By: Doctor Wankenstein

Martine Back in 1978 I was a very innocent lad, really, not that I'd
admit it. I'd had a few girlfriends, at school, one for 18 months
1973-5, the lovely Debbie, but this was snogging and boobs only, and
one little feel of her pussy ever,(Debbie to be revisited in "After So
Long" in 2001) and including just one sha9, Sara at 15, then one
"adult" relationship at 18, lasting six months in the heady summer of
'76, with a 19 year old mother, Sue, who provided sha9s #2 to #400
,approximately, and my first wonderful wonderful blow job. After Sue, a
complete desert apart from the older woman Jane (3/6/77)
until................. Quite a remarkable evening, in 1978. I was 20.
It was a Saturday night and after a night in the wine bar in
Birmingham, I had managed to get snog , and date for the following
night with one Medina, who was the apple of my desire, at the time. She
was a touch older than me, much more experienced and with a shaved
pussy, so she said, which I never did get to see. I was on the bus on
the way home to Sheldon, and met another one time member of our wine
bar crowd, Martine. She was a good deal older than me, perhaps 27 or
28, and she seemed light years older, very well spoken and intelligent,
and she lived in a flat very close to me, opposite my morning bus stop.

We had some history, one very memorable (to me) birthday snog, and her
boxer boyfriend , (a lookalike of the curly haired Jock in Carrie), had
punched me, on a riverboat shuffle , after I made the mistake of
acknowledging her as she passed. She was blonde, and very attractive,
with big boobs, and about my height, and as I say her appeal lay in the
fact she could eat me for breakfast. She'd often taken delight in
winding me up, verbally, when we were out. Martine had been out
drinking also, and was rather more d***k than I. She was very friendly,
I think she felt a bit guilty about the punching, and when we reached
our stop, she invited me to come and see the flat. I first managed to
establish she did NOT live there with the boyfriend, she shared with
another girl. Phew. So, we went to her flat, which was very low lit,
and packed with antiques and art. Very mature! After a few minutes ,
she said she was hungry. In those days I never felt like eating after
drinking (this was to change!)

She suggested we go to a Chinese, the Wing Wa, a couple of hundred yards
up the road. As I say , I never felt like eating after drinking, so I
had a Chinese soup and a pint of lager (to go nicely with all the
wine), as I watched her eat this curried chicken leg. I expected us to
part, after this, but she invited me back again, for a drink.

So... we went back again to the flat, and she gave me the grand tour,
including her bedroom, very basic with a single bed against the wall. I
gathered then the flatmate was actually the owner, and Martine was a
lodger. I sat back in the lounge, on a chair, looking through her LP
collection. She came in again, with a dog, a nice golden spaniel, I
think it was. I noticed she'd taken her tights off. She had calf length
boots on. She'd taken her tights off, and put the boots back on. I
thought this was very odd, but it did cross my mind that she thought
I'd be able to get her clothes off more easily that way, and that she
might want me to. As she sat on a sofa and stroked her dog, I crossed
the room and knelt down, and stroked it too. It wasn't long before I
was stroking her. Smoothie that I was, I managed to manoeuvre in to
kiss her. This was when I realised how out of my depth I was. I felt
like a schoolboy when I kissed her. I just seemed like she had no teeth
at all, just a melting cavern of tongue and lips. Instant hard on.
These were the days of skin tight jeans, and none more skin-tight than
mine. It was er..painfully obvious, too. I was kneeling between her
knees kissing her, we were both still fully dressed, as Joe Cocker
croaked "Jamaica Say You Will" . She was making the running, now,
pulling my t shirt up and off, over my head.

As we broke the kiss, she whispered

"I've got a little confession to make"

"What ? I asked

"We'd had a lot of wine one night and Sue told me all about you and
her..and what your cock is like and everything" "Oh...Oh" I stammered
"It's okay, it's okay" she said "don't panic. She said you were
wonderful......I just wanted to find out. I'm sorry, I'm pissed!" She
reached down and ran her hand along the edge of my hard cock, through
my jeans. I gasped, she gasped "Oh" she breathed. My nerves were
starting to fray, I was feeling a little sick even. Just then the front
door opened, there was a lobby in between, so we had a little time to
compose ourselves, before Martine's flatmate came in. She was a tall,
elegant woman, about 30 or so, and she was pissed, boy was she pissed
(*d***k). "Oooh" she giggled "don't mind me, I'm sure" and still
giggling, walked, well.... tottered... through the lounge to her
bedroom, and closed the door. As she closed the door I saw her look
over her shoulder and mouth something to Martine, who received and
understood whatever it was, but I was not included. "Nothing" she said,
when I asked what she'd said, and then Martine resumed snogging me, and
I wasn't objecting. Her bare (apart from the boots) legs were wrapped
around my waist. Her crotch was rubbing hard against the bulge of my

"Come on" she said, and grabbed my hand, and led me into her bedroom, a
small affair with a single bed, complete with 70's candlewick
bedspread, and teddy bears. She threw the bears off the bed with a
sweep of her arm, and not waiting for me, pulled her t shirt off over
her head, and unhooked her bra. The titties that emerged were both very
large, and very perky. She was breathing very very heavily, and
continued to undo her (very dated even then) suede mini skirt, which
she stepped out of, to reveal a nice big pair of 70's knickers. Not
bothering with the boots, she pulled these off, very quickly, before
dropping to her knees in front of me.

"Come ON! Fucking hell. Have I got to do everything?" she hissed With
that she was scrabbling at my zip, as I undid my belt for her, in
seconds my jeans (and appalling nylon Y fronts) were round my ankles,
and I was struggling to get my shoes off. She impatiently threw the
tangled clothing across the room. As I wriggled my toes out of my sock,
meanwhile the head of my cock - with her hand wrapped around just
behind it - was entering her mouth. Having not had sex for well over a
year (previous episode Jane Tew, the day before Jubilee Day 1977), nor
even a touch from anyone, you'd think I would be on a hair trigger, but
copious amounts of wine and a severe case of "olderwomanangst" meant
the reverse was very much the case. The mouth that had hosted the
incredibly memorable kiss was equally at home pleasuring my dick, it
was incredible. Even better than Sue, my 19 year old "older woman" ( I
was 18) who would still be top 10 at the old horatio, and had been, up
to that point, my only experience of. It was then removed from her
mouth, licked up and down, down to my balls, which were sucked, another
first for me, (and sucked quite hard). I gasped.

"Don't come" she whispered. I'd got no intention. "that's enough for
now" she grinned and moved back onto the bed, lying across it, and
spread her legs. There was something of a black forest gateaux going
on. Very very furry and gooey. Good god. Her fingers were in place,
spreading everything out. I have to say I'd never seen one in such
extreme close up before. Sue had been so incredibly horny, but very shy
about her body, after having had a baby, and generally always keeping
the lights off. Martine was an entirely different affair. "Lick my
fanny ?" she asked, good naturedly She smelt fine, really, subtly
garlicky, but hey. Hint of soy. The gooey floods were pulled apart for
me to suck on, before the main course of her clitty , manually spread
open (well the hood, you know) and I was painstakingly instructed on
how to lick it, with her watching every little move, like a hawk. My
previous experience of "Charlie" (Charlie Mingus) added up to about one
minute, split between two occasions: Firstly Sara Austen in Brueton
Park, shortly prior to my first shag, and then a moment or two with
Sue, when I realised she smelt far too bad for me to anywhere near it.

"Come on, come on" she kept whispering over and over again. Then she
shifted to lie down the length of the bed, and lifted her knees. "Come
on, get on me" she grunted "fuck me" I needed no second bidding. I took
myself in hand and moved in, she grabbed it off me and guided me in,
pulling me deep into her, where I was firmly locked in place. "Oh god
.....mmmm ..big cock, Derek. Come on, I want all of it. Hard. Don't .....(gasp) gentle"

I proceeded into her at maximum speed

"God mmmm yeah" she moaned, repeatedly . I'm sure I wasn't that good,
just quite big, and young; and she was just so turned on by the
situation, and the fact that (virtually) a teenager was shagging her.
She was snug, basically from superb muscle control, and my rather tight
foreskin was bunched up rather uncomfortably behind my head, but I
think the friction was doing it's job for her, as indeed the discomfort
for me was fending off my orgasm. "Hang on" she gasped "let me turn
over" she pulled me out for a moment and flipped swiftly over onto all
fours. Sue had been a big fan of the doggy so I was conversant. I
grabbed the bas of my cock and pushed it back into her sopping wet
pussy. "Mmf" she grunted, grabbing the headboard of her little bed to
hold on to. "grab my hips, grab my hips" she insisted "slam it in.
Oh..oh...." I held her hip with one hand and with the other reached
down to scoop up the nearest of the big titties that were swinging
below, and which I had not yet been given access, really. "You can fuck
my arse if you want?" she enquired. This was quite the first time I
had been offered the opportunity and notwithstanding the fact I hadn't
got a clue what to do, I didn't know what to say either. ", not
into it" I said, man of the world as I was. "Mmm MMMMM MMMMmmm, that's
it, going to come going to come , going to come" she announced, and
with much theatre, she did. Grabbing her own tits, then placing a hand
over her pussy to pleasure herself. With much grunting and pushing back
into me, she came, and came, and came, her muscles spasming over and
over. I kept thrusting, on, only the discomfort of my rumpledforesksin
to keep my climax at bay. She was leaking come all over my balls, as I
kept thrusting into her collapsed body. She looked back over her
shoulder at me, her face on fire. "Where do you want to come? " "I
dunno" I gasped "Come over my tits" she panted, "pull out. Don't come
inside me, I'm not on the pill" I pulled back out of her, and she
flipped over onto her back, and she grabbed my cock, pulling me up to
be astride her , with my cock level with her breasts, pulling it with
gusto. "Come on" she whispered "let's have it" My hips furiously pumped
her hand. "Unhh" my body bucked and trembled as a great deal of pent up
frustration was made liquid and pumped over her hand and her tits,
ending up slumped over her, and hanging onto the wall for support! "Oh
that's it that's it" she moaned , rubbing my spent cock between her big
breasts. It was heaven. "Mmmf" was about all I could say After we'd got
our breath back she led me across the lounge to the bathroom, where she
insisted we shower together. She spent a lot of time assisting me, and
cleaning me up. As we left and went back towards her room, my cock was
getting hard again, I was trying to conceal it, but it was hopeless!
"You've got to go and see my friend now" giggled Martine I gasped "Wh -

After I'd protested, and said I couldn't go in in that state. It was
obvious, nervous though I was, that my cock in no way agreed, and was
in the mood to party, all night. Martine led me to the door of the
room, opened it, and pushed me in. "Hi" said the landlady "I'm Jo... um
I thought you might have some clothes on, and look at you ! " I had my
hands in front of my erection, but she stood, and walked unsteadily
towards me, and pulled my hands away. She was stark naked, by the way.
"God, that's a sight isn't it?" she grinned , looking down at it. My
face was scarlet - puce. Her hand luxuriously wrapped around it. "It's
got a real big knob on the end" she cooed, she let go and moved to
stand behind me. She was taller than I. She took my right hand and
wrapped it, where hers had been. I could feel her hot breath on my
shoulder, as she looked over my shoulder. "Have a little wank" she
whispered "I want to watch you" I grew even redder as my hand began to
move slowly on the shaft. "Mmmmmm...." she moaned, in my ear, and she
took a buttock in each hand and stroked and kneaded them. Shivers ran
down my back. "god you've got a lovely aRSE" she giggled, her hard
nipples, raking my back. "Come and lie on the floor for me" she said,
and I did, in the middle of the room, where she showed me. She got down
and astride me, astride my chest. She moved up until her crotch was
over my face. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be really
greedy" she said, as she lowered herself onto my face "I want you to
lick my cunt" she groaned. I barely had time for a splutter. She was
soaking, dripping in fact. Not as bushy a bush as her flatmate. She
also smelt sweeter than Martine had, however, very very clean. As the
sticky lips covered my nose, and my tongue snaked up the valley to try
to dig her clit out. Not much digging required. You could hardly miss
it. I was dimly aware of her going at her breasts as I licked her. This
was Charlie (Mingus) number 4 of 4, and 2 of them within the last hour.
In short I had not a clue what I was doing. "stick your t t t ongue out
a bit more" she whispered, and proceeded to grind herself against it
with gusto. Then she was gone, off my face and moving down my body, her
long legs astride me. Her crotch now hovering over my groin. My cock
was rock hard and up against my belly, I know some stick out
horizontally, but mine doesn't. She grabbed it, and pulled it upwards,
and into her. She was , as I said, dripping wet and scalding hot too. I
groaned loudly as she sat down onto it. "oh that feels good" she
moaned "what's your name?" "Derek" I said "You've got a big fat cock,
haven't you, Derek? MMmmmm, and it's right up my cunt..Fucking me oh
jees, that's hitting the spot. Christ I love it" she rode me at a
canter. "I have not had sex for nearly two years" she panted "so I
needed to.... jump on you" She was very attractive, very tall, slim and
toned, short auburn hair, sort of elfin faced, with nice pert little
tittles, very very proud (rock hard in fact) nipples. She took my hands
"Here, like this, grab my arse" she said, she placed my hands on her
buttocks and had me spread her arse. She continued to ride me with
gusto. "Push me right down onto it" she coached "Make me take the full
length " she groaned , then "I'm going to come" she moaned And she did,
grinding her hot little cunt against my groin, whilst looking deep into
my eyes. As she finished trembling she raised herself up and pulled my
cock out. After er. reseating herself on me, she pushed it back inside
or so I thought, it felt a little different. "Little treat for you" she
grinned I must have looked puzzled "You know it's up my BUM!!?" she
giggled I hadn't a clue , but once I did two conflicting things
happened, firstly half of me wanted to get it the hell out of her
arsehole, but the other half wanted to COME up there, and I mean
immediately. Guess which won? Oh yes, quite against my will, as it
were, my painfully hard cock bucked and deposited a huge load of
boiling spunk way up inside her bum. She kind of screwed her herself
down onto it. She leaned into my face. "You've come up my bottom,
naughty boy" she grinned After a glas of wine, she took me into the
shower, and for the second time of the evening, I was thoroughly
washed, this time by a complete stranger. Youth being what it is, I got
another hard on, which my new friend skilfully sucked off for me,
outside the shower, and when I'd come, which was the quickest time of
the evening, oddly enough she rolled the deposits around in her mouth
for me to see, before swallowing. And with that, and promises to "we
must do this again" and I was about to ask if I could have a
threesome with the both of them sometime , but I chickened out, and I
was sent to walk home, with my jelly legs, the half mile back to my
parents, where I crept in. It never did happen again, despite my
calling around sometimes. I saw Martine at work, but she never broached
the subject, so I filed it under one offs, to be journalised 35 years


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