I've wanted you for so long

The cold wind blew across the enclosed garden as Elena shivered slightly, fumbling in her jacket pocket for a lighter to spark up her cigarette. After a gruelling day at work, she had come home to a quiet house. Living with four other women wasn't easy, especially when one of them was as gorgeous as Kate.

Ah, Kate, A smile played across Elena's lips as she triumphantly removed her lighter from her pocket, images of Kate spilling into her mind. Kate standing by the sink getting herself a glass of water, her tight ass snug in a pair of hipster jeans, her dark hair sc****d back into a non-de script ponytail, her beautiful face devoid of all make-up. Kate wandering through the house balancing her daughter, Ellie, on one hip and carrying a book in the other hand. Kate in the bath-tub, relaxing in the hot bubbly water. Something about the girl played on Elena's mind and drove her insane with lust. Many nights she had listened to the sounds from Kate's bedroom, the sound of her rolling over in her bed, getting up to go to the bathroom, and of course the small groans of pleasure when she had one of her "alone time" sessions. Those were the best, and often Elena found her hand moving to her lady parts of its own accord whenever she heard Kate's vocalization of pleasure.

Jesus, stop it! Elena scolded herself as she sucked on her cigarette quickly, breathing in the smoke deeply. She had lived with Kate for six months now, and in those six months she hadn't expressed any kind of sexual attraction towards Elena. The thought was crushing, but it was something she had to live with. Shaking her head, Elena docked out her cigarette and dropped it into the ash-tray that Kristen had left by the door. <b>Why is it so quiet in here?</b> She pondered as she climbed up the stairs. She knew Kris was on a date, and Magenta and Mikki had gone to the cinema, but Kate said she'd be home all day waiting for Ellie's dad to pick her up for the weekend. Shrugging to herself, Elena pushed open her bedroom door, shrugging off her jacket as she did so.

"Welcome home, sugar." A soft voice purred, and Elena jumped in shock, dropping her jacket to the floor as she looked towards her bed. The vision awaiting her brought her to her knees.

Kate was reclining on black satin sheets, wearing little more then a black satin bustier, black lace hold-ups and nothing else. She'd recently shaved, that was obvious, and her nipples were straining against the material of her bustier. Her long dark hair was curled gently around her beautiful face, and she'd done something new with her make-up to give her eyes a sensual, smoky look. Elena felt her chest tighten and a familiar moisture soaking into her silk thong.
"Good day?" Kate asked, smiling at the sight of Elena on her knees by the door, her blue eyes wide as she drank in every inch of the delectable figure on her bed.

"Um... what did I do today?" Elena heard herself squeaking in reply, her throat suddenly very dry. This is a dream. It has to be. Is it? Oh god please don't let this be a dream!

Kate's warm, tinkling laugh penetrated her thoughts; "You've been at work all day, silly," She said gently. "Ah ah, did I say you could get off your knees?" Her tone became harsher as Elena made to stand up. Obediently, she quickly returned to her knees, resting the palms of her hands on the floor as she awaited her next instruction. Kate licked her glossy lips slowly, moving her hand down to her puffy lady parts, rubbing her index finger in circles on her clit, fully aware that Elena's eyes followed her hand. "Now, I want you to come over here, stay on the floor where you belong though." She instructed, inserting a slender finger into her waiting wetness, throwing her head back and letting out a murmur of appreciative pleasure. Elena was quick to obey, crossing the carpet on all fours like a puppy learning to follow orders. She paused at the side of the bed, her hungry eyes fixated on Kate's inviting warmth, her lower lip trembling with the anxiety of wanting to thrust her tongue between those delicious lips, taste the heavenly juices within.

Almost like Kate could read Elena's mind, she turned to face the girl, smiling sweetly as she brought her finger to her own mouth and sucked on it gently. Elena groaned in anticipation, her whole body aching for Kate's touch. She wanted this woman more then she'd ever wanted another in her life, and she was prepared to defy the order of staying on the ground if that was what it took. She yearned to touch her, to taste her and to please her.

"Now then, take off your shirt and jeans," Kate instructed in the same husky purr she had greeted Elena with. Elena quickly removed the tight grey t-shirt she had worn for the Non-Uniform Day at work, displaying the body she had strived for over the past year. She had dropped more then 8 stone in that time, bringing her to a slender size 12 weighing in at 9 stone. She unbuttoned her jeans and removed them in an awkward fashion as she tried to remain on her knees, leaving herself exposed and vulnerable in her red silk thong and red lace bra. Kate's eyes danced over Elena's body, and she nodded her approval with another of her delicious smiles that made Elena weak at the knees. "You want this?" Kate asked, as she dipped her finger back into her awaiting pussy, almost laughing at the way Elena nodded vigorously, licking her lips as though she was about to devour a feast of the most delicious foods known to man. "Then maybe you should stop stalling and get down there,"

Elena needed no further prompting, as she sprang onto the bed and pinned Kate down, holding her lower body in place with her hips and legs, their eyes locked. An electric feeling passed through Elena, and she slowly removed her gaze from Kate's eyes, instead bringing her lips to her slender neck and suckling on her flesh softly, her teeth nipping ever so gently. Kate groaned and bucked her hips against Elena's, feeling her bare sex bumping against Elena's satin clad womanhood. Elena smirked as she moved lower, pulling down Kate's bustier with her. For a moment she admired the woman's rosebud nipples, so inviting, so pert. She took one in her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue, sucking on it not enough to cause a pulse in Kate's senses, but enough to tease her. Using one hand, she sought the other breast, cupping it in her hand while her other hand danced down Kate's slender belly, resting on her sex. She pressed her palm against the waiting clitoris, her middle finger inserting itself into her sex as though it was made just for that purpose. Kate groaned her appreciation, her hands running down Elena's back to her hips. Elena's lips tightened around Kate's nipple, sucking on it with f***e now, her finger thrusting itself in and out of the warm place.

"Stop teasing me," Kate implored, bucking her hips against the touch of the girl she had yearned for since they had moved in together. Elena smirked as she moved her lips to the other breast, pushing her finger deeped into Kate's sex. Her teeth placed themselves on her nipple, and she bit down as hard as she dared. It did the trick, as Kate moaned louder, tightening her grip round Elena's waist. That was the signal she had been waiting for; without further ado Elena crushed her sex against Kate's, grinding their hips together as she nibbled on the peak of Kate's breast. Kate's breath was now coming in short, sharp pants as she ground her hips against Elena's, moaning her approval of what was happening. Elena increased the pressure she was applying to Kate's breast, determined to bring her to orgasm before she used her tongue to really drive her crazy. She removed her thong and ground her naked sex against Kate's, using the added assistant of her thumb against Kate's clitoris. It did the trick, as moments later Kate stopped panting and arched her back against Elena, whispering in her ear those two words that were about to open a flood-gate; "I'm cumming..."

No sooner did Kate speak those words, then Elena removed her lips from her nipple and drew her hand away, kneeling back to watch Kate's facial expression during her orgasm. Kate's hands had slipped to Elena's knees when she moved, her legs spread apart as she rode the orgasm to its crescendo. Panting, Kate made to sit up, only for Elena to push her back onto the bed.

"I've wanted for you as long as I can remember, Kate. I'm not letting you go that easily," She smiled as she shifted herself down the bed, pulling Kate with her across the satin sheets until Elena was knelt on the floor and Kate's legs were dangling over the edge. "I want you to take one of your hands, and play with your nipple. The other hand, do what you like with it." Elena informed Kate before she dove between her legs, her pierced tongue slipping into Kate's waiting sex. She could feel the afterwaves of her precious orgasm, contracting her sex and squeezing Elena's tongue. Kate obediently began to touch and squeeze her nipple, almost screaming out in shock as the feeling of the metal in Elena's tongue entered her pussy with such a ferocious thrust she thought she may cum again there and then. Elena moved her tongue out of Kate's sex and instead pressed the very tip against her clit, licking it in circular motions as she inserted two of her fingers into Kate's tight sex, thrusting them in gently. This was the moment she had been waiting for, and she was going to savour every second of it. Which, from the way Kate was groaning and bucking her hips, wasn't going to be long at all.
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Thanks for the invite & a great story cheers
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Great story. Thanks for posting. Would love you to read mine on my profile and hear what you think.