Connie The Oral Closer – Part 2

Connie The Oral Closer – Part 2

I had a cigarette while Connie freshened up then we walked back to the bar for a nightcap. I gave her my card and told her flat out if she ever wanted to earn a hundred bucks a pop I could keep her head bobbing most of the day.

The next Saturday morning I was working my first customer of the day and saw her walk into the showroom. She was wearing a tight purple top and a gray skirt. The bare legs with inch and a half heels looked good and the purple lipstick and nails kind of cheapened her up smartly.

I was working hard trying to close a deal just then, it was perfect timing for her to show up. “Come on Billy – you said you could afford $100 a week. $148 is that much more. That's barely more than five bucks a day.”

“You can do better than that Mr Happy. Hell I only make twelve bucks a hour.”

Yeah I know Billy – that means every Tuesday afternoon you've got your car payment made! Just then then Connie walked into the doorway with her heels clicking.

She looked at Billy smiled and said “I'm ready when you are” as she slowly pivoted her body my direction. Billy was in awe. Most the showroom was too...

Check out that Mustang convertible Connie – that car deserves you! I'll come and get you when we're ready. Connie did a sweet little pivot and walked out the door.

OK Billy – how'd you like a nice signing bonus? Connie wants a new car but needs to work for the down payment. Trust me k** – she'll take you from zero to drained in ten minutes flat and won't spill a drop.

A half hour latter the k** was signed and Connie took him on an orientation ride he'll never forget. “Sweet k** – nice cock. Three loads in twenty minutes and I enjoyed it as much as he did. Every knob job should be like that!”

“Good baby – Its good to enjoy you work” I said as I stuffed a Ben Franklin between her teats, “Hopefully you can do a replay with my boss. Go knock on that door – I told him about your talents and bet him fifty bucks you'd drain him hands free.”

Nearly an hour later she emerged from his office cum smeared and had several dark wet stains on her shirt framing chunky pools of sperm. “You owe me double for that one! I think the guy jacked off just before. I could taste it. I sucked him for over a half an hour before he even thought about cumming then he a spent ten minutes stroking his cock over me while calling me every name but mommy. I was hoping to avoid tools like him. I only brought one extra shirt. Look at this mess – your boss is an asshole!”

Easy Connie – I thought you said you liked to popwhore?

Yeah, I do Happy – but not that kind. Give me a room full of horny frat boys or nice business type guys. Each one gets ten or so minutes of my oral attention. All but two or three will pop down my throat and the few others get to stroke their load. That's a lot of entertainment for a hundred bucks a cock and I've done a days work in less time than it took me to get your asshole boss off!

Well why didn't you say that – Don't worry about the blouse baby, it is going to be a lot messier shortly. I've got an entire wash rack full of guys who would love to end the week with a fifty dollar pop whore as a bonus.

Hey – I said it was a hundred dollars a pop!

Sure! Hundred dollars but I keep fifty percent – Right? Just like the service does. But these guys work hard all week so I'm covering their half. You're worth every penny of a $100 dollar a pop and the boys are going to love this. Now go freshen up your face. Before she could say anything I picked up the phone and called out back “Hey Ace – grab something for my gal Connie to kneel on while she services the wash crew.” When she got back from the ladies room I grabbed her arm and walked her out back.

By this time it was 1 pm and the guys were recovering from the morning rush. A couple of six packs and a popwhore would go a long way toward improving team moral. When we got to the back of the garage Ace had a pad of thick cardboard boxes and a fresh floor mat positioned in the middle of the semi dry wash rack.

“Go ahead darling, get on your knees and give us a little show while taking off your top. When you're ready to start sucking cock let them know. Those two k**s will be first – I bet you'll have swallowed both their pride and joy before ten minutes are up. Jerry and Ray are will be the last two – they're not into blow jobs but will dump a load on you when you're finished with the rest. Ace loves blow jobs but sometimes has trouble cutting the mustard without some self-assistance. So he'll be third. If you don't suck out his nut he'll start stroking himself, you just suck his balls until he tells you when he's ready to pop, then just tilt back your head, open your mouth, stick out your tongue and act like its god's milk. That's what Jerry and Rays will want too, except remember you don't touch them, they'll just walk up and spew in your face. They like it when you lap it up but remember they don't want you touching them or their cocks. I'll be taking some photos. Remember to smile and moan a lot and after they step away and some of the jizz starts dripping off your face I want you to start scooping it off yourself and lick it up until you're all clean. I'll tell you when to stop. Then when your all done washing up come and get your $250. The hose has hot water – they'll hose you down before you change – there's a mirror in mechanics locker room – Ace will show you.”

“Hey Ace, you make sure they guys tip her twenty each!” - Oh the two young ones are pretty randy – they may hand deliver another load of beauty cream if Jerry & Ray don't pump out enough frosting to glaze your face/”

“Shit Happy – those boys can stroke cock for me all afternoon!” Connie blurted before adding – its six hundred!”

By the time I had the camera switched to video Connie was giggling and jiggling then she pointed to the two young studs and directed them to come to her. The first k** was a 19 year old and he spent two minutes and forty seconds moaning profusely while Connie methodically and mercilessly moved her mouth from the tip of his glans, down his shaft until his balls were resting on her chin exactly thirteen times. The last two times her mouth traversed his shaft he was grunting then he staggered away as if she had drained part of his life f***e from him.

The second k** a bit more stoic – standing all proud with his hands on his hips as Connie slowly worked her magic until his cock was buried balls deep in her face. He was a bit more aggressive too. On her fifth ride down his full eight he decided she was too slow so he grabbed a hold of her long hair behind her head and face fucked her for maybe a minute. Connie took it in stride and before the k** realized it Connie's throat had coaxed him to blow his load right down her gullet. As her lips parted his cock she stared it as a large drop of sperm emerged and dangled by a strand leading back to his piss hole. She looked up at him and smiled then sucked up the white dollop, then she took hold of his cock and stroked out another mini serving of ball batter before he staggered away while exclaiming “Fuck Me!”

By this time Ace, Jerry and Ray had their pants off and were stroking their wood. Ace walked up to her and with a matter of fact tone talked at Connie. “Ok sexy, I'm Ace, lets feel that throat slide up and down my cock... You know baby, they call me Ace because I never miss.”

“You never miss?”

“How about you just start demonstrating your deep throat talents and I'll decide how and where you coax my load”, he dryly replied before he plugged his thick cut 7 inches of salami into Connie's mouth and gently pressed the back of her head while she slowly swallowed him whole. He kept his hands firmly on the back of her head and directed the pace. Connie swallowed him several times in stride, and even managed to lick his balls on several occasions. Starting on the fourth stroke down she began exercising her swallow reflex.

After the fifth ride down her throat he quickly pulled back from her and in two strokes from his own hand he began ejaculating several large streams of semi viscous dongle seed directly into a happily surprised face of this beauty. The candy Ace's cock serves is porn perfection. It was thick and sticky, the type that doesn't run down a glowing beauty's face rather it slowly sagges and mostly jiggles. And as importantly Ace normally serves his jiggle jizz in the volume two healthy studs would normally be capable of supplying. By the time Ace stroked the last strand of goo Connie looked like a popwhore should, happy and glazed like a Krispy Kream.

As Ace pulled back smiled then tried not to laugh as he exclaimed, “I told you I never miss!”

“You shoot with a shot gun Sugar!” Connie quietly cooed as she started to wipe the strands of pearls and lick the mess off her fingers like it was cake frosting.

Just as Ace stepped away Jerry and Ray stepped up and both started directing the scene. “Come on baby – want to eat some more sperm?” one of them asked. “Open up honey – Let me feed you some cum”

“Fuck Yeah! Give it to me!” Connie cooed.

Just then Ray let out a moan and blew a healthy load, the first spurt hit Connie square on her forehead just above her nose. The second spurt laid a solid white line diagonally across her extended tongue, and several more decorated her chin and neck. Just as Ray was finished pumping his load Jerry stepped up and over Connie.

“Stick out that tongue baby – I want to feed you some too...”

Connie opened her mouth and tilted her head back as she held out her tongue and exclaimed “Feed me Baby!” Jerry's stroked his cock a few times then a steady flow of jism drained out into Connie's mouth and she lapped at the slow stream like it was manna falling from heaven. Connie spent another couple of minutes wiping the sperm glazing off her face and liking her fingers like it was ice cream.

When she was relatively clean I told her to smile for the camera and got a few candid shots of her beaming face. “Ok Boys – Hose her down and show her where she can change. Don't forget to wash and gas my demo.” I looked down at Connie who was just about to get a hose turned on her by Ace, “Come up to my office when your all cleaned up Connie!”

In less than twenty minutes she was sitting across from me at my desk. “Six cocks is six hundred bucks Mr Happy. I do know math”, she added.

I know baby – but we're partners. Its fifty buck a cock and I get one comp every six. Including the hundred I gave you for the great closing job you did first off that's $400 hundred dollars for about four hours work. Not bad baby. That's more than three days wages for most my office gals. Oh yeah - Don't forget you owe me a comp.

“Oh nice - I suppose you want me to comp you now!”

Not now, but thanks Connie – I like my fish fresher. Come by next Tuesday – I've got two deliveries that day and both have been promised a nice neat business man's blow job. If your up for sperm before breakfast I'll pick you up at 8 and you can comp me in the Denny's parking lot. If you're still hungry I'll pop for breakfast too. Just remember both guys are suits so make sure neither sends me a cleaning bill.

End Connie The Oral Closer – Part 2
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