Happy Peterson's 'B' Lot

An introduction to Mr Richard Peterson aka Mister Peterson aka Dick aka Happy.

“Happy Dick” Peterson is a known quantity to many. For the past twenty years he's been a car salesman who at one time or another worked at every dealership in town. He was also a photo bug who occasionally teaches photography at the City College and also coaches the City College marching band. There has always been rumors floating around about him but they seem so wild no one really believes them.

One thing for sure is he makes good money at the local Cadillac dealership’s satellite used car 'B' lot. This is where the not so nice trade ins roost waiting to get wholesaled for scrap or sold for ten times their actual value on the “buy here - pay here” lot. The typical customer there varied widely. Most people don't realize there is a whole subculture who can't get handled by traditional financial institutions but still need to get to work. The chick that does your lady's nails and hair likely buys her car from guys like Happy. So do most the check out clerks you deal with every day. Do you really think a working class gal fresh out of high school, working as office help for ten bucks an hour and trying to get through night school is driving a car financed through GMAC? Then there's all those strippers and professional barflies – they always have cash or something to offer in a co-measurable service. “Nobody Walks!” was Happy's motto – and he meant it!

The standard used car deal was the down payment covered most the money and fees the dealership had in the car, so the weekly payments were pure profit. Some say Happy got his nickname because he's happy to help. Get a few drinks in him and gain his confidence and he'll tell you “Its short for my happy dick – and drained balls”. Depending on the clientele and the customer involved he has ways of getting several hundred to thousands of dollars of your down payment taken care off. Even repair bills have a way of getting “shaved if not paid” if a lady customer understands how to “play balls”.

Dancers were one of his specialties. Bankers loved feeding them twenty dollar bills for lap dances and and their sperm for a couple of hundred but wouldn't finance the girl's furniture let alone a car without a real 1040. Depending on the girl's style Happy might set up an elaborate “poker party” where one to four gals entertain a motel suite of men from Saturday evening until 4 or 5 the next morning. Most gals could pull $100 bucks a pop while Grade A's earned $150 a knob. But no matter what the girls always covered the motel room cost. Happy collected all the money and covered the bar and food tabs with the $100 per head surcharge he added. As a rule of thumb to keep things manageable no more than four knobs per entertainer at a time and never more than a dozen or so knobs in the room `at any one time. With a little advance notice a gal could earn a down payment and be driving a nice used car in maybe a weekend, definitely in two.

Nights varied widely from a steady flow of a few men a time who show up to sip scotch and smoke a cigar while watching themselves and the others slowly get sucked-off to a single woman willing to kneel on a tarp and play pop whore to a steady stream of men and their semen. If the night was billed a photographer's club meeting it meant a few of the guys showed up with cameras and Happy was going to have several video cams set up with tripods and lights. Cameras were pretty much a given for pop whore events.

Need help with a repair bill? Talk to Happy about his “repair club”. This was most popular with working gals who are desperate to make ends meet. You'd be surprised how many used batteries, brake pads, and used tires have been installed but never billed if you're a decent looking girl willing to swallow the pride and sperm of all parties involved. Depending on the repair, Happy's mood, and his personal assessment of your marketability, he'll make one or more phone calls to the porter, the parts department, the mechanic and service manager. A smart girl makes her way under his desk and works on her first ball bag lunch of the day while he is arraigning the rest.

For the B-lot customers payments were due weekly for the really credit impaired, bi weekly for marginal customer and monthly for the well established repeat customer. Happy always keeps a couple of “closing assistants” on call to literally bust the customer's nut if that will make the deal. Hesitant high dollar customers usually role over when a nice fresh dancer shows up to accompany then on a second test drive. “The girls do a remarkable job at draining away buyer's anxiety” Happy likes to quip. And there was rarely a day that by noon at least one girl hadn't checked in for on call closing service since two hundred dollars goes against the “closing assistant's” payments right up front.

There are plenty of stories to tell – some will photographically portrayed – others through stories. Search B Lot or Happy Peterson in photos and stories. I'm just getting started...

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