This One, Hot, Brunette Chick ...

"You are one of the last people I would have expected to hear from today," he said to her as he got out.
"Don't start with me, Trent." she shot back at him over the top of the car. "Just get in and get me home."
He stole just a fraction of a second to stare back at her. AnnaLisa. It had been a while, but he never did completely get over that forthright attitude of hers. But, he did as she said. He knew, from hindsight, that sometimes it was just easier to give her what she wanted; and not to offer some alternative. Trent checked his mirrors, signaled and then pulled away from the curb.
After a short, but uncomfortable silence, he tried again.
"How's your day?"
"Hows's my day?"
"Actually, it's only eleven o'clock. How's your day been so far?"
"Okay. Hunh. Well. Let's see ... in the past four and a half hours, the heel came off my shoe, I broke a nail, apparently my rent check has bounced, my car won't start, AND my cell phone has just gone dead. How do YOU think my day is going?!"
"Don't worry about it."
"Don't worry about what?"
"I already called AAA. I told them where your car was and they're going to tow it for you."
"I could have taken care of it."
"I know you could."
This time it was AnnaLisa's turn to steal a little glimpse. She turned her gaze back to the road. Goddammit. Why did he still have to look so good; and why did it have to take him so long to finally learn to communicate?
“And, on top of all that,” she grumbled, “my ther****t is on vacation.”
Trent just smiled to himself. He’d missed her.
A mile or so later, he pulled into her driveway and parked to get out. He walked her to her door and followed her inside.
"Well, thank you for the lift, Mr. Trent." she said, as she dropped her keys and purse on the end-table next to the couch.
"Mister Trent. It's been a long time since I've heard that."
"Hmmm ... I just thought 'Berk' might've been a bit too informal ... for as long as it's been."
"No. Not-so-long-ago that kind of tone was usually reserved for your 'playful' side ... wanting to get out."
"Trent, you don't know me as well as you think you do. And that is NOT my playful tone."
He wasn't buying it. He moved up close behind her and placed his hand on her hip.
"Oh, but I think it is." He licked at her neck.
AnnaLisa pulled away sharply and wiped at the spot.
"You're not that smooth anymore."
He stared her down, remembering when this used to be part of their foreplay. She wouldn't look at him, but he walked right up to her again and cupped one of her breasts and gently squeezed. It sent a ripple of chills up AnnaLisa's back; but she wasn't quite ready to give in yet.
"Just ... stop," she whispered.
Trent knew what she was saying. She just wanted him to make the final move before she'd completely submit. He reached down and felt the warm patch just above her clit.
"I bet you still shave." he whispered back.
"Think so?"
He heard what she'd said, but knew that it really meant, 'yes.' He moved up her skirt and down inside her silky purple panties. Right away he found what he was looking for and pinched the little, fleshy nub between his fingers.
"Uhh ... mmmmmmmm," she melted. "I think you found my 'playful' spot."
"I think so."
He grabbed her by the ass and pushed her back against the side of the couch. Trent started to pull down her skirt and panties as she quickly peeled off her blouse and lavender bra. She reached down and pulled his shirt off, up over his head. He stood to kiss her, but AnnaLisa dropped to her knees. She worked at his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down. His prick was all ready rock-hard and sprung out through his boxer shorts.
"Nice to see that you haven't changed," she pulled his shorts down and immediately took the whole thing into her mouth. AnnaLisa was loving every inch of it. She was always amazed at how fucking hard his cock could actually get. She savored the sensation of it all on her tongue.
"And YOU obviously still know what YOU'RE doing," Trent moaned deeply.
"GodDAMN, I missed this cock." She repeatedly licked it from top to bottom while stroking it firmly with one hand.
"OH ... Anna ... FUCK ... !"
She was lapping away at the throbbing head with her tongue. She straightened up and pushed her breasts together, squeezing his dick in between them. AnnaLisa bobbed up and down for a minute or two, but she just couldn't resist that rigid shaft peeking in and out at her. She got back down and was all ready drooling before she had the whole dick in her mouth. Jeezus ... she LOVED it. It felt like it was hard as steel in her mouth; yet it would respond to her every move. And, as crazy as it may sound ... his cock just TASTED GOOD.
Trent was nearly losing his balance. Everything from the waist down was THROBBING.
AnnaLisa stroked and squeezed and sucked his prick ... and kept it dripping ... wet with her saliva.
"Alright, that's it."
He just couldn’t stand it anymore. He’d been staring down at her, watching her for the last ten minutes and she was just too much to resist. Trent pulled AnnaLisa up and, in one swift, deft motion … he turned her around, bent her over the arm of the couch and pushed his hard cock deep inside her.
Anna screeched out at the sudden change, but quickly relaxed … remembering that Trent was the only one who really knew how to pump her tight, little pussy just right and make it feel really good! He f***ed it ... in and out. Softer at first, then harder. Each long, steady stroke made her toes curl. She could feel it everywhere! Since she was bent over the arm of the couch, Anna pushed back against Trent, grinding her hips up onto him and forcing his hard-on tighter against her clit.
"MMmmmmm ... f u c k!" she moaned out.
He knew exactly what she was doing. He couldn’t help but grin. Goddamn, he’d almost forgotten just how much she liked it this way. He took her signal, and the next time she rocked back against him, Trent held her tight - so she couldn’t get away and backed down into the couch.
AnnaLisa was now straddling him, facing away from him, in a “reverse-cowgirl” sort of fashion. She stepped up off his cock and turned around so that she could look him in the eye. Anna climbed up onto the couch and hovered just over the tip of his stiff erection.
“If you wanted to fuck, you shoulda just said so. I thought we're just fooling around,” she smiled.
She lowered her body back down over him, forcing the fleshy head of his dick to push through her wet, pink lips and fill her up again. She moaned and squeezed at her own breasts. Once she’d started riding him again ... she remembered how kinda awkward it had been the first time ... seeing as how they were just friends and all. But the FEEL of his COCK sliding up inside of her ... it only took the first couple of tries, and after that, the orgasms had started to make her feel as if her head was going to explode!
“FUCK me!” she gasped between breaths.
She was holding her hair up off her neck. AnnaLisa could feel the beads of sweat beginning to roll down her back. But the throbbing was just TOO goddamned GOOD!
"OH ... my ... FUCKing ... GOD!!!"
Her thighs kept pumping - it was so FAST - moving with his hips to keep all eight inches hammering away at her - and timing it - so perfectly. It was AMAZING. Inside - her BODY was ON FIRE!!
" ... FUCK! - soo FUCKING good!!"
Trent closed his eyes. His balls ached because his long muscle was so hard. But she was so wet! Each thrust that heaved up through her throbbing spot, felt as if AnnaLisa was deliberately trying to coax his load out while he was still inside of her. It was UNREAL!
He pulled out. Only for a moment. Trent slid down onto his right side, pulling AnnaLisa down onto her side as well. With Anna's right leg now intertwined with his, he grabbed her other leg - just behind the knee - held it up and pulled her down closer ... the iron shaft of his prick plunging in even deeper now.
"GOD-DAMMIT ... Berk! You're so ... FUCKING ... HARD!!" she had to breathe each word out, one-at-time.
Trent kissed and sucked at her neck. " ... so HOT!! ... inside you ... you're ... SO fucking HOT! ... FUCKing ... wet!"
Each thrust now was just PURE ecstasy! Her eyes were shut tight! The HOT-WET friction of his COCK ... hammering IN-AND-OUT of her FLUSH, dripping CUNT. IN-AND-OUT AND IN-AND-OUT AND IN-AND-OUT. Each stroke pushing her quickly towards that pique ...
... that pique with just those last two or three strokes that it takes ... in JUST the right place ... to push you OVER THE EDGE! That last, PERFECT thrust- that sends a RUSH through every part of your body ... every muscle ... every tingly, little finger tip. Then recedes a bit- but with another HARD pump from his PRICK- it FLARES up again -and burns white hot for just a bit longer.
Still holding her hair up, Anna opened her eyes and smiled down at her waist. Trent knew right where she was. Just like always. With one hand on each of her hips now, he could pull her clit down firmly against the base of his shaft with every stroke. She closed her eyes and arched her back.
"FUCK ... me," she had to f***e herself to focus on each syllable, " ... fuck ... ME ... wi'that ... HARD ... C-COCK! ... FUCKIN- ... MAKEme ... CUM!! ... OH F-FUCK!"
AnnaLisa's heart felt like it was gonna stop- her lungs felt like they were gonna burst- !
Once it had passed, she looked over her shoulder at him. His eyes were closed. She grinned from ear-to-ear.
"What," he opened his eyes to see her grinning at him, as she was beginning to slowly grind her hips down and around his rigid cock. Sweat was rolling down her breasts now.
"I know that look," she scolded him.
"Oh, you do?"
She giggled, she couldn't help herself. "You wanna cum."
"No, I don't want to cu- "
She squeezed his balls and popped him out of her cunt and slid her wet slit up and down along the length of his hot pole; while teasing him at the same time ...
"Nooooo ... you wanna cuuuuuuummmmm ... !
His whole back instantly went rigid!
"Okay! FUCK!!! I want to cum!"
"Where?" She sat him up. Now she was stroking it with her hands.
"I don't know."
She squeezed hard as she stroked upwards over his pink, mushroomed head ...
"Ohhhh ... I think you dooo."
"Uh may- FUCK - maybe I do ... goddamn ... !
"Where?" AnnaLisa was on her knees now, flicking at his cockhead with her tongue.
"In your MOUTH ... I want you to ... taste me ... as I coat your tongue with it."
"Huh. I thought you'd wanna cum on my chest," she said as she wrapped her tits around it again.
But without missing a beat, she dove down onto his prick until her tongue was lathering his wrinkled scrotum. She massaged the underneath of his cock with her thumb while she tickled the rest with her tongue.
"Fuck ... ME! he winced.
Anna changed her grip and took the whole thing in her mouth again.
She was about to look up and see what he was doing when she felt him quickly starting to throb involuntarily in her throat. She smiled. He was looking down at her, sweat rolling down his forehead. She concentrated on the tip and began pumping the hard shaft even tighter.
"Oh ... Anna ... FUCK!"
She giggled again and felt the whole thing contract. She squeezed even harder as she rapidly pumped away at him, rubbing his balls and sucking at the hot tip with everything she had. Trent grabbed at her hair and pulled again with each thick, sticky burst. AnnaLisa was watching his reaction the whole time; his eyes were shut and his knuckles were going white.
"MMMmmmmmm ... " she purred, seductively.
He looked down at her as some of his seed spilled out of her mouth, back down his shaft and down onto her heaving chest.
"Oohhhh ... it's all over my tits ... " With her free hand she slowly rubbed his hot, white semen all over her breasts. "There anymore?"
Without any warning- Anna sucked at the tip like a lollipop. Trent grabbed at her hair again as she drew out each milky drop. With each pump of her tongue, his spinal cord tightened and released with a bright burst at the base of his skull!
"GODdamn, AnnaLISA ... FUCK!"

A minute later it was all over, Trent finally sank back into the couch. His cock was still dripping with ooze and saliva. AnnaLisa was smiling up at him, wiping the cum off her chest with one finger and then licking it off.
"MMMmmmmm ... you must be watchin' your diet." She sucked off another finger's worth. "This's much better than what it used to be."
"You like it, do you?"
"Mmm ... truth is ... I've always loved your spunk in my mouth. I like the way it slides down the back of my throat," she smiled, licking her lips clean.
"AnnaLisa Altfeld ... you never stop surprising me."
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