Getting a blow job while I was live on air

When I was a radio deejay I used to get lots of chicks phone up and flirt with me, and some would visit me at the radio station when my workmates had gone home at night. It was great because I used to get lots of sex especially with teenage girls (I was only 19) who were infatuated with me. I fucked them everywhere in the building, but there was this one time I was feeling game and I asked one girl to suck me off while I was on air while I was reading out some community notices. As I turned on the mic, she kneeled below under the radio console and unzipped my pants. I started to feel excited and became hard straight away. Because I am a professional, I had to make sure there was no sign in my voice that anything sexually was happening. As I was talking on air she starting sucking me off slowly to start with. It was a challenge to sound calm especially towards climax. She only had less than 2 minutes to make me cum. When she started sucking me off more vigorously I started to struggle not to sound high pitched, but started to speak faster so i could hurry up and get to the commercial break. The timing was perfect, as I came into her mouth it was time to go to the add break and I fired off the first ad while I jizzed into her mouth. For the last hour of my on air shift she sat across from me and played with her pussy, teasing me while I did my voice breaks, it was such a turn on, and a highlight of my career. To this day none of my workmates know what happened. When I go back to my hometown I glimpse up at the radio station and remember all the chicks I shagged up there and especially the naughty young school girl who gave me a blow job while I was on air.
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2 years ago
It's a pitty I never kept a recording of that moment.
2 years ago
thats aweseom! haha love it