Connie The Oral Closer - Part 1

Connie The Oral Closer – Part 1

I met Connie at the airport lounge. She was from Cochranton, and drove the eighty miles and checked in the night before. She wasn't apologetic about her situation. Her hours have been cut to part time at the grocery store so she made ends meet by being a party girl. She liked to joke “The only thing I like more than cock was money, its a natural for me I guess!”

She was stunning in her own right. Without beer goggles she would pass for a 24 year old and with the goggles and some ponytails a guy could let his imagination get the better of him. She reminded me of chubby brunette Renée Zellweger but with better teats. She wasn't a hard body, as a matter of fact from the feel of her skin I'd be willing to wager she had dropped an easy thirty recently. She made reference to being in her 'fighting weight'. Well to me she was pleasantly plump. She dressed cheaply but sexy, pull over stuff from Target, like a college girl on a budget. She definitely knew how to show off her assets, she wore just the right amount makeup including coordinated lipstick and nails.

Officially she was a $200 dollar an hour call girl but in reality unless you were a good tipper you got nothing more than a decent topples handy for that. First timers got a little teat fucking and maybe a couple licks and kisses on the cock but that was usually an attempt to talk you into a upgrade. For three hundred she'll suck you off neat and clean. Four hundred got you a fuck and suck. She would only fuck you if you wore the condom which she supplied. Those were the rates set by the service and the service often told her what to collect. She was allowed to keep all tips.

The thing about call girl services is she only keeps half of the fee and some nights she wouldn't get more than one or two calls. The hour or so was really more like two with drive time. Not only was there the cost of the car and gas that she was footing, but she was paying for the motel room where she stayed. If all that wasn't bad enough half her clients were truck drivers who rarely splurge for more than the standard $200 dollar teat show and handy. So if there was just two calls a night she barely broke even for the weekend.

She explained that it seemed a bit controlling but the service guaranteed quality clientele and on convention weekends (Pittsburgh often has at least one a month) and then she'd be doing stroke and suck calls twenty hours straight. The service tells me what they ordered. “A lot of older guys spring for the suck offs. I think most of their wives stopped given them more than a birthday blow job years ago. Poor guys. Makes my life easy though, half the time I'm walking out the door fifteen minutes after my knees first hit the carpet. Five minutes in the review mirror, some lipstick, and couple of sticks of Dentine and I'm on my way to the next call.

Sometimes the service would run a suite for a bigger convention and two or three gals would entertain and the men would literally cum and go. The rates and menu was the same up to and including the suck off. But the suck and fuck was $500 including a semi private room and the take was pretty good. Most of the guys at these parties opted to get sucked off in the main room, but there was always a few who claimed you reminded them of someone who apparently they had always wanted to do a porn loop with. “And its just like porn. I suck and stroke until it doesn't get harder, maybe let him eat my pussy if he wants, then they'll either fuck me like an angry jack rabbit or do it in slow motion while he is telling me how beautiful I am. Those are the guys I like to take my time with. I mean shit, you're willing to pay me 250 bucks to fuck me like a lady and I'll show you how nice it can be to be a man.

On the other hand a lot of the jack rabbits are willing to tip an extra hundred to give me a facial. Usually it involved the poor bastard standing over her grunting out obscenities and a couple of spasms of jizz. For an extra twenty she'd let you dick whip her. Nothing rougher though. “Its such a power trip for them, and for paying me $370 dollars to blow their load on my face and tell me I'm a 'dumb slut'! Shit yes I'll act anyway they like.” She laughed and added. “I mean really, who is in control? You know what I mean?”

It didn't take Connie too long to figure out popwhoring any of her clients for a nice fat tip made a lot of sense. Her starting offer was a full blown facial for a one hundred dollar tip but if she had another appointment waiting or if you balked at the suggested retail then two twenties was enough to get on her knees and let you stroke your load into her wanting mouth. “I keep an extra shirt in my bag baby so don't worry about dribbles, but lets not mess up my makeup or hair, OK darling? Its still early for me, and besides, I'm famished.”

How I met Connie was hanging at the motel bar where she stayed. You know the type of bar I'm talking about: The ones attached to a budget motel. The type with K- Mart paneling, red vinyl booths and and pedestal bar stools bolted to the floor, Lighting was a variety of Blatz Beer wall sconces and brass plated bullet lights out of a Matt Helm set. Anyways, Connie loosened up after the third round and started letting me into her life. That's how I know about all the things I've just told you. By then it was eleven thirty and the game wasn't into half time.

“Typical crappy football night” she muttered. One early tug job and if I'm lucky I'll get a call after the game. So what are you in the mood for sugar daddy?”

Darling, I've got six cigarettes, two killer joints, a half pint of Canadian Mist, and hundred bucks to spare. Have I mentioned how beautiful you are?

“Since you put it that way, I'll catch what you can pitch”.

I like popwhores and she had the program down pat. You get comfortable and after a little smoke and small talk she's got your pants off, her teats are out, and your cock is in her hand. Some stroking and kiss teasing on her part gets things straight between you and her. I told her she was beautiful three different ways. And bottom line was add an average 5 score (out of 10) bar room pro with the live version of my cock and suddenly its an solid eight. Connie was a perfect ten or eleven with goggles.

Relax – sit back – smoke a cigarette or a joint and watch this pretty gal suck and stroke your cock like you're a god. If you're disciplined and manage to avoid popping in her mouth when she's ready to call it a night she'll start begging for your goo. She'll coax you to shoot anywhere you want. She'll flick her tongue on your frenulum and dart it into your piss hole and plead for your load.

“Jack your load all over me baby... feed me baby... I want to taste your sperm...”

You will ever be more torn trying to deciding if you deny her your delicacy or deny yourself the thrill of glazing such a pretty face?

I got greedy. She smiled when she saw my balls begin to pull up, tilted her head back, and with her glassy eyes looking into mine she slowly opened her mouth while whispering, “anywhere you want baby” while extending her tongue in anticipation. I held my load for as long as I could as I soaked in the reality that this pretty gal, all done up like she was out on a date, was actually on her knees in front of me and was literally begging me to blow my load into her face. I managed to drop a nice runny white wad with my first two pumps that covered the bridge of her nose. As the goo dripped down her nose she lapped at it and moaned with delight. Then I felt that most sought after convulsion in my groin as I grunted out three nice long thick white ropes. The first landed squarely on her tongue and out the corner of her mouth. After the second white line was served strands of jizz stretched around Connie's mouth which made my third strand I grunted out the perfect accent jigging down her chin. I milked a final rope that slowly dangled from my piss hole until a large drop formed suspended above her and she lapped it up with a smile. That was when I realized Connie had managed to clean up my healthy mess with just her hands and mouth. Connie had mentioned she loved cock, and apparently she loved to linger with the proceeds of this adoration as well. Connie was a freak and loved getting paid to be one.
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