Mother in law's panties

Twenty years ago when I was in my 20's and my Mother in law in her 50's I used to masturbate quite regularly thinking about her and even imagined fucking her whilst I was screwing my wife. On trips to her house I would also remove her used panties from the laundry hamper when in the bathroom and use those to fuel a quick wank.
However when my wife and I moved away, those fantasies cooled down some what as we only soon her about once a year, though in truth they never went away.
This past week it was one of those times, Joan came to ours for a visit and for the first time in a long time I found myself with my hands on her knickers again.
My wife and her Mum had gone off to do some shopping, leaving me home alone. I flicked on the laptop and soon found myself watching some porn on X Hamster and a very good video of 2 very mature women, enjoying each other's bodies. With a hard cock and racing thoughts I decided to re-visit an old habit and went to the room that Joan was staying in and rifled through her dirty clothes. Now Joan is 70 now, so no thongs or nice undies anywhere, but a couple of worn pairs of white cotton panties. So I took them away and stripped completely off and pulled one pair on and used the other pair to lick and sniff. Before long with the 2 mature lesbians licking each other's pussies on the video, the smell of Joan's cunt and the feel of her knickers tight against my cock, I was happily cumming into a couple of tissues.
Knickers returned I didn't think much more about it, until the next day when lust over came me again and whilst Joan and my wife were out again, I repeated the previous day's performance.
The next day my wife had to work and she left before her Mum was out of bed. I was getting myself ready to leave for work and had just finished my breakfast when Joan came into the kitchen.
"Jackie gone?" she inquired.
"Yep, left a while back," I replied
"Good! then she doesn't have to be part of what I need to say to you."
I gave her a puzzled look and she continued,
"Someone in this house has been interfering with my worn clothes, particularly my underwear. I thought my stuff had been moved the other day and when I checked last night, it had again and my underwear has a very distinct smell to them now."
I could feel my face going red as she spoke.
"So what I think is that you, being the only man in the house, have been playing with my knickers, in somekind of bizarre perverted game in which I presume you have no defence."
She gave me a defiant look and willed me to deny it.
I didn't say a word, I couldn't think of anything to say. I was well and truly fucked!
"So an old lady comes into your home and all you can do is mess about with her underwear and what is even worse is that it is the underwear of your own wife's mother, have you nothing to say?
No? What are you going to say when I tell Jackie?"
"Look Joan," I managed to stammer, "Don't say anything to Jackie, please, it was stupid, I don't even know why I did it. I'll make it up to you, buy you some new underwear, but don't say anything, I won't do it again, I promise."
"You will do it again," she snapped.
"No I won't....."
"Yes you will, you'll do it now, right here in front of me."
My legs went to jelly as the impact of her words hit home and as she pulled 2 pairs of panties from the pocket of her dressing gown, I felt a bit light-headed.
"Here and now," she repeated, "I want you to do it, that is my price for silence."
She took a step forward, reached out and handed me the panties.
"Strip off and do it," she ordered.
I obeyed, half scared, half excited at her dominance.
The last thing to go were my boxer's and strangely I was embarrassed to let Joan see my cock. All the bravado of those wanks was gone, times when I had called out "Yeah do you want to suck this Joan?" as part of my fantasises had gone completely. What's more I wasn't even hard and perhaps had that fear she would see my cock and think it was puny.
She had a thin smile on her lips as she stared at my flacid cock.
"Oh I thought you might be bigger than that"
I pulled her white panties up and tucked my cock into them.
"Now what do you do?"
I didn't say anything, just lifted the other panties up to my face and inhaled the aroma from the gusset. The mix of sweat, stale piss and crusty cunt juice soon had my cock twitching into life and I stroked myself through the cotton breathing new life to my cock.
I licked the gusset of the knickers, tasting her and she made a little gasp as I did so.
"You filthy boy!"
My cock had grown to its full manhood now and was straining against her panties, leaving little pre-cum stains as I masturbated in front of her.
"Do you like licking my panties?"
I just nodded and lapped at them.
"Do you like the taste of my pussy and my arse?"
"Yes Joan," I gasped, "love the taste of both."
"Good, keep licking then, show me how much you love my wet pussy."
I pushed the material of the gusset into my mouth and rubbed myself furiously though her panties. I knew I didn't have far to go and went to pull down the front of her knickers away from my cock.
"No leave it," she said "I know you want to cum. Cum in my knickers."
10 seconds later my cock jerked and a large sticky stain spread across the white cotton, 3, 4 more jerks and the knickers were drenched.
Once again my legs had gone wobbly, as the sexual relief swept over me.
"Feel better?"
"Yes Joan, great."
"Me too!"
I stepped towards her, "I want you badly," I said.
"So I see but you are my daughter's husband, masturbation is one thing, but anything else is strictly taboo," she said, "I'll take my knickers back now, thank you and you can get to work, maybe before the week's out I'll ask for a repeat peformance but that is where it stops dear."
A Minute later I found myself alone and naked in the kitchen whilst my mother in law returned back to her own room clutching her spunk laden knickers.
Was that it?
95% (42/2)
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1 year ago
I have a neighbor called Debbie who lives with her Mother Mary and Son Kerry.When they go on Holiday I look after the mail,water the house plants and feed the Dog. I have had some great wanks in Debbie's panties and lingerie but love getting Into Mary's big nylon knickers.Your story got me so hot as I imagined Mary making me do what your Mother in law made you do.
2 years ago
good job, whether its true or not, it sure sounds like it could have been
2 years ago
I bet this really happened. I know how women get when they have the goods on you....great story
2 years ago
You sick monkey..............Sweet
2 years ago
GREAT story, hope there's a part 2?
2 years ago
Don't leave us hangin'....
2 years ago
Oh, there's more! Great stuff.
2 years ago
And?? Anything else ?
2 years ago