had his cock in her mouth and all he knew was it was an amazing feeling. A girl had jerked him off once, but this! It was something he only read about. His mothers mouth was wet and warm, he wondered if her pussy would feel the same way.

She continued making love to her sons cock until she thought he might ejaculate.

She removed his cock from her mouth and laid down on the bed. She stretched her legs in the air, her pussy calling out for his cock.

He got close to her, she grabbed his cock aiming it to the spot he would enter.

His mind was racing, sorting out the wonder and enjoyment of his newly found passion and lust.

He looked at his mother laying there, her breast falling slightly to the sides of her chest, her nipples erect begging for attention. Her bare stomach, her patch of black hair glistening from her juices. Her legs resting on his shoulders, they were firm but the skin was soft; Her legs were long.

She pulled her ass up off the bed, pressing her legs against his shoulders, she led her sons cock into her. He pushed in deeper until he was all the way in, his balls resting against her ass.

“Shhhhhh…” she whispered, “let me do the work, you just enjoy.” She began lifting herself up and down using her legs, her wet pussy bringing his cock up and down with her.

He could hear the sucking and sloshing noise that their love making was creating. He did not believe anything could ever feel this good. His cock moved so smoothly in the wetness of his moms pussy.

She stopped for a second, knowing from her sons breathing he would not last much longer. She moved her legs from his shoulders to around his waist, and began to pull and push his cock inside her.

He could feel his cock hitting something inside her pussy he did not need an explanation, it felt awesome. He felt his balls tightening, filling with fluid.

She felt his cock began to jerk inside her; she increased her speed.

His body spasmed; he could not stop.

She thrust herself hard against him, his cock buried in her pussy.

“MOM! MY GOD! MOM! Im CUMMMmmming.”

She felt his sperm squirt into her, she was so happy and satisfied. What a great gift for her son, on his birthday, the gift of sex with his mother. She used her pussy muscles to squeeze the last drop from his spent rod.

“Mom,” that was so amazing. I can’t believe how wonderful it was. You are so hot.”

Her insides smiled at his words. She had lost all her confidence when her husband left her for another woman, she did not think she was pretty or desirable any more, her new found lover changed all of that in an act of love.

She stood up from the bed, reached down for his hand, “Shower with me.”
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Good story.
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awesome story need more
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great story so hot loved it!
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Awesome , well done. MORE
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GREAT! more!