Redhead discovered black cock

I first started to date Holly when we were 17. She was a gorgeous redhead about 5'4 with large brown twinkling eyes, a fantastic curvy figure and 34DD breasts. Her beautiful red hair was an excellent contrast against her pale milk white skin. We fell in love after a few months. I was crazy about her.

It was a long while before we ever did anything sexual as she was very innocent and had never been with anyone sexually before. When finally we began to get more frisky I undid her bra and felt her huge bulging breasts. They were soft and warm and I kissed and caressed them. Her nipples were pink on her pale skin and got hard very fast as I licked and sucked them. She moaned as I sicked on her breast and I began to let my hand wander south of her beautiful tits.I undid her jean button and slid my hand in to touch her soft, wet and warm pussy. I could see and feel her beautiful neatly trimmed red bush. She would moan as I rubbed her hard clit.

Holly being so innocent was not used to the sight of a penis and therfore never really returned the favour of touching back save only once or twice and rubbbing through my pants which would make me ferociously hard and secrete so much precum there were wet patches on my pants.

It wasn't long be fore I began to give her oral sex. I would spend time on her breasts then slowly undo and pull down her jeans revealing her cute boxer panties. I would gently take these down before kissing up her thighs and burying my face in her pussy. I would spend hours lapping her juices and teasing her clit with my tongue. She would usually come twice this way and I lapped up and swallowed all her juices. I not receiving anything but the occasional external rub would have to please myself after thinking of her naked body and how she tasted.

A few months after all my pleasing and licking and swallowing juices Holly broke up with me. I was crushed but I was really annoyed that we had never slept together. She was still a virgin. I eventually began to see other people and she went travelling but I wanted her back. Months had passed and I had no idea if she had been with another man or not but she never gave the impression she had so I was happy.we were now back to talking and things looked promising.

When Holly had returned she seemed happy and even flirty with me. Me met up at her request and she explained that she had made so many different friends on her travels. She also explained she missed me and after more talk she admitted she was sexually frustrated and asked me to come over that night. I excitedly agreed. When I arrived she seemed to be a lot more aggressive than I had known her to be. She asked me straight out would I give her head so she could come. I happily agreed and began licking and sucking and swallowing away until she came in my mouth.

After She pulled up her panties and her sweat pants and I had cleaned the precum of my throbbing, neglected cock she said something that both surprised and excited me very much! She told me she wanted to go all the way and lose her virginity tonight. My already rock hard cock began releasing fresh drips of precum in my pants. I was not, however, prepared for what came next.

The doorbell rang and to my surprise Holly said "Oh! He's here!". Confused I asked Holly who was here that she was so obviously expecting. She explained that she was ready to lose her virginity and both touch and be with a man and she had considered me because of our history and she felt comfortable with me. She also went on to say that while travelling all her girlfriends which she had made had black boyfriends and that they swear by them as the best lovers in every sense. She wanted to make her decision by comparing me with one of her black friends who she had met and was here visiting f****y. I was speechless. To the point where I couldn't even argue at how cruel and misleading this all was when she opened the door and in walked her friend. He was tall, about 6'3 and had an athletic build. He wore a baggy hoody and jeans. "Meet Tyrone" she said to me introducing him to me. She soon explained that she was choose one of use by comparing us. She wanted to see what our bodies looked like and make her decision on who would be her first everything by who she was more attracted to sexually. I agreed thinking it was just her curiosity of the myth that made her do this and i would naturally win being the only sexual relationship she ever had.

She ordered us to stand in the center of the living room and strip to our boxers which we obliged. She came closer to look us over. I felt rather embarrassed being slightly out of shape and Tyrone being quite slim but muscular. I felt it more so when she ran her hand over his defined abs with a smile on her face. She then stood back and said turning to me "Now for the serious stuff.Remove your underpants" I hesitated before slowly removing my boxer shorts revealing my now limp 3 inch penis that rested on my scrotum. The shock of the situation had clearly taken a toll. Holly's hand went to her mouth to hold back a giggle as she gave an amused smile at my little cock. She then said to get hard. I managed this easily enough and then stud a little prouder with my now 6 inch cock fully erect. She gave another amused smile before quickly turning to Tyrone and saying "Well Tyrone. Why don't you show us what you have in YOUR pants" with an excited smile. Tyrone, unflinching, drooped his boxers to reveal a long, thick, meaty black cock of about 7 inches. I blushed. Holly's jaw dropped and her twinkling brown eyes were fixed on the studs manhood. "Oh my god, it's so big!!" "The girls weren't lying!!" She said in astonishment. "And it's not even hard yet! Show me!!" Tyrone complied, stroking his massive juicy cock until it hardened to about 9 inches. Holly stared at his impressive tool greedily as her cheeks reddened and her large breasts heaved before looking at me and laughing at how small my cock was in comparison. "He has a snake and you have a worm between your legs!" she giggled. "he's even bigger soft than you are hard!!"

I've made my choice she smiled as she looked at me and walked towards Tyrone. "sorry, but Tyrones the clear winner" she said as she smiled and turned back to him. She began to remove her clothes until she was stood there with her beautiful pale skin, long flowing red hair to her large breasts with erect pink nipples and her lovely red pubic hair covering her delicious pussy. She touched it. "So wet!! Guess I'll need to be if this is going to fit!!" She said taking Tyrones black meat in her hand and stroking it. Her first handjob. "But before fist blowjob" she said grinning looking to me then up to her black master as she placed her delicate lips around his huge black cock. Her mouth wide taking in as much as she could like her life depended on it as she fingers her dripping wet pussy. She slurped and chocked and sucked for what seemed like forever. Finally the black stud gave a groan and unleashed a massive hot creamy load into her mouth and spilling down her chin. She swallowed all of his hot come and licked what had spilled on to her tits up as well.

"Mmmm delicious!!" She smiled wide. "That was so yummy! I want more...but pussy" She lay down, legs spread and parted her pink lips ready to be violated by that giant black man meat....

To be continued....
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1 year ago
Humiliation ~ especially by using 'cock comparison'~ is a frequent game played in our bedroom!
2 years ago
Part 2 please :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
please continue