My Cousin

Ive always known my Cousin was a whore at one time but I didnt know she was a whore to this day. She is a very attractive woman with long burnette hair and wonderful tits and a nice ass. Well it all started when i decided to stay at her house for the week her husband went out of town because she was scared to be in her new home alone. My first day their she stayed upstairs most of the day so i figured i could rub one out real quick so of course i pulled up my laptop and jacked off for a good 20 minutes till i heard her walking down the stairs so i quickly pulled my pants up and she said "hey what are you doing?" i responded with "oh nothing watching some videos" she smiled and said "oh ok im having a friend over in about 10 minutes so when he gets here just send him upstairs" I didnt think much of it so he gets their and i sent him up. He was a athletic white guy in a track suit and to me he looked so familiar but i couldnt think how. About 20 minutes later i went upstairs to the guest room and layed down and i heard my cousin moaning softly i knew exactly what she was doing with this guy but i didnt want to be a cock block so i ignored it. i walked over to the guest room which is right next door to her room and i sat down on my laptop and i could still hear her moaning and talking dirty to him i heard "oh yeah baby you like it when i suck this cock dont you" and i heard his responses and i was sooo turned on so i walked slowly over to their door and was the happiest person ever when i saw it was cracked a little so i peaked in and saw my sexy cousin in these sexy green lacey panties and her perfect tits bouncing as she sucked this guys long perfect cock i had the door open enough where i could see everything she finally got up and took her panties off and pushed him on his back and sat on his cock taking his big cock in her perfect pussy and he kept pounding her he wasnt playing soft with her he was tearing he apart and she was moaning and screaming and smiling she loved every second of it i finally figured it was loud enough where i could jack off to this so i pulled my cock out and started stroking it and it was so wonderful and i was trying to keep myself from cumming because it would get on her door and she would know but i couldnt help myself anymore and i came and it went through the crack i nthe door and she saw it on her wall because the walls were dark colors she told the guy "stop for a second" and yelled "i know your out their come in here know" so i put my cock away and walked, she said "were you watching me" and i shook my head yes and she goes "well if you wanted to watch you couldve just walked in the damn room" so i said oh ok and pulled up her office chair and pulled my cock back out and watched as this guy plowed her and he finally came all on her stomach and i said "my turn" as a joke but she responded " sure but you have to lick his cum off my stomach and his cock" and i responded "hell yeah ill do it right now" so i liicked alll the cum off her stomach and got kn my knees and licked all the cum off his perfect cock and i got way into it and kept sucking him and he kept pushing my head back and forth everytime i would go to pull away and i knew he loved it so i kept sucking until finally a giant load shot straight into my mouth and i though how could he cum that fast so quick and i swallowed all his cum and my cousin goes do you want to fuck him? and he said yes so i was fine with it so i beant over and said "fuck me" he stuck his giant cock in me and i moaned a little as it was so big and my cousin came over and put her pussy in my face so i was licking her perfect pussy as her lover pounded me in the ass and i finally told him to stop and i got up on the bed and stuck my cock inside my cousin as she moaned and groaned as i fucked her and i kept pounding her and i loved seeing her perfect tits bouncing back and forth as i fucked her the guy was putting his clothes back on as i was pounding hher he said "hey i got to go butt id love to come back and fuck you guys again" he came over and gave us both goodbye kisses and i kept fucking my cousin till i came right inside her and fell to the side incredibly tired and she said "this is going to be a funn week"
76% (32/10)
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3 years ago
Tri bi sex is great sex and more people should try it - especially when its family!
3 years ago
well, damn!
3 years ago
Oooo super hot
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
that was hot
3 years ago
this story is so fucking hot my cock is rock hard right now man.
3 years ago
Pretty hot