Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit
By: Doctor Wankenstein

Well, you could argue low - hanging fruit, but you would have to say
totally totally FORBIDDEN fruit.

Okay, not u******e, and and not a relative, but my god daughter and the
middle c***d of my best friend of over thirty years standing. I was in
my mid 40's and she was 19.

I can't say I'd never looked at her, even as a c***d she was precocious
and attention hungry. We even joked about how much trouble she would be
when she hit her teens. Her dad predicted before that she would end
up as a pole dancer. As it turned out he was not that far wrong.
Alongside her day job in hospitality & banqueting she worked as a
"glamour model". Now that term in the UK has two distinct meanings
it's first is topless and nude modelling such as appears daily in two
or more tabloid newspapers. Their upper - strata models generally
become B list show biz personalities and get onto reailty TV.

The other usage is in promotion work, motor racing events, and the girls
who carry the number cards round in between rounds of boxing. You know
the sort of thing.

Elana ( name changed as the real person is easily found online) was
firmly in the second category, a 19 year old coltish leggy blonde with
a six pack and despite her slim frame a very fine pair of tits. They
always SEEMED to be a fine pair of tits anyway, whether it be all bra
I didn't know.

Teens being as they are I had not seen for a couple of years, she'd
always been out when I'd visited the house.

Then one day, she turned up at one of my solo gigs. It was tens of miles
from where she lives, and no one else was there she knew. Not her
father, no one. I spotted her in the audience and waved, she smiled

After I'd played she found the dressing room, and came in.

She was wearing a little white bra top and skintight white bootcut
trousers. I tried not to stare but a brief scan showed she could not
have a stitch on underneath, nor the merest sprouting of a pube, or in
those trousers it would have shown.

She came and gave me a kiss, which for the first time ever was on the
lips. I wondered what the hell was going on. Her tits were spilling out
of the little bra top, with her mane of blonde hair.

Her clear blue eyes locked into mine and there could be no mistake what
she was after. But this was impossible, I was 45 she was 19, she was my
god daughter. With all the young guys who must have been after her what
on EARTH would she want with ME?

Depite my amazement and , I have to say, immense reluctance to the
point almost of disgust, brain #2 , or is it brain #1 had s different
slant on the proceedings, and I was starting to ge a hard on.

She explained she was in the town to go clubbing with friends, although
none of them wanted to come to the gig with her, naturally. She was
going to meet up with them later.

Having dispensed with the pleasantries she came and stood in between my
legs and came in to kiss me again. She smelt of alcohol, something
sweet like alcopops.

"Elana, What are you doing?" I protested as her mouth opened fully on

I was passive but I wasn't shoving her away, she was grinding her little
shaved mound into my hardening cock.

She pulled a clasp and released her tits, taking my hands and placing
them on them.

I gasped and grasped. They were NOT all bra, they were a lovely warm
handful with phenomenally hard nipples.

Her tongue found mine

"You .. witch" I groaned , quickly changing the leading letter

"I'm tired of little boys" she grinned wickedly and, still grinning,
unzipped the side of her skintight trousers, and pulled them down to
her knees.

I stole a glance downward and sure enough her little pussy was baby
smooth. I thought I saw the glint of a piercing. She stripped her
trousers the rest of the way off, and her shoes, whilst dropping to her

She grabbed my cock through my jeans and squeezed, looking up at me,

"No!" I protested , trying to pry her hands off me, but I was getting
hard, and she had a firm grip of me.

"Oh shit" I said "You CAN'T do this! WE can't do this!"

As I pulled one hand away, the other undid my zip and in one deft
movement pulled my cock out.

By this stage it was extremely erect despite what my brain was telling

Her mouth opened and slipped the head between her glistening lips, as
she leaned in.

Having got my attention as it were, she let go of me and hopped up on a
sticky beerstained table beside us.

She immediately grabbed the backs of her knees and hoisted her legs so
her knees were on her shoulders, and then proceeded to put them behing
her head.

"Lick ME, now" she invited

Her pussy was completely shaved, and the little (and it WAS little)
slot was glistening with her juices, and the hood of her clitty was
indeed pierced with a little diamante stud.

The whole thing was brimming with juice, dripping down to her bum hole
which I could just see between her toned creamy little buttocks.

I knew how dangerous this territory was, I admit, but I figured I hadn't
actually fucked the girl as yet.

I knelt down by the table, slipped my tongue between her buttocks and up
her bum. I correctly, as it happened, anticipated that this would be
new to her, bold as she seemed.

She had the TIGHTEST little arse, as I pushed my tongue in.

"Fuck, that's nice. You DIRTY sod" she moaned , her head tossed to one
side, cloaked in her great mane of blonde hair.

Replacing my tongue with a finger up there, I moved up and got started
on her cunt.

She smelt strong, not unclean, but majorly hormonal. I breathed her in.

I lapped at the piercing, and she almost bolted off the table.

"Do your PARENTS know you've got that piercing" I mused

"NO!" she grinned "They don't even know I've got a shaved pussy!"

I went back down on her, slurping under the hood for her bone- hard
little clitoris

"Oh my GOD" she breathed "going to come"

I carried on lapping and feeling she was about to come, slipped my
tongue into the hole to feel her contractions. As she must have felt
abandoned and perhaps disappointed she reached down to wank herself
off, which gave me a grandstand view.

She finally finished her initial orgasm, the ricketty table shaking
under her.

Her face came out of her blonde hair.

"Fuck me" she grinned

"No" I shook my head, "I can't" my resolve was under stress to say the

My cock was still out, hard and waving about, and she grabbed it

She pushed down hard and got the point into her slot, her legs came down
from their former very gymnastic position to wrap themselves round my
arse, and pull me in. Tight though she was, she was that WET I slipped
in three or four inches as her long gym toned legs wrapped around me.

"Oh shit" I protested.... weakly

"FUCK me" she repeated.

I gave up at this point and gave her the rest of my shaft, my balls
slapping against her wet and sloppy slot.

"Don't come in me" she whispered , her eyes half closed "got to go
dancing after, you see" she grinned wickedly

She pushed her breasts together and tweaked the nipples

"You can come between my tits" she offered, most kindly

The way my cock felt in her pussy it wouldn't be long before I took her
up on her gracious offer, and she was fingering herself just to add
grist to the mill.

I felt her come again, and she moaned.

"Slip out for a sec"

I slipped

She hopped the table and out her high heels back on. I thought for a
moment she was, rather under dressed of course, leaving!

But, having redressed our height difference she bent over the table

"Up my arse" she instructed

I dropped to my knees behind her and she charmingly spread her buttocks
for me. I slipped a finger into her cunt from behind and used the
natural lube to slip my finger up her arse. I gave it a good licking
for good measure, she shivered at the intrusion, and she began rubbing
her clitoris in expectation.

Oh christ it was tight

She presumably had done it before but she nearly took off as I went in
through her ringpiece

She had a finger crammed in her pussy, and pulled one of mine in there
to accompany it - vigorously wanking herself off

This was , I admit , too much and with a huge groan I filled her arse
with hot sperm. So much for her tits, and being comfortable dancing
afterwards, oh dear, very sorry and all that.

Her third and most violent orgasm followed, with ,lots of dirty talk and
encouragement from her.

I finall slipped out and we got her sat in the belfast sink for a good
cleaning out of her arse by me.

I joined her by scrubbing my cock afterwards and after some passionate
and a full blow job, she does not swallow, by the way - and some
passionate kisses she was on her way, with promises to see me again

In fact promises to see me again soon, with her friend Chantelle or
Charmaine or some such name, but I knew who she meant - 5 foot 6 of
nubile huge titted raven haired 18 year old MINX - for a threesome !!

She kept her promise, which was not without it's complications, but that
as they say is another story.

80% (4/1)
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