now dats wat I call breakfast in bed

Well I was awoken one morning by my friends wife but this time it was different.

I slept over at my friends place last night as my wife was out of town and me being bored landed up at there place they were glad to see me and invited me in with open arms. So we did the normal things chat watch movies and catch up with wats happening arnd us.

His wife didn't seem to be bothhered but she kept on telling me I look so different and I have a sparkle in my eye oh I said its just nothing but she insisted there's something bout me but I didn't pay much attention to it.

So its getting late I bid them my farewells then she tells me to stay over as she knows my wife aint hme and they have a guest room so I'm more then welcome to stay after some convincing from my pal I decides to stay over after all I didn't plan on making my own breakfast.

Well I crashed on the bed not having any clothes to sl**p in I decided to sl**p in my shorts and since its been hot I decided not cover my self with sheets.

So in the early hours of the mrn I was woken up by the Mrs she was putting her fingers into my mouth well I started tasting and it tasted like strawberry jam and in dat state I was like a baby sucking hard on he fingers then realising I'm not dreaming I jumped up on the bed awake seeing her in my room I asked wats the time she told me its breakfast time so I told ok I will be there in a minute but she refused to move I asked wats wrong she tells me I didn't tell her if he jam was nice or not.
I told her its the best jam I've ever tasted and that was it.

She opened her robe to my surprise she was totaly naked wow did she look amazing my cock got hard the instant her gown fell to the ground and she told she's out of cream and needs some for her strawberry pancakes with a word she pushes me down she sits on my face and commands me to lick her pussy.
Well I was shocked to actualy smell a hint of the strawberry but non the less I needed no invitation my tounge all strecthed out licking her slit funny enough it tasted like strawberries so I carried on she slid my boxers of and began giving me a blow job of my life.there was something she was doing to me dat I can't explain but its driving me wild.
She moans as I shove my tounge deep within her folds moving it side to side inside her sweet pussy and as she gets wetter there's strawberry jam comming out that's when she told me she injected strawberry jam into her pussy so I could enjoy my breakfast.
I started to lic her pussy harder and faster with every lap damn was tasting like heaven then without warning her juices start gushing out looking like whhite foam and I star licking her sweet pussy even more that's when I realised I could hold my cum any more and let it rip she totally swallowed every drop and kept on licking and sucking my cock while I didn't stop eating the ripest pussy my tounge has ever tasted I started to use my fingers to spread her pussy lips so dat my tounge could reach even deeper inside as she orgasmed for the second time she jumped of me and slid my now hard cock into her pussy reverse cow girl position.

As she slid down slowly I could feel her pussy lips strecthing over my head and she slowly comming down my shaft till her butt rests on my belly.
Well the feeling wat shocked me most is dat while I felt her warm yet wet pussy engulf my cock the feeling I felt next drove me insane it was like her pussy walls were messaging my cock and trying to milk it damn it felt so good like I was gona explode for the second time in such a short while and dat never happend to me before I placed my hands on her hips holding her down cause I didn't want this feeling to stop ever.

Then she started riding me up n down like a real cow girl bouncing up n down and after bout five minutes of this wonderfull fuck I pulled her down shoved my cock as deep as I could into her marvelous pussy and let go the biggest sperm load I could ever muster the fact that she was screaming from her orgasm and the fact that the bed was creaking didn't bother us at all cause we both were in orgasmic heaven.that's when a familair voice broke our euphoric feeling it was friend calling his goddess of a wife asking her if she prepaired bfast allready.

She jumped of me and told me to keep this btwn us like I was gona now tell my pal bout wat just happend she slipped on her gown and went out the room shouting at him for screaming so loud and yes the breakfast was ready egg n sausages but she scolded him telling him we have a guest now u must have woke him up.

I took a quick shower got dressed and heades towards the kitchen greeted0my pal and we all had breakfast together she still in her gown and the thaught of my sperm running down those legs got me hard again but I told them I have to go hme as I have some errands to finish as I walked passed her she delibrately spilled coffee on my t shirt since it was hot I pulled it off imediately she appologised and insisted I were on of my friends t's and she would was my one and bring it to me later since my wife won't be hme for the next 2 days and if I don't wash it immediately it might cause a permanent stain on it.

As we said our gud byes she winked at me and told me I'd better rest cause she will be over later that afternoon.

My pal did even realise wat she meant and just looked at her like she was crazy or some thing.

On my home all I could think about is how I so much wana fuck her again and this time she gona come over to my place.
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