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We both married her hubby a pal of mine she never looked so hot b4 it all began on saturday afternoon. I went to the local butcher to buy some meat for a Barbi I felt someones hand close my eyes from behind they were so silky soft her scent of her sweet perfume filled my nostrils and in an instant my cock twitched to life.

I turned around it has been almost 2 years since I saw her wow was she a breath of fresh air she lost all her weight looking like a goddess. Being the gentleman I am I greeted her with a smile and a hug she asked me where have I been for so long and there I was staring at this goddess totaly gobsmacked smiling like race horse.then reality hit I had to answer her queations so I did we exchanged pleasantatries and just chatted bout things in general and exchanged BBM pins.

But there I was in person infront of her yet my mind racing at the thaught of having her naked infront of me and I'm admiaring the beauty before me thinking of how much I want to make sweet love to her.that's when it hit me that's wrong of me after all we both married and she aint hinting or even giving me a sign of wat she might be thinking or is it just in my head she is just being friendly and courteous.

So as the days go by I just can't help thinking of making sweet love to her tasting her rose petals milking her honey pot with my tounge just to hear that sweet voice moan and groan as I bring her to orgasmic heaven.

So perhaps if I play my cards right who knows I just might get my wish Making Sweet Love To Her.
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago
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