Contract Renewal

It was an unusually quiet night Kyle thought to himself as he wrote his first story. He was trying to think of something to write when the doorbell rang. He got up and opened the door to find his landlady Melanie greeting him with a friendly smile.
'I hope I haven't come at a bad time?' she asked
'with a rather surprised expression Kyle replied 'not at all, come in'
Mel had only popped in to renew the contract for the flat but neither of them could have known or expected what would followed soon after.
Kyle couldn't help but to stare at her body. He started his gaze at Mel's feet, the heeled shoes she wore made her legs look even longer than they already were. Her silky smooth skin was screaming for him to touch them. As his gaze moved up to her thighs he felt a shiver shoot down his spine. Mel's curves were beautiful, Mel's waist made Kyle shiver again as he imagined his hands moving over her body instead of his eyes. Her blouse was slightly unbuttoned at the top exposing her generous cleavage as she bent over to sign. Kyle suddenly realised he was staring and quickly moved his focus back to Mel's pretty face. She didn't seem angry or offended, in fact she had a very seductive look on her face... that was enough, Kyle stood up and kissed Mel and she returned the kiss. Hands explored wildly as clothes were ripped from one another. They stopped for breath and Kyle saw Mel standing in front of him with just a thong and her heels on.
Mel laid her back on the sofa and beckoned him to join her. He got to his knees and kissed her leg. He kissed a trail upwards and parted her legs with his hands, the inside of Mel's thigh was the main focus now as he removed her thong. He raised one her legs up and her lips parted slightly, his aim was perfect as his tongue went straight to her clit, she reacted with a moan of approval. As Kyle's tongue moved from side to side, up and down, round and round Mel held her own legs up so his hands were free for other things. the middle two fingers of his right hand soon made themselves welcome inside Mel's warm moist pussy. the made a beckoning motion on her g spot as his tongue continued to flick and tease her clit. her movements became more pronounced before settling down again still moaning now and again so Kyle knew exactly what she wanted.
Mel stood up and pulled Kyle to his feet before pushed him backwards onto the sofa and moving down to return the favour all in one swift movement. she took Kyles hard cock in her hand and gave him a cheeky smile before moving her head down. she kissed the tip and rolled her tongue round the end. Kyle looked down to see Mel smiling at him still. she opened her mouth and lowered herself down before closing her lips tight around the shaft, as she came back up she sucked harder, she did the same again and Kyle could no longer keep his joy a secret as he let out a deep groan. Kyle had to stop her before too long unable to control his needs any longer.
Kyle laid on his back as Mel hovered above him, She took his now throbbing hard cock and guided it gently to her lips, rubbing back and forth a couple of times so the anticipation grew. Kyle's hard cock pushed on the walls of her pussy as it slid down greedily. every move Mel made created a different noise as she lifted and lowered.
Kyle took hold of Mel round the waste and rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs again and pushed hard, she screamed this time, he withdrew and pushed in hard again and again, his balls slapping Mel's tight ass with every stroke. the moans and screams were very loud from both people and they gripped hold tight to one another as they reached their climax simultaneously. They looked deep into each others eyes as they both lay shaking and twitching.....

..... Mel now goes round Kyles every week to 'personally collect the rent'
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