Out for a ride

I awoke on a Saturday morning and the sun was already blazing through my bedroom curtain's. A quick look at the bedside clock and it showed the time was 7.30am. Great, I can get the bike out and go for a blast, but where to go?
After a shower and a coffee I slipped into my leathers and pushed the bike out onto the drive.
Right off I go heading for Wales and the nice twisty roads, 30 minuites later and i'm full of adrenaline and hitting speeds I really didn't ought to be. I find a layby with a burger stand and decide to stop for a cuppa and a ciggy.
A group of bikes pulls in and to my suprise it's a gang of biker chicks. There is a selection of different bikes, all in great condition and there the ladies are not bad on the eye either. After a chat they ask if I'd like to join them as riding alone can be a bit boring.
We set off the girls (four of them) in front and me bringing up the rear. They are good on a bike and soon i'm working hard to keep up. We've done about 50 miles and they stop again.
Thank god i'm knackered.
Chloe one of the girls comes over and jokes how I haven't got much stamina.
My reply is that i'm better in bed than on my 900.
We'll see says Chloe and walks over to the others.
I can't believe it we are in the middle of nowhere and the four of them are looking so damn hot in there leathers.
The heat of the day and all that riding has made me very hot and I slip my leather jacket off. Chloe says don't stop there big boy and she and Jossie come over rubbing there hands over my leather clad balls.
Well instantly my cock starts straining against the material. Jossie is first to reach in and coaks the little fella out. When she finally sees it a little gasp makes the other two look over. "Not bad" my 8 inches is now out and straining to be let loose.
Chloe starts to stroke it and then sinks to her knees sucking the head of my cock. Wow she is good and I don't know what to do as Jossie takes her leathers off and sits on her bike rubbing her pussy.
Jossie's tells one of the other two girls to lick her pussy, which without question she does.
The fourth girl joins Chloe and both of them on there knees are taking it in turns to deep throat my knob. I am in heaven and it is taking all of my will power not to blow the head off the girls sucking my cock.
Chloe decides she is going to be the first to ride me and pushes me back against my bike. "Sit" she shouts and like a little lap dog I sit on my bike. She climbs on facing me and slips down the tank guiding my rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. Jossie grabs my hand and guides it to her pussy telling me to finger her as she and Chloe kiss passionatly.
10 minutes of Chloe bouncing on my balls and Jossie rubbing herself on my hand has my at bursting point, and I tell Chloe I'm going to cum.
No way big boy is her reply and jumping off she slaps my balls hard.
The pain is instant and the shock makes me whince. Jossie laughs and then Jane the girl who has been sucking Mary's pussy comes over.
"My turn" she says, and grabs my balls squeezing them hard.
Wow that hurts and I go to get off the bike but Chloe and Jossie have hold of my arms. Jane starts scrapping her nails over my chest bringing whelt marks up instantly. My cock has started to loose it's hardness and precum is dripping from the end.
Mary arrives and starts jerking me off to get me hard again.
The combination of Mary's soft carress and Jane's teeth on my nipples is to much and my cock errupts over the tank of my bike. Jane orders Mary to lick it up and clean my dick. She does and I feel shattered.
Chloe and Jossie let go of my arms and the four of them are dressed and on there bikes before I can get my senses together. See you soon Chloe shouts as they fire up and head off down the road.
10 minutes later I have got myself together.
Where the fuck am I.
Oh well who cares, it was the best Saturday rideout of my life.
Hope I meet them again someday.
What do you think.

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