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The Ethical Question

I've been checking out some webcam stuff lately. For my own purposes, I've taken a number of screen-shots of some pretty hot girls. But, I wonder if I'm just a complete grease-ball if I post them here. It could affect their lives forever. I'd like to hear some opinions.
Posted by Duke71 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Rather than an ethical response, let's think practically. If you post their screen captures, fewer women will want to go on cam for fear of being exposed forever. I think taking them for yourself is fine, but not to broadcast them. There was an element of trust - why would you want to wreck that trust? It will only shrink the opportunities for more fun in the future.

I also think there are good ethical arguments against it, which you are surely already aware of.

Just my 2 cents.
2 years ago
Well Bob, it was live. So it was kind of an 'in the moment' thing that they did. But being a complete pervert I took screen-shots. So by posting them, they would live on-line forever.