The Girls from Work

It was a rainy Friday evening. I was recently single and out in a pub with the people I work with, the hours were ticking by and I had to admit I wasn't enjoying myself. I lived two bus rides away from my workplace and the pub we had congregated in was practically next door. I had planned to leave at 11, but my boredom was trying to convince me to leave earlier.

'Right we're off' My manager plucked up. She was a short round blonde woman, who would call herself 'brassy' but pretty much everyone else would call a cunt. I looked up from my pint, bewildered, most everyone else seemed in a boisterous mood and were clearly enjoying themselves.
'You coming' she asked, I looked at her in my confused state and she sighed before adding in a sarcastic sing song voice
'we're going to a club in town because this place is dead' I looked around and noticed a few empty stools and shrugged.
'No I'm going to get the next bus back, thanks'
'fuck you then, what about you two?' she glanced at two of my workmates, Alana and Megan sat in the corner, talking amongst themselves.
'I Can't' Megan said apologetically. Megan had just turned 18 and didn't have identification to go drinking anywhere where people didn't know her.
'Right' my manager huffed
'I want an early night...' Alana began 'My boyfrie...' she didn't get a chance to finish, the rest of our group was already leaving. There were no real goodbyes there was just the three of us sat, with half full drinks wondering what had just happened.

Alana was a tall slim girl, a year or so older than myself at 26, she had a sharp but pretty face and wore slim, thick rimmed glasses. Her body was quite narrow but her tits always seemed to strain at the shirts or dresses she wore to work, similarly she had a pert little ass that begged to be pinched rather than groped. She had long dyed copper coloured hair and a slight scar on one cheek. Tonight she was wearing a figure hugging purple dress and black tights.

Megan on the other hand was a few years younger than I at 18. She was shorter, and a little plumper (but was nowhere near 'fat). She had an innocent excitable face with long straight dyed black hair. She was generously proportioned in both her breast and her ass. She was shorter than Alana, and was wearing a pair of jet black jeans, a white t-shirt and a faux leather jacket.

I looked up from the remains of my pint and laughed,
'Where did that come from?' Alana flashed me a smile and replied
'I was wondering that.' The girls shuffled round so we were all around a single table, Megan had squished right up to me, and Alana was next to her. I realised I had barely talked to either girl all evening, right before noticing that they were both quite d***k, as I was myself.

We made small talk and I finished my drink, I made pleasantries and said I had to get my bus. It was only then that I realised that both girls had been flirting with me, they asked and then playfully begged me to stay for another drink. Having not been with anyone since my recent breakup (some weeks prior) I was powerless to resist. Alana bought another round while I sat and relaxed with Megan.

Both girls, I was aware, had boyfriends. Alana had said early in the evening that her boyfriend was out of town for the weekend on business, Megan hadn't really mentioned hers all night, but I knew from work that they fought often and she'd cheated on him previously. I felt a little bad flirting with them, but they were both adults... it was only playful right?

Alana reappeared carrying a tray, I noticed that her dress was riding up slightly, and in my d***ken state I was staring at the ever more exposed tops of her legs. She caught me staring and I felt myself flush.
'I'm...' I began
'What?' she said with a mischievous grin sprayed across her face. She set the tray down. There was my pint of lager, and her rum and coke and Megan's Cocktail and an array of shots.
'I thought we could have some fun before you went home' she said still grinning devilishly. I picked up a shot and the girls did the same. We chinked drinks and then downed then, we did the same again, and again before picking up our other drinks.

We giggled away for a while before my drink was done, I looked at my watch, FUCK! I'd missed my last bus (I wish this was a cunning ploy on my part, but alas, I'd just been foolish). The girls looked at me, noticing my mood sour.
'What's wrong?' Megan asked with a slight twang in her accent.
I tried to recover
'I suppose I should get some more drinks in.' I said still trying to be charming, but secretly thinking I'd be spending hours walking home horny and miserable.
'Your bus?' Alana chimed in.
'Missed it, may as well have some more drinks with you two' I was thoroughly miserable, I'd ended up having a good night and ruined it through carelessness.
'Same again?' both girls nodded.

I trotted to the toilet before going to the bar, but when I emerged both girls were stood at the doorway to the bathrooms wearing their coats and giggling. I realised then that i'd never seen them this friendly at work. They were stood close together, holding each other close in that way girls tend to when they're d***k.
'What's up?' I enquired
'We were wondering...' Alana said 'If you wanted to go back to my house' Megan giggled 'shush... sorry, someones d***k' she rolled her eyes '... and c***dish... and you can stay in my' another giggle 'spare room' Megan made the two fingered quotation mark gesture 'I said shush... rather than you walking home in this weather?' I still wasn't picking up on the signals I'm afraid, I just said
'If that's okay.'
'Great, c'mon, we've got your stuff' Megan said as I was hurried out of the pub and into the cold night.

We walked the short walk to Alana's house in a line, one of my arms around each girl. We laughed and joked some more before we crashed into Alana's house. Alana flicked the lights on and disappeared into the kitchen while Megan and i made ourselves comfy on her couch. I still had my arm around her while we sat there. It wasn't a particularily sexual embrace, more of a comfortable one when Alana reappeared with drinks. Rums all round and another tray of shots.

I sipped my drink as Alana excused herself and disappeared upstairs to get changed, my arm was still d****d around Megan when she gripped me by shirt and pulled me into a kiss. I was shocked, astonished and excited. I pulled back and asked.
'You have a boyfriend...?'
'So' She said before pulling me back in for another kiss, I gave in this time, I didn't care if she had a boyfriend. She tasted like booze and cigarettes and, frankly, wasn't a great kisser but I embraced it, thrusting my tongue into her mouth and running my hands over her waist. She pulled back from me when she heard Alana stirring upstairs and smiled a wicked smile.

Alana appeared at the bottom of the stairs wearing a short cotton night dress and a robe, already turned on by my kiss with Megan I looked her up and down, admiring her long, now exposed, legs and trying to see if her nipples were poking through the thin cotton. She strutted across the lounge. Picking up her drink as she did sat herself down at the other side of me.

I could feel Megan teasing the fingers of the arm i had round her as Alana got herself comfortable, I was still staring at Alana, watching her sip the rum and coke when she excitedly exclaimed

I was in no position to argue when she picked up a glass.
'Here's the rules' She said, the devilish smile on her lips again 'Megan drinks first, passes the drink to you, then you pass it to me, then back to Megan. She Swallows. You start next time'
'I don't understand' I said, genuinely not understanding.
'You'll pick it up' She winked (I mean she really winked)
She passed the glass to Megan who looked at me before drinking the liquid, she grabbed me again, pulling me close and kissed me letting the sweet sharp brightly coloured drink flow into my mouth, I swallowed half of it before Alana yanked me to her and laid her lips against mine, I closed my eyes as we kissed and let what i still had in my mouth fall into hers before she leant across me and passed the remaining booze into Megan's eager mouth.
'See, she swallows' winked Alana again.

I was in awe. How was this even happening. I'd been feeling pretty crappy about myself until maybe two hours previously, now I had two gorgeous women kissing me, and each other. Both girls were grinning and giggling.
'Have you two done that before?'
'Not with her' said Alana
'No' said Megan
'Oooh really?' asked Alana 'you'll be well practiced before the night's out'
Alana passed me a shot and I took my turn. My pass to Alana was masterful, not losing a single drop, then to Megan the same, then back to me. Perfect... wait I thought to myself. This game would be more fun if we did drop some! The next round began with Alana and then to Megan but when it came to my turn I changed the rules and passed it back to the unexpectant Megan who promptly spilt it over her pristine white T-Shirt.

Alana was quick on the uptake.
'Quick, get it off. It needs to go in the wash immediately' she flashes me a smile 'Looks like you'll be stopping the night too.' Megan did actually look a little concerned, and I felt bad for a second, until I saw her jacket drop to the floor and her begin to pull her soggy white t-shirt over her head. My mouth dropped open, her tits were even more impressive in the flesh, she wore a poorly fitted red, sequined bra, which revealed the edges of her large, puffy pink nipples. She was giggling shortly after, trying to cover herself futilely.

Alana disappeared into her kitchen and as the door closed i dived at Megan, kissing her deeply and caressing her exposed flesh. She moaned softly as I bit her lip when we heard the door click and saw Alana stood in the doorway. She'd lost the robe allowing her now visible nipples to poke through the thin cotton of her night dress.
'This doesn't seem fair' she said, striding over, my hand stroking Megan's leg as we both watched her. She bent down and stroked Megan's cheek before kissing her deeply. I was immensely turned on, and i think both girls noticed. They broke away from each other and pecked each other on the lips. Megan turned my head again and kissed me softly before Alana turned me to her, she held my head still and straddled me. Her dress rode up so I could almost see her slit, though not enough to make out if she was wearing panties or not. She pressed her lips against mine as Megan moved behind me, I felt her tongue snaking across my teeth before plunging into my mouth. She pressed herself against me, her lips against mine before breaking off.

Alana's hands moved to the bottom of my t-shirt and the girls were giggling again. They pulled the t-shirt over my head.
'That's better' Alana said 'Lie down' I did as i was told, shirtless and straddled I could feel my hard cock pressing against my jeans.
'Stay Still' Alana said 'open your mouth' Again I did as I was told, before feeling the cold splash of liquid in my mouth and over my exposed torso. I swallowed the alcohol as I heard Alana say
'Oh Dear... you've got to lick him clean now' My eyes widened as Megan's face, slightly worried appeared in my vision. She leant over, and Alana stole a kiss with her as she did. I was motionless until I felt her tongue on my body, licking at the red liquid. I spasmed in ecstasy as she lapped at my body.

'Do you want to do that to her?' asked Alana. I nodded.
'And me?'
'Good boy' she said and kissed me, then Megan, then me again. I sat up and kissed Megan, tasting my own sweat mixed with the sweet drink. As we embraced I reached around her a undid the clasp on her bra, she looked shocked at first, but I gave her a playful smile and kissed her again. She let the bra fall to the floor and I turned to Alana, I locked eyes with her and lowered one of the straps on her nightdress to her shoulder before the bare breasted (and Magnificent) Megan did the same with the other, she lifted her arms over and revealed her lively, small nippled breasts. I groped at Alana's first, slightly less than a handful but very firm. I saw Megan, little already lean low and begin sucking on the other breast to Alana's delight.

As Megan suckled at Alana's willing tit, she began to unfasten the buttons on my jeans, we kissed deeply again as she did this, all the while Megan nibbled and sucked at her nipple, Alana moaned between kisses, enjoying the attention. My hand moves from her breast and round her tight trim body. Her ass is as perfect as I imagined when I grope it's bare flesh, pinching it I find Alana yelps excitedly causing Megan to stir.

I move to behind Megan, losing my jeans from around my ankle as I do, and wrap my arms around her, each breast more than a fill for my hands and Alana kneels in front of her as I fondle her breasts and kiss her neck, sucking it and leaving marks (...for her boyfriend to find ;)) she moans softly at the affection as Alana deftly undoes her jeans, she steps out of them and I step back to admire her ass. She's wearing plain black cotton panties, she wasn't expecting this tonight I deduce, but they make her ass look incredible. I move back to my position, only two layers of cotton seperating her ass crack and my raging cock. I look over her shoulder to see Alana planting kiss after kiss on her barely concealed cunt.

Megan lets out moan after moan at the kisses as Alana applies more and more pressure with them.
'I think it's about time I showed you two the bedroom' Alana whispers while she kisses at the growing wet patch on Megan's panties. Alana stands up and takes us both by the hand and leads us upstairs, I can see while we're on the stairs that Alana has forgone underwear and between steps I catch precious glimpses at her pussy. Megan is staring at it as will and, just before the top of the stairs she stops Alana with a meek
'wait' Alana turns towards us and I see Megan's shaking hands press on her thighs. She edges the dress up so I can see that Alana's hair has been neatly trimmed into a thick strip. Megan kisses Alana's snatch tenderly before Alana whispers
'just do what you want done to you' Megan nods before laying her tongue flat against the top of Alana's pussy and rubs, shocked and excited Alana yelps again, before moaning softly.

She lowers herself so she's sat open legged on the top seat with Megan's head buried between her thighs. I think about rubbing my cock before deciding to slide Megan's sodden knickers to the side. I kiss her exposed pussy before sliding my middle finger deep into her, I feel her tense around it as i start to curl my finger, hunting for her g-spot. She moans between licks and the cacophony of the two girls rises. Abrubtly Alana yelps
'STOP' we both halt, panting 'BEDROOM, NOW!'

All three of us rush to the first bedroom we find, the master bedroom. Alana yanks at Megan's panties before stripping her dress off. She finally descends on my boxer shorts, tearing at them they come off easily she pushes me onto the edge of the bed and commanads Megan to suck my dick. My legs are wide as i feel her begin to lick it. I can tell her inexperience but don't have time to think as Alana pushes me back, she straddles my head facing towards Megan. I lean forwards and begin to lick at her clit, which is met with approving moans then I start to hear Alana
'Go Deeper'
'Be Sloppy'
'Faster, fuck it with you mouth'
I guarantee there is nothing hotter than this, one hot girl straddling your head while barking lewd orders at another. I can feel my cum building as Alana starts to quiver, i drag her fully onto my head, licking frantically at her cunt. My face gets wetter as her orgasm gives way she's in bliss when
'Fuck my cunt, I want her to eat both of our cum out of me'...

Well... I had to oblige. Megan had already moved, and looked a sight, makeup down her face and slobber all over her mouth, I kissed her as I positioned myself. Alana threw her legs up high.
'I want it deep and rough' she said 'like a whore' I lined my cock against her slit, I knew I'd be quick. Megan lay beside her, kissing and caressing her. I entered her, and was surprised that a girl this dirty was so tight. Didn't her boyfriend fuck her?

Her legs over my shoulders, I drilled her good, and lasted longer than I thought I would but when I came it seemed endless. She managed a second orgasm as I finished in her, moaning loudly as she did and when we were both done I flopped forward and kissed both girls still in her. Megan moved and waited patiently and eagerly to do her duty when i finally slid out she cleaned my dick before moving to Alana's pussy. She licked it so expertly and thoroughly that Alana managed another orgasm. And when she was done all Alana said was.
'Told you she swallowed'
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