a wet dream dat was actually real

Me and a few mates decide to go out to a night club just having areal boys night so I had no intenion trying to chat up women and just to see if I've still got it.

But since I don't drink alcohol I'm always the designated driver. The night started of early around 7pm we just hoped from club to club and in between someone slipped in a sl**ping pill into my drink.so around 3 am we decided to head back to my friends place his wife was suppose to be out visiting her mum and staying over so we all just crashed where ever we could find a soft place to lay our heads since they were still partying I decicded to go n crash in my friends bedroom.

I'm sure I was knocked out within 5 minutes and I slept like a log I'm sure of it cause the world around me just faded away fast and since the bedroom was empty I slipped under the sheets just with my shorts on since I knew my mate wouldn't come to bed and probably fall asl**p in the tv room.and I'm sure I fell onto his wifes side of the bed for it smelled like a womans perfume on the pillow so sweet n inviting yet so calming.

Then I felt some one slide under the sheets and didn't make anything of it and like most men we dream bout gorgeous women all the time making our cocks instantly hard and the perfume on the pillow just enhancing that thaught.

So when I felt some lips on my cock I was sure it was a dream I was having it felt like the best blow job I've ever gotten and I shot my load in no time.

Then to my suprise I still had a hardon since those lips never left my cock and I felt something familar my cock being engulfed by something warm yet wet and thight it was ntn other the a womens pussy.

She rode me till I blew my second load and I was amazed as it felt like for ever for me to blow my load but the pussy my cock was invading was a perfect fit I couls feel it slide in n out all the way till my egg sacked slapped against her pussy lips.the thing dat suprised me most was the fact I came harder and shot out even a bigger load then my first. As my cock lost it stifness I felt it slide out and some cum dripped over it as it flattend I could feel my cum mixed with hers slide down all the way down my butt crack and I rember I turned around and slept like I must have been in heaven.

When I awoke arnd 3@m the very next day with a huge hangover and a headache it felt like I had been drinking liquor aswell. But to my suprise there was a thong laying on the pillow I slept on I picked it up and sniffed it boy did it smell great but I also noticed a stain on it upon further investigation it looked like dried up semen. I thaught for a while I felt my cock it was still kinda wet oh boy did I use my budds wife panties to jerk off my head was reeling for answers I had non to.did I realy go thru my budds draws and find his wifes thong and wank off in it.

So I just went to the bathroom to freshen up and when I got dressed I just took the thong and shoved it in my pants cause I didn't want my budd to think ill of me.I made my way down the hall when I heard a few voices out by the pool I went to the pool area and my friends to my amazement were all awake and just lazying around.

Feeling kinda guilty thinking of how could I face my pal cause I used his wifes panty to jerk of in even thou I don't remember taken them to bed with me.

So I told him I had to go home as I have some things to sort out at home.greeted the guys and as I walked towards the bk door insteps his wife she greeted me as always but this time she looked at me differantly.there I was thinking damn she must have sensed wat I did in her bedroom.

Well I couldn't look her into the eye she asked me where am I off to don't I wana stay and get some food since her hubby asked her to go buy some food since she came home so early and he wanted his mates to have a meal b4 they left.

Oh ok so I just ask her did she come to her bedroom and see me sl**ping in her bed5ats when she told me straight well yes but that's all she said I just apologised to her but being a sweety she is she said "nah its cool" and I greeted her with a slight peck on her cheek and left.

6months later she comes up to me and just tells me dat she wants a repeat with a not so groggy me stunned I was not sure wat was she on about till she tells me to help her get something out of her car she brought to my party I was having with all my friends and there wives at my place as we step out of any bodies view she shoves me against the wall and plants a kiss on me at first I was hesistant but her perfume filled my nostrils and my lips parted and we french kissed oh boy did she taste like heaven her lips were like strawberries and her tounge like white choc but reality hit fast as I heard my wife calling I broke the kiss and she told me how she enjoyed fucking me in her marital bed with her hubby just down the hall and she plans to have me awake this time but she wants to have me in my bedroom tonight as she planned to stay over at our place tonight.

I'm not sure wat my reply was at that moment but I kinda just froze I awe.when I came bk to my senses she returned with a bowl of some kinda desert and told me not stand there and get bk to my party. But she just wants to remind me she wearing no underwear as she still waiting for me to return her thong.my cock starts to twitch at the thaugt of wat this sl**p over has instore for me.

Since now I know it wasn't a dream.

82% (8/2)
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2 years ago
i love dreams like that :)
2 years ago
Dreams come true sometimes.