Step mom, Step b*****r, and dad.

Well i havent talked to my step mom in a long time and i decided id call her and go to her house, so i go over there and the first night i stayed up watching xhamster one night and i heard my step mom and dad fucking this made me really horny i sat there jacking off to the sound of my step mom moaning once this ended after about 3 hours i cummed about 4 times. so the next morning my dad and step mom went to work, so me and my step b*****r decided to search there room for my dads porn stash and while searching threw the drawers i kept finding sex toys and i was messing around and began to suck on one and my step b*****r urged me to stop so i stopped and threw the toys on my bed and finally after about 30 minutes of searching we finally found stacks of videos and we whipped our cocks out and put the first video in and what popped up was my step mom fucking some random guy as my dad watched and we watched a good 12 videos of this and finally we popped one in that said "what a fun night" so it started with my step mom dancing and then 7 guys walked in and she started sucking there dicks and i identified one of the men as my grandpa another as my dad another as my dads best friend and another as my step s****rs boyfriend. me and my step b*****r were very shocked and turned on at the same times so i reach over and start playing with his cock he started grunting so i made the move to start sucking i kept sucking his fat cock fast and finally he bent me over the bed inserted in cock into me and wow it was so big but i just wanted more so he kept fucking me for about 4 hours and he cummed in my ass as i walked into the other room we did normal stuff for the rest of the day as if nothing happened later that night as im sucking my bros dick i hear my step mom again so i stop sucking him and we walk into the hall naked and peek through the door as we peak in we see my step mom getting pounded hard and she sees us and says "boys come in here and join" so we gladly came in and i stuck my cock in her pussy as my dad fucked her ass and she sucked my step b*****rs cock it was the greatest time of my life and our life has been like that every since we fuck almost nightly either we team up on my step mom, fuck her individually, or fuck each other.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Like a fake
2 years ago
i was totally fucking my pussy while reading this.
really hot.
4 years ago
much better story had a great time reading it thanks