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Buy one, get one free
By: Doctor Wankenstein

Buy One, Get One Free One of my SEX IN THE 70's SERIES. Life was so
much simpler then, etc etc. Sex grew on trees. Post pill, before
AIDS, what was there to stop us?

My first fuck was when I was at school, I won't year or date it, but It
was a one off, and after that I left school and started work, and I
didn't get any more sex for three whole years. Bu when I did. .....
jees, her is the story. On a night out from work I met Sue. I was 18
she was 19, but she seemed quantum leaps older than me because she had
a two year old daughter. She'd got pregnant at 16, married the guy
(Steve) and had Yvonne at 17. By 19 she was divorced and living with
her parents and her twin s****r Margaret. She knew I was single and
well..... desparate. I'd asked out all the girls I knew, and all they
knew if I was getting to them late in the day I was scr****g the
barrel, and so it was a no. We snogged on the dance floor, a kiss the
like of which I had never known. Like a porn star. She was only about 4
foot 10 to my 5' 8". As she lived twenty miles away on the opposite
side of Birmingham, and neither of us drove it was difficult to find
the oppornity to fuck. We were getting very desparate. At a mutual
friend's party we'd managed to "heavy pet" we didn't seem to quite get
the privacy to fuck. After I'd coaxd her breasts out of her dress (on
average she would only be wearing 4 items of clothing, and that is
counting shoes as two of them) My hands found their way up her dress
and into her knickers, her brimming wet and strongly scented cunt was
invaded by my finger and she was mercilessly wanked off. The grunting
and groaning should have been enough to get the police called, but it
was masked by the good old thud of disco. We finally ran out of
patience at a bus stop by Birmingham Odeon, and we took ourselves to a
secluded fire escape. She put her knickers in her handbag, and I
opened my trousers, and she sat on my lap, as she was the one who knew
what she was doing. What I didn't know at the time was how experienced
she was, she kept her light firmly under a bushel for several months
so as not to scare me off. She came noisily and juicily, chewing my
neck, I failed to come, as I had with the schoolgirl.

The main part of the story, and the reason for the title comes here. I
was a Birmingham City fan, the soccer team. They would play at home
every other Saturday. Sue's s****r Margaret had a boyfriend Rob, who
was a fan of arch rivals Aston Villa. The two teams would never play
at home on the same day, because of huge v******e erupting between
warring fans. After I had been to see the home game, I would bus out
to Sue's in Great Barr. If I was about then Rob was not, it stood to
reason, as Rob would go to the Villa away games.

One Saturday teatime, the parents were away for the evening at some
wedding anniversary, and I was at Sue's, with Sue, and Margaret was
elsewhere in the house. Sue was sucking my cock, which she excelled at,
claiming she'd learnt it from a (Xaveria Hollander) book. She was
asking me what my fantasies were. As I'd had a couple of pints with
mates after the game, I blurted out that before I was with her, I had
fantasised about having a threesome with her and Margaret. She giggled,
and suddenly left the room. I instinctively pulled my pants up, as
the door was left ajar. I could hear the girls taling in the kitchen,
then giggling. I will mention briefly that Great Barr is almost in an
area of the Midlands which has a dialect all of it's own, almost
incoherent even to near neighbours. The Black Country. Your bicycle is
pronounced boy-sickel and has two whales. "Am it?" means "is it?" and
there are a myriad of local phrases. Google it. I will do Sue and
Margaret's dialogue phonetically.

The door opened wider and both girls trooped in. Sue was in a dressing
gown, Margaret was also 4 foot ten, but not having had a baby was in
far better shape. Her big tits were braless in a white t shirt and she
was wearing a pair of skin tight cut off jeans. "Are yow seRious?"
asked Margaret I didn't know what to say. I supposed I could have
passed it off as a joke, but there was no way I'd get to do it then. It
was a gamble. This was a Saturday teatime. Neither girl had even had
a drink ! "What I said was" I began "that BEFORE I was going out with
Sue, I fancied both of you. You ARE twins, after all. I fantasised
about, you know.... taking it in turns with you. " "Dyow have a WANK
about it?" asked Margaret "Well, yes I have" I admitted Margaret was
laughing loudly, Sue did not look QUITE so amused. "Well.. OI wozn't
doowin eNnything this After" announced Margaret and she deftly pulled
her t shirt off over her head. FUCK they were big. She can only have
been a 30 but a double D at least. Margaret climbed on the bed besides.
"OUR Sue sez yow've got a BIG cock" said Margaret I was scarlet. I
wished to god I'd never opened my big mouth. And talking of which. "Tek
yer pants off, bab" she said quietly "LEss av a look" My shaking hands
pulled down my skintight BHS briefs. My only pair of presentable pants
which I wore every time I saw Sue. All my others were Marks and Spencer
Y fronts that my mom had bought. My cock was so hard I could hardly get
it out. Margaret looked at Sue and Sue at Margaret. "Fuck it's
rrREAlLy WOIDE inNit?" said Margaret to Sue, of my pride and joy. I
was scarlet tending towards burgundy. "Kun OI ave a suck?" she asked
her s****r, not me. I was beginning to wonder If I was there, perhaps
only my cock was. Sue shrugged , smiled and nodded. The head of my cock
slipped between Margaret's ruby lips, almost identical to the (more)
familiar mouth of my girlfriend, but it was all relative as this was
only the fourth blow job of my life! Margaret's big tits swung and came
into contact with my thighs. Her nipples were as stony-hard as her
s****rs, but bigger. I couldn't help it, my hand curved round her ass,
the perfect heart shaped ass crammed into these cut off Karman Ghia
jeans. Cupping the firm buttock, as I watched the top third of my
cock slip wetly in and out of Margaret's mouth. Rather to my surprise
I saw Sue come round behind her s****r and unbutton the waistband of
these shorts. She pulled down the zip and yanked them off her s****rs
shapely arse as readily as if she'd been getting her little girl ready
for a bath. She'd got nothing on underneath. I looked at Sue and she
grinned wickedly at me. I pulled my pants right off with my right hand
as the longest finger of the left slipped into her hairy and wet
cunt. She was tighter than my Sue , my finger delved as deep as it
could go, and despite her tiny frame that was a long way. She was
white hot and dribbling wet. Her hips shifted as she shucked off the
shorts. She traded a look with her twin, and moved over me, throwing a
leg over. She reached underneath herself and bent my too-hard cock back
enough for her to be able to sit on it. She sank right to my balls,
engulfing the shaft in her tight and fiery hot pussy. She reached
behind herself and pulled her arse apart , she took my cock even deeper
into her spasming teenage cunt.

"OOOOh" she groaned "I dunno whether oi can give 'im yer back, BAB"
she laughed I grabbed the big pair of tits swinging in my face and
devoured the stiff nipples, she moaned and collapsed onto me, rubbing
her groin painfully hard into mine. Margaret orgasmed noisily in my ear
telling me how much she was coming. I still hadn't as she climbed
off. Sue dropped her gown and climbed on the bed. "Fuck ME now " she
ordered and spread and lifted her little legs as high and as wide as
they would go. Sue's highly spiced cunt filled the room with it's
aroma, as I pushed my big cock into her, with her on her back. "I
loiked watching yow shag our Margaret" she admitted, breathlessly. I
looked back at where Margaret was, and she was sitting in a chair
behind us, with one leg thrown over the arm, furiously masturbating as
she watched us. It only took Sue and I moments to come, together, as I
pumped my hot load deep into her. About ten minutes later I asked the
girls to take it in turns to give me a blow job. After a great deal of
wiping down with a dishcloth, they complied. Sue's familiar mouth
started, if you closed your eyes you could be forgiven for thinking
she had no teeth at all, she was so good, coaxing and licking. There
was something about the sheer naughtiness of being blown by her twin
that send me over the edge, that and handling and massaging of her
huge little tits and their bullet like nipples. I bucked and
deposited another load of sperm down Margaret's throat.

This was 1976, it was never repeated and indeed the whole thing with Sue
lasted only six months. Amazingly in about 2005 , via Friends Reunited,
I had an email saying hello, from Yvonne, Sue's daughter.

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