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looking for a winter fuck buddy

Hello to all u gorgeous married n taken woman out there I'm looking for one discreet winter fuckbuddy for day time fun so don't let the winter chill get to u let me come n keep u warm till just b4 hubby comes
Posted by Drflirt 1 year ago

still searching

Looking for married pussy in south africa I just wana dip my tounge deep inside u and taste ur honey pot
Posted by Drflirt 1 year ago

where all the ladies hmm

To all u gorgeous babes out there especilay all my extremly hot n sexy friends come out n chat naughty with me hun I miss having some erotic chats and if u have bbm feel free to invite and get kinky with me 2706da27
Posted by Drflirt 1 year ago

[Story] finaly I got to his wife taking my pals wife actua

Well it was a saturday afternoon we at his place prepairing for a barbeque and there were some of his f****y around since it was still hot and every+ne in there bikkinis by the pool

So I follwed his wife gorgeous butt all over the place I was like a love sick puppy but know one realised I hope I even helped a few ladies in the kitchen with the preparations so that when someone asked for some type ao maranade sauce for the meat and they didn't have so I told her I might be having at my place but wife isn't at home and if she could come with me I'm sure she would find it

As soon as we go... Continue»
Posted by Drflirt 1 year ago

[Story] the taking of wife finally he agreed

Well like we planedhe went out for the day took the k**s with him and he setup all the cameras in his bedroom and lounge. Oh ja I told him to call me when he left so I could suprise the wife while she was still in her pj's and like a real sport he did ofcourse I knew where all the cameras where so I was aware of wat I should and should not do cause if I were to fuck her I didn't want it ito end.since I f he found out there would problems between them and it would indirectly effect me and my sexual desires as well as his wifes.

So I rang the bell acted like normal asking for her hubby and ... Continue»
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[Story] taking my friends wife

Well I met my new friend on a chat site I was browsing a site where guys looking for wome to have sex with married women so we just started chatting and we went pvt so I asked him if he to was married and yes he was married to a sexless women but they had 3 k**s together and since we both the same age I could understand y he looking for something on the side and his wife doesn't even allow him to have friends so his hme life sucks and needs some escaping so he can be himself with a women.

So he gives me his wifes bbm pin and asks me to try and talk to her to tell her how he feels cause he a... Continue»
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I sure got real lucky

Well I started my new post as salesman at an airconditioning company.the job was simple to get clients for new aircons or go door to door seeing if they have any aircons and offer to service them.

My day could not have gotten better made 3 sales and got 8 clients for the service it was getting arnd lunch time when I saw this lady come hme to her place so I went and approached her.

I introduced my self and she welcomed me into her hme but something was strange she looked at me like she was gonna have me for lunch with those hungry eyes
We chatted for a while me offering her our services... Continue»
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so bored and horny today

Sure wish I had someones pussy to play with
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago


Gona be in Durban on the 10th till 13th any body wana hook up for some fun n orgasms discreetly ofcourse I want a one night stand so all u nawty ladies make me ur slave for that night I dare u
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

how to eat pussy guys

Cunnilingus Tips

1.The tongue must be relaxed. Pointed tongues are too harsh and in fact desensitize. Use the whole face and do not be hesitant with the tongue. The chin rubbing on the vagina opening increases pleasure.

2.The licks must be smooth, steady, slow and rhythmic. Don't attack the clitoris directly, don't use the teeth (don't bite!) and make varied movements, like tongue flicks and kisses! Work rather around the clitoral area in solid motion or in circles.

3.Be vocal. Send her, while accomplishing your job, information like "I love you" or "You taste good." Some women enjo... Continue»
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

hope this year I get to make my bucket list a real

Bucket list
1 to fuck every women on my bbm
2 have a 3sum
3 have a permenant fuck buddy
4 sl**p with other mens wives
5 be a sex slave for 1 day
6 make lotsa cash
7 screw my friends hot wife
8 sl**p with a women 10/ 15 years older then me
9 interacetial sex
10 live my dream
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

wishing all my lovely gorgeous friends

A happy Xmas and a fab New year filled with lotsa orgasms hopefully some from me and may all ur desires and sexual fantasies be full filled
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

[Story] now dats wat I call breakfast in bed

Well I was awoken one morning by my friends wife but this time it was different.

I slept over at my friends place last night as my wife was out of town and me being bored landed up at there place they were glad to see me and invited me in with open arms. So we did the normal things chat watch movies and catch up with wats happening arnd us.

His wife didn't seem to be bothhered but she kept on telling me I look so different and I have a sparkle in my eye oh I said its just nothing but she insisted there's something bout me but I didn't pay much attention to it.

So its getting late I bi... Continue»
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all in gud time

We both married her hubby a pal of mine she never looked so hot b4 it all began on saturday afternoon. I went to the local butcher to buy some meat for a Barbi I felt someones hand close my eyes from behind they were so silky soft her scent of her sweet perfume filled my nostrils and in an instant my cock twitched to life.

I turned around it has been almost 2 years since I saw her wow was she a breath of fresh air she lost all her weight looking like a goddess. Being the gentleman I am I greeted her with a smile and a hug she asked me where have I been for so long and there I was staring at... Continue»
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

[Story] Divorced women

Well we started as chat mates and as our chats progressed we moved to a sexual fantasy discussion.

With out our hints of hooking up we kinda sent fantasies back n forth.Then with out warning she tells me she needs to be fucked real hard to celebrate her 10 years seperation from her hubby.

So I asked her was she gona act out her fantasy of fucking a stranger.She sounded like that's wat she might do then she asks me to join her for coffee and I would have the honour of choosing a stranger for her and I could watch.I was extreamly excited so I agreed to meet her for coffee.We arrange to mee... Continue»
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

what I'd like for sunday desert

Oh just a sexy goddess covered in whipped cream with strawberry sauce and her pussy filled with a strwaberry inside and I take my time to lick her goo
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago

[Story] a wet dream dat was actually real

Me and a few mates decide to go out to a night club just having areal boys night so I had no intenion trying to chat up women and just to see if I've still got it.

But since I don't drink alcohol I'm always the designated driver. The night started of early around 7pm we just hoped from club to club and in between someone slipped in a sl**ping pill into my drink.so around 3 am we decided to head back to my friends place his wife was suppose to be out visiting her mum and staying over so we all just crashed where ever we could find a soft place to lay our heads since they were still partying ... Continue»
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[Story] oh I so want her

Well we started chatting on a local chat site we both married and so dying to explore sex out side marriage.
Her hubby doesn't give her the orgasm she so craves and I don't get to experiment in the bedroom.So I guess both our sex lives are so boring.Our chats started out friendly at first then lead to our boring sex lives to my suprise we both wanted the same things in the bedroom just pure raw sex with mind blowing orgasms.
So we arrange to meet after sending our private pics back n forth boy was she an absolute goddess why her hubby doesn't enjoy all dat still keeps me baffeled.

So we m... Continue»
Posted by Drflirt 2 years ago