Friday Night Part 1

It was a normal day at school for Jenny. She had just finished History, which she hated, and was excited for the party at hers after school. At 9 everyone would be coming over (and by everyone, i mean about 5 other girls and her s****r). She had 5 hours to make sure that the house was perfect, and to convince her parents everything would be all right.
Her s****r, Donna, had other plans though. Donna was known around school for being a complete slut, regularly sucking off freshman, and riding the seniors for a price. This party was, to her, an opportunity to finally experience lesbian sex, as Jenny wasn't exactly a virgin, and neither were her friends. Donna thought that, with just a bit of alcohol, she could convince them to give her what she wanted.
Jenny was worried, and when she's worried, she gets horny. She decided to go to her mothers bottom draw and pull out the dildo her mother had used when she was single, but sadly, it was locked. No matter, Donna knew where it was, it was just finding a way to get that information from her that would be the problem. She decided to go and check Donna's room to see if she was there, but found something else. Donna was naked, with just a tie on, ramming their mothers dildo into her pussy, while filming it on her phone! Jenny swiftly left the room, but was turned on none the less. She went to the bathroom, sat down, and let her fingers do the work. She started to massage her clit, which was extremely sensitive, sending shudders all through her body. This nearly pushed her over the edge, but she wanted to enjoy it, so calmed herself down, and started to slowly move her fingers in and out of her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet, and new that if she was to be done by the time her friends arrived, she would have to get faster. She increased her speed, getting faster with each thrust, and soon she was ready to explode, but something was wrong. She could hear people downstairs, then she looked at the clock, it was 9 already, and she was about to explode. Without even thinking, she ran downstairs to greet them, while still fucking herself. Halfway down the stairs she came, just out of view of the guest. She ran upstairs, put some perfume on to cover the smell, got changed, and went downstairs to meet her friends.
Now that Jenny was downstairs, Donna's plan could get into action. There were 5 guests and her s****r, and planned to get them all d***k, then fuck each one of them differently. She was in the kitchen, preparing drinks. Everyone wanted lemonade, so decided that vodka would be good to start them off on. She brought a tray of drinks out while they talked about how pretty they all looked, and it seemed that Nicola was the first to finish, and started to show signs of being d***k.
"Where's the toilet?" Nicola asked, slurring her words.
"I'll show you." Donna replied. This was her chance show her where the toilet, and place her mothers dildo, which she had wormed up, near the toilet to attract her attention. The ploy worked, as not long after Nicola entered, moans could be heard from the bathroom. Donna decided to burst in, acting as if she had heard Nicola being hurt, but what she saw was better than she could have expected. She burst into the bathroom.
"What's wrong Nicola?" She pretended to act interested, but soon found something even better. Nicola was indeed using the dildo, but not in her pussy, in her ass. She had sat it down on the toilet seat, and was riding up and down like a horse.
"There's no need to worry Nicky, in fact, why don't I help you with that?" Donna slowly bent down, closing the door behind her, and started to lick the upper part of Nicola's slit, making sure to delve deeper now and then. Nicola new what she had to to, and continued to ride the dildo, increasing speed in the same way Jenny did earlier that hour. After 5 solid minutes Donna said "Wait here" and ran off to her mothers room. She pulled the bottom draw key from her pocket, unlocked the draw, and saw her mothers strap-on from when she would experiment with friends.
She put it on under her clothes, and ran back into the bathroom to see Nicky riding the dildo still. She started to give a strip tease, and Nicky started to finger herself while watching it. The grand finale? Donna exposed the 11" inch strap on resting underneath her jeans. Nicola's expression was one of surprise. She nether thought that she would see one of these, yet get the chance to use one.
"Get on your back." Donna said. Nicola followed without any further instruction, spreading her legs to allow for great penetration, and was almost instantly rammed by Donna's long shaft. Donna did this repeatedly for the next 15 minutes, causing Nicky to moan wildly, nearly screaming her head off. She came, shooting fountains from her clit, and spraying Donna in the face and tits.
The two girls had a shower together, intimately kissing the whole while. After they had finished, Donna took Nicola downstairs and was ready to continue her plan.
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3 years ago
awesome. can't wait for the next bit.
3 years ago
very good