Divorced women

Well we started as chat mates and as our chats progressed we moved to a sexual fantasy discussion.

With out our hints of hooking up we kinda sent fantasies back n forth.Then with out warning she tells me she needs to be fucked real hard to celebrate her 10 years seperation from her hubby.

So I asked her was she gona act out her fantasy of fucking a stranger.She sounded like that's wat she might do then she asks me to join her for coffee and I would have the honour of choosing a stranger for her and I could watch.I was extreamly excited so I agreed to meet her for coffee.We arrange to meet at a local coffee shop and we sat and chatted since the first time we actualy met each other in person.The thaught of her fucking a stranger slowly left my thaughts as I felt attracted to her after all she's totally gorgeous.

So out of the blue she asks me if would be comfortable watching her fuck another man after clearing my throat told her sure after all sinces we have been friends for more then a year now I'd be there for her.
So I looked arnd and since I knew the kinda men she wants since most of the men were the same in most of her fantasies.
I pointed to a few men and she rejected my recomendations.So I asked her if she was realy gona act out her fantasy and she just smiled at me and after a call she had she appologised and told me she has an emergency and has to head home.
Since I'm a gentleman I offered to walk her to her car and when we arrived to her car a was about to peck her on her cheek and bid her good by. She then started pulling me towards her and we kissed passionately. My hands got a life of there own as my cock started twitching.I started to feel her up when she broke our kiss staring into each others eyes she looks down at my hard on and smiles then she grips my cock thru my pants and says she would rather have me inside her pussy.while I was still standing there astonished she slips her thong off and shoves it into my face. My nostrils being filled with her sweet smell.

She jumps into her car and hands me an address of a motel bout 10 miles from where she stays and tells me she will be there at 8pm and she expects me to be waiting and drives off.

I'm still in a shock mode but I just realised its only 11am and I realy want her now more then ever could I last that long.

So I decided to go and meet her but that's another story.
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