punk meat

Wow. So here i go...
I had the best sex of my eniter life last weekend, with a man who ive known for years now...sort of odd at first, well mainly the day after, but then with the second incounter it was even more amaizing. Probably becuase we wernt shit face d***k. Any who, He ate my ass, first time for me, and all i can say is wow! I want his toung in my ass again, it felt so good, he stuck all his finers inside me and almost a whole fist. He fucked my wet pussy and ass until dawn, and then some in the morning, i still have his cum inside my pussy from this morning. You know on my emotional part, i do have feelings for this o so handsome peace of sexy punk meat....i love him fucking me and biting my ass spanking me for hours....but beyond that he really is a great guy. Mabey one day ill get my cake and eat it too. Sorry X hamsters to get all emotional and in depth with my feelings for a man.

Wedding, sparkling wine, pabst, and sexy d***k punk in his suit....i think i enjoyed fooling around inside the bar, in the back of the bar infront of, oh i dont know....40 something people. More incounters are coming often... i think next time ill take him up on the offer of fucking me in waynes front yard in the grass haha. He was still on his knees ready to pull my pants down and eat my pussy and ass when our friends came out. I really want to take molly with him while we fuck like wild a****ls.
ok well im going to go get off now.
100% (6/0)
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4 years ago
Cool story!! I can feel the passion of your encounter!!
4 years ago
nice story...really...
4 years ago
eating ass is soooo good
4 years ago
Great story hun :)