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There are times when you just wake up and know that all your insecurities and worries are there, waiting for you. On this specific day however there would be a complete and utter change. After eating my breakfast with a sense of hope for the day I drive to work with no particular problem to waste time thinking about. I hadn’t fucked for a while or been partying much, and yet, everything felt right, there was the type of clarity you experience only a few times a year.

Hours pass

After getting settled at work I find the usual ‘Urgent’ email intrude. And of course right when I wanted to head out to lunch. I quickly let this go after reading,

EMAIL SUBJECT: Dylan, you never look this good at work

Veronica. She had sent this! For a second I thought I was reading a joke forward from her, in annoyance. And then I felt fluttered and confused. Veronica was the shy girl who’d started only recently, amazing figure and had a certain spark. She had a type of innocent beauty that you would cherish and lust after, without a care. You had to lust after her perfect tit, firm and yet beautifully resting on a gorgeous slender, but pubescent figure.
Something in me said, “Dylan go on... try something for once! Take a chance on something. “

Moments pass

My heart is throbbing. I can’t believe I sent that!!! I’m going to get fired, that it!!!! – I think to myself

EMAIL: Well a few minutes I’ll be going to lunch,
Meet me in the alleyway behind the bank.

Grabbing my jacket I stride quickly down the hall and into the elevator.

I knew exactly where Veronica sat and plotted how long it would take her to reach the back of the bank. Anxiously I rubbed my black leather shoes through the dusty gravel, peering to see if there were any security cameras. I definitely did not want anyone to see what I was about to do to her.

And as though it were some sort of apocalyptic day where the world had turned inside out, I heard the soft delicate footsteps coming from her beautiful stride.

Standing infront of me with a clever sharp and seductive grin, letting her legs spread just enough for her skirt to pull taught, I felt I knew what she had came here for. In a cocky tone I order her to,
“Turn around and put your hands on the railing”
She quickly turned and took a firm grip of a side fence.

I love nothing more than sniffing a pussy that’s been working, and has that sweet scent. Kneeling down I order her to hold up her skirt. Spreading her panties apart I feel her tight hole melt over the edge of my finger tips. Soft, delicate and slightly open. I smell her gently and hear her whisper down at me,

“Dylan, the next five minutes are yours, fuck me!”

I stick my tongue deep in her cunt and her taste blows me away. I can’t get enough of her soaking wet cunt. Realising there was more to taste I looked at her asshole. A beautifully crinkled, dark asshole. It was so neat and tight. I sniffed and licked continuously for a minute or two. Getting drained in spit I hear her say,

“Finger fuck my ass deeper!”, she moaned.

Without hesitation I drive my index finger in her ass and feel her tight hole engulf my finger. I knew she could take more. Curling in another finger and forcing two into her ass. Her hole stretched and could only be rewarded by a long lick. Filling her ass with my spit, “preparing it” – I thought.

Quickly she threw me back and looked at her watch,
“You have two minutes left mister!”

“I better take all I can get then!” I clarified.

In a f***eful grip, I threw her leg on to my side. Her eyes shut and seemed startled simultaneously. I took a hold of her panties and with one hand tore them off clean, throwing them onto the gravel floor.

“Put your spit all over my finger you little whore”, I whispered

She drenched my finger which would soon be screwing her pussy. One, two then three fingers tore in and out of her pussy.

I looked down and saw her wetness drip and s**tter on to her heels and my shoes.

With my cock throbbed uncontrollably, I could feel the precum building up inside my briefs. She stopped me.... noticing that I was touching my crotch. In what seemed like seamless motion, she undid my belt and pumped my throbbing cock. Pre cum drapping down her fingers.

“Ok, fuck me like you want to hurt me!!” she ordered.

What can only be described as heavenly, my cock entered the wettest, tightest most luscious cunt I thought could possibly exist. Veronica, my little office whore was getting what she wanted. As my cock drove further and deeper into her cunt, I could feel my cum building up.

Taste me!” She shouts in my ear.

I hold two finger over her opening to feel my cock enter her lips. Letting all her juice build up on my fingers. It gets soaked allowing me to bring it up to where our mouths were kissing. Passionately we licked her juice of her soft hands.

With a subtle hint of disgrace Veronica whispers, “Don’t finish in my pussy, finish in my ass”

Her hole still with residue spit on it and build up of cunt juice finds my cock with ease. Entering is a little harder. Pressing her onto the wall again I feel my cock head suddenly pop into her ass. It’s so tight that I f***e deeper with excruciating satisfaction. Her ass, stretching along with the shape of my shaft is a perfect cum holder.

In seconds I orgasm, my body annihilated by pleasure. My wet cock deep in her ass and her face d****d against me in exhaustion.
“You filled me Dylan, you are so thick”

Hastily we through on our clothes. An assertive and direct voice comes from Veronica’s mouth.
“Tell no one, and next time I might suck that gorgeous cock”

I walked back to my desk reeling from the pleasure I had just experienced.
I can’t wait for next week at the office.

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4 years ago
Wow talk about a quicky that sure was one thanks
4 years ago
Nice very nice