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Melissa and I

Years ago when I was in my early 20s and carousing about one night and I picked up this chick around my age in a bar after an evening of flirting and consoling her over her boyfriend who cheated on her with one of his co-workers.... she was slightly more tipsy than I was, neither of us d***k, but both of us were horny....and she wanting revenge. He didn't really try to hide the fact from her that he was banging this other chick because he left evidence sloppily around, which made it worse in my bar mate's eyes. Horned up as I was, it's too cliche to hit on a chick in a bar, so I just chatted the night away with her, but it was she who was looking for something too.

As that bar closed, she asked me if I'd be willing to help her out with a little revenge against her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend... I wasn't so sure about where this was going, and I didn't want to do anything i*****l or harmful to anyone, but she said "No, don't worry, nothing like that. I just want to show him some evidence of my own.", which she said with a wink. Slightly confused by her hidden agenda, I figured I'd follow along for a bit and see where this goes.

When we arrived at her car and she said "don't worry, you'll like it." as she kissed me while rubbing my cock through my pants.I was already hard even before she touched me because Melissa was 23, brunette with green eyes, shapely with a few extra pounds, but curves in all the right places. Her breasts were all-natural at 36DD, lips, soft and red, hair long and silky, skin soft to the touch and warm whole her legs were long and strong. She was definately a hot one. I knew she had this rough idea in her head, somewhat planned out since her car was parked at the far end of the parking lot near some trees and bushes, slightly hidden from view by a brick wall which surrounded the trash area.

We climbed into her car, and once in, she didn't waste much time. She unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock into her warm hands. I knew that from here, it would only get better by going into her warm mount, pussy or both. No matter what, I was going to fill her with a hot load of cum, or so I thought. She looked into my eyes and stroked me slowly, causing me to moan a bit. She asked me, "How long has it been since you've cum?" "A few days." "From fucking? head? how do you come? more than once?" strange that she wanted to know, but I told her "Actually from jacking off. While I enjoy those other things and do them, I like to pleasure myself too.: "That's hot" she said "I do that too. Now, you're going to be a good boy and help me out, and in return, tonight will give you some more material to jack off about. You'll think of me as you do it, won't you?" "Yes... " I hissed. Damn she was stroking me nicely and turning me on, I didn't want to cum yet, and I know she didn't want me to either. She was wroking me up for a reason, that much we both new, but what her plan was remained to be seen.

As she felt my cock throb, she slowed, she realized she was getting me closer, so she stopped for a minute or so. "I'm going to bring you to the edge, but not over. Not yet. Don't worry, you won't get blue balls. You'll cum.... just when I want you to." "Yes, Melissa. Whatever you say." I said. My semi-hard cock in her warm hands, she carress it and my shaved balls. As she slid down, I knew what was going to happen next.... she slid her lips over the tip of my cock, going slowly down the shaft, spinning her tounge around it all the way down like the stripes on a barber pole. Then, just as slickly, she did the same thing all the way up from balls to tip. Cycling a few times up and down, going all the way each time slowly, my hardening cock pulsed in her mouth from the sensations she was giving me. I was fingering her under her short skirt without panties on, touching one of her breasts which I sucked on a very firm gumdrop-shaped nipple when she came up to kiss me before going back down on my cock again. She brought me closer to the edge than before, and once again stopped. "oh my ... I need to cum. Let me jack off, fuck you or suck me off, please. I'm so close. "NO!" She said. "I want it all. Every last drop, and I'm going to get it from you." After a minute or so, when I calmed down a bit, she straddled me and slide me deep inside of her hot pussy. She started riding me and it wasn't long before I told her I was going to cum inside of her. She said "Yes... now!!" and in our rhythemic motion fucking in her car, I let loose with a large load of hot cum deep inside of her pussy. When she climbed off of me, she had some of dripping out of her and so she reached down and took some of it, put it on her tounge and swallowed. I was still hard, so she felt me and said "Not done yet? Good. I thought so." She slide back down and started sucking my cock again, only this time, she rubbed my prostate through my prennium, near my hole. "This will make you cum every last drop out of you and into my mouth so I can swallow you whole. Feed me." She said with lustful eyes. She circled her two fingers around near my hole, pressing gently on my prostate while slowly, gentrly sucking my cock, tasting her own juices mixed with mine from our fucking session, and after a few minutes, I groaned and let every last drop of my cum shoot out in a powerful stream into her mouth. She showed me the load on her tounge, swirled it around on her tounge and lips, licking them, then saying "You taste good", before swallowing it all down.

Dizzy, light-headed and completely empty of cum, yet fully satisfied, she kissed my cock and said "Now when Derek licks my pussy and kisses my lips, he will taste us." "Look" she continued "I have some of your cum on my shirt, but not too obvious, but evidence I can show him afterwards. He and I are done after tonight, but you and I..... well, we'll see." as she she said it with a wink.

Derek and Melissa did break up that night. I can only imagine his expression as she told him and showed him the evidence from earlier that night, I'd love to be a fly on that wall. She and I got together once in awhile to fuck, hang out, toss back a few drinks, and it was always a hot time, but we never had a relationship or anything like that. She even shared a few of her freinds with me, which was always a good time. Alas, that is another few stories, and for another day.
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