The Deacons Wife

I was a 17 year old girl with long brunette hair a big black girl booty and big boobs. I was sitting around the house doing nothing as usual so I decide to check face book, I noticed a message from the deacons wife Janet. Me and Janet have always had a very good relationship even though Im not really a church girl she always took me In and never judged me for not liking church. The message said “hey Sades do you want to come over? Billy (deacon) is at work and I need company” I of course responded ok and started getting dressed. I put on a sexy pink g string, a matching pink lacey bra, short tight jean shorts, and a tight tank top. My aunt dropped me off at her house, I walked up to the door and she let me in. Janet is a very sexy latina with a perfect butt and perfect size boobs. She isn’t skinny but isn’t fat, she is perfect. I sat down and Janet asked me what I wanted to do I told her “ I kinda want to go eat lunch im hungry”, she responded ok and said “come help me pick out clothes”.

We proceeded to her closet where she pushed her way through her closet that was full of clothes and finally moved some dresses out of the way and revealed a dresser that was well hidden, I asked her why she had it hidden and she said “I put the clothes billy says arent good for a deacons wife in here”. She told me to go through it and pick her out a cute outfit she wanted my opinion. I opened the top drawer and in their was all these sexy thongs and g strings I found a pink bone that was the exact same as mine. I grabbed them and showed her and said I have the exact ones on today she asked me “how do they fit you? We are the same size, are they comfortable”, I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down and showed her, this was harmless as we always shared clothes and got dressed together, I showed her how they fit around the ass and the pussy area, she said she liked them and asked how they felt on the pussy, I told her they feel good and are perfect. I didn’t put my shorts back o nand continued to pick the rest of her outfit. I moved on to her rba drawer and was very surprised when I found the same exact bra I was wearing too! It was like we had the same exact wardrobe. I showed her and once again told her “omg I have the same one on”, I took my tank top off and showed her she laughed and said she liked the lace and the feeling, she rubbed her fingers over the bra and said how much she loved I. I kept my shirt off and was hoping to get her attention with it. I moved on and picked her out a similar black tank top and short shorts. I gave her the outfit and she started undressing and I looked in the panties drawer and found a cute brown thong with pink lace around the top and asked her if could borrow it she said go ahead, so I took off my panties and dropped the panties on the ground as we both stood their naked I said oops and bent down to get the panties as I got down I peeked back to see if she was looking and she was so I milked it a little and finaly came back up. She said how wet my pussy was and cutely shaved. I thanked her and she asked why I shaved if I was showing it off for anyone and I told her about a few guys ive been with. She told me that she could care less if ive been with a million guys im still the same to her. I asked her if she has been with anyone since shes been married and she told me not to tell but she had sex with the pastors 19 year old daughter. I told her how hot that was because me and the pastors daughter are great friends, I told her how its always been a fantasy to be with a woman. She said how much fun it is and it’s a very pleasing experience. She looked a the clock and said we should finish getting ready if were going to go to lunch. I said ok and I bent down by her dresser to get her a pair of shoes and right when I went to come back up I felt her fingers inside me.

I moaned loudly as she fingered my soaking wet tight pussy and I was so excited. She stopped and said we should move to her bed. We walked out of the closet to her bed were we layed down and started kissing passionately she was rubbing my pussy and I was rubbing hers, it was so tight and I was surprised by how tight it was and I slipped a finger inside her and she let out a loud moan and we kept kissing she unhooked my bra and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples I started rubbing on her nipples then she stopped kissing me and started kissing down my body till she got to my tits and she was licking my tits and it felt so good and she started moving slowly down my body till she got to my pussy and started licking my clit as I jumped back quickly as ive never had my pussy licked before I was moaning loudly almost to a scream as she was licking my pussy very fast and her tounge was going deep inside me. I was starting to relax and suddenly I felt something huge going inside me as I looked down screaming janet was sticking a huge black dildo inside me it was so big it started to hurt and I asked her to stop but she reached up and started rubbing my tits telling my softly to relax that it wont hurt in a little bit that she is just training me for the future. I was confused but I listened and stopped pushing away and started pushing into it. It started getting deeper and I felt my pussy stretching as she started fucking my with it faster and faster I moaned loudly as I felt her picking me up and she took the dildo out of m and put it on the ground and told me to sit on it I was so horny I would have put anything inside me no matter the size. I sat on it and started taking it I was only going halfway and I started enjoying it as I was going faster and faster but my legs gave out and I slipped and the whole giant cock went inside me as I screamed so loud I thought the neighbors would here me. The cock was so deep in me I was pretty much sitting on the floor as janet told me to stay down their and get used to it because the next one was even bigger.
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1 year ago
More girls needed to have babies by pastor himself.Girls need to breed these guys for life and have lots of babies. Mac xxx
2 years ago
damn! this made me so wet!