Multiple cock fantasy turns wife wild.

My wife Jackie and I have been married over 20 years and our sex life hasn't changed much over those years. Like most men I have viewed porn since I was a teenager and have a filthy mind, but Jackie has always been very conservative when it comes to sex. It took a few years to get her to suck my cock and even now it is a rare occurence although she has always loved me giving her oral and more recently, the last couple of years, she has let me lick her arsehole, when she is at her most horniest. But in truth sex has mainly been in bed, 10 minutes of foreplay and then me fucking her. Yes reading stories and watching porn has given me lots of fantasises, but I know that these would be a no go area with Jackie, not that I'm complaining! much?
However last week, there was a huge change that has yet to wear off. I have to admit that now in her 40's Jackie has changed slightly in her attitude to sex, in that she has initiated it more often in the last couple of years and she even bought some nice underwear for our recent holiday.
However even this went off the scale last week. We were doing a fly-drive holiday in the USA, something we do every couple of years. Anyway in one hotel we stayed in towards the end of our holiday, we were given a room with a connecting door to the next room. This proved to be very annoying when it became obvious that our neighbours were 2 guys who talked very loudly. It seemed the hotel had a large group of men staying that night who were working in the area and we had a room amongst them and there was no other rooms available I was told when I went to see if we could move. Fortunately the group of guys went out to a local bar and so it became peaceful in the evening, but when they returned about 10.30pm, it became very loud again. Jackie wasn't happy and just for a laugh and to lighten the mounting tension from her I said that I would have to make love to her loudly to drown them out.
To my complete and utter surprise, she said "Come on then."
We started to kiss and I fondled her breasts with the background noise of these 2 guys in the room next door talking. Soon I was sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy through her panties and to my amazement, she was soaking wet and panting like never before. In fact the louder the voices got from the men in the next room, the more Jackie reacted. When she grabbed my cock and started to wank me off (something that is very rare) I knew she was on the edge of sheer ecstasy. She then pulled her panties down and actually for the very first time in a relationship spanning 25 years, her hand joined mine as I rubbed and fingered her cunt. Just that act nearly made me shoot my load. The guys were talking and my wife was actually fingering her own pussy as she listened to their voices. Of course at that stage I wasn't sure what had driven her so crazy, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for broke.
"Do wish those guys could see you rubbing your pussy?" I said hesitantly.
Wow! that was it.
A massive groan and squirt city.
Jackie had orgasms, in fact she came quite a bit during sex, but never ever like this. Her juice squirted a foot across the bed and her tits and neck went bright red out of sheer passion.
In fact at that point the voices in the room next door went quiet and I realised that they must have heard Jackie.
"I think they heard that," I said.
"Good," Jackie gasped and she started pumping 3 fingers in and out of her own cunt whilst wanking me off with the other hand.
"Perhaps we should invite them in?" I said, still half expecting her to get angry with me for suggesting it.
But she reacted with another loud groan and another squirt of pussy juice.
I was d***k on passion now and said to her,
"One of them could fuck your pussy and the other your arse, whilst you suck me off."
If the first squirt had caught me by surprise, that one sentence produced more cum from Jackie than I normally see in a month. She turned the bed into a pool and was gasping so loudly I thought the whole hotel might hear.
"Come and fuck me" (words she never uses) she said.
I duly obliged and we had the best fuck we'd had in years, changing position four times in the next 15 minutes.

When our lust had cooled down, I expected some repercussions thinking Jackie would be guilt-ridden, but the only thing she seemed embarrassed about was the fact that the bed was absolutely drenched. However we layered it with hotel towels and cuddled.
I asked her if she enjoyed it and she responded with a satisfied hmmmm and a soft wet kiss.
We finally drifted off to sl**p, but we both woke up really early, to discover that our neighbours were obviously leaving early and one of them was obviously having a shower. We could hear the water splashing and then heard the other guy tell his mate not to use all the bath towels.
Jackie's fingers curled around my cock and she started to kiss my lips softly. Her nipples were rock hard and she moaned softly and I realised that she was masturbating herself again as she listened to our room neighbour take a shower.
My heart was racing and I whispered to her,
"I bet they would both like to take a shower with you."
Her hand gripped my cock tighter and she let out a muffled cry as she made herself cum.
"You could soap their big cocks and squeeze their balls tight as you did so and they could soap your tits and pussy and arse."
Jackie started to pant and the wet stain spread all around us as she continued to cum over and over again.
"Then they could bend you over and take turns fucking your tight arsehole and making you suck their cocks until your mouth and arse were full of their cum."
"Yes, yes, yes," she panted.
"Then when they were finished with you, they could send you back to me and I would have to lick their cum out of your arse and pussy."
Jackie let out a massive groan and soaked the bed again.
She then grabbed me and pushed me down the bed.
"Do it," she groaned.
"Lick their cum from my pussy!"
I dutifully obliged as she went along with the fantasy and licked her furiously, whilst she bucked about on the bed and squirted her juice all over my face.
I did this for a few minutes, but was close to the edge myself and decided to go for one more new thing.
I moved up the bed and said quietly "Their both going to cum over your face now."
Jackie grabbed my cock and together we rubbed it until my spunk squirted over her face, over her eyes and nose and her lips and she hungrily licked it up as I did so, unheard of and unbelievable!
I then, madly, licked my cum off the parts she couldn't reach and went to share it with her, still half expecting her to turn away and tell me not to be disgusting, but instead she opened her mouth hungrily and our tongues entwined sharing my sticky cum and as we did so, Jackie grabbed my deflated cock and played with it until the bl**d was pumping again. She then hauled herself on top of me, (another first) and fucked me until she orgasmed again, finally collapsing in a heap on top of me.
We were both quiet for a while and then I simply said,
"That was nice."
She pushed herself away from me and laughed,
"Mmmmm, that was amazing."
"We'll have to do it again some time," I said.
"Let's not leave it too long," she said.

And we didn't, in fact that day she surprised me further, when we passed a sex shop. She saw me looking as we walked past and when we were about 10 yards further down the road, she said,
"You can go and buy me something if you want to."
I stopped amazed, "Like what?"
"I don't know, why don't you surprise me."
She then carried on walking, looking back at me with a seductive smile. Suddenly my wife had turned into a wild horny woman and I wasn't going to let the moment go so I walked back to the sex shop and went in, which I have to admit was another first.
The place was full of magazines and dvd's and I was surprised to find a woman behind the counter.
In the typical friendly American style she asked if she could help me, but I muttered I was just looking, embarassed that she had spoken to me.
I found what I wanted in a little alcove. It was full of sex toys of all sizes and shapes and colours. I picked out 2 vibrating dildo's, both of them very life like, one was a pink flesh and a slim 6 inches, whilst the other was black and a fat 10 inches. At the counter the woman wanted to demonstrate the speed etc, but I just wanted them wrapped, although I did take her offer of some lubricating gel which she said would probably be needed with the "Fat Joe".
I caught Jackie up and we walked around without her questioning me at all.

She then suggested we go back to the hotel. Once there we quickly fell on the bed and quickly undressed and I was soon enjoying her wonderful naked body.
"Do you think those guys will come back tonight?" she asked me.
"Bound to," I said, "Probably can't wait to hear you play with your pussy again."
She shivered out of lust and started to rub herself again.
"Would you like them to watch you masturbate?"
Her shaking seemed uncontrollable as the dirty thought ran through her mind and like the night before she orgasmed, her juice squirting from her pussy like a fountain.
"Then as they watched they could get their cocks out and wank off too. Would that be nice?"
"Then because you are so naughty they would both want to fuck you and make you suck their cocks."
I had never seen Jackie masturbate before the previous night, didn't even know if she did, but she was certainly good at making herself cum.
I then opened the package I had bought and firstly just put the tip of the fake pink cock against her pussy and at the same time putting her left hand lightly round my cock.
She shook again and another squirt came from her. I just rubbed the pink dildo up and down her labia, pressing the end against her clit every now and again to produce waves of gasps. I then turned it on and slowly inserted it into her.
Jackie bucked about on the bed and gripped my cock tightly.
"My friend is going to fuck you whilst you play with my cock," I told her.
Her eyes were rolling about in her head now as Jackie was d**gged up on lust. We did this for a while and then I got "Big Joe" ready. My own cock wasn't much different from the pink dildo I had bought in size and girth, but I knew Jackie had never had anything inside her like the blck dildo I had bought. I made her take the pink dildo from me and she continued to fuck herself, whilst I lubbed up the black one.
"Now its his friend's turn," I said and Jackie duly pulled the pink one out.
As I inserted the black one, Jackie started to gasp loudly as it f***ed her pussy wider and wider and as it went deeper and deeper, she yelled out in sheer passion.
"Oh he is a big boy, but he wants to fuck you hard, is that okay?"
"Yes, yes," she gasped, "Fuck me hard!"
I slowly started to move the black dildo in and out and every thrust, Jackie cried out in pleasure, cumming more and more.
After a few minutes I decided to go to the next level and eased Jackie on her side, not letting the black dildo out of her. I then gently rubbed the pink one up and down the crack of her arse, stopping every few seconds at her tight little arsehole.
When she didn't complain and just continued to gasp and moan and wet the bed, I applied a touch of lub to that one too and then softly pressed it against her arse. Then on the next out stroke of the black dildo, I pushed the pink one. Her arsehole opened and it slipped it a good 2 inches.
"Oh God yes!" Jackie moaned.
I had never fucked Jackie's arse and the nearest I got was a lick and one finger, now she was pressing down on a 6 inch dildo.
I soon had a rythem going, black in, pink out, black out, pink in and my wife was lost in sheer sexual ecstasy.
"Our friends both love fucking you, how about you suck me at the same time and have 3 cocks at once."
It was a bit ackward keeping up the rythem as she moved to suck my cock, but I managed it for a few minutes until for once again the first time ever I shot my spunk into Jackie's mouth and what's even more, she didn't move, gulping it down as my cock jerked in her mouth.
Well even though I was spent, Jackie wasn't and I watched amazed as she firstly took the pink dildo that had been deep up her arse and sucked it, before replacing the big black one with it and sucking that hungrily until she was exhausted and also spent.

Unfortunately the 2 guys in the next room didn't return that evening and in fact it was empty we think, but Jackie played out a fantasy for me, in the shower, using both dildoes. As I directed her, she soaped them and inserted them into her pussy and arse and her mouth, coming over and over again.

By that night she was exhausted but my wife's wild ways hadn't stopped, but I'll save that for another story if anyone is interested.

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