When I met my wife

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My d***ken wife.
I've been with my wife for 16 years. Over those years there have been a lot of crazy nights, dating back to when we were dating she would drink like a rock star and pass out by the end of the night. That's how I met her was at a party. We were out at the bars and after closing we went to a friends house for an after hours party which was already going on. There was a total of maybe 15 or so people there...10 guys and 5 or so girls. Everyone was either d***k or high and still drinking. That's when I first saw my future wife. She was young and just turned 21, I was 28. This tall,very skinny long haired blonde with ice blue eyes that caught my eye. Now I usually liked brunettes and with a little meat on then so she wasn't my normal type, but there was something about her. As the night went on people were disappearing to the other rooms and people were passing out from partying so I walked around to see what was going on. As I walk down the hall I hear moaning and beds squeaking. The bedroom doors were open so I looked in as I walked down the hall. The first room was 2 girls and 2 guys fucking and right across the hall was 2 girls and 1 guy, one girls was passed out and naked while the other was getting fucked next to her. In the last room was my cute skinny blonde. I looked in and all I saw this girl getting fucked from behind facing me and when she looked up I saw it was her, she looked so wasted, later I found out she was on extacy and multiple shots...so she was pretty much clueless. As she looked at me she smiled as she was moaning with a glazed look. The guy fucking her came in her and got off her and I didn't see but there was another guy off to the side in there too, he quickly flipped her over and slid in her and started fucking her hard. It was very hot watching her get fucked. She looked like a sweet young girl, but she was very slutty with these guys. Who knew I was watching my future wife getting used. I walked back down the hall and found a couch to crash on...and maybe 15 or so minuets later here come my naked blonde, staggering towards the kitchen and sat next to me on the couch. We chatted for a while and she asked if I liked watching her. I said yes, of course. She asked if I was single and I said no. I had been dating this girl on and off for 6 years. She asked if that's why I didn't join and I said partially yes, but I said I didn't know if she was dating one of the guys or what the deal was so I decided not to stir up anything. She said she was single and asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom with her that the other guys left and she had the room to herself. Hell yes I'll go, I was thinking...lol. So I followed her down the hall and she has such a tiny ass I couldn't wait to get into bed. Once in she closed the door and she helped me out of my clothes, she kissed me and worked her way to my cock which was already hard, and she went to town on me. After a few minuets I pulled her up and put her on the bed. As I kissed her I started to push my cock into her and she spead her legs wide...she was really tight even though she was very lubed up from the other guys cum. Once I was all the way in she wrapped her legs around me and we fucked until I exploded inside her...and I mean exploded. It felt like I shot a good hard 10 spurts in her and she even said it felt like a cannon...lol. We must have fucked on and off thru the night 3-4 times. In the morning I was hung over and she was still out cold. I had to go and tried to wake her before I left but she was out cold still so I took off. I didn't see her again for at least a month or so and I happened to be with my girlfriend...talk about panic but she was actually very cool and polite and very nice to my girlfriend. Of course later I got the "who was that" line of questions and I made up something. Later that night when I fucked my girlfriend I was thinking of my future wife and I fucked my girlfriend hard that night and I didn't pull out as usual would since she wasn't on birth control but instead I exploded inside her, luckily she was d***k so she actually loved it so the rest of the night I came i her. But I the morning she was a little pissed but she knew she let it happen and liked it so I didn't get in that much trouble. She asked me what got into me because we fucked hard and carelessly, I said between the alcohol and the moment I couldn't help it. She was fine after that and after breakfast we went back into the bedroom and fucked again and I filled her again. She lived out of town so later that day she left and i couldn't help but think of the blonde. Later that night I went out and at the club I saw her. I told her thanks for not getting me in trouble and she laughed and said she thought my girlfriend was cute and I owed her one. I said it was a deal. She asked where she was and I said she lived out of town and left earlier that day. She smiled at me and said good. Needless to say I took her back to my place and fucked like crazy and she even asked if I fucked my girlfriend earlier that day in the same bed, I said yes. I think she got off on it. And again I exploded in her and did a few more times that night. I kept up this girlfriend and mistress think for at least 6 months with my wife knowing I was fucking them both and many times both in the salt day, one in the morning and one at night
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