Mum helps teenagers learn about sex

Jackie had fallen in love and knew that Andy was the guy she wanted to lose her virginity to, the only problem was she was just too scared to take things a step further. They had been dating for a few weeks and kissing at the cinema had turned into heavy petting in her bedroom, but she had always stopped him at fondling her tits and letting his hand get as far as the outside of her panties. Whilst they had been doing this, she had felt his cock harden against her and her pussy had moistened as it pushed against her thigh and she knew he wanted her desperately, but still she had heard some terrible stories, mainly involving lots of pain, from other girls.
At 19 Jackie knew it was unusual still to be a virgin, but having been educated at a Catholic school, she still had the notion that sex was special and even though she didn’t want to wait for marriage, she didn’t want to have sex with just anyone. Andy was different though, he was randy, yes, but tender and loving and also still a virgin, according to him.
They had talked about it, discussed if and when they should go further and Jackie knew it was a burning issue, but still she was worried.
She had therefore decided to bite the bullet and talk to her Mum about it. She had a great relationship with her and had discussed everything with her for years and her Mum had been helpful when it came to problems with school and puberty and boys and although sex was a stage further on, Jackie hoped her Mum wouldn’t mind and would be able to give good advice. She also knew that her Mum liked Andy, had told her quite emphatically not to let this one go and so she hoped that her Mum might see that Jackie wanted to make him happy by sl**ping with him.

It was after dinner that evening as they were still sitting at the dining table that Jackie took a big breathe and launched into the subject “Does making love hurt?”
As Jackie thought, her Mum had listened without any sign of shock and had then offered her some pearls of wisdom, telling Jackie that if they did things right and were well lubricated the initial discomfort would soon be forgotten in the pleasure that making love brought. She then made sure Jackie would be sensible and that protection would be used, but made it clear she understood that today, to keep the right man, sex was mandatory. She then told Jackie that she would be out Saturday evening if her and Andy wanted an opportunity to be alone.

When Saturday came, Jackie was so excited and by the time Andy turned up at her house at 7.00pm, she had already changed her panties twice. Her Mum had left half an hour earlier and the young couple were soon kissing and cuddling on the sofa. Andy squeezed Jackie’s pert breast through her T Shirt and she whispered into his ear,
“I want you to suck my nipples.”
Andy was elated, Jackie had always stopped him at fondling, but now she was willingly lifting her T Shirt up and unfastening her bra, so he could kiss her shapely tits.
Their foreplay continued on the sofa, until Jackie could take no more and she stood up, took her boyfriend’s hand and led him to her bedroom.
Andy sat aghast as Jackie stripped off completely and then told him to do the same.
He followed suit, slightly embarrassed at being naked for the first time in front of a girl, but she was leading the way, which was just fantastic.
Jackie opened a drawer in her bedroom cabinet and pulled out a condom packet and handed it to Andy.
“I want you to make love to me,” she said & Andy noticed that a glazed look of lust had come over her.
He took the condom and ripped open the packet. It took some jiggling to put it on, but he was soon sitting beside her with the shiny rubber encasing his six inch erect cock. She was nervous, he could tell, but he pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly, softly groping her breasts and letting his fingers run through her pubic hair. Then he went to mount her.

Joan came home to find Andy on his own watching TV.
“Where’s Jackie?” she asked.
He looked embarrassed, confused even.
“In her bedroom I think,” he said. Then more positively “We’ve had an argument, but I’m not going until it’s sorted and she won’t speak to me at the moment, please tell her to come and see me Mrs Green.”
“An argument? About what? Is she okay?”
“I think she is fine, just upset, maybe you should go and see her.”

Joan Green went to her daughter’s bedroom and knocked softly on the door,
“Jackie darling, it’s your Mum are you okay, can I come in?”
No answer.
Joan slowly opened the door, she could hear her daughter softly crying,
“Jackie what’s the matter?”
Still no answer. She sat on the bed and rubbed Jackie’s back.
“Tell me what’s happened?”
Jackie turned and sat up, her eyes were puffy and her cheeks tear stained.
“We couldn’t do it,” she managed to get out between little sobs and gasps.
“Couldn’t do it?”
“He went to make love to me, but couldn’t get it in, said I was too tight.”
“So did you try and make it easier?”
“Well he tried a few times, then we even tried to shift position, but it still wouldn’t go in and I got angry with him.”
“Did you, do things beforehand?”
“Well you know, like I said, get well lubricated before you tried?”
“No! I mean I don’t know, how well lubricated does it need to be.”
“You two are amateurs at this aren’t you, I’m going to have to talk you through it some more darling.”
“Has he gone?”
“No he is still downstairs, go and see him, tell him you still love him and that it will be okay.”

Jackie climbed out of the bed and Joan noticed that although she had put her T Shirt back on, she was just wearing a pair of small pale blue panties on her bottom half. As Jackie padded across the room to collect a pair of shorts, Joan found herself transfixed by her daughter’s cute little arse.
She gulped as she felt her heart race and felt a slight excited feeling beginning in her gut.
Twenty five years earlier she’d had a short lesbian fling with a college friend, but her and the friend had then found male partners and even though since Jackie’s Dad had disappeared off the scene, she’d had a few lesbian fantasises, this was the first time she felt that stirring at the sight of her own daughter.
As Jackie pulled on a pair of shorts, Joan ran her eyes over her daughter.
Boy she was beautiful, and so horny looking, no wonder that young guy downstairs couldn’t wait to get her into bed.
Jackie looked up at her mother and smiled,
“I’ll go and see him,” she said and left the room.

Joan felt dizzy, she hadn’t felt this horny for ages and instinctively she unzipped her jeans and thrust her hand inside her panties. Her pussy was wet, very wet and with the mental image of her daughter’s lovely arse imprinted on her mind, Joan started to masturbate and as she did, a very naughty, but very horny thought came into her mind.

Controlling her breathing Joan entered the living room. Jackie sat on the sofa, facing Andy, they were holding hands.
“Friends again?” Joan asked.
Jackie looked at Andy and raised her eyebrows as if to emphasise the question to him.
He smiled and said simply “Yes”.

Joan sat down, “I think you two need some advice from a mature person.”
Jackie smiled at her Mum and nodded, Andy just looked embarrassed & put his head down.
“Jackie told me what happened and there is no need for regret or anything else, everyone starts somewhere and you two obviously need some parental help. So do you mind if I give mine?”
Jackie said it was okay, and nudged Andy who also agreed.

Joan felt the excitement rising in her as she thought about the next few minutes and once again she had to control her breathing.
“I want you two to strip off,” she said.
Andy’s head shot up, obviously shocked by the suggestion and Jackie just said “What?”
“If I’m going to help I need to give you proper advice and anyway I have seen plenty of naked bodies in my time, especially yours Jackie darling.”
Joan waited, expecting further resistance, but to her amazement, Jackie lifted her T Shirt and started to undress. She was soon naked and Joan licked her lips as she took in her daughter’s lovely small young breasts, petite body and dark triangle of pubic hair. Andy was still dressed, but with some urging from Jackie, stripped down to his boxers and finally relinquished them, holding his hands over his private parts.
Joan hadn’t been so excited for years. At 44 divorced she had given up much hope of anymore sex, but now her juices were virtually dripping down her leg as she eyed up the two teenagers in front of her.

“You need to play with his penis, rub it gently,” she instructed her daughter.
Jackie lifted Andy’s hand’s away, he was limp, almost non-existent poor boy.
Jackie slipped her left hand around him.
“And you Andy bend down and kiss her breasts softly.”

It was like being a director of a porn movie. He did as she said, caressing her daughter’s right tit in the cup of his hand and easing her nipple into his mouth.
Joan watched fascinated as her daughter’s hand did the trick and the bl**d was soon flowing into Andy’s cock and it grew erect in her hand.
She let the excitement build for a few minutes, Jackie was slowly wanking Andy off and he was alternating between her tits, kissing them and lightly sucking her nipples.
Joan took another deep breathe.
“Okay Jackie darling, to get him really excited, you need to give him a blowjob, suck his cock.”
Jackie didn’t argue or question, she eased herself back and down and Joan watched as the tip of Andy’s cock slipped into her daughter’s mouth.
Joan watched for a minute and then decided they were both ready or at least hoped so.
She crossed the few feet that separated them and then said very softly but with authority,
“That’s okay darling, but you need to go a bit further.”
She then lightly touched Jackie’s shoulder and eased her back away from Andy’s stiff cock.
“More like this.”
Joan had already knelt down beside the sofa and as her daughter’s head moved away from her boyfriend’s cock, Joan bent forward. Her lips lightly brushed Andy’s cock and then she went down on him, forcing a good 4 inches into her mouth. As she thrust her head up and down, literally mouth fucking Andy, she expected a cry of outrage from her daughter, but as Andy groaned louder, she could tell that her daughter was just watching. The taste of his young cock, was terrific and Joan’s panties were soaking wet as she virtually engulfed his whole cock in her mouth. She then backed off and looked back at her daughter,
“That’s what he needs darling.”
Jackie’s eyes were full of lust and Joan knew she had won the first battle. She put her hand on Jackie’s back and pushed her forward. Jackie followed her Mum’s example and deep throated her boyfriend.
As she did so, Joan firstly stroked Jackie’s back and then slowly, moved her hands under her daughter’s arms until she could feel her tits.
Jackie was panting as she sucked Andy off and his groaning got louder until he let out an loud “Oh No!”
Jackie’s head came up quickly as Andy filled her mouth with spunk. As she released him, his cum continued to shoot up in the air, spurt after spurt. Joan couldn’t bear to see it go to waste and she grabbed his hot cock and guided the last few ejaculations into her own mouth.
When he had finished she looked up at her daughter, cum was dribbling from her mouth and it was in her hair and over her nose. She could also feel it dripping from her own chin.
“That was so naughty,” Jackie said.
“Nice though,” Joan replied with a grin, “I hoped I have helped.”
To her utter surprise Jackie leaned forward and planted a sticky cum tasting kiss right on her lips.
“That was the best help a Mum can give.”
Joan didn’t want to lose the moment so she leant forward and kissed her daughter softly, once, twice and on the third, Jackie partly opened her lips as the kiss became more passionate.
“I just want to be the perfect help darling,” she whispered as the kiss ended, “I’m sure I can teach you two a lot about pleasing each other.”
“We would enjoy that, wouldn’t we?” Jackie said.
Andy looked up, still in a state of shock, not only had he been given his first blowjob, it had come from his girlfriend and her Mum who he had just witnessed kissing, what else would your average 19 year old say,
“Yes I think we need all the help we can get.”

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